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[Standard] Paper Luigi Mafia - Fanboys And iiMKUltra Win

Discussion in 'Circus Maximus' started by Blue_Tornado, May 24, 2011.

  1. Blue_Tornado


    Apr 14, 2009
    Prologue A (open)
    It’s a bit after dawn. A tuckered-out but dedicated Parakarry is seen doing his job like any other morning, nearing the mailbox of the famed Mario bros. household. “Mail call!”, he shouts, before heading over to his next destination. A slightly more energetic Luigi soon checks the mailbox, revealing a letter.

    “Hey Mario! We got a letter from Princess Peach!”

    The one and only Mario comes out of a nearby room to approach Luigi, who just came back in.

    “I’ll read it for you, OK?
    All right, let’s see...”

    Luigi then began reading the letter. What could it have been this time?

    “I’m throwing a party at my castle today! Mario and Luigi, I would be honored if you both could attend. Many guests from different towns are hoping to meet you. There will be tasty sweets and all kinds of entertainment! I hope to see you here soon!
    Sincerely, Peach”

    Without another word, the bros. head off to the distant castle. Oh, what’s that? A random pipe conveniently placed nearby? Nevermind, then! In a split second, they show up at Toad Town, which is bustling as ever. The castle’s in sight-- Luigi is seen mildly excited, although he’s surely been there more than once in the past. Ah, wouldn’t you know it, they’re there already!

    Luigi has a quick word with Mario and goes off to chat with guests. He wouldn’t want to ruin Mario’s meeting with Peach. Mario then goes through some rooms and up some stairs, until the princess is visible, standing alone in a long hallway.

    “Oh, Mario! You came to the party to see me! You’re so sweet! Thank you!
    I was just resting a bit. It gets tiring, greeting all those guests out there!
    Nobody will bother us here. Shall we relax and chat, just the two of us?
    It was a lovely day today, so I’m sure it’s comfortable out on the balcony right now.
    Would you accompany me, Mario?”

    All of a sudden, the ground begins to shake. Oh no, this isn’t any ordinary tremor, the ground is literally falling apart! A few seconds later, the castle begins to rise. A stampede of shocked guests rush their way out of the castle, including a quite startled Luigi. Soon, the cause for this disaster was crystal clear. And I would be surprised if it wasn’t-- I don’t know what could be more obvious than Bowser’s castle rising up, just under the princess’s! How did it get there anyway?

    Regardless, a minority of guests that got stuck aboard the flying castle, including Mario and Peach, are all still shocked, as the castle elevated further. At some stage, it stopped. It was disturbingly quiet, both inside and out.

    “Oh! Are you all right, Mario? What in the world was that?”

    It was at that moment that the princess glanced at the nearby, window, which was suspiciously larger than the others.

    “Oh my! Look, Mario! It’s still daytime, isn’t it? … But I can see stars outside!”

    Suddenly, Bowser and his clown... thing, accompanied by Kammy Koopa, charged through the window, leaving a huge hole. He started laughing wildly, readying himself for a speech.

    Bowser: “Gwa ha ha ha! Long time no see, Princess Peach!”
    Peach: “... Bowser! But this can’t be! It was you who made the ground shake just now, wasn’t it! Whatever did you do?”
    Bowser: “Gwa ha ha ha! Yeah, that was me! I’ve lifted your castle up into the sky! It’s sitting on my castle now! Weren’t expecting that, huh? Ha! This castle’s under my control now, my dear! Now you will obey ME!”

    Mario clearly couldn’t take any more of this. He jumped in front of the princess, ready to confront the koopa king.

    Bowser: “Huh!? What? It’s...Mario!! What a shock! Ha! Not really! I expected you to turn up, right on cue. You’re just as annoying as ever.”

    He was looking a lot more confident in comparison to other encounters.

    Bowser: “Unfortunately for you, there’s nothing you can do this time.”
    Peach: “Haven’t you learned your lesson by now, Bowser? You can never defeat Mario! Why don’t you give up already?”
    Bowser: “True, true, I have had my problems in the past... But this time is different! This time I’m gonna win! OK, tough guy! Let’s go!”

    And with that, the two charged at eachother. A wild battle where clearly nothing of worth was happening to either side unfolded. It didn’t look like it was going anywhere.

    Bowser: “Good old Mario...always fighting. You’re a thorn in my side. But today, your pathetic little attacks won’t beat me!”

