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[Standard] MAGMAfia - GAME OVER: Team Wolfsauce (Quagsires/Ditto) Win! Postgame UP

Discussion in 'Circus Maximus' started by Yeti, Dec 26, 2011.

  1. Yeti

    Yeti queen of unclesam's village
    is a Community Contributor

    May 8, 2009

    The day starts poorly for one man: Slim Guldo is immediately the subject of Walrein's rampage. Quagsires and everyone else follow the vote.

    Though he tries to beg for mercy, Walrein will have none of it, and with the most votes, Slim is reluctantly carried off.

    Despite the theoried tastelessness of lynching someone on the day celebrating black people, in this game, people get their heads chopped off, so Slim's final plea of "YOU RACIST TWATS" falls on uncaring ears.

    It appears he had missed Ace Emerald greatly.

    Until Walrein is dead, the Aquanauts are not yet eliminated.

    It is now Night 10. N10 will end when all actions are in, or we go to a RTM format if everyone can be on.
  2. Yeti

    Yeti queen of unclesam's village
    is a Community Contributor

    May 8, 2009

    That was a quick night!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Walrein starts furiously screaming that Jalmont does not have a kill because it was hooked when he tried to use it.


    Darkpenguin67 almost made it through the night okay, but alas, his dick was chopped off and now he is sad, very sad, because he can't hold ponies anymore.

    HE'S DEAD.

    Now you all glance around to see who is missing.........

    Jalmont screams, glancing up as a fireball rockets from the sky. It hits him, and he's TOAST.

    His close friend Maxim bit the dust first, and Jalmont had gained the ability to kill. Unfortunately, Slim kept him playing with daisies the whole time!!!!!!!

    It is now Day Eleven. D11 will end at majority/all votes locked.
  3. Ace Emerald

    Ace Emerald The hero pays the price
    is a Site Staff Alumnusis a Smogon Social Media Contributor Alumnusis a Super Moderator Alumnusis a Contributor Alumnus

    Jan 8, 2010
    I'm touched.
  4. Quagsires


    May 23, 2010
    Vote Ginganinja
  5. ginganinja

    ginganinja It's all coming back to me now
    is a Forum Moderator Alumnusis a Community Contributor Alumnusis a CAP Contributor Alumnusis a Contributor Alumnusis a Battle Server Moderator Alumnus

    Apr 13, 2009
  6. Jalmont

    Mafia Champion

    Apr 30, 2011
    vote ginganinja
  7. Quagsires


    May 23, 2010
    Well, this is completely undeserved.

    Thanks to walrein for letting me live the other half of the game after everyone knew I was wolf, that was a big help.

    Any haters, I did what I needed to do to survive. This included, but not limited to: Leeching off of village and their poor play, killing mafians just as much as villagers, selling out almost every nonvillager, and generally annoying the heck out of everyone.
  8. zorbees

    zorbees Chwa for no reason!
    is a Forum Moderator

    Dec 29, 2008
    you sure did what you needed to survive. this included: having everyone know you were wolf by like day 4 or 5, getting everyone to want you to die, and playing poorly as fuck.
  9. Yeti

    Yeti queen of unclesam's village
    is a Community Contributor

    May 8, 2009

    GINGANINJA bites the dust because someone decided to vote the utterly useless and obnoxious Quagsires aka LET ME RAT OUT EVERY MAFIA wolf.

    Sorry Dragons, you didn't deserve this :\

    It appears he later got this:

    Douchebaggery in his loss.

    Jalrein stares in horror at Quagsires, who uses his homofag Safeguard+Kill combination to exterminate the last villager, aka the idiot who BGed one of their least relevant roles over, you know, the alliance checkers and hooker.

    And with that, everyone is dead, except for Quagsires, who stands victorious as Ditto returns from the dead.

  10. Ditto

    Ditto /me huggles
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    Jun 11, 2007
    I carried quagsires this whole game
  11. Walrein

    Walrein seize the memes of production
    is a Community Contributor
    Mafia Champion

    Jun 9, 2011
    attention yeti and/or quagsires (open)

    Jalmont should have been able to kill last night. "hook removes your kill chance" my ass.

    More thoughts when postgame's up and I'm not so ragey.
  12. Lady Salamence

    Lady Salamence
    is a Smogon Social Media Contributor Alumnusis a Forum Moderator Alumnusis a Contributor Alumnusis a Smogon Media Contributor Alumnus

    Aug 4, 2010
    rofl walrien was actually ho-oh
  13. Daenym


    Jan 10, 2008
    the amount of disappointment that Quags didn't get killed earlier is massive. I was dying for another MLP troll update...

    ...that turned out to be the real one!

    In all seriousness, watching this game Walrein did a decent leader job, but not killing Quags the moment he found him was a big mistake. Quags, meanwhile... idk how he managed to stay alive, but gj
  14. ginganinja

    ginganinja It's all coming back to me now
    is a Forum Moderator Alumnusis a Community Contributor Alumnusis a CAP Contributor Alumnusis a Contributor Alumnusis a Battle Server Moderator Alumnus

    Apr 13, 2009
    srry team did my best just didn't go our way
  15. Flamestrike


    Aug 19, 2009
    I told Walrein to lynch the last Electro rather than lynch Quagsires the last day I was alive because I figured Quagsires would kill one of our enemies at least once before turning on us. He probably should have been lynched the next day, but I wasn't alive to say anything about it :/
  16. Slim Guldo

    Slim Guldo

    Jan 6, 2010
    I actually thought quagsires deserved to win this game, I mean sure he messed up a bit but so did every faction and he dealt with it the best imo (since he was able to turn it around and win.)

    also shit zorbees claimed a yu-gi-oh card as well haha, fuck that can't have helped my case! considering I wasn't very happy with my fake to begin with i'm amazed I wasn't found earlier, but walrein said they had bigger targets to inspect than me so go figure!

    gg everyone, as i said in my last post before i died this was really fun for me :)

    EDIT: our spreadsheet was https://docs.google.com/spreadsheet/ccc?key=0Al6Ilr0rM_UEdGxJSFRVclpob1RuTkgtQkh6TEtiS0E , doesn't really tell you that much but i think it gives a bit of insight (though my master plan was flawed in a big way :( )
  17. Yeti

    Yeti queen of unclesam's village
    is a Community Contributor

    May 8, 2009

    MAGMAfia Postgame

    Was this a SANDS game? Probably the biggest question on everyone’s mind when the game had five living factions at one point, six factions total at any point if you count auramaster as a neutral on his own.

