[Standard] Ampharos Mafia - Broken Roles Win!


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Ampharos Mafia

In a small desert kingdom, far from the prying eyes of the modern world, exists a temple. It is said that this temple has existed since the beginning of time, as if it is the guardian of time itself. It glows with its own unearthly light, holding at its core a great secret.

It is said that in ancient times, many foolish crusaders happened upon this temple, hoping to discover the great secret. Suddenly, lightning was brought forth from the heavens and before the mere mortals stood the guardians of the temples. An Ampharos of great stature led a trio of Flaaffy, annihilating the crusaders, shrugging off even the powerful projectiles of siege weaponry.

Yet, when the sun lifted its weary gaze upon the desert, Ampharos and his followers were turned to stone, never to move again until a time of dire need...

And so, a group of foolish explorers have happened upon the temple once again. It is a mystery as to who will survive to discover the great secret, but the greater mystery is as to whether Ampharos will return again.

Ampharos Mafia is only just beginning!


Pay careful attention to these, since they aren't normal!
Stolen from Remoraid which was stolen from Superstars which was stolen from Carnage which was probably stolen from somewhere else ;D

1. Whilst you are alive you can talk to anyone about the game. Once you are dead you can only talk to players on your own side. Information cannot be passed from a dead player to a living player.

2. The game will begin on Night 0. There will be no kills on Night 0. During Night 0, no one may paste any part of his or her role PM unless they are members of the same team. Role PMs may be freely distributed starting from Day 1. PM Alchemator if you want help creating a fake role PM.

3. Do not take grammatical errors in PMs as proof of faking. I am human and I can make mistakes, and heck, this applies even more since your host for this game is the great Alchemator!. The PMs have only been written by Alchemator, so they all be in the same style so to speak.

4. You can paste things told to you by the hosts. You may fake logs. Do not take pasting of a host conversation as definite proof, these can be faked. If you want to fake a log, feel free to PM Alchemator for assistance. Impersonation of a host or another user however, is banned at all points. Please do not attempt to impersonate in any way. You also may not screenshot anything related to the game. Seriously guys, none of this :P you can talk under a false name but don't frame anyone.

5. Each Day period will last 48 hours or until a majority is reached. A grace period of two to three hours will be allowed in the latter case (a majority of votes is up to the host's discretion).

6. Each Night period will last 48 hours or until all PMs have been received.

7. During the day you must bold your vote and use Any Word <User>. To change your vote, you must edit your original post with your new vote. You may choose to No Lynch during the day as well, and any votes towards a dead user (if he or she has been godkilled) will be nullified. A tie in the vote will cause neither user to be lynched.

8. You may target dead users with your abilities, but that does not mean anything will happen.

9. Priorities are set and will be kept secret. Don't even ask about them.

10. There might be items in this game, I'm not quite sure! You may hold an arbitrary number of items at one time. You may give away an item at any time by sending a PM to Alchematorentitled “Day/Night X – Giving <item> to <user>.” The item will reach user at the conclusion of that Day or Night. If a person is holding an item when they die, their items will be randomly re-distributed.

11.Alchemator MUST be informed of any IRC channels or spreadsheet/whatever else you create for this game. #Ampharos is the official channel.

12. IRC is not compulsory, but you'll find it of great use during the game ;)

13. If you have any questions about the game, you can find Alchemator in #stark, #sprite, or #battlecapacity

14. Send all PMs to Alchemator, and if you decide not to use an ability on a given night/day, don't forget to PM me "Night/Day X - Idling" to make it much easier.

15. You HAVE to be active, if you are caught inactive you will be subbed out almost immediately. IT IS IMPERATIVE that you are active.

16. If a role PM and the rules clash in something, the role PM takes precedence.

17. Win conditions do not show up on inspection.

18. I'm pretty damn weird, and I'm British [No connection!]. Don't assume something is too wacky to be true ;D

19. Please talk to me during the game, I get very lonely it will make for a better postgame! Please give reasons for your actions, this will also help.


  1. Blue Tornado
  2. Bunnymaster
  3. Nanoswine
  4. RBG
  5. Pidge
  6. badalcristiano
  7. KnightoftheWind
Eo Ut Mortus

"So this is it?"
"What do you mean 'so this is it' you moron, this is the great temple of the Diàn Lóng [Lit: 'Electric Dragon']"
"I expected a bit more than... ruins..."
"Ah, but did you expect me?"

Exarius put his head in his hands, quietly murmuring to himself in disbelief,

"This can't be happening, I mean he's fictitious for crying out loud"
"Or so you'd like to believe..."

A small explosion, and a cloud of purple smoke, signalled the entrance of a small hedgehog with disproportionate bat wings.

“Cower before me, brief mortals, for I am Death, bringer of despair and conjurer of tragedy! Many a fierce-"

RBG held up his hand (wing?) to silence the small, furry and overly demonic animal.

"Despite having never read Alch's literary masterpiece (oh woe is me what shall I do) we get the picture. Why are you here anyway?"
"What is a mafia game without a good dose of Death? I will be your ringmaster torturer guide for this game, handling the lynches and nightly updates because Alch is a lazy bugger."

KnightoftheWind seemed slightly irritated by this.

"Where is he anyway? I need to get revenge for Remoraid mafia!"
"I'm also quite curious, I'll check..."

Death's eyes took on a forlorn, distant look before once again being filled with their depressed acidity.

"He's posting some random thread on a Pokémon forum and sending private messages to people. What a nerd. Anyway,we must begin!"

Death led the motley crew up to the base of the temple.

"As you all know (apart from Agape, because he's a stupid fish) this temple holds a great secret, even I do not know it since nothing has died in the temple [yet?]. We will camp here for the night and make our move by morning."

He snapped his claws, and a little pink bed with a heart-covered duvet covering it appeared.

"Goodnight, and for once I will see all of you in the morning, as there are no kills tonight. Good luck..."

It is now Night 0. Night 0 will end in 48 hours at 16:00 GMT+0 on the 2nd August or when all PMs have been received. Good luck!


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The Ground Types
and The Farmers are two opposing villages.

Also remember that #Ampharos is the official channel for this game ^_^


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Two apposing villages? I am completely unfamiliar with this type of game. Someone please contact me and help!
I will shank anyone who mentions anything about Fuck the Mafia imbalance.

It involves a rusty hacksaw, your private parts and a painful removal of those parts. In addition of things I cannot speak about. If you wish to try to imagine those, read my story in the story-thread.

And remain silent.

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If you are allied with the farmers you will find it in your best interests to contact me, Farmer John, maker of the best hot dogs ever!
"this temple holds a great secret,"

Gonna smuggle this treasure for myself and hide it under my coat...no turnin' back....

jk. Good luck everyone!


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So...yesterday my parents tell me I won't have computer access for two days, I cancel my sign-ups accordingly, and....now I have computer access after one day. I hate real life. Don't feel the need to sub me in though Alch, I think I'm just gonna wait for Exarius' and HFB's next game, this was just so much of a buzzkill for this game.

Also, I have been advised the following:
<agape> approach players asking for claims
<UncleSam> thats a good idea
<agape> and claim an outside playerlist player

So ya, I am actually a hidden recruiter/absorber wolf who kills every night, you will see the proof at the end of the next day :)