    Suddenly, Bowser reveals what looks like a wand of sorts, holding it like it were some kind of treasure.

    Bowser: “Take a look at this! Look what I stole from Star Haven! It’s the Star Rod! This fine piece of work has the power to grant any wish in the whole wide world! And when I use the Star Rod to increase my strength, even you can’t beat me, Mario!”

    And in an instant, Bowser was full of energy. He quickly started overpowering the plumber, as if he wasn’t a threat at all. In fact, it looked nothing but over. But, of course, Bowser gave himself the privilege to mock Mario before delivering the final blow. And wouldn’t you know it, Mario managed to grab the rod! The two started fighting over it, pulling it towards their respective sides, when, all of a sudden, a strong light emitted from the rod. It blinded everyone, and from there, not even your humble narrator knew what was going on! We can only assume that it wasn’t good.

    Meanwhile, those that have survived the incident spread the word. Rumors of an abandoned Star Rod, just waiting there way up on Peach’s castle, have spread far and wide. The word spreads and reaches the ears of The Kammy Koopa Fanboys, an exclusive, anonymous club to those that have matching... unique tastes. They’ve set their sights on taking the rod as their own, and who knows, maybe they’ll meet Kammy at the castle in the process!

    At Toad Town, a shady looking character covered in a plastic bag is seen nearing an ally, oddly smacking a tree with a hammer. Suddenly, a pipe comes out of nowhere that transports him into the Toad Town Arcade. Inside, many others, completely covered in the same brand of bag, are seen, playing their games like nothing happened. It takes our mysteryman a few good shouts to get their attention. The guy in charge, quite annoyed, has had enough. “Can someone please tell me what you’re doing with those stupid plastic bags?” Our shady mysteryman is quick to reply.

    “Umm, don’t you know? Ever since that.. whatever.. happened up at the castle, things have been going completely out of hand. A well-organized group called The Menaces From Toad Town appeared out of nowhere and are causing chaos all over town!”. “Oh please, you people were using these stupid bags way before this started.”, he replied.

    Our mystery man takes a second or two to reply. “Well.. this IS our uniform. It worked just fine before this shitstorm started. How do you suppose we Arcade Addicts would recognize eachother? This is an anonymous club, you know. Now, however, we have to stay down here just to make sure we do. It’s terrible. That’s why I’ve come to announce our new goal.” A few other masked members started listening. “As I was saying, the cause for all this chaos is the fuss over the Star Rod. If we take it for ourselves, things will go back to normal and we can exist in peace. Sounds good?” The atmosphere was that of silent agreement.

    Meanwhile, Luigi, who had to jump off the castle while it was ascending, was out cold. It appears that he was nursed back to full health by a friendly family of Goombas. There, he meets Goombario, and together they aim to find out what really happened atop the castle, not to mention stopping wrong hands from getting to the rod.

    Goombario, quite oddly, has the tattle ability that strips the enemy of their Role PM. On their journey back to Toad Town, they encounter the Red & Blue Goomba brothers, who appear to be fighting over something. Luigi makes quick work of them, while managing to tattle them too!

    Well.. no wonder. While Luigi and company were left confused, Parakarry dropped in. “Oh, this ‘strongest’ thing? I think it has something to do with a faction’s original total HP and current total HP, but don’t take my word for it. I will, however, be able to keep you updated on the subject every morning and evening, so look forward to that!” And with that, he flies off.

    The still confused Luigi moves on towards Toad Town only to find the mighty Goomba King! Why, he’s so mighty, he.. oh, he’s down already! A quick tattle reveals the following:

    My oh my! Seems like we have been cut off violently! Nonetheless, Luigi isn’t bothered a bit as his party finally reaches Toad Town. A weird gut feeling tells him to go past the castle.. or where the castle used to be, to Shooting Star Summit. So he does.

    And with that, a new story was about to unfold. With the outcome of the battle atop Peach’s castle shrouded in mystery, everyone had their sights on the fabled Star Rod. What would be the end result? You decide!


    Rules (open)

    1) Role PMs:
    Each player gets a Role PM. You may not show your Role PM to others in any way, be it screenshots or simply pasting parts of it, until Prologue ends (aka N0). This is not relevant if you are in the same united faction, however. All roles are extremely vague in detail and originate from this.

