[Standard] Animated Movie Mafia [Game Over! Live Action Movies Win!]

I was going to cover this in postgame but sure I guess it can't be helped.

SC was one of the first to claim to me, and I trusted him quite a lot thanks to his behavior. Sure, I had no true proof of him being Disney, but I also had nothing to state otherwise. My relationship with von is a topic of it's own, but I'm going to outline that by cycle 3 I had lost most suspicion I had on von (and yes, I did suspect him a lot but once I fucked up with the sheet I said "fuck it") since, I admit, he played well, but I wanted SC to check his claim just in case. I had a lot of things going for Athen's direction, seeing as Flamestrike inspected him, and the only thing stopping me from believing his claim was "mole role", which von outlined a lot. If I suspected a mole, it wasn't SC.

What truly cleaned SC? Yes, he got the Kill come Cycle 3, and I asked Pole about it a bit and he basically confirmed my hunches.
[18:36] <polelover44> any other questions?
01[18:36] <Blue_Tornado> well let me think
01[18:36] <Blue_Tornado> why did you give us the new killer now
01[18:36] <Blue_Tornado> and not last cycle
01[18:36] <Blue_Tornado> (why didn't you alert us when the killer died basically)
01[18:36] <Blue_Tornado> (we thought we had no kill)
[18:36] <polelover44> cause you wouldn't have had a kill last cycle anyway
01[18:36] <Blue_Tornado> i see
[18:36] <polelover44> and cause it switches each time you do
[18:37] <polelover44> it'll be someone else cycle 6
[18:37] <polelover44> assuming you guys live that far
01[18:37] <Blue_Tornado> :(
So SC was officially clean and he got that Mulan wasn't in the game. I didn't want to believe it at first but I looked back at von's behavior and suddenly it made a lot of sense. Now, what led me to think that US and Macle were hidden mafia? Firstly, we had our sheet almost completely filled, with the "who are they" spaces being Sam, Macle and HD. Yes, those are the only guys I did not know anything about. A lot of info regarding other factions I got from von, so I knew that E_P was killer, Quagsires was Mayor and J-Man was surely dreamworks (von claimed that J-man acted suspicious, so it was obvious that he was trying to frame J-man of being hidden mafia, which led me to think he's not), which left the possible mole of dreamworks to be macle and macle only. HD and Sam were one of pixar and hidden mafia each, and I really didn't know whom. But, what confirmed that it was Sam was von telling me he will tell RBG to kill HD-- which meant he is not on his team. So, yes, I correctly GUESSED Macle and Sam to be hidden mafia, and it was EDUCATED guesswork.

The only real "hosting mistake" regarding this big story is that pole decided to clean SC out of all people. That really is it, nothing was leaked, nothing was hinted to me, I had already suspected von as a result of ipl's and wick's death and so I told SC to clean him, and since I knew from my own thinking and from the Kill that he was clean, the hidden mafia was revealed.

I have to say I find it hilarious how Sam accuses me of bitching when the only thing he and his faction can do after the game is over and they've WON is.. just that. The only thing that led me to be slightly.. furious at game-call is the fact Sam just had to post complete rubbish, calling my game terrible and worse and what else when I couldn't even defend myself. Yes, that led me to talk to UP, trying to convince him that what you're saying is barely the story without saying anything myself, which was apparently breaking the rules and caused a HUGE uproar for completely no reason. I also have to mention that UP has some serious mood swings.

Way to take a game I actually had fun in and ruin it completely. Closing words I suppose? I'll explain my moves thoroughly in postgame, thanks Pole for hosting and thanks to a lot of fun players for making this a pretty good game. Oh and for the love of god, don't ruin games. It's not a treat to see it happen twice in a row, and from different prospectives each time actually.


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You're right I should let you attempt to influence an ongoing mafia game while dead in peace from now on.

Also@Yeti: RBG killed you (which would be obvious if you read the kill flavors). Same with Nachos.
You don't seem to realize I have already confessed it to be a mistake, and I'm sorry. I'm just commenting on your terrible playstyle, since it has a tendency to ruin games for a lot of people, and several hosts.
whatever guys just don't let any of this bullshit happen next game
or if a player fucks up at least have some sort of repercussion.

nothing else really needs to be said until the postgame, take this up with each other on irc or pm or something


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Dude I fail to see how my "terrible playstyle" did much of anything for your experience considering I hardly ever posted this game in my effort to lie low. All I did was complain about you breaking the rules in the last cycle/after the fact. If being held accountable for your actions ruins games for you, don't cheat.

Anyway, as I said before good game everyone (including blue tornado), thanks for hosting lightwolf/polelover, I hope lightwolf continues to host games (haven't seen you host many and you made 0 hosting mistakes, something I've never accomplished), and I hope pole tightens his lips next game.

Oh and sorry RBG it's just your randkills were the biggest threat to my team at the time we killed you so no hard feelings I hope :(
and you made 0 hosting mistakes
not hard considering I did everything.

We'll get to the mistakes in the postgame, although tightening my lips for my next game will definitely be on the top of my list.

