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Welcome to Final Fantasy V Mafia. This is the long-awaited sequel to Final Fantasy III Mafia. Your hosts for this game will be Acklow and Johann.​

Yeah, and this is also my 1K, w00t!!! Shoutouts to everyone I have ever talked to on IRC. #capasb, here's looking to you, as well as everyone in #fluodome as well.​

1.Being active in this game is very important. Being inactive may result in your being subbed out for another player!! Don’t force the hosts to do this!

2.This game is Unicycle. We will be starting out on Cycle 0. During this cycle, you may not use any actions, but you may post your attacks (i.e. “Lynches”).

3.Each Cycle will last 48 hours. Cycle 0, however, will last 72 hours. This will give you time to establish connections with other players and a chance to complete a few missions (mentioned a little later). Each cycle is effectively day and night.

4.Every cycle there will be a vote. You must bold your vote and use Any Word <User>. To change your vote, you must edit your original post with your new vote. No Attack counts as a neutral vote. This means that you do not vote for any specific user, and instead wish to wait. The top 3 people who are voted will be dealt damage according to the attack power total of people that voted for them (IF however, there is a tie of 4 or more people, then all votes are negated that cycle). For all cycles except Cycle 0, this amount may not exceed 6 damage. Cycle 0 is an exception in that the amount may not exceed 4 damage.

5.Send all PMs to Acklow and Johann. If you decide not to use your ability during on any given Cycle, please send us a PM titled “Cycle X-Idling”. Remember, that if you do not PM both Acklow and Johann, you may not receive results to your action (and you risk being subbed out).

6.You are considered dead when your HP hits 0. This is the only way you can die.

7.If you are dead, you cannot speak to anyone in the game unless you know their in-game identity (via Flavor) and are in the same faction as them.

8.If grammatical errors are present in PMs, do not use these as proof of faking. I AM human and I DO make mistakes (sadly I admit it).

9.You can paste stuff said to you by the hosts. You can fake logs. Remember, do not take a log of a conversation with a host as definite proof, as these can be faked. Impersonation of a host or another player is banned at all points. Do not try to impersonate in any way. Screenshots related to the game are also banned.

10.You may try targeting dead player’s with your abilities, but not much will happen.

11.If a role PM clashes with the rules in anyway, the role PM takes precedence.

12.Being dead is not the end of the game.

13.Priorities are set and kept secret. Do not ask me about them.

14.Acklow and Johann want to know about all spreadsheets and IRC channels related to the game, so please inform is about them to create a better post-game.

15.IRC is pretty much needed for this game if you want a victory.

16.If you have any questions about the game, you can ask Acklow or Johann on Smogon.

17.If you wish to sub for the game, in case you do not get selected, you can mention that in you signup post. If you wish to sub out, you MUST send a PM to Acklow and Johann ahead of time so that we can get you a sub.

18.There are items in this game. There are two types of items: Weapon items and Support items. You may only hold a maximum of TWO Weapon items, but you can hold any number of Support items. If you wish to give an item to another player, you must send a PM titled “Night X-Passing <Item 1>, <Item 2>, and/or <Item X> to USER”, where X is the last item on the list (you can pass any number of items to any player. As a hint in terms of priority, item passing has the lowest priority). If a person drops an item due to death or otherwise circumstances, they will go into a freebie pile. You may send a PM to Acklow and Johann if you want to try to pick it up. Label it “Cycle X-Picking up <Item>.” Remember that other players may try to do so, and if you attempt to pick it up, you and the other players will be randomly selected to be the next holder.

19.Please talk to me during the game, as it will provide a better postgame. Give reasons for your actions, it will help.

20.This game is entirely experimental. It will be slightly similar to Final Fantasy 3 Mafia, but there are some major differences that set the two apart. DO NOT EXPECT THE SAME GAME. In addition, having previous experience in Smogon Mafia is also recommended.

21.There are 24 players in this game.
Specific Rules
This game will include something relatively new to the Mafia hemisphere of games: Missions, Leveling Up, and Open Alliances.

Level Up:
-Leveling up is a relatively new function that is going to be a staple in this game.
-In order to level up, you must gain experience points. You gain experience points by completing missions, taking part in lynches, killing people, etc...
-You may level up only once per cycle.
-When you level up, you level up at the end of the current cycle.
-The maximum level any class can attain is Level 4. Remember that.

-In this game, missions are used in place of win conditions. In order to win, you must be able to level up completely, defeat your “enemy”, and complete all of your unique missions. This means being inactive is not in your best interests. If you do not complete a single mission or at least attempt to complete a mission by Cycle 1(this is going to be the hosts’ discretion), then you will be automatically god-killed. The only time this does not apply is if you are in a situation in which conditions do not allow you to complete a mission.
-Missions are split into 3 basic groups:
o Unique Missions: These missions apply only to your role. You must complete all of these in order to obtain a victory at the end of the game (unless conditions prevent you from doing otherwise *Host’s Discretion, once again*).
o Open Missions: These missions are posted up in the OP Thread. These missions are visible to the open public and you may choose from each mission however you feel necessary. Once you complete an Open Mission, however, you may not do it again.
o Closed Missions: These missions are not posted up in the thread, but are generic enough that other people may have the ability to complete these as well.

Open Alliances:
-In this game, you have the freedom to choose who you ally with. Yes that’s right, you can potentially make a team that’s unbeatable. However, there is a small catch to this: you are limited to how these teams/alliances/factions/whatever-you-wish-to-call-them are structured.
-Your role will be assigned 3 letters. Yes, that’s right, 3 letters. In order to team up with other people you must be able to spell out a certain word (listed under your Closed Missions).
-You can play this game alone or in a group. Know this fact though: teaming up with others means that you will be at an advantage and that you will be able to accomplish your missions at a faster rate.
-Once an alliance has been formed (via spelling out a word), that word will no longer be available for forming alliances. It is in your best interest to team up quickly if you want to take advantage of bigger/smaller alliances.

Other Concepts:

-All effects, such as “Hook”, “Persuasion”, and such have been dubbed as “Status Effects”. If you suffer a status effect in-game, there may or may not be a “cure” for them.
-There are two types of damage in this game: Physical and Magical. If an ability or item prevents or nerfs “Magical” abilities or damage, then it means abilities that use “MP”.
-If you have multiple abilities, you may use each ability once for the current cycle.
<Note to Reserves: Please let me know what priority you are so I know if you will have to opt out>

Priority One
Lady Salamence
the interwebs
King Emerald

Priority Two
Wild Eep
Da Letter El

Priority Three
Nightmare Jigglypuff

Engineer Pikachu (2nd Request)
Zorbees (3rd Request)
iiMKUltra (4th Request)



I am always tired. Don't bother me.
smash, I've been told you are actually P2, due to you subbing out of Paper Mario Mafia after N1.
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