[Standard] Mafia Rising - Game over, the Second Mafia wins - Postgame

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imbalanced as fuck

90% of the village being less dimwitted would have made things easier too, as well as mafia not randing a resurrector c1...
Bob squob had a crazy good role, village had acklow as an inspection role, and crazy amounts of kills and resurrections (essentially 3 resurrectors o.o). Village just fucked up in how they used those amazing resources. They also godkilled themself into oblivion which was quite funny.
Well considering how we were fucked the instance we lost our resurrects (yes, no stupid broken roles can make up for that when the game is essentially based around resurrects... that's pretty much what made the game end this early too), and what little effort it took to get rid of them, I stand by my claim that this was imbalanced. Or at least, not exactly fair. All it took was a lucky stroke and a few dumb villagers to put the village in an un-winnable situation.

And yes I realize the village technically could still have won but that required perfect play and let's face it, that almost never happens, ever.


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Nah agreeing with DLE here in that the village just fucked up. O.k we randed a resurector early, thats called "good luck" not because the game was inbalenced. Your second resurrecter fucked up and claimed to a mafia. That was dumb but w/e.

Your dedicated leader never stepped up, Tsuk never 'revived' your power roles, Quagsires never really got his true role working until the endgame (and by then it was too late) and your vigs had bad luck killing mafia. In addition, your BG claimed to a mafia (that was dumb too) and your hooker was inactive.

All of these were pretty much outside of SCalls control and are mostly the fault of the village. I'd also like to point out that "dumb villagers claiming to mafia" gives the mafia an advantage in ANY game. (like say Handicapable, except it was a wolf and even then the mafia lost basically on a kingmaker coinflip.) Jeez just man up and admit the village were inactive and played like fucking shit. If the village had actually fully united faster (such as with the dedicated leader role) chances were that the mafia would have had a pretty tough time of it especially considering that that 1 member of the first mafia was retarded as fuck and you still had the opportunity to pull that colour tags thing latter in the game.


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why the fuck would someone claim to Snype? That's the only thing I feel we can really complain about. Yeah, my kill was blocked the first time, but I just completely guessed that ginga was mafia. And I was killed. Not sure if there was any thought behind it, but it happened. Village overall played like shit. Not the fault of those who didn't, but it was too much to come back from.

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To be fair, both ginga's and aura guardian's and even quagsires' roles were pretty incredible. But i think that the large number of kills that the village had access to, the large amounts of resurrections and even a bodyguard that the village had more than made up for that. To be totally honest, this village could have gotten away with not even claiming to anyone and still being insanely powerful. The village had a very fair chance of winning; the fact that they decidedly lost is largely their own fault via godkills and inactivity. Obviously this doesn't account for how badly they lost. But given the nature of quagsires' role and it not being activated until super late, as well as poor luck (how much of a role luck played versus poor decision-making is debatable, however) in targeting from all spectrums, godkills, and simply a terrible decision in claiming to one of 3 announcers, the village was utterly crushed. I truly believe the roles the village had were more than powerful enough to win this game, and if the village won, they would have dominated this game.
We randkilled mafiosos? I don't think so.

Really, I do agree that the village had powerful roles for the most part. However, you're not getting my point. By the time we lost our resurrects we literally had such an abysmal chance of winning it was pathetic. No bad play AFTER that point had an impact on how horrible our situation was, and the bad play BEFORE that could have been made up for if not for both of them dying like that. I agree that plenty of the village played very very bad, I don't know what made you guys get the wrong impression. BUT, I do think that the game was imbalanced as well, and I explained why. There's a difference.

To clarify, I think this wasn't very fair because of how easy it was to lose our to resurrects. One of them was dumb and the other was randed, and that pretty much sealed our fate, nothing more. I see that, if the chances of something like that happening are rational at the very least (they are), and as a result the village has a rational chance of losing from practically nothing, the game is imbalanced. I don't know how MUCH imbalance, but I do know that the imbalance was there.

And I can back up my own claims by saying that when I had the leading position C2 and found out as much as I practically could, it was easy to see that nothing but perfect play (that, obviously, didn't happen) would stop a mafia majority by one or two cycles, and that is mostly a result of having no resurrrects while the two other teams do. And guess what happened?


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Games are still imbalanced if a single instance of good luck is enough to undo a village, or a small amount of stupidity. You have to assume when balancing a game nobody will play 100% optimally, and if the village's power is concentrated in a role that has a decent chance of being randkilled early on, it's not balanced. However, the Second Mafia played very solidly all around, far more solidly than most of the village. Ultimately a few idle / poor players dragged this game down, which is a shame.


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I wouldn't say balance was a problem due to roles in this game so much so as the lineup of players (and what roles were given to each). For example: I would've prefered if Cereza would've had one of the vig roles and Walrein given mimic or something else. It would've given us a much better advantage because these two were players with minor roles that stayed relatively active throughout the game ('specially Walrein).

So basically player distribution accounted to many of the problems. HD subbing in for EW and not Tsuk was also a jerk move on SCall's part, since Tsuk had the better role and it would've at least let us have a chance to redeem ourselves.

Edit: ALSO WHY THE HECK DID CEREZA HAVE SUCH A CRAPPY ROLE??? I get the feeling of deja vu...could the reason be similar to that of LotF Mafia?