[Standard] MegaMan Battle Network Mafia - Game over: blue_light and wickdaggler win!


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The year is 20xx. The world’s machines are joined in a worldwide network. Almost everyone carriers a PET (Personal Exploration Terminal), in which his or her NetNavi resides. But there is a dark side to this convenience as well: a drastic increase in NetCrime. The World Three (WWW) organization is the main culprit, having attempted various takeovers of the Net in recent years under their mysterious leader, Wily. It is only thanks to the heroics of Lan Hikari and his Navi, MegaMan, that the WWW has been stopped in recent years. But the threat of another takeover always looms large over the inhabitants of ACDC town and the adjacent scientific facility that defends them, SciLab. Some say Wily is dead. Some say he is just getting started. The truth? Well, that’s a tricky thing, isn’t it…

Area: Undernet 3
Time: 2:00 AM

It’s dark. And quiet. Too quiet. Suddenly, a group of Navis appears out of nowhere, and the few remaining rundown Navis still in the area run for their lives. One of the Navis appears to be carrying some sort of projector, and the group focuses on the lone projected as a result. An old man with a staff of some kind and grayish hair stares back at them excitedly, like a baby on his birthday.

He says: “My fellow WWW members, this shall be a day long remembered. Today is the day we strike SciLab. Today is the day we destroy the Internet! And”, he finishes to himself, “today is the day you meet your maker, MegaMan Hikari”. Cries of “All hail lord Wily!” Resound through the dark depths of the Net. “We shall split up and conquer the Net systematically”, explains Wily, “But, where is FlashMan? Shouldn’t he be here by now?” The group takes a few moments to verify that FlashMan is, in fact, not there. “No matter”, says Wily, “We shall move on without him. Take no prisoners. Destroy everything in your path…except Hikari. Hikari is mine alone.” The group of Navis makes it’s way out of the area, ready to ascend to the sleeping, defenseless Net, ready to carry out their master’s orders…

UnderNet 1
2:08 AM

“Shit! I’m late” murmurs FlashMan, as he runs through the UnderNet. “Hey, just where are you going at this time of night?” demands a rather large, intimidating Navi on his left. “I can’t believe I am getting slowed down by this hunk of junk” thinks FlashMan, turning around, but then his heart stopped as he saw a badge on the Navi’s chest. This Navi was no UnderNet Navi, he was an Official, presumably looking to arrest someone. “Fuck you, Official!” screams FlashMan, as he sends a wave of electricity straight at the large Navi. The large Navi avoided it, however, but when he looked back up, FlashMan was nowhere to be seen. What the…no, wait…MetalMan pulled back his fist and thrust as hard, spinning on the spot, attempting to hit FlashMan, who had used the opportunity provided by his Electric Flash to sneak around MetalMan and hurl a Lightning Bolt at his back. Unfortunately for FlashMan, MetalMan hit him square in the face with his metal fist as he turned around. Unfortunately for MetalMan, this did absolutely nothing to stop the Bolt of Lightning from coursing through his already too-conductive body. Neither really stood a chance. When ragged, homeless passersby stopped by the bodies, hoping to find something valuable on them to sell, he just found these two worthless scraps of paper…

Dear Earthworm, you are Rei Saiko/FlashMan

You are the first boss in MegaMan Battle Network 3, which pretty much makes you an exceptionally weak in-game foe. Your look and battle style is super-cool though, so at least you have something going for you. After being defeated by MegaMan twice, Wily seemed to forget your triumph in stealing the Tetracode, and booted you from the WWW. Fortunately, he has been recruiting again, and you heard that he was holding a big meeting tonight with all of his members! You will probably be dead last on the ladder of command again, however…

As Rei Saiko, you are basically just a guy who wears cool clothes. Besides, who can remember your name, much less anything special about you? You have no night powers.

Should you Jack In, you will become FlashMan, enhancing your powers. Every night, you may PM UncleSam and billymills with “Night X-FlashStorm <user>”. That night, you will reign down lightning on <user>. Unfortunately, because you are so weak, this will do nothing to anyone who does not have a body that conducts electricity well.