    Well no not really, SANDS games don’t have villages! Or lynchpins. And they just have really stupid and annoying neutrals.


    Originally, when I (Yeti), was considering my next Standard amidst a slight lull in games, I decided “nah no more SANDS, EXPERTS is coming and each one of them seems to derail horribly at some point” and decided I wanted to try a game with a village.

    I put out the search for a cohost who wanted to do a 1 village vs 2 mafia game, and Snype came forward. Quags was already on for EXPERTS and I think kok was still a bit ashamed of accidentally getting someone killed. Which has at this point turned out to be the least screwup of any cohost and sadly enough, kingofkongs is now probably the best :|

    However, I was mulling over doing a lynchpin game. I played in Aura Guardian’s original Pokemon Lynchpin and thought the concept was kind of ignored after that, he did another Ender’s Game one with tons of lynchpins errywhere, but after Maximum Carnage and Pokemon, I thought LP was unjustly left alone as a concept.

    So, we decided to add in the lynchpin and third mafia. We also put on a wolf team, I think because a lone wolf would’ve had almost no chance, or been super overpowered to survive against a possible four other factions slamming kills everywhere.

    As you can see on the spread, here:

    The mafia originally had four each! However, for some reason when I was laying out the original game numbers, my count was off. The village had 12 people, plus auramaster and four Dragons. This was against 4 Aquanauts, 4 Electros and 2 wolves. Then we realized this added up to not-25 people.

    I quickly asked billymills what to do, because I didn’t want to off-balance the mafias and give them no chance with too few people, but, I also didn’t want the village being TOO hefty considering their voting power in roles, nor did I want them too weak, plus it was hard to tell where to pluck someone from.

    He suggested cutting the Electros and Aquanauts, and that the village needed another person. Thus, A Lava Flow the Reverse Martyr was born, which as you can see used to be the fourth Dragon numerically. We had the original PMs for the A/E typed up, still on the PM spread, and we left the cut mafians on the spread just for you to see.

    The game was indeed approved with Sailor Mars having uncapped votes, at least until her fellow villagers stopped dying, and Smokey was backup in case she died, so the village would pretty much always have majority and a means to kill. Outside of the vigilante and backup vigilante, of course.

    Several things happened upon the Magma Draik’s death: the Dragons split off, numero uno. Spyro would lose his Lynchguard and the Dragons gained one night action each. Hotly-contested was Spike’s -1 vote, which I at first assumed was lost, but Snype said he kept it, then it was argued about and finally decided the negative vote would remain.

    Also, the Pyromaniac’s kill would be activated, which in retrospect might have been better every 1 of 2 cycles instead of the 1 of 3 it was, or if he was hooked, the kill wasn’t wasted as the case was.

    I think some other stuff would have happened, had the A/E not lost their fourth member. Team Wolfsauce might have had a concept but billy didn’t want them particularly overpowered so they are as you saw in the game.

    Basically, the hope was, the village leader (Ho-Oh, who knows the lynchpin and was given test-role Ping) would unite the village early, perhaps some Dragons could mole, and eventually, or maybe not, the scums would find the lynchpin and off him. If not, the village had the numbers to lynch the scums beyond their lynch stops and the lynchguard of the wolves. Fortunately (?) aura was randinspected somewhat early on and was SG+Killed. Ouch.

    After that, well, you guys saw what happened.

    Snype: I’m not particularly fond of the 2v1/ 1v2 mafia-> village format. I saw Mekkah’s game and liked what he did to liken the village/mafia format, which was fun, and when Yeti told me she wanted to work with a vill/mafia format with a lynchpin figured in, i became interested as I was sure that this would somewhat turn into an endgame. My main concern with designing this game was that the village would not have too much power since the village had two bodyguards and the only way for the mafias + wolfsauce to weaken the village really sucked since the lynchpin would be BG’d at the biggest cost, so I did favour the mafias/wolf more and wanted to give them a chance to mole the village until there was no reason to, which explains for some of the weakened village roles. However, late-game I expected it to have a multi-faction ending and thought the village would’ve led to be out. Unfortunately, I was busy with other stuff among Smogon and irl, so the comments that I have to make about player performances are not as big as what Yeti has to say. If I didn’t say anything about how you played, Yeti covered pretty much everything I would’ve said.

    I would also like to apologize to Quagsires and Ditto for sending their result PM, which contained a lynchguard, Flamestrike being inspect, and that Quagsires was mentioned as the lynchguard. What happened was that Yeti wrote the result PMs and kept them in the cells. I sent Quag/Ditto’s first (working from bottom -> up), and then both mafias came and I thought i had copied their things, but stupidity and lack of checking didn’t make me see that I was sending the result PMs to the wrong people until right after. Thanks to both mafias for doing their best to prevent this knowledge of information from influencing their actions, and I apologize for all trouble that I’ve caused.

    CBF to repaste PMs so for player analysis, we’ll go by the order of death.

    All PMs are here anyway, including old drafts and unsnipped stuff, etc:

    Deinosaur / Smokey the Bear / Vanilla-->+5 Voter (unobtained) / Magmians / Beheaded D1

    Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh boy.

    This role was a vanilla, plain villy, until Sailor Mars died. At which time, Deino would absorb any votes Tsuk had accumulated, plus one for the death, up to 5. Tsuk was unlimited.

    Deino had rightfully asked us for a simple role so he couldn’t screw up, and imo this was the “easiest” and most basic in the game. All he had to do was vote, and if Tsuk died first, vote harder.

    Unfortunately for Deinosaur, Snype wrote his PM, and there was some stuff I might have changed if I noticed. Also, kingofkongs and HSA made fake claims very similar, as their faction was given the safeclaim of Backup Hooker/Inspector, which was actually supposed to be one role to coincide with Backup BG/Vig, the actual village role.

    Walrein saw two claims with similar flavor and decided DEINOSAUR THE FRAUD, and lynched him. Deino gave up the go and allowed himself to bite the dust, resulting in, oh piss, Walrein lynched a villy D1!

