[Standard] Lord of the Flies Mafia - The Stranded Win!


The burning airplane descended through the jungle and into the ground, leaving a dark gash behind it. The passengers inside all braced themselves as it hit the ground, grabbing on to any object they could. Soon, the collision was over, and the travelers viewed what had become of the plane. The fuselage had snapped in two, revealing a glimpse of the green plants and the blue sky and water outside; the inside was a hell of broken metal and broken bodies. Quickly, the passengers left the wreckage, grabbing any items they could in the process. What they saw before them was a deserted tropical island, a mass of unknown land and vegetation, a deceptive, primeval landscape ready to be explored and conquered. A mountain rose in the middle of the island, and around it lay a dense jungle. The rim of the island was formed from rough rock. Looking back a the plane, someone noticed that not all the travelers had survived; the pilot's skull had been crushed by the collapsing cockpit. In his pocket, there was a note:
Dear Staraptor Call,
You are Captain Falcon.

You are the F-Zero pilot who has become famous as a skilled racer and bounty hunter. Although you have been the target of many criminals and rivals in the past, nobody has managed to take you down. Your huge muscles and confident manner make you a hit with the ladies, as well.

You possess the ability to attack with fire. At any time during the game, you may PM the hosts "Night/Day X - Falcon Kick USER." That user will be knocked away and switched with another user. Also, you may PM the hosts "Night/Day X - Falcon Punch USER." That user will be killed, and NOBODY survives the Falcon Punch.

You are allied with the Hosts. You win if the Hosts eliminate all threats.
The castaways soon began to form alliances with each other. The main group, known as the Stranded, sought to establish order, survive on the island, and get rescued as soon as possible. But others saw their predicament as an opportunity to seize power for themselves. The Corrupt wanted to take down the system from within and come to power by underhanded means. The Destructive sought to create a reign of fear in the Stranded and take control in the chaos. There were also some Neutrals who pursued their own goals in the conflict. As night fell, the 25 survivors went off in their separate directions, to sleep and to scheme.

It is now Night 0. Night 0 will last 72 hours rather than the usual 48.

Living Players:
Game Freak201
Nook --> BlackHatGuy

Dead Players:
UncleSam - Corrupt - General Zaroff - Ability checker - Lynched Day 1
zorbees - Stranded - Metal Fan - Prisoner's Dilemma player - Killed Night 1
HD - Neutral - Sandbag - Player item - Killed Night 1
hailflameblast - Stranded - Fox - Thief - Lynched Day 2
GTS - Stranded - Mr. Resetti - Announcer / gay fish - Killed Night 2
FreakOfNature - Stranded - Jack Sparrow - Item protector - Killed Night 2
Blue Tornado - Stranded - Piggy - Half voter - Killed Night 2
Millon De Floss / Darkamber8828 - Corrupt - Bernard Madoff - Thief - Lynched Day 3
theangryscientist - Stranded - Dr. Gregory House - Bodyguard - Killed Night 3
KnightoftheWind - Corrupt - Larry Craig - Hooker - Killed Night 3
shuckles my hero - Destructive - Pocketman - Hooker / Super-STD spreader - Killed Night 3
BunnyMaster - Destructive - Makuta - Alliance checker / item creator - Lynched Day 4
Raverist - Stranded - Shy Guy - Miller / name inspector - Killed Night 4
Johann - Destructive - WOPR - Paranoia spreader - Lynched Day 5
Da Letter El - Stranded - Neville Flynn - Inspector - Killed Day 5

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First mafia man found = Itchni. He just told me he is a member of the Corrupt.

Lynch Itchni(I know its night, and I am not serious here)(edited post, no longer lynching him).

EDIT: I even have a log to prove this(I faked it people, this is merely a joke post))!

Log said:
<Itchni> Hey HFB
<HFB> Yeah?
<Itchni> I want to ask you something
<HFB> About?
<Itchni> Staraptor Call's mafia
<HFB> OK, I haven't got a role PM yet
<Itchni> That's fine
<Itchni> I know that you are a member of the Stranded
<Itchni> I'd like to help you
<HFB> How?
<Itchni> I'm a member of the Corrupt
<Itchni> Staraptor Call outed me by mistake in your PM
<Itchni> So yeah, lynch me D1
If you still don't realize I'm joking here, you are an idiot.

New lynch vote: Lynch Anachronism.
Wow. I read it like three times and missed the stranded each time. Good luck everyone. (hope I am not aligned with you)

HFB is the best village leader. Here is the proof.

<HFB> My sources tell me
<HFB> That you are either a member of the Dorrupt
<BunnyMaster> lol
<HFB> Or are Ralph
<HFB> I've organised the whole village
<BunnyMaster> already?
<HFB> Just looking for last villager
<HFB> Yeah
<HFB> So yeah
<HFB> claim your role alone
<BunnyMaster> I am arceus
<BunnyMaster> the most powerful neutral
<HFB> Ok
<BunnyMaster> and HOW DO I KNOW YOU ARE CLEAN!
<HFB> Since the inspector cleaned me Night-1
<HFB> I mean
<HFB> Night -1
<BunnyMaster> yeah

The mafia has no chance.
The official IRC channel for this game will be #candle

I might hand out a couple of ops if you are active and act appropriately (ie no trolling etc.)

EDIT: invite-only thing fixed


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irc://irc.synirc.net/ is the server; as for channels, after you get on synirc, try joining whatever channel you need to; common servers to find people in besides the game-specific #candle are #fluodome and #warau

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OK, since OP didn't make it clear, I'm not sure if kills work tonight. Either way, BG, please give me the benefit of doubt and protect me tonight. Day should bring us more results.

EDIT: Excellent, we have found our D1 lynch target. KnightoftheWind. However, this has not been 100% confirmed, but he is extremely suspicious.
FreakOfNature: He BunnyMaster
[09:55am] FreakOfNature: hey*
[10:17am] BunnyMaster: hi
[10:19am] FreakOfNature: Howz lifensuch?
[10:20am] BunnyMaster: ok
[10:20am] BunnyMaster: you?
[10:21am] FreakOfNature: Okay, don't have anything in the fridge though which blows.
[10:23am] FreakOfNature: So you mafia?
[10:24am] BunnyMaster: no, you?
Bunnies always lie. Therefore BunnyMaster must be mafia.

EDIT: I has weason to believe thewe is a secwet bunny mafia. Be vewy afwaid.