You are allied with the WWW. You win if the WWW eliminates all threats.

Dear Mekkah, you are Tamako/MetalMan

You are that random duo that chills out in the Yoka Inn. You must really love hot tub bathing or something. Anyway, as MetalMan, your massive metal body will prove your best asset in the struggle against the WWW.

As Tamako, you do not have a large metal body, and so there is nothing particularly interesting about you. You have no night role as Tamako.

Should you Jack In, you will become MetalMan, enhancing your physical presence. Because you have such a large metal body, you will be completely immune to all deaths, except possibly being shocked by a lightning bolt N0. Cool huh?

You are allied with SciLab. You win if SciLab eliminates all threats.


SciLab and the surrounding area, 2:31 AM

An alarm sounds. The inhabitants of ACDC town hurry to SciLab, where a man in a lab coat addresses them hastily: “Wily has attacked the Net again. Be careful when you go out there, because you never know who is friend or foe. It will be chaotic. Just keep your head on straight and do your duty for SciLab.” Short, simple, to the point. That was Dr. Hikari. “You all right?” He asks his son, Lan. “Ya…I just can’t believe Wily is back AGAIN…well, nothing to do but defeat him, huh MegaMan?” “Of course.” Responds MegaMan from Lan’s PET.

Everyone departs for his or her home, ready for anything. Blood has been spilled. Maybe it’s time to spill some more.

The fate of the Internet is at stake.

Nay, the fate of life itself.

Welcome, ladies and gentlemen, to the Battle Network

The rules, again:
1. Whilst you are alive you can talk to anyone about the game. Once you are dead you cannot talk to anyone about the game.

2. The game will begin on Night 0. There will be no kills on Night 0. During Night 0, no one may paste any part of his or her role PM. Role PMs may be freely distributed starting from Day 1. You may PM UncleSam for help in faking a role PM if you wish, but most of the help I will give you will be in the OP.

3. Do not take grammatical errors in PMs as proof of faking. I am human and can (probably will) make mistakes.

4. You may send in only one action per night, unless otherwise specified by your Role PM. This includes Jacking In/Jacking Out, or passing items (see rule for passing items for more specifics). I will go more in depth about Jacking In/Jacking Out in the OP.

5. You can paste things told to you by the hosts. You may fake logs. Do not take pasting of a host conversation as definite proof, these can be faked. If you want to fake a log, feel free to PM UncleSam for assistance. Impersonation of a host or another user, however, is banned at all points. Please do not attempt to impersonate in any way.

6. You may not screenshot anything related to the game.

7. Each Day period will last 48 hours or until a majority is reached. A grace period of two to three hours will be allowed in the latter case (a majority of votes is up to the host's discretion).

8. Each Night period will last 48 hours or until all PMs have been received (I am going to be somewhat strict about this guys-if you do not PM me an action you may face getting subbed, even for a first offense).

9. During the day you must bold your vote and use “Any Word <User>”. To change your vote, you must edit your original post with your new vote. You may choose to No Lynch during the day as well, and any votes towards a dead user (if he or she has been godkilled) will be nullified. A tie in the vote will cause both users to be lynched.

10. You may target dead users with your abilities. Not much is likely to happen though.

11. Priorities are set and will be kept secret. Don't even ask about them.

12. There are items in this game. You may hold four items at one time, unless otherwise specified by your Role PM. Note that at night, you may pass items to any number of users by sending a PM titled “Night X-Passing <item1>, <item2>, <item3>, and <item4> to users <1>, <2>, <3>, and <4>.” Essentially, you may pass any and all items you possess to any users you desire, but that will count as your night action that night. You may not pass items during the day.

13. UncleSam and billymills MUST be informed of any IRC channels or spreadsheets/whatever else you create for this game. My e-mail is eskielb2003@yahoo.com, for spreadsheet purposes.