    2) Cycles:
    The game begins at Prologue, which will last 24 hours. You do not send in any action during Prologue, as it is meant purely for exploring your role, contacting your teammates (if at all) and planning ahead. The game will from then on split into day and night half-cycles, in which you send in actions. The only difference is that vote actions are only submitted during the day, and there are some actions that are exclusive to either day or night. Many actions are to be used once per cycle, which means you use them either during the day or during the night of a given cycle. Each day and night half-cycle will last 48 hours, as there are many actions to be submitted during each of them.

    3) Deadtalking:
    Just... don’t. If you’re dead, you’re dead. Don’t try influencing the game after death, no matter the circumstances. You may not even plan with your teammates. To prove that you have read thus far, be sure not to capitalize your 'p' during signups. (p1, p2, etc.)

    4) Actions:
    • Actions are described in every player’s Role PMs. Each action has one of three marks--
      1. [X], when X is any whole number. These are damaging actions that deal damage in the following way: Attack + (X). Meaning, that if a player has 3 Attack and uses a [+1] action, the action will have an attack power of 4. This, of course, is not necessarily the damage to be inflicted, as there are other things such as Defense that are taken into account. These actions do not have any effect other than dealing damage.
      2. [Non-Damage]. These are actions which have some sort of effect that doesn’t include dealing damage. This can be anything as long as it does not deal damage.
      3. [Special]. These are actions that deal damage while having some sort of effect. When dealing with opposing actions that affect damaging or non-damaging actions in specific, the damaging and non-damaging aspects split. Therefore, if an attack that has attack power and a certain effect hits a target guarded from non-damaging moves, the damage will go through while the effect will not. If anything like this happens, do not fear-- you will be notified.
    • Actions are to look something like this: “Bow Down - Blue_Tornado”. Bow Down is an action that does not exist in this game, while Blue_Tornado is your host, here an example for a player’s username.
    • I better clarify this: “You may use this every cycle” means once a cycle, be it day or night. You may not use such an action during the night if you’ve used it during the former day.
    • This will be repeated in scavenge, but-- Some actions refer to “actions used”, which are actions described in a player’s Role PM, while some refer to “actions sent”, which are any actions to be sent to the host via PM, aka all actions (including votes, more on this immediately). This is usually relevant for “hooking” actions, as most do not stop all actions.
    • There are certain actions that cause you to be in “Vanish” mode. While in “Vanish” mode, you are unable to use any action, but any action targeted at you will fail, including Badge pass but excluding vote.
    • If more than one thief targets the same player, the thefts fail.

    5) Lynches:
    • Lynch votes are not public- they are sent as actions to the host during a Day. Votes are to look something like this: “Vote - Blue_Tornado”. Again, Blue_Tornado is your host, here representing a player’s username. This move shown, however, is not recommended!
    • The player receiving the most votes will be inflicted a certain amount of unblockable damage (unblockable damage is not stopped by any ability, nor does it take things like Defense into account), starting from 5 HP and topping at 40 HP, which should be an instant KO for any role.
    • The player receiving the second most votes will be unable to use (again, this refers to actions mentioned in your Role PM, not Badge pass or scavenge) any actions during the following night.
    • Should there be a tie for first place, all participants of said tie will be unable to use any actions during the following night, but none damaged. Be there a tie for second place, none of the participants will be harmed.
    • To prove that you have read thus far, be sure to bold your priority in your sign-up post.
    • Since these lynches will be private, “stealth lynches” and “majority” are not a factor, and the results of the lynch will be shown with the day-to-night update. There are roles that affect your vote without you getting a warning about it-- don’t be surprised if something doesn’t go your way, and more importantly, don’t rage about some hosting mistake when it may as well not exist!
    • For clarification: a negligible vote is worth nothing, essentially “0 votes”.

    6) Damage Mechanics:
    • Each player has respective stats for HP, Attack and Defense. Once your HP reaches 0 and nothing interferes, you will be knocked out, the equivalent of death. Any action you send in during that night, however, will go through as if nothing happened. There are no means of reviving a player in this game.
    • As explained earlier, a player’s Attack in combination with a damaging action forms a variable called “attack power”. This attack power may be affected by all kinds of actions, and most importantly, Defense. Subtracting a player’s Defense from an action’s final attack power (attack power after taking into account everything but Defense) forms the damage said player will be taking from said action.
    • “Unblockable damage” avoids all this and the player receives exactly as much damage is described.