    Fortunately for Walrein, the Ping system meant he was somewhat cleaned, as well as no lynchpin (informant) counterclaim, so despite Deino’s bad play mixed with some bad flavor, he didn’t impact the game TOO poorly. Still, he was probably the worst villager.

    Snype: Lol. Requested a role that wouldn’t do anything, so we gave him back-up mayor. Walrein had a bunch of backup claims, so his role certainly didn’t help too much in his credibility and his defeatist attitude caused him to die. ;\

    Ace Emerald / Frankenstein / Hooker + Flow Watcher / Electros / Beheaded D2

    AE took the other Electros fakeclaim (each mafia was given two rolenames and two roles), of a Numbers Man, and... kind of messed it up. His biggest problem was he checked with us on the numbers, we kind of spoonfed him what made the most sense, and then when he pasted to Walrein, his PM only had 24 people. The game had, of course, 25.

    Walrein was suspicious even after AE got Snype to fake him logs correcting the ‘mistake’. I think also the problem was I had written AE’s fake flavor around that, but, it would have been Snype’s error in the PM, so if Walrein was looking close enough he probably would have been able to determine “Yeti’s intro flavor, Snype’s bad math, doesn’t add up”. Anyway at that point, AE was the most suspicious, so he was sadly lynched.

    This guy was an absolute genius.

    His fakeclaim of Rarity the Unicorn got the village ridiculously butthurt at the concept of a Ponies faction. 10/10 on the last-minute save. We used the PM in the update just to troll Walrein and OH MAN. Was the playerlist ever MAD. Hahhahaahahaha AE gets props just for making up the last-minute claim, which I think was on kingofkongs’ advice.

    Snype: Probably the most entertaining player all game. Played okay except for his fakeclaim. A hidden faction would also be fine, but since Walrein had aura’s fake claim and posted that he knew the lynchpin, it might have been safer to say an unnamed faction. Improvements on faking: Make sure the numbers add up/seem even. If you don’t know something, be a bit generic. Odds are with a lynchpin, we didn’t want to reveal it.

    Hydrattler / A Lava Flow / Reverse Martyr / Magmians / Castrated over Ponylove N2

    Like I mentioned earlier, this role was tossed in because “village needs another person, give them some weak role just so they have something to do”. So I decided “well Reverse Martyr sounds kind of cool” and tacked it on.

    Amazingly, Hydrattler is probably the only guy who prevented his own death. Quagsires decided to use his flavor (as a G3 pony, he was against the G4s, cheap ripoffs, of course!) to kill Hydrattler N1, for the lulz, only to be shocked and amazed when his own team’s bodyguard flavor came back after no kills!

    Hydrattler had randRMartyred Ditto, which pulled the BG of Team Wolfsauce off Ditto onto himself, stopping their kill. It also took a bunch of other mess off. Hydrattler cleaned Lady Salamence’s flavor through this, I believe. Unfortunately, he bit the dust the next night.

    And then proceeded to tell everyone living about his girlfriend.

    Snype: Bloody brilliantly and a well-used role. The pony flavor with the RM on Ditto was a bit funny to see how it folded out. Didn’t do much apart from what Walrein told him to do though.

    General Spoon / Fire Belly Salamander / Safeguard / Magmians / Drowned in a Kitchen Sink N2

    I was sad to see Spoon go, as he was pretty active and I think fairly trusted by Walrein. IIRC, this was an Aquanaut rand.

    His role was a traditional safeguard, not much to say about that, and he died before he could do anything remarkable, but he did create some controversy! Snype wanted to wait for him to get on to send his action the night he died, but I thought that was superfluous time as he was dying anyway, leading to “does this guy still get his action off?”

    Daenym and Snype thought yes, but I insisted we’d always done it “death > performing your action unless it directly saves you” and got the old SANDS spreads to prove it. Then Snype d/c’d and it was ruled in my favor.

    Spoon was great ranting that we always updated before he could get on. Sorry buddy lol. Didn’t help the game moved ridiculously fast. I was sorry to see an active man die so early.

    Snype: One of the more vocal players that I know and generally isn’t too shabby. PS I figure that if Yeti and I host any games in the future, we might end up following this ruling (though if I host any other game, you might expect otherwise.)

    auramaster / Magma Draik / (Self)-Watcher + Bodyguard / Lynchpin / Electrocuted N3

    Loling. The Electros had considered randkilling this guy earlier, but they inspected him instead. They combined with Quagsires to SG aura, while the Electros killed him as the Wolfsauce had attempted 2 of their 2 kills and needed to wait.

    HSA, after being outed, posted aura’s PM, getting Spoon I think on his case about causing aura to lose by outing him. Well, yes, but, that’s the breaks for lynchpins.

    aura was staying inactive and hidden at Walrein’s request, which I think actually tipped the scums off that he was something important. Can’t fault aura’s play too much, but his idling may have alerted the mafia a bit TOO much, though he was inspected so early it didn’t matter anyway.

    He could not BG HummingbirdTG, to prevent some sort of BG infinite loop unless one was hooked. Otherwise, he could watch anyone, and BG anyone. Walrein stupidly kept aura’s BG on himself while putting the actual village BG on aura. aura’s BG should have been on one of the power roles and not useless leader Walrein, nobody even bothered with him, but aura was never added to the spread for some reason that I cannot recall, so he just followed the guy he had in his role PM as clean.

    Luckily, though he outed the Dragons’ name, he kept zorbees a secret.

    Snype: Screwed over Ace Emerald by outing the hidden mafia as Dragons. Functioned as a village BG.

    MK Ultra / Suicune / Bodyguard + Ping Disruptor / Aquanaut / Charbroiled N4

    The vigilante’s first kill! Something had tipped Walrein off to MK being suspicious, it was either Quagsires or some combination of actions. So, Walrein had Maxim use his kill on MK, which was also the fastest kill in the game.

    As MK is a BG, and only Waterfire/Firefish could self-protect after their teammate dies, he had no way to save himself. MK tried to play it cool and claimed Entei, but Paperblade targeting his own twin and wickdaggler targeting MK gave “different faction” results to Walrein. He didn’t particularly do anything stupid, and he was pretty active after helping the Aquanauts, so he played well.

    His role adopted Ping Disruptor after the fourth Aquanaut was cut. Bodyguard was a standard role on both mafias.