14. IRC is not compulsory, but you'll find it of great use during the game.

15. If you have any questions about the game, you can find UncleSam either on the forums via PM, or on #fluodome, #moo, or #warau on IRC under the nick “UncleSam”.

16. Send all PMs to UncleSam and billymills, and if you decide not to use an ability on a given night/day, don't forget to PM us "Night/Day X - Idling" to make it much easier for us. Repeating, send the PMs to BOTH of us, sending to only one host may result in your ability failing.

17. You HAVE to be active, if you are caught inactive you will be sent a warning PM. If you keep being inactive, you will be subbed out without hesitation, please don't make us do this. :(

18. If a role PM and the rules clash in something, the role PM takes precedence.

19. This game will probably not play out like most other mafia games, and contains some experimental concepts which may or may not work out as I intended them to. Either way, expect the unexpected.

20. Please talk to me during the game, it will make for a better postgame.

21. Inspection results are not 100% infallible. Remember that if you get into the game.

22. Being dead may not be the end of the game.

23. Conversions are possible. Do not trust someone just because they were clean three nights ago.

24. If you wish to clarify anything related to the game, you may PM UncleSam and/or billymills.

25. If you are willing to be a sub for the game in case you do not get selected, you may mention that in your signup post.

26. If a user is killed, any items that user was holding will go to his/her killer. If that killer cannot hold any more items, they will go to a random member of that killer's team. If a user is lynched while holding an item, each item that user was holding(if any) will be randomly distributed among those who voted for him/her.

A few notes on the game, apart from the rules:
Scilab is one faction
The WWW is another faction
There may well be other, smaller factions. It is up to you to determine this for yourself.

Note the item passing rule particularly. This is for a reason: Items are meant to be stolen. All items in this game are some type of BattleChip. In order for these to have any effect, they need to be fused with other BattleChips into a Program Advance.

Here is a link to the Program Advances from Battle Network 3: http://www.gamefaqs.com/gba/562255-mega-man-battle-network-3-white/faqs/21492
(Sorry I couldn’t find a better link, there really are no good ones online that I can find. Your best bet is to use the find function to go from #1 to #2 and so on going down, in order to look for possible Program Advances in this game/using your BattleChip).

There will be no “harmless” neutrals. Do not claim a “harmless” neutral. There are no Win Conditions other than eliminating all opposing factions.

All Role Names in this game can be found by following this link:

O, and my apologies to the five P1s who got waitlisted due to Mekkah’s RNG(In order of subbing priority):
the interwebs

This is the order in which you will be subbed in. After that, P2s will sub in, but let's hope that won't be necessary!

Player List: Alive(Randomized): (1)
22. blue light/Serenade/Force Jack In/Force Jack Out/Wolf Faction #1/Won D9