    7) Badges:
    • Badges give certain effects to the holder.
    • Each Badge has a certain BP cost. You may hold as many Badges as you like as long as their total BP cost does not pass your total BP points, which will always be 5. There are no exceptions for this.
    • As many times as you want in a given half-cycle, you may take off a Badge. Your action must look something like this: “Take off Quick Change” or “Take off Spike Shield” (Quick Change and Spike Shield are both Badges that are not in this game). This has the highest priority out of all actions, and cannot be stopped in any way. A Badge that has been taken off will return to the scavenge Bank. A Badge’s effect will not be taken into account during the half-cycle it was taken off. Also, due to the high priority, if someone aims to steal a Badge from you and you take it off, they will not succeed, at least for that particular Badge.
    • Badges may be given to other players by sending something like this: "Give Spike Shield to Blue_Tornado”. Blue_Tornado is your host blah blah.. You may only do this once every half-cycle, and only one Badge a time.
    • If you receive a certain amount of Badges that, as a result, sets your total BP cost over 5, you will not accept the Badges in order of: Badges given to you -> scavenged Badges -> Badges stolen from others. For example, if I currently have a Badge with a BP cost of 1, and I scavenge a Badge with a BP cost of 3 while someone gives me a Badge with a BP cost of 2, the Badge to be placed in the Scavenge Bank is the one given to you. If the example was only scavenge and stolen Badge, the scavenged Badge would have been put in the Scavenge Bank instead.
    • To clarify, the “Badge Priority List” looks something like this: Badge Drop, Steal, scavenge (according to scavenge priority), Badge Pass. It is to be noted that all of these happen before death.
    • Any Badge that has been taken off, by will or by force, will return to the Scavenge Bank only by the half-cycle’s end. Therefore, you may not take off a Badge for someone else to scavenge it all in the same half-cycle.
    • If a Badge has been stolen, scavenged or given but didn’t get accepted due to BP usage, it will go to the Scavenge Bank by the end of the half-cycle.
    • All Badges, altered or not, originate from this.

    8) Scavenge, Scavenge Bank and Scavenge Priority Rules:
    • Every half-cycle, a scavenge Bank will be presented. When you scavenge, your targeted Badge must be in the scavenge Bank. In the scavenge Bank, you will see the BP cost of the given Badge, but not it’s detailed effect (the wiki should hint you on what they do, although some are modified to suit the game).
    • You may only scavenge once every half-cycle. A scavenge action should look something like this: “Scavenge - Quick Change”.
    • Some actions stop scavenges, some don’t and some stop scavenges in specific. If such an action refers to “actions used”, it stops actions that have been mentioned in the target’s Role PM, and not their vote, scavenge or Badge pass. If it refers to “actions sent”, it stops all actions that have been PM’d to the host, which means all actions, no exceptions. If an action stops Scavenging (it will usually stop both Scavenging and passing of a Badge), it will be clear.
    • If more than one player scavenges the same Badge, the player with the higher scavenge priority will obtain the Badge, while the other’s scavenge will fail. Note: you do not receive a result when your scavenge fails this way. If there is a tie between players sharing the highest scavenge priority (out of all people Scavenging the same Badge), none will get it and their scavenge will fail.
    • If you are not told otherwise, your scavenge priority is +0.
    • Scavenge priority rises by 1 if you choose not to use (again, this refers to actions mentioned in your Role PM, not Badge pass or vote) any action but the scavenge itself during a given half-cycle.

    9) Miscellaneous:
    Don't screenshot. Fake PMs. Fake logs. Don't impersonate. Deadline and update will be made early if all actions are in during a given half-cycle, but I doubt this will happen often. To prove that you have read thus far, when posting your priority, be sure to post nothing else on that specific line, you can always hit the enter key. The official channel is #papermario -- go there and stay active, as activity is an absolute must in this game. I will be very strict when it comes to activity, and will not hesitate to sub you out after two consecutive no-show half-cycles or three no-shows overall. This game is very complicated but very much set in stone-- there are surprises, but all of them are set in stone. Every player has at least two potential actions, and this is excluding scavenge, badge pass and vote, so you really shouldn't have any reason to get bored. Overall the game is very competitive while not exactly stale so have fun~!

    For those of you that are too lazy to read full updates (this one was admittedly long), I'll summarize:

    The Kammy Koopa Fanboys (Fanboys) - Uninformed
    The Arcade Addicts (Addicts) - Uninformed
    The Menaces From Toad Town (Menaces) - Informed

    Example PM 1 (open)
    Example PM 2 (open)
    Example PM 3 (open)
    Example PM 4 (open)
    Example PM 5 (open)

    Also: the term ‘strongest’ is somehow defined by a faction’s original total HP and current total HP. The ‘strongest’ faction, out of those competing for the title, will be announced every half-cycle.