    Snype: Not much to say here. He played how he could, but got fucked over by the village’s tools.

    HSA / Zapdos / Bodyguard + Track/Watch Mask / Electros / Castrated for being a brony N4

    This kill. Quagsires was annoyed that HSA threatened to sell him out, so he wound up killing HSA. I think that was a mistake, but, whatever.

    HSA got kind of aggressive after he was outed, and survived two lynches, via his team getting poor Empoof to use the Aquanaut lynch stop on HSA’s second lynch. The Electros had let AE die and used theirs on HSA’s first lynch attempt.

    HSA, and kok, were sort of outed when Deino’s PM turned up Magmian, as then their flavor came into question. HSA was suspicious to Walrein and of course, being saved from the lynch was a clear scumtell. Quagsires should have left HSA alive so the village could try, try again lynching him. Better yet, have lynchguarded HSA and laughed at a third fail. Instead, HSA’s dispute with Quagsires, and HSA wanting to spill the beans on Quags, unfortunately using stuff gained from the wolf result Snype sent to BOTH MAFIAS, which I was flusteredly trying to censor his use of, got him killed.

    His role of BG is standard, seen on both, while Track and Watch mask hid the target from trackers and watchers, making it appear as if they did nothing. kingofkongs was infinitely grateful for this as it allowed him to pose as having no role, and I thought it was a pretty darn good scum role to try out, considering two trackers + a watcher.

    Snype: Unfortunately, the track/watch didn’t cause much panic as people were more interested in using this as an alliance check.

    wickdaggler / Mount Vesuvius / Tracker Twin&Alliance Check / Magmians / Drowned in a Scummy Pond N4

    The Aquanauts had found out wickdaggler was a tracker, although they thought he was a watcher, because Snype’s flavor for the Tracker Twins was bizarre and sounded like a watcher. They didn’t know Paperblade was still around, so they thought by getting rid of wickdaggler they’d remove anyone who could see Slim targeting despite his claim of dead guy absorb.

    wickdaggler, and Paperblade, were one of the first roles beyond Sailor Mars I put in this. I thought having twins who could also be used as alliance checkers was an interesting concept. However, if you checked two Electros, you’d still get possibly-good results, falsely cleaning them, so it wasn’t surefire. It did allow Walrein to clean people at a fairly fast rate, so I would recommend Tracker Twins as some kind of sheriff, or even Watcher, for further use. They were not particularly overpowered in this game and did their job well.

    If one was hooked, the other simply became a Tracker for that night. When one died, the other lost the ability to check, seeing as their twin was dead to double up, and just could track.

    wick himself was a little bit smarmy and “I’m too cool for this” at points, and was utterly thrown off by the failed zorbees lynch (not only mistaking the night update as the day one, but thinking 4 votes on zorbees must lead to DEATH or whatever it was). But he submitted his actions so no major complaints.

    Snype: wick/paper got used to good effect, but got screwed over by an Aqua inspect.

    Ditto / Firefish / Lynchguard + Hooker + 1/2 Bodyguard / Team Wolfsauce / Beheaded D5


    Wait he’s a wolf?


    Was pretty much Ditto’s greatest accomplishment. Quagsires had difficulty talking to him much early in the game, and neither was particularly active or anything. Walrein had seen the flavor around, and somehow Walrein connected it to Ditto, I can’t quite figure out what tipped him off. Ditto was fairly suspicious all game to the village. He could have tried to mole better as he and Quagsires had 2/2 roles and names needed to do so, or at least hid better.

    His roles were to support Quagsires. He was wolf-partner who gained the ability to kill, less frequently, if the head wolf died. Ditto provided hook support, as well as the lynchguard. Which was cut from infinite successes down to 2 successful uses. He also started with a BPV, or LPV I forget, and had that removed so they weren’t invulnerable for a long while.

    The bodyguard was split: one would perform it one night on the other, and then it swapped. To change the rotation they had to idle it. After Ditto died, Quags BGed himself. Kind of wish we hadn’t done it like that in retrospect.

    Ditto had asked for an awesome role as a neutral, and we gave him one of two neutrals, but I think he kind of underperformed for what the role was. Maybe he expected harmless neutral, of which none existed, thus making him a huge threat to everyone.

    Snype: The first of the two wolves had finally got lynched, sadly due to a track/watch check when iirc Ditto had claimed to have a non-targeting role? Something didn’t add up with the track/watch results and Ditto got fucked. Unfortunately, this was the wolf who I hadn’t virtually outed. (Though Ditto was mentioned as the target, it was Quagsires who was BG’d that night.) At the time of the fuckup, with Ditto’s death, I thought Quags was screwed. He was more ot the support partner anyway. There wasn’t much communication between him and Quags, which made them look more suspicious as they hadn’t been able to claim before getting a story set straight.

    theangryscientist / Mushu / Bodyguard / Dragons / Castrated for loving ponies too much N5

    Forget you Idiotsires you killed poor tas. He was a bodyguard!!!! The result check of “Now a Bodyguard” which Quag ratted to Walrein, moling as a role checker, tipped them both off he was PROBABLY a Dragon as he gained that the night aura died. With or without the now, it would’ve alerted them both that as a BG he was a target - Walrein knowing Hummingbird was the BG and Quag thinking all BG so evil.

    tas tried to claim every other night BG, I believe, as direct backup to auramaster, but Quagsires killed him thinking Dragons such a threat, and I’m not sure Walrein particularly believed him. tas was still around after his death to support the team, despite his relatively early fatality into things.

    He began as a normal villager and only gained anything upon aura’s death. tas was pretty good at things, standard BG as all scums had. Unfortunately, the tip-off led to Quagsires foolishly killing him, which he later regretted, though it did let him win!

    Snype: Probably worst luck this game. tas laid low and did what he could when he united with aska + zorbees until the time of his death.

    kok/loudkirbyking / LightWolf / Inspector + Ping Disruptor / Electros / Beheaded D6

    I am pretty sure LightWolf died the same day or the next in MP2 as well and I wanted to cry watching my poor, poor recruit die twice.