Deleted: (24)
9. Anachronism/Mr. Match/FlameMan/NonNavi Hooker/Hooker/WWW/Lynched D1
7. –mind-/Dex/GutsMan/Partial BG/Full BG/SciLab/Completely Destroyed N1
17. moot/CosmoMan/Inspector/WWW/Killed by hooligans N1
11. hailflameblast/DrillMan/Full BG/WWW/Lynched D2
8. THE_IRON_KENYAN/mrguy888/Chaud/ProtoMan/Odd-night Vigilante/Full Vigilante/SciLab/Completely Destroyed N2
24. wickdaggler/Bass/NonNavi Killer/Full Killer/Wolf Faction/Killed by hooligans N2/Won D9
4. Upside/BubbleMan/Safeguard/WWW/Lynched D3
15. Johann/ShadeMan/Thief/WWW/Lynched D4
16. Rodan./Mayl/Roll/Limited Hooker/Full Hooker/SciLab/Slashed by a large sword N4
5. RBG/Princess Pride/KnightMan/Mole/Full BG/WWW/Lynched D5
14. Jimbo/Veedrock/Regal/Inspector/WWW/Impaled by LifeSword N5
18. Flamestrike/Dr. Hikari/Inspector/SciLab/Killed by a mob N5
3. reyscarface/Lan/MegaMan/Non-kill Redirector/Full Redirector/SciLab/Killed by a devourous monster N5
20. macle/Beryl/Colonel/1-Time NonNavi Kill/1-Time Navi Kill/SciLab/WWW/Wolf Faction #2/Lynched D6
1. MagicMaster87/Mr. Famous/Punk/Limited Item Checker/Full Item Checker/SciLab/Killed by hooligans N6
6. Mattimeo/Dusk/ShadowMan/Limited Thief/Full Thief/SciLab/Killed by a devourous Monster N6
23. Dogfish44/the interwebs/Alpha/1-Time Converter/Unblockable Navi Killer/Unblockable NonNavi Killer/Wolf Faction #2/Godkilled D7
10. ABT620/Tora/KingMan/Limited BG/Full BG/SciLab/Lynched D7
13. Polelover44/Sean/Gospel/Force Jack In/Force Jack Out/WWW/Lynched D7
12. Xyphang/Higsby/NumberMan/Alliance Checker/Full Inspector/SciLab/Killed by hooligans N7
25. shuckles my hero/supermarth64/Yai/Higsby/Alliance Checker/Inspector/SciLab/Killed by hooligans N8
2. Fangren/Ms. Mari/Persuader/SciLab/Lost D9
19. Alan/Ribbita/ToadMan/Limited Safeguard/Full Safeguard/SciLab/Lost D9
21. Yeti/Wily/WWW Checker/First in Command/WWW/Lost D9

Role PMs are going out now. If you are on the player's list, you will receive a PM, never fear.
Role PMs are now out. If you did not receive one for some reason, contact me ASAP. Similarly, if you see anything unusual, please tell me. Exploiting it could lead to a premature ending of the game. Please do not do so.

N0 ends 72 hours from this post, 22:30 GMT-5, Friday, May 14th.

Proper Explanation of Jack In/Jack Out: Most characters have two forms, a NonNavi and a Navi form. All characters like this start in the NonNavi form. Instead of performing a night action that night, any user with two forms may choose to send UncleSam and billymills a Pm with "Night X-Jack In"(if a NonNavi) or "Night X-Jack Out"(if a Navi). This will change your powers to the other character mentioned in your Role PM.
Note: All Program Advances are from Battle Network 3, but characters may be from 2,3,5, or 6.

Note: There are no kills N0. My bad, again, for being unclear.

Official Channel: #beach
Battle Network 3? Best one of the series.

I wouldn't have minded if this were 6 either.
Man if only 4 hadn't been so horrible. Dark chips was a HORRIBLE mechanic. But 6 was epic enough to redeem the series.

Also UncleSam - there's a slight error in the OP
Instead of performing a night action that night, any user with two forms may choose to Jack In(if a NonNavi) or Jack Out(if a NonNavi).


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You are like that guy who submits "over nine thousaaaaaaaaaand" in wittybot, gets zero votes, then asks if nobody watched DBZ.


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You can jack in but you can never jack out.

Oh and David Bowie, please contact me.
That was my mistake. I editted it in the OP, with a much better explanation. Sorry, I was really tired last night after going through all of the Role PMs. Basically, any character with two forms can Jack In if in their NonNavi state, in lieu of using any other powers they may have, or Jack Out if in their Navi state.

My apologies for being unclear about this everyone.


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First of all, sorry for the double post.

I have been getting quite a few questions about which faction is the mafia/village. Neither of the main factions is a "mafia" faction in the strictest sense of the word, nor is either a "village". They are just warring factions. Neither has any character that knows more than 1 other member of his/her faction.

So: No named faction is a "mafia" faction.
Also guys, don't forget to send all action PMs to both me AND billymills.
Alright guys, I made a channel for everyone to talk on, called #Beach.
To keep the riffraff out, the channel's password is rockman, so to join, you need to type "/join #Beach rockman" w/o the quotes.

We can discuss lynches, figure out and pester people who havn't sent in their PMs, and whatever else.