[Standard] Pokemon Items Mafia Signups

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Pokemon Items Mafia
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  1. Many players in this game will be Helpful Items. Helpful items are similar to the Freelancers in Viva la Mafia, and start the game unaligned. Each Helpful Item starts the game being semi-held by another player, and unaligned with any faction. While semi-held, a Helpful Item can be recruited by being stolen from the semi-holder, but is unaffected by any other item-related action. They cannot be given away, detected with an item-check, etc. Helpful Items become aligned with the first team to steal them from their semi-holders. Only the Helpful Items know their semi-holders.
  2. Like any other item, recruited Helpful Items can be given, received, and stolen. If a Helpful Item is stolen or passed to a member of a different alliance, the alignment of that Helpful Item does not change, so do not assume every Helpful Item your team holds is aligned with you. When the holder of a Helpful Item changes, the Helpful Item and the holder will be sent each other’s user names, but not role names or role PMs. If the holder of a Helpful Item is killed or lynched, any Helpful Items that player was holding are passed to the faction leader. If a Helpful Item dies, his or her true alliance will be revealed. There is no limit to how many Helpful Items one can hold at once.
  3. Any Helpful Items not recruited by the end of Night 6 will be godkilled.
  4. There are also normal items in the game, which are not players and are just like items in every other mafia game. These items disappear after their holders die, and are not revealed upon death or inspection. There is no limit to how many items can be held at once. During the day or night, you may PM the hosts “Day / Night X - Pass ITEM to USER.” This will pass the selected item to the selected user, but has a very low priority. The item in question may also be a Helpful Item. You may pass any number of items, Helpful or not, during each day or night. If a user’s items are stolen when that user is holding both Helpful Items and non-player items, the non-player items are stolen but the Helpful Items are not.
  5. If you wish to make a stealth vote, you may send the hosts a PM during the day stating for whom you are voting and under what conditions. Your vote will be revealed at the deadline. The order of stealth votes is determined by the order in which the PMs are received.
  6. While alive you may talk to anyone about the game. After death, Helpful Items may not talk to anyone about the game. Members of other factions may talk to others about the game, but only to discuss strategy. No information may be passed from dead players to living ones.
  7. The game will start on Night 0. On Night 0, no players can be killed. Night 0 will last 72 hours rather than the usual 48. Players may share role PMs on Night 0.
  8. The game will be hosted by Staraptor Call and Da Letter El. All action PMs must be sent to both hosts. If you choose not to use your ability, you may PM the hosts “Day / Night X - Idling.”
  9. If you want your fake role PM to be checked for consistency with the others, you may send your fake role PM to either host. Do not take spelling or grammatical errors as proof of faking.
  10. No screenshots related to the game may be distributed. Impersonation of any player or host is banned at all points.
  11. You may paste anything told to you by the hosts. However, faking logs is allowed, so do not take conversations with the hosts as definite proof.
  12. Each night lasts 48 hours or until all PMs are received. Extensions may be granted at the hosts’ discretion.
  13. Each day lasts 48 hours or until majority is reached. Once majority is reached, a two- to three-hour grace period will be granted before the next night starts. Majority is determined at the hosts’ discretion. The hosts will not post vote tallies in the thread.
  14. During the day you must bold your vote and use Any Word <User>. To change your vote, you must unbold your original vote and post a new one. You may choose to No Lynch during the day as well, and any votes towards a dead user (if he or she has been godkilled) will be nullified. A tie in the vote will cause neither user to be lynched.
  15. You may target dead users with your abilities, but that does not mean anything will happen.
  16. Priorities are set and kept secret.
  17. The hosts must be notified of any spreadsheets, IRC channels, or Google Docs you create for this game.
  18. #fling is the official channel for the game. IRC use is compulsory for this game.
  19. Users with the “I Could be Banned!” user title may not play. I don’t want my players to be banned in the middle of the game.
  20. You HAVE to be active, if you are caught inactive you will be subbed out almost immediately. IT IS IMPERATIVE that you are active.
  21. If a role PM and the rules clash, the role PM takes precedence.

Signups will last for 48 hours.

King Emerald
Crux (signup removed)

Engineer Pikachu


Blue Tornado
Nightmare Jigglypuff
Aura Guardian
server crash



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