    All you hoes are just jelly madfags, making me go through that twice :(

    The Electros had a full inspector, versus the Aquanauts’ Role + Alliance check, and he could also disrupt Walrein’s pings. This was only particularly relevant earlygame as Walrein tried to clean himself, and if he couldn’t because he was disrupted, lolol the lynchpin might be outed trying to clean him other ways.

    kingofkongs used the Mask to great potential, unfortunately, their shared-flavor fake claims ousted both of them. kok then had to sub out due to school, etc. I believe, and lkk graciously came in to replace him. lkk never did anything overly remarkable I think, and was the victim of Walrein’s decision to remove the Electros kill completely.

    I believe Quagsires sold lkk out as the last Electro, like a dick. lkk and kok were never particularly bad, just the victim of a crappo wolf ratting everyone.

    Snype: Definitely the best of the Electros until kok requested that he be subbed out in regards to school. He worked with Quagsires and eventually did plan to backstab him and reveal him to the village.

    Paperblade / Krakatoa / Tracker Twin&Alliance Check / Magmians / Drowned in Snype's urine N6

    Paperblade was the other half of the Tracker Twins, who lived quite a bit longer than his partner. I figured wick and PBlade weren’t at each others’ throats all the time, so they could twin it up fairly nicely and get some info. Walrein’s stupidity in BGing himself and not PBlade led to him dying. I absolutely would have been BGing Paper or LS at that point, and not my useless pinging leader role. Paperblade, though a staunch supporter of the “Aquanaut Walrein” camp, was let onto the sheet, followed by Lady Salamence and someone else.

    Paper was a solid player though Walrein never let him do anything particularly independent, in fact Walrein was a bit controlling to everyone, raging if you edited his sheet to say he was an Aquanaut!

    His role was explained with wick’s, but after wick died, he just became a Tracker until he croaked due to BG-hogging Walrein.

    Snype: Solid player with a decent role that got demoted once wick died. Walrein didn’t let him do much though, so not much I could really say.

    Flamestrike / Pyrovile / Inspector / Magmians / Hit by a fireball N6

    First you pricks kill my poor recruit and then you kill my partner the next night??? askajerkbag in charge of all of this anti-Samus propaganda!!!

    Flamestrike, poor, poor, poor Flamestrike.

    In the faulty result PM, Quagsires had role checked Flame, which later cleaned him fully to Walrein.

    This also meant that all six mafia got Flamestrike: Inspector.


    Luckily they had no idea Flame could not be BGed or SGed. This was a counter to the Tracker Twins. I figured, if someone claimed role/alliance checker from the scums, and then there was an alliance checking twin set as well, it would be pretty overpowered. This led to Flame being hooked almost every single night, until one, where the hooks were all off him, and he inspected Quagsires.

    A glorious wait time for the last wolf! Then he died, because the Dragons decided it was time he met his namesake.

    Flame was worried Walrein would doubt him, as he provided like one PM before a solid chain of HOOKED. Not his fault, he couldn’t be protected at all, yet he STILL lived to Night Six before someone realized they could off him. I think it was after the Dragons tried to SG him to kill him and discovered he couldn’t be SGed so they just went for the kill, which had failed thanks to Quagsires.

    Overall I thought Flame did well, he didn’t call attention to himself he was inspector but was just luckhaxed by that awful result glitch.

    Snype: To be honest, I was surprised that Flamestrike lasted this long. Role-wise I expected Flame to have died a couple of nights before he did with that faulty result PM out. I didn’t want Flamestrike to have any protection as this was a late addition and if auramaster didn’t die, I thought the village was OP.

    NJig/Empoof / Great White Shark / Hooker + Self-Watcher / Aquanauts / Beheaded D7

    Auto self-watch which couldn’t be hooked I believe, plus he was a hooker himself. He claimed every-other-night hooker, but Walrein found the role reeking of scum, and never trusted Empoof. NJig used “a/the Tholian” as his flavor and I sat there …..................ing because they were supposed to pick one to go with. Aughgghhg. NJig got busy though and subbed out to allow Empoof a chance to be more active, so good call on NJig’s part recognizing he needed to sub.

    Empoof was conned into being the only Aquanaut on and using their Lynch Stop to save HSA, but I don’t think his team was particularly nasty about that. Empoof tried to do work before he was lynched and stay under cover, even going so far as to let Slim hook him and idle his actions, but, in the end, by that point Walrein had cleaned the remaining villagers pretty well, as they still had Hooker, BG and Tsuk’s megamayor swag alive, so it was kind of ousting for Empoof.

    Poof was a good guy and tried his best to work with everyone he could but alas.

    Maxim / The Pyromaniac / Vigilante (activated) / Magmians / Castrated for taking pleasure in ponies N7

    Quagsires stabbed the village at this point and killed Maxim, as evidenced by the kill flavor. Something tipped the scums off to Maxim being the vigilante, and a live one.

    His role came into play with auramaster’s death. He did have backup! Chomz would take over either the Vig or BG, based on who died first. So the village would always have means of removing someone. Unfortunately this was the night he got his next kill I believe, so he only ever offed MK Ultra. Which let Walrein’s Aquanaut scumness continue as an Aquanaut wasn’t lynched for ages.

    Maxim played low-key, he claimed, but for some reason, Walrein took his claim as backup and he was torn between Chomz and Maxim, before realizing Maxim WAS the vigilante itself when aura died. Good job nob. Maxim wasn’t particularly out there but he was usually around to vote or send an action.

    However, Maxim almost either killed Walrein or got him lynched! He was very suspicious of Walrein’s lynch record until Empoof bit the dust and an Aquanaut was finally lynched by Walrein, and in fact wanted to kill him, but before he could, he was killed. It would’ve been hilariously great if Maxim had successfully overthrown Walrein. Too bad it never turned out that way, but good for Maxim’s reputation!

    Tsuk / Sailor Mars / Super Mayor (+10) / Magmians / Castrated for showing affection to haired plastic N8

    After Walrein screwed up trying to clean zorbees, on DAY EIGHT, and no scum died, they decided to wipe out the good village roles together. They knew Tsuk was a “mayorly sort” and decided to kill him, which Quagsires carried out. All 3 remaining scum had a kill tonight, so it was bad for the village, who only had Chomz, who did have a kill, but was hooked.

    Tsuk actually complained he would someday single-handedly be able to lynch someone, because he didn’t have a night action. Walrein nagged us to sub him due to inactivity, but Tsuk usually sent a PM saying he was around, showed on IRC or voted frequently enough.