Also, von, I explained to you that the reason you didn't get Mulan was because when I promised you Mulan I forgot that Mulan wasn't in the game - it was in the original design but I ended up taking it out for some reason (I'm not sure why). I apologize for not giving you the role you wanted, but not playing in any of my games ever again because of that? Really?
Unfortunately, what you did was enough. You caused a huge uproar out of something that, albeit wrong, wasn't that big a deal. Not only that, but you did it without hearing my side of things or talking to me AT ALL during (almost) the entire course of the game. You basically bitched about it because that's what you tend to do. Honestly, that was enough to 'ruin' my experience itg. Still, I don't want this to leave scars, so I'm going to congratulate you on your success and leave it at that. Thanks again hosts and everyone involved.
I hope lightwolf continues to host games (haven't seen you host many and you made 0 hosting mistakes, something I've never accomplished), and I hope pole tightens his lips next game.
Well I only jumped in so pole has a cohost, and since I knew the game well at that point(lot of explaining would be needed for a cohost...). As for me hosting, I only cohosted twice to be honest, so it isn't hard to not let anything slip. Though I have the skeleton of a game ready right now, but it will take some times to happen still.

Also pole most of your host mistakes was saying too much in IRC talks, and I was asked many questions too, though mostly early game(this was due to me being around on IRC more than you I guess. And you never really asked me to help with updates which I would have gladly done! I like to do grunt work, proof is leading a mans logs just to find out the info he forgot, all of his logs, damn you EW and your diplo talk)


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Got this the cycle before I died.

vonFiedler said:
Yes, Dreamworks, the only faction with an inspector, knows you are wolf and what you are capable of. Hence the not lynching you thing. But if you want to further whittle down the strongest faction (Disney), you might want to know that their bodyguard is HD.

Also, we have a back-up killer so don't bother trying to kill our real one. We'd much rather work with you than kill you, and seeing as we have almost no one left it doesn't seem like helping us destroy our enemies is a bad route for you either.

So please, kill HD.
Talk to me directly rather than PMs. (For the record, I didn't send in that kill in.)


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Actually BT, just about everything I said to you I said to you in full honesty as if I was Disney. Jman was suspicious for the very logical reasons I stated (his role changing), and Flamestrike said as much. I told you that Flame thought Athen was a mole, which he did. And SC, had I not been the mole, I would have hella lynched. I don't know why telling RBG to kill HD of all things you took at face value, when the odds of it actually happening were slim to none and the wolf was being killed that cycle.


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Also@Yeti: RBG killed you (which would be obvious if you read the kill flavors). Same with Nachos.
soz when I die in the first cycle I forget over the next few weeks what the flavor was :pirate:
2nite man I'd like to make it through a standard game once in a while
Oh yeah, forgot to mention how great/lucky I was at inspecting:
C0-Randed Snype since he got me n0 in myth, turned out to be Pixar killer
C1-S Call suggested I get Yeti since she was unusually quiet but she died that night, turned out to be Disney killer
C2-Athenodoros, no big deal for me (nice to know Disney's SG but aside from that...), though apparently it was a big deal for von and Disney
C3-RBG, think this one was von's suggestion, turned out to be wolf
C4-macle who apparently was safeguarded? Either way it marked him as a clear mafia, though obviously that got us nowhere...
C5-UncleSam, though obviously I died before getting the result

4/5 nights I targeted killers of some sort, even though it wasn't always useful
Von, it's true that what you said was logical from a Disney perspective. It's just that I knew that you wouldn't want a teammate killed. I knew that, if you had an option of using someone's kill for your own profit (which is what we had with RBG), you'd use it to kill an enemy. If HD was in your faction, you COULD have told RBG to hit him only to protect him simultaneously, but that would be a waste, as you could have killed someone else. Someone like Pixar hooker, to be exact. That's what made my decision clear there.

Now regarding J-Man, why would you try to convince me that your ally is likely part of the hidden mafia? Yep, you wouldn't. If I wanted them dead, and I did, I'd consider killing whoever you told me then. I thought it was clear to you, and since it fit with Flame's suspicions, you went with J-Man. That was my thought process there.

And Flame, Macle was safeguarded because Von obviously didn't want Macle to get inspected (he was safeguarded by Sam). If you've noticed, they had an entire plan revolving around Macle's lynchproof, and inspecting Macle would ruin that, so Von told you to Inspect him, while blocking your inspection, essentially. I wanted to maybe tell you to change your target to Sam, but I thought it'd look fishy. I probably should have tried talking with you back then about Von and all, but I wanted to continue 'using' our colluding to good use.


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I did tell you that no one knew much about Macle, and that he was a candidate for mafia. So 50/50.

And again, how is the failed wolf kill a waste when it had no chance of working, and didn't?
When RBG posted that he missed your PM a few back, I think he meant it as a sign of "I probably would have done it too but I didn't see it". And since you did in fact send the PM I doubt you didn't fear an option of it not failing.

And I don't think that was the only thing behind my choice of Macle. I don't know, maybe it's your attitude towards him during the game, or the way you formated the sheet with Sam and Macle standing out for their "well we don't know anything but they're probably Pixar/Dreamworks"-ness. Like you said, it was 50/50, but I really did feel like, I guess as a result of some factors I haven't been paying attention to, you were trying to 'hide' Macle and Sam, something natural of someone to do.

As you can probably tell I can't really explain it, but I sure didn't go with Macle "because I felt like it". It was a combination of a lot of small factors brought together to make the option of Macle more likely than not.

can we continue in postgame