    Player List (open)
    Nightmare jigglypuff
    vanilla bear/RBG

    HiipFire - Shy Guy - 29/1/0 - Mayor, Badge Reset, Defense Drop - Addicts - Died D2
    zorbees - Pokey - 20/5/0 - Badge Hook - Fanboys - Died(?) N2
    Crux - Chomp - 23/6/2 - Decoy + SG - Menaces - Died D3
    danmantincan - Bzzap - 9/9/0 - Silencer, Current Stats Inspect - Menaces - Died D4
    Bass/QuagsiresQuagsires - Bill Blaster - 23/0/2 - Mayor, Inspector, Announcer - Fanboys - Died D4
    Darkamber8828/auramaster - Hammer Bro - 28/6/1 - Badge Hook, Attack/Defense Lower - Menaces - Died D5
    Aura Guardian - Buzzy Beetle - 15/3/3 - Badge Reset, Persuader - Guardians - Died D5
    ginganinja - Monty Mole - 28/5/0 - Thief, Anon Message - Addicts - Died D7
    theangryscientist - Blooper - 35/2/0 - Stealth Persuade, Thief - Menaces - Died N8
    coolking49 - Swooper - 28/1/0 - Current Stats Inspect, Decoy + BG - Addicts - Died D9
    Hydrattler - Fuzzy - 25/2/0 - Leech - Fanboys - Died D9
    Brammi/Wild Eep - Ruff Puff - 30/2/0 - Badge Hook, Immediate Vanish-er - Guardians - Died D10
    Flamestrike/zerowing/Tsuk - Bob-Omb - 31/6/0 - Announcer, Lynch Halt - Addicts - Died D10
    asim - Lakitu - 29/4/0 - Action Toll, Wack BG - Addicts - Died D11
    Engineer Pikachu - Piranha Plant - 34/3/0 - Current Stats Inspect, Hooker - Guardians - Died D11
    Spiffy - Clubba - 37/9/0 - BIG - Fanboys - Died N11

    iiMKUltra - Jr Troopa - 33/4/1 - Hooker, Atk/Def Self-Boost - Neutral - Won D6
  2. Blue_Tornado


    Apr 14, 2009
    Deciding on who gets what role, along with sending said roles, will take a while, so sit back and read the entire thing!

    (the new official faq post, this)

    Additionally, Prologue ends in 26.5 hours-- 8:00 PM GMT+2, Wednesday.

    FAQ (open)
    Q: Recovery moves?
    A: No.

    Q: Recovery badges?
    A: No.

    Q: How do badges work?
    <~Blue_Tornado> they enter the game at a certain pace
    <~Blue_Tornado> no one starts with a badge
    <~Blue_Tornado> and the first badges appear in the scavenge list come d1
    <~Blue_Tornado> new badges appear every half-cycle

    Q: How do actions work?
    A: Say your action is called 'Dive'. You send in a PM, and in it, you say Dive - USER. USER is, of course, your target. Same goes for votes-- if you want to vote for USER, send a PM that includes Vote - USER. Simple.

    Q: What actions are used when?
    A: Votes are, obviously, used during the day only. Scavenges and badge pass can be used during both day and night half-cycles. Actions tell you when they are to be used, every case is unique. So, let's assume you have a day action and two night actions. Your day PM can look something like this:
    Then your night PM can look something like this:
    Q: Priority - help???
    A: Here's what I'm able to spare: Attacks have no priority amongst themselves- if a player gets knocked-out, they still get to attack. As in, every player gets to complete their attack, and only then the damage kicks in. Regarding how this conflicts with stuff like scavenge, the priority goes like this: Theft-->Scavenge-->Badge Pass-->Damage. Which means, all three of these happen before death.