    Had Tsuk survived this night he would have had 10 votes himself, as such he died with 8.

    Super Mayor was a way to ensure no matter what the village would have the lynch cinched, pretty much. If Tsuk lived on, and Deino if Tsuk died, they kept their voting power despite the falling Magmians. As long as the super mayor didn’t go off the rails against the village or get conned by a mole, they were a failsafe to let the village kill successfully.

    Lady Salamence / J-Lo / Hooker / Magmians / Hit by a fireball N8

    The Dragons decided to remove Miss Hot and Spicy Latina Loving on the REMOVE VILLAGE POWER slaughterfest.

    LS gained sheet access and us hostly sorts just had to stare in shock that LS actually got sheet in some game. But, she was cleaned by Hydrattler getting her flavor on Ditto I believe, and several other people. She.. actually stayed hidden quite nicely until the mafia realized “well SOMEONE has to be their hooker” and pinned her down via results, etc.

    She was pretty active but liked to PC++1 as much as Walrein did with such relevant contributions.

    I am sort of surprised nobody put together that like in Mekkah’s Expert game, e-girl was female hooker role. lol. LS got trolled by some flavor at points but she was a good sport for the most of it. She obeyed Walrein and that’s about it.

    Unlike Flame she was a standard hooker with no limitations and did what she was supposed to. P sure she thought her role PM was us trolling her at first but nope...

    HummingbirdTG / Heat Miser / Bodyguard / Magmians / Drowned in hot sauce N8

    Snype suggested giving this guy BG, as nobody really knew who he was.

    Best decision in the game imo, because... Quagsires thought to rand him once and then nobody bothered to target him for EONS. kingofkongs almost conned him the first night of the game but I told HTG not to listen and after that he was solid. He stayed out of the spotlight and never let it slip he was BG, as well as being fairly active after one time of delaying the game along with the loser Team Wolfsauce who was slow as dirt.

    HTG followed Walrein in BGing aura and then later himself, however he fell victim to the Aquanauts’ final kill in the big cleansing.

    Overall, though he maybe could’ve been ‘more active’ he did very well for what I think is his first game, and for his role, was the best choice possible.

    Snype: Stayed hidden the longest as nobody would ever suspect that this guy would be the bodyguard. Given that this was his first game, I didn’t want to give him a role that could really screw over people. It wasn’t hard for him to find Walrein, and he did a good job of staying hidden. The only thing that could’ve been better would be a bit of activity sometimes and to say, hey, Walrein’s role is virtually useless and there’s a circle of trusted villagers, so why not protect a role that actually does something? Though, for what he did, he didn’t do anything much unexpected. Took orders from Walrein and that was it.

    askaninjask / Spyro / Safeguard / Dragons / Beheaded D9

    Sorry aska :(

    Walrein went on a fit this day, demanding we sub his remaining two villagers if they didn’t show. DP67 did and Chomz was subbed so the village could stealth aska, who was at a funeral all day. zorbees asked for a longer deadline if possible, along with p much everyone else, so we extended it to 1:30, half an hour. zorbees did not ask for aska to be subbed outright, so we didn’t.

    aska was a good sport about his unfortunate death, and though Walrein regretted not lynching Quagsires instead, sadly had to stay dead. Walrein had Slim and zorbees swapped, so we couldn’t really sub aska in for zorbees, or tas who had talked about the game.

    He had been trying to find the Dragons all game, with hints about the head trauma, but zorbees and tas never picked up on it, probably because this wasn’t Big/Expert. He also had hoped to prove his Lynchguard role before it changed, but the chance never came up as he was hooked N0. He lost the LG and became the only SG any of the mafias had (only Wolfsauce had a SG).

    I was sorry to see aska lynched as he was pretty active, but he helped out ginga plan stuff after his death so that was very useful, as subbing someone that late was really bad if his team didn’t help him with what they knew.

    Snype: Ouch. he was active early-game and nearly got sheet access from Walrein if auramaster hadn’t died and made an effort to communicate with his fellow dragons pre-lynchpin death, though none of them took the hint, (whichimo wasn’t that easy to notice anyway). Eventually, he was united with the rest of his faction and took an active role in planning.

    Slim Guldo / Ecco the Dolphin / Alliance+Role Check + Hooker + Flow Watcher (activated) / Aquanauts / Beheaded D10

    Slim, Slim, Slim. You played pretty well - a bit complacent to Walrein to try and prove your role, but otherwise well. Quagsires sold you out though.

    Slim had claimed solely his Amnesiac/Remember Me role, which gave him the night actions of a dead person he picked. I thought this was actually really clever. Quagsires saying he had the Alliance/Role Check ruined his claim, though, as the Aquanauts tried hard to prove Slim was clean, even if Empoof was a lost cause.

    I personally would have taken Ditto’s role, but Walrein wanted Ace Emerald’s absorbed, so Slim did such. Lunchguard :U

    Slim tried to get the Dragons and Quag to help him when he was lynched, or ask Walrein to lynch Quag I think, but to no avail, so the Aquanauts bit the dust....

    Except for Walrein who lived until the freakin end filthy scumhag.

    Slim worked with his fellow scum, but, they were running numbers as well and figured they had the best chance if he died, and noobrein let the wolf live on.

    Not much to say about his role except he got a dead guy’s once a good deadman died, and he was a somewhat neutered inspector. Which I think was fair, considering what he could have become with the absorb.

    Darkpenguin67 / Magmar / Ping Safeguard / Magmians / Castrated for ponytime N10

    DP67 would actually lose his Ping SG if Walrein died because there would be no further point in it. Aside from that, his role existed to guard whatever channel Walrein used against the disruptors.

    He was kind of a villager, only with a role, so it wasn’t particularly dull for him to do NOTHING.

    I knew DP from MUDS, and that while he could do work and be effective, he wasn’t the choice for a super intensive role, but he should be able to enjoy Ping SG and be active enough to use it well. He was pretty active indeed though sometimes his voting was screwy and/or late and he had Walrein’s suspicions for ages, mostly thinking he became a Dragon.

    DP mostly did whatever Walrein said as his role was sort of, Walrein’s twin almost, at least his personal protection for his action, and was kept alive due to nobody thinking his role was particularly relevant.

