[Standard] Pokemon Items Mafia - Game Abandoned

Deadline. Heist grabbed smashlloyd20 and put him onto a Scyther. The Pokemon Trainer promptly traded the Scyther to evolve it into a Scizor, consuming smashlloyd20 in the process. He was:
Dear smashlloyd20,
You are the Metal Coat.

While you increase the power of Steel-type attacks, your real claim to fame is letting Scyther and Onix evolve into Scizor and Steelix. Letting people get Scizor certainly counts as being helpful.

As a coat, you are able to coat other items. During the night, you may PM the hosts “Night X - Coat USER.” All actions targeting that user will be directed onto you instead.

You are a Helpful Item. You win if you are recruited and the team that recruits you eliminates all threats.
He hadn't been recruited.

It is now Night 5. Deadline is 48 hours from now.