    Q: Can we no lynch?
    A: Vote - No Lynch. A no lynch majority leads to.. no lynch. However, a vote for a dead player does not count as no lynch, so go nuts.
  3. Blue_Tornado


    Apr 14, 2009
    All Role PMs are out. This is a reminder that no actions are to be used during Prologue. No exceptions. Deadline was mentioned in the former post. Now start playing!
  4. Engineer Pikachu

    Engineer Pikachu Good morning, you bastards!
    is a Contributor Alumnus

    May 23, 2009
    good luck everyone
  5. Aura Guardian

    Aura Guardian

    Dec 25, 2009
    Good luck, all.
  6. HiipFire


    Apr 28, 2011
    Good luck all.
    May IPL die a painful death
    Also lul WAT scavenge Blue_Tornado.
  7. Bass

    Bass Brother in arms
    is a Forum Moderator Alumnusis a CAP Contributor Alumnus

    Jul 25, 2007
    Greetings everyone, Bass here with an important announcement!

    I would like all of my fellow Kammy Koopa Fanboys to contact me on IRC at once (I am usually on as Forte in case some of you don't know). Don't worry, you will be in good hands. We don't really have any time to waste since the cycles are rather short, so it would be better for us to assemble as fast as possible.
  8. Blue_Tornado


    Apr 14, 2009
    might as well use this post to mention that i am gladly able to answer questions of all kinds (don't go overboard, of course). i have already found several good questions that haven't been answered anywhere, so it's definitely not a burden on my side!
  9. ginganinja

    ginganinja It's all coming back to me now
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    Apr 13, 2009
  10. Crux

    Crux i want it...

    Sep 14, 2009
    Good Luck Everybody!
  11. zorbees

    zorbees Chwa for no reason!
    is a Forum Moderator

    Dec 29, 2008
    I am a bit reluctant doing this, but I think it has to be done. I will step up to lead the Arcade Addicts. Organizing our efforts will be very beneficial to us, so I'd like to do it as soon as possible.

    Additionally, I'd like to have a friendly relationship with Bass, working first on getting rid of the Menaces from Toad Town. I feel like in a 1mafia-2village game like this (with attacks instead of lynches and kills), the mafia will be given strong abilities and attacks, as well as the ability to stay hidden, to make up for their small size. I think it would benefit both villages to get rid of the mafia as soon as possible.
  12. ck49


    Oct 24, 2009
    good luck to all. Im not sure I would want to claim to someone on their 666th post.

    edit: better.
  13. Bass

    Bass Brother in arms
    is a Forum Moderator Alumnusis a CAP Contributor Alumnus

    Jul 25, 2007
    Really, there is no harm in talking to me at all! I don't expect much from you at this point of the game, but you aren't helping by waiting around. Even just claiming to be one of my comrades and nothing else is better than nothing.

    In case you didn't know, I am on IRC either as Bass or Forte.
  14. zorbees

    zorbees Chwa for no reason!
    is a Forum Moderator

    Dec 29, 2008
    Fine Coolking.
  15. imperfectluck

    is a Past WCoP Championwon the 7th Official Smogon Tournament

    Mar 18, 2005
    Forte the man never on IRC
  16. Hydrattler


    Mar 9, 2010
    Good luck guys
  17. Blue_Tornado


    Apr 14, 2009
    Prologue B (open)
    It started getting dark. Stars were seen all over the sky. It was quite an impressive sight, really. Luigi and co. progressed through the purple-ish landscapes of Shooting Star Summit, eventually reaching the pinnacle. What they saw there came to them as a complete shock...

    An entire crowd of creatures from all over the kingdom was waiting on the very spot, patiently. When questioned, they described the same ‘gut feeling’ that led Luigi there as well! A few moments later, glimmers of stardust started raining out of nowhere, and with them, what seems to be a big star with a moustache came down from the sky.

    “Greetings. I’m Eldstar, a Star Spirit. I’m sure you’re all here for the same reason.”

    The audience looked at eachother, confused.

    “As a guardian of the fabled Star Rod, I know more than anyone about its theft. I possibly care for it more than anyone else as well.” Mentioning the Star Rod seemed to get their attention. “And as rumors go, it’s stranded somewhere in Princess Peach’s castle. I can confirm those rumors-- I sense it there. Unfortunately, I, as a Star Spirit, am not able to simply take it by myself. The other guardians and I have come to the conclusion that we must sacrifice in order to get it back, so we are willing to work out a deal with those that prove themselves worthy.” The audience was sure interested at this point.

    “We will arrange a test to see who is the most capable group out of the lot of you. Only then will we grant that group permission to reach the castle through Star Haven. They will retrieve the fabled rod, and in return for it, we will grant them any wish they desire. I believe it’s a fair deal” Obviously most would prefer the rod as their own without that fishy deal, but frankly, they had no choice. There seemed to be no other way of reaching the castle.