    Chomz/Jalmont / Arsonist / Backup BG or Vig (Vig activated) / Magmians / Hit by a fireball N10

    I felt bad subbing Chomz as he was pretty active, certainly not to warrant complaints, but Walrein demanded it for the stealth.

    Chomz would either become a BG, if HTG died first, or a vig, if Maxim died first. He got to choose if those two died the same night. As we saw, Maxim died first.

    Unfortunately, Chomz was hooked both nights, until now, when he died. The hook removed his kill, which the Dragons and Quagsires didn’t realize. Walrein also thought he had a kill, and Jalmont asked about it, only to have possibly changed several actions with the news his kill was spent being hooked.

    This hook = no kill applied to the mafia as well, so I don’t find it particularly unfair. Only death would mean the kill was not attempted AT ALL. This was a kill, it just didn’t work, much like hitting a BG.

    Chomz played well but his claim was a bit vague at first, and he was suspected for a while before Walrein realized who the scum really were, so Chomz was eventually cleaned by default. I think Walrein had Quagsires check him, letting all scum know who the backup vig was. GG.

    zorbees/ginganinja / Spike / Inspector + Negative Voter / Dragon / Beheaded D11

    zorbees was always trolling Walrein hoping to be inspected before auramaster died, so he could be cleaned. It took him a while to claim Negative Voter though, plus Flamestrike was being hooked 24/7.

    The final Dragon role, he was a full inspector. I somewhat regret not giving them a hooker somewhere, but as you all can see, it was intended as a Martyr anyway. The Dragons had no means of influencing the Ping.

    They all had one role because we figured, they would appear as useless villies for ages, and not be killed. zorbees had requested to be on the lynchpin mafia, and we gave him aska as not-the-bg and tas as his team. zorbees was the ‘lead’ Dragon, who knew the lynchpin and was known. aura never led zorbees and Walrein to interact though.

    Snype gave all the Dragons safeclaims, as their initial role PMs, until aura died.

    zorbees was quite miffed aska was lynched, firstly because he wasn’t given the chance to sub aska/didn’t outright ask, and secondly because he missed deadline. Thus, as he saw the game was kingmakering, he requested to be subbed out.

    We went on a massive hunt for a sub, but tas had been told info, Snike had been told info, LW had been told info when Snype sent the maf PMs although the Dragons either knew that all at this point or it was a dead guy’s info, pretty much EVERY SINGLE PERSON KNEW CRAP FROM THE SHEET.

    Then we got to ginga, who came in thankfully, and tried his best. He got kingmakered with Walrein picking between him and Quagsires.

    Unfortunately, Walrein asked to be subbed for Jalmont, who voted for ginga. He was in a tough place anyway, needing to stealth whatever Quag voted. As a negative voter, while he could negate no lynch or a vote for himself, he was stuck relying on someone else’s vote.

    And so fell the Dragons :(

    Walrein/Jalmont / Ho-Oh / Ping / Magmians / Castrated for keeping the wolf alive for ages N11

    Fool who kept Quagsires around for ages. He says he would’ve let ginga win if he could though!!

    Walrein asked to be village leader, probably so he could instigate in YET ANOTHER GAME. Like a fool.

    Well, some of his instigations ended poorly and most weren’t what he thought they’d be, but, whatever. Close enough. He survived to the end by virtue of having a sucky role and easy enough for Quagsires to spoonfeed info and stay alive with. If Walrein had died maybe his replacement would have smartly offed the last wolf.

    But we can’t be too hard on Walrein, he did find all the scum, mostly with the wolf ratting them out.

    He was very secretive with his spread, taking ages to let Paperblade on, and was a BG hog. His worst mistake was hogging the BG imo as it should’ve been evident his role was so bad nobody would care to kill him when they could pose him as an Aquanaut or Dragon instead.

    However, he was very effective at getting claims and sending out actions, so his leadership skills can’t be faulted. Some of his decisions we may have 8\ed at, but overall, he was a competent leader.

    Snype: A mixed bag of good/bad. He was able to use the roles he had (Paper/Wick/Flame/LS) to hook and identify neuts/mafia. Though keeping the BG on himself wasn’t that smart of an idea (especially considering he had the rest of the non-mags figured out), I think Walrein’s worst mistake was not making a lynch that day. Granted, he sort of made up by stealth lynching, but when he didn’t make the lynch, he literally threw away a guaranteed win chance. Still though, he contacted aura early, knew that the Dragons were the faction

    Quagsires / Waterfire the Pony / Killer + Safeguard + Role Checker / Team Wolfsauce / Won N11

    Oh Quagsires. Snype I think said we should put you as the wolf/Ditto’s partner, and I agreed, thinking well you’re not a HUGE name unlike “everyone wants to recruit Yeti” but you’re not an idiot either, so you should do pretty well!

    You got your fake, as a role checker, and tried to mole the village or at least integrate into it. Unfortunately you and Ditto never talked and it was a bit frustrating for us as hosts to watch. We were expecting more activity and coordination between you two and instead it seemed like you were never on.

    Additionally, you two, mainly Quag, always delayed update by chronically being the last 1 or 2 actions needed. Kind of ridiculous, we get you needed time to talk and negotiate with everyone you knew, but, come on, some of it was pure and simple rands. Basically don’t hold the game up with your pointless efforts.

    After Walrein found Quags out via Flame’s only successful inspect in eons, Walrein tried to lynch him, but Quag negotiated his way out?? somehow by offering a mafia in exchange. IMO it was stupid of Walrein to not have lynched the wolf, who presumably was killing more and with higher priority than the mafias, and remove a kill, but whatever.

    Quag then proceeded to out... every mafia. Some who had tried to hide, or were just suspects at that point, he outed to Walrein, which got alllll of them lynched, and Quag even killed a few mafia. He should have left tas alone I think.

    Especially at the point where Walrein wouldn’t immediately KNOW if Quag had lied and cleaned a mafiaman, since the other mafia wouldn’t kill him anyway. I was waiting for Quag to clean a mafia, or lie about a villager, because really what was Walrein going to do to him then? But... he never did. Instead he outed all the mafia and led to p much all their defeats. They could have got a mole onto the village spread, perhaps, if he had cleaned one, and Walrein trusted it. Slim might’ve been a good candidate.

