[Standard] Alliance Mafia - won by Protectors, Deceivers, Important, and Fatecrashers

little gk

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special thanks to paperblade whose impact in my win is unknown, but the slip-up is much appreciated


edit: fate now owes his life to me
Ditto, we abandoned pretty much every route you gave us due to paranoria over your death (Fate thanks for doing so, you really weakened us). We only worked with Decievers since B_T came up to me and asked to work together with us and protectors.

Although we had let you do pretty muich everything in the beginning.
Oh and we were the weakest faction at the beginning of the game. No nightkill and no means of protecting ourselves from nightkills. :(

That's how awesome I we were!


/me huggles
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No, I claimed Slayer and Crux claimed Manipulator. That is why we got each other killed. You can't blame it on me. If Crux actually claimed, then it would have worked out. It was both our faults, not just mine.
we killed crux *blush*

also, double persuade is fucking pathetic, especially when it's used on you for every single night

though this game's layout made it pathetically easy for the village factions (important, protectors and honest) to win. not only that, they also had the option of forming an unstoppable alliance between their factions alone, which I am glad never happened. still think this layout was pretty unbalanced towards the "mafia" factions though, we barely even had a chance of winning.


i want it...
Yeah I got fate to kill ditto. My death didn't matter though since it put my team in an unbelievably good position from all the talking I did. That being said gj Altair and co. I knew you guys would pull through.

Also thanks fate for keeping your end of the bargain.