[Standard] The Second Invasion of Sliph (Sign Ups)

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The Second Invasion of Sliph


About seven years ago the Sliph Co. building was infiltrated by the infamous Team Rocket. Headed by the notorious Giovanni, they held the CEO hostage in the top floor boardroom in an attempt to gain full control of the region of Kanto. If not for the actions of a daring pre-teen Pokemon trainer the evil organization would have been successful and Kanto would have become the playground of Team Rocket. In short, the region would have gone into anarchy.

Warping to the present day, a plot set up by the mysterious man known only as Brammi threatens the wellbeing of the whole continent encompassing Kanto and Johto. If not for an unforseen chance the Sliph beuilding would already be under the control of one criminal organization or another.

For the workers stuck in the warzone that has become of the Sliph building there is only one thing they can be sure of. Noone is going to be able to help them. They have the fate of the whole region resting on their hands. Their task. To stop the Second Invasion of Sliph.


1. You're alive you can chat. You dead you can't chat. You Mafia and dead you're still dead. Don't deadtalk EVER.

2. You have your role. You may not quote your role PM until the Day 1. Don't screenshot. They can be faked but some people don't know how so no screenshots.

3. Do not ask for assistance in making fake logs or fake role PMs. There is a generic role pm at the bottom of this post that is the template I will be using for all town roles.

4. During the day everyone who is able may post Vote: User to place a vote on a user they want to see lynched. No other method will be accepted. No <verb> user other than Vote. If you want to unvote then post Unvote, again, no other method will count. You may ask about majority but don't expect an answer. Once majority is reached the game will enter the twilight phase. No unvotes or votes will be counted during this phase. TAKE NOTE: NO GRACE PERIOD. Adjust play accordingly.

5. The Day phase has a deadline of 72 hours on the first day. All other days will have a deadline of 48 hours. These are non negotiable unless there have been quite a few replacements. If there is no outright lynch majority then there is no lynch. Simple.

6. The night phase will always be 48 hours. Same goes as with day in terms of extensions. You are required to send your action in the form of "Night X - Target" if you are not targeting anyone then name your target as either Idling or No Target. Any questions you may have should be put in the body.

7. Priorities for the most part are secret. The action resolution will not change throughout the game.

8. There are NO items outside flavour.

9. All Pokemon released before GenV are possibly in this game. Noone has the same Pokemon. I reserve the right to make any Pokemon any Alignment. AN EVIL POKEMON DOES NOT MEAN THEY ARE SCUM. The converse is also true. IN ADDITION: Impersonation will not be accepted.

10. I will prod anyone that hasn't shown action for a whole phase. Two consecutive prods will result in possible replacement. I should be notified of any known absences. PM me saying "V/LA - <time of no activity>

11. Any role you have and haven't seen may be in this game. Nothing is too unusual to be true. There may or may not be experimental roles. http://www.mafiascum.net/forum/viewtopic.php?f=5&t=8911 Link is so that no role is confirmed for being too new or outrageous. Also check out that wiki for more roles I may or may not have used.

12. IRC is not required but it should be noted that no IRC means you probably wont get very far in this game. Official channel for this game is #sliph

13. I am to be notified and given access of ANY AND ALL IRC channels and spreadsheets. Smogon has very nice postgames. My knowledge of what people are thinking will help make the postgame both interesting and beneficial.

14. If the rules and a PM conflict the PM is always right. In addition I reserve the right to change any rules I deem to be either outdated or have a game breaking loophole. Stealth lynches are allowed so don't ask about them.

15. Failure to adhere to rules will result in your role being changed to Neutral Survivor and you will be instantly Godkilled. Meaning you lose.

Generic Role PM:
Welcome to work <username>,

The Sliph building where you work has been overrun by several evil organisations.

I would say I’m sorry to be hosting this little game of mine at your place of work but frankly, I don’t really care. There are multiple groups of people who are going to be trying to kill you. While watching your workmates get killed by Pokemon may be enjoyable, I’m giving you and your colleagues a chance to save yourselves. You may use your Pokemon to try and stop being overrun by the evil organisations I have let into the Sliph building. You are able to vote during the day to eliminate who you think is not a Sliph worker.

Your Pokemon, ______, <description of Pokemon>. <Role>

As a worker for Sliph Co. you win when all threats to your good company are dead.

Good Luck.

When signing up please PM me with a list of five Pokemon. The aim is for everyone the get a rolename that is on the list. EVERY Single non legendary Pokemon from the first four generations has at leats one role so pick whatever you want. NFE pokes are fair game too. You don't do this imma take you off the list. I need these before I can start the game (obv) so the sooner the better.

Sign Up List:


Eo Ut Mortus
Slim Guldo
Aura Guardian
Lady Salamence
Da Letter El


Blue Tornado
Engineer Pikachu

In addition, this game will (hopefully) be flavour heavy. I've been told I'm a good writer so I'll try and deliver as much of that to you as I can.
I have the setup ready. I have many Pokemon that can potentially fill each role. What I'm saying is that anything you pick has at least one role it can be.


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Signing up P2 since I signed up P1 for Items mafia. Also please say that you know it is Silph not Sliph and that your spelling is a troll.
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