    I have to say that being Walrein’s <snip>/cum dumpster was reaaaaaaally a let down to see. Not lying to him once, though Quag did turn on them with the kill at times, and, Walrein spent his time cleaning zorbees and etc.

    Big mistake to never lynch Quags, so he kind of lucked out that Walrein was dumb enough to keep him alive. I think most other leaders would have lynched Quag before he could betray them, then again, with all of Quag’s info being honest, it was pretty valuable to keep him around.

    Snype: Given the scenario he was given with the host fuck-up and continually playing, even though he was outed, the guy did what he could to ensure his victory: which was to keep himself alive. Once Ditto died, he was truly on his own and (as much as I hate it) he sold out his potential allies to keep himself alive.


    Best Log:
    (3:01:15 pm) <~MK_Ultra> so yeti
    (3:01:22 pm) <~MK_Ultra> you sent all the village pmd
    (3:01:25 pm) <@Yeti> yes
    (3:01:33 pm) <~MK_Ultra> pms*
    (3:02:00 pm) <~MK_Ultra> ok so niggly
    (3:02:18 pm) <~MK_Ultra> if you're asked who sent your pm
    (3:02:20 pm) <~MK_Ultra> what do you say
    (3:02:40 pm) <06&NJigglypuff> Snype i guess, he sent us our pm.
    Followed by the resulting realization of “oh...”
    (3:02:55 pm) <@Yeti> lmao
    (3:02:56 pm) <@Yeti> @ mafia
    (3:03:01 pm) * ~MK_Ultra kill self
    (3:03:06 pm) <&NJigglypuff> Oh.
    (3:03:12 pm) <&NJigglypuff> I was supposed to look up.
    Wait, we let NJig into an Expert game?????
    Best Luck:
    Hydrattler Reverse Martyring the wolves who were going to kill him and using their own BG to survive.
    Worst Luck:
    Flamestrike the Inspector getting his role sent to all the mafia on accident then being hooked for 3 nights before getting off one inspect on the wolf and dying.
    Best Channel:
    #iamnotaquanaut : as you can all imagine this was the channel for Aquanauts and Other Assorted Scumbuddies... PISS that’s the channel for them rn in EXPERTS. DISREGARD THIS.
    Best Spread:
    The Aquanauts’, not flooded with moles everywhere like Walrein’s, and is complete. Slim kept it up to the end. It also has some interesting notes
    MVP/Best Player:
    I would give this to askaninjask or Slim Guldo, I thought both had good ‘fakes’ LOL LYNCHGUARD IS SO VILLY UGH, and tried to get themselves cleaned and integrate into the village. aska was honestly so close to getting sheet access and one of the first people Walrein thought was clean, if only he could’ve cleaned himself D1. aska also tried to reach out to the other Dragons before they united. Slim had a creative fake that Walrein was not fully convinced on but it wasn’t an outright “lol scum” like some, and he tried to work with all the others.
    Sorry, I know this should be to a member of the winning team, but I don’t think selling out every. single. mafian. and causing them all to lose when some were fairly safe in their moling at the time was a particularly valuable player to anyone but Walrein’s dick, which obviously needed a place to jizz into. No offense Quags, just felt like your mafia counterparts played better without selling out.
    Walrein was fairly effective but he told Slim the wrong lynch target which left Quag alive wrongly, and was cleaning people D8 as well as BG hogging. Hogging the BG def knocks him down from MVP as PBlade or LS should have had it with Flame unable to be.

    Snype's kinda less cool list:
    Best Luck: Flamestrike surviving for quite a long time.
    Worst Luck: Quagsires for being outed to both mafia as the wolf (with a bit of deduction)
    Best Electro: kingofkongs/ loudkirbyking
    Best Aqua: Slim Guldo
    Best Magmian: Walrein
    Best Dragon: askaninjask
    Best Player: Quagsires

    Also big shoutout to Daenym for helping proof results and sheets etc. And Spiffy for one night of that. You guys were a big help but mostly Daenym.
  18. Flamestrike


    Aug 19, 2009
    Worst Luck:
    Flamestrike the Inspector getting his role sent to all the mafia on accident then being hooked for 3 nights before getting off one inspect on the wolf and dying.
    Best Luck: Flamestrike surviving for quite a long time.

    Only I could get both Best and Worst Luck awards in a single game -_-

    Yeah, was a pretty cool game, a bit sad that I couldn't do more than I did but when you're an inspect that can't be protected in any way... yeah. Getting hooked 4 FREAKING CYCLES IN A ROW didn't help either >:(
  19. Daenym


    Jan 10, 2008
    What this postgame really says is: Spiffy sux, Daenym is awesome.

    Anyway I was glad to help. I'd even do it again sometime... oh wait. I already am :O
  20. Acklow

    Acklow I am always tired. Don't bother me.

    Jan 7, 2010
    Daenym the PRO-host.
  21. Slim Guldo

    Slim Guldo

    Jan 6, 2010
    I think my biggest mistake in this game was that I didn't hide anything from the other mafia in the end, had I not told quagsires about my hook I would've been able to fuck him up if I didn't get lynched since I think that was what made me such a big threat to him

    Though if I'd picked up Ditto's role the same would've been true due to the lynchguard, go figure :( I was actually looking at other roles on that night prior to walrein telling me to get Ace Emerald, but I decided to play it safe and obey him :/

    Good game overall though, probably my favourite experience so far playing smogon mafia :)
  22. Ditto

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    Jun 11, 2007
    Well Quagsires and I actually decided to let you live. We knew what you were and could easily just continue hooking you while inspecting and killing other people. Don't know about the mafias, but there is a reason you didn't die early from Team Wolfsauce.
  23. Slim Guldo

    Slim Guldo

    Jan 6, 2010
    We were told we couldn't kill flamestrike due to the fact that we didn't legitimately have his role, which is why we didn't try iirc.
  24. Maxim


    Jul 15, 2009
    Hmm, I have to say this was probably my favorite game of mafia.

    One thing to clarify though. I was more worried that Walrein was a Dragon than an Aquanaut, otherwise there wouldn't have been any point to have me kill MK Ultra.

    Also a question...if I had the fastest kill in the game, why did I die before zorbees?

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