    “The test I’ve mentioned is the following: Bowser has kidnapped all 7 of us Star Spirits in the process of stealing the rod. I am talking to you now using only my energy- in reality, I’m trapped in the Koopa Bros. Fortress, slightly to the east of here. What I’m offering is this-- whoever frees all 7 of us will earn the privilege to enter Star Haven. I believe that’s a lot of work to be done, so I’ll leave you to it!”

    And with that, he vanishes, or “his energy” or whatever that was about. The several groups that were present, including the Fanboys, Addicts and Menaces, all had intentions to get to that Star Spirit first, and so they rushed to it. But first, it was rather dark out, so they called it a day. So did Luigi.

    Then they were all off to their new destination, first thing in the morning. Parakarry met up with Luigi soon enough. He was in a bit of a hurry to find him, it seems. “Listen up-- later today I’ll start updating with those ‘strong’ stats. In the meantime, word has it that there are several badges to be found on the way to Koopa Bros. Fortress. I’ve even prepared a list!” And with that, he reveals what seems to be a long list.. only that it’s not long at all! Maybe he’s thinking ahead!
    “Also, I better note that I got a weird message from what looked like a star with a moustache. I’m dead serious, I don’t know what it was about, but it seemed important, so I’ll quote. ‘The journey you are starting is longer than you think. In order to save time, every certain period of time, you shall vote on who you think is the weakest link. You know, whoever is holding you back the most. The leading two names will be punished. Do not ask me how this is supposed to help, since it probably doesn’t, but I’ve already decided. In this period of time, first place in the vote will receive 5 painful beatings. That number shall grow by 5 for every time this ritual will return, capping at a wooping 40 painful beatings. I advise you to start voting!’ Yeah, Like I said, I don’t know what most of that means, so I’ll leave it to you guys. Have fun with whatever you’re trying to achieve, it doesn’t look like something I’d ever attempt.” And with that, he flies off. Poor Parakarry, always busy.

    Is is now Chapter 1 Morning aka Day 1. You vote during the day. First place receives 5 HP worth of unblockable damage. This number grows by 5 for every new day, capping at 40 HP. Second place receives a hook for N1. In addition, I’ll summarize all the imporant goings of every update so you won’t have to read the whole thing. I know how annoying that is most if not all of the times. So, here’s the Scavenge Bank:

    Scavenge Bank (open)
    [1] Close Call - Ensures momentary survival.
    [1] Dizzy Attack - Makes opponent dizzy.
    [1] I Spy - Alerts holder of a target's load.
    [1] Sleep Stomp - Potentially puts a target to sleep.
    [2] Speedy Spin - Raises the holder's speed.

    Deadline is at 8:00 PM GMT+2, Friday. Try to get things done by then.
  18. Blue_Tornado


    Apr 14, 2009
    Another note-- you are going to be sending in much more than one action 99% of the time. Do me a favor and send it all in one PM.
  19. ck49


    Oct 24, 2009
    Are the lynch results revealed publicly?
  20. Blue_Tornado


    Apr 14, 2009
    no, lynches are completely anon

    apparently this wasn't very clear, so now it should be
  21. Bass

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    Jul 25, 2007
    Yeah, had a really bad day today and things just seem to be getting worse.

    At this rate I can't really play this game optimally, so I plan on subbing out. I do plan on giving my sub every ounce of (scarce) info I have though, so if you still want to talk while I am on, go ahead!
  22. Blue_Tornado


    Apr 14, 2009
    I'm likely going to extend this day by 24 hours, both for personal reasons and for the fact that at least one sub will be needed to sub in, and I want that to happen before this day ends. I've got a few subs in mind, there's no real need to request being one. (deadline is therefore at 8:00 PM GMT+2, Saturday)

    Better use this time to keep trying to unite..
  23. Blue_Tornado


    Apr 14, 2009
    Quagsires has been subbed in for Bass.
    Wild Eep has been subbed in for Brammi.

    That's all for now, continue as usual. And give them half an hour to settle down, preferably.
  24. Blue_Tornado


    Apr 14, 2009
    Deadline. Update in sometime between an hour or two. Requesting someone to stop my quadruple post.
  25. Fatecrashers

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    This is the tale of Captain Jack Sparrow

    Pirate so brave on the seven seas

    A mystical quest to the isle of Tortuga

    Raven locks sway on the ocean breeze

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