[Standard] Paper Mario Mafia (Sign-Ups)

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seeing as the main reason why i required the "read the rules to enter" thing was for people to read the rules and not to keep people out of the game, adding the fact most people that are still not valid at least attempted to be so, i'm letting everyone in. i'd be an even bigger dick if it were otherwise.

also, signups close in about 5 hours. anyone who wants to be a last-minute signup needs to sign up now
sorry for the double post but this is kinda critical if someone missed it over this half-hour span.

i checked through player lists and substitutions and updated the player list myself. these are the changes i have found, aside from those that have already changed their priority:

vanilla bear-->p2 (subbed in brawl)
Quagsires-->p3 (subbed in brawl)

feel free to correct me if this is wrong
Not open for further replies.