[Standard] Troll NOC Mafia Sign-Ups


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Hey hey hey.

The Rules - Read These Thoroughly

1. This will be a NOC Mafia - Therefore, you may not make any sort of contact with other players be it not in the main thread. Sending forum PMs counts as 'outside the thread'. We trust players to follow and enforce this rule in case another tries his luck. Since there will be at least one informed faction in this game, players in that faction will be able to communicate with one another outside the thread, but by no means are they allowed to talk to others outside their faction, at least not in the same manner.

2. Cardflip is off - Upon death, a player and their role name will be revealed and nothing else. Their faction and ability will remain hidden.

3. Deadtalking - It's ok to talk while alive, but when you are no longer alive, anything you've learned of from that point onwards cannot be shared with living players. We cannot enforce this, but please, do not do this. Since this is NOC, you are anticipated to refrain from ever talking with others about the game be it not in the main thread, unless you are in the same informed faction with him. In that case, you are able to strategize with them even after death, but you are still unable to transfer information received after death.

4. Role PMs - Each player has a Role PM. You may not share any part of your role PM before Day 1, unless you are part of the same informed faction. Screenshotting of a Role PM, or rather screenshotting of all forms, is banned. You may share or quote anything said by the host, but do know that these may be faked (and hell, I'm encouraging fakery in this game).

5. Lynches - There will be a lynch every day. Every player may vote for another player in the daily lynch. The vote must be bolded and must contain the target player's full forum name somewhere in the bolded sentence. If you wish to revote, either edit your original post or remove the vote from your original post and make a new post. If a tie occurs, none of the players will be lynched. Since this is an NOC Mafia, I am not going to be a curmudgeon about players discussing majority. And since this is NOC, deadline will be take as long as there is still discussion.

6. Actions - According to the instructions given in your Role PM, you may send both Blue_Tornado and vonFiedler a forum PM containing your action, which will be in the format "Day/Night X - Custom". If you have an available action and choose not to use it, send a forum PM containing "Day/Night X - Idling". If you have an available action and do not send anything without alerting the hosts, we will assume you are inactive and may sub someone in your place. Do not make us do this.

7. Items - There are items in this game. To send an item to another player, send a PM in the same manner as actions to both hosts containing "Day/Night X - Send ITEM to USER". USER will receive the item when said Day/Night is over.

8. About The Game -

  • This is a standard Village vs Mafia game, with the amount of Mafia factions currently hidden.
  • There are items called STARS in this game. They are the key to victory, so anyone who doesn't have one should be looking for them.
  • Deadlines will be 48 hours after the original update post. Due to timezone issues between us hosts, this may change oftentimes.
  • Do expect extraordinary roles, as these exist. Be open minded.
  • This game will be admittedly "trollish". Try to take everything in good humor and don't take it seriously whether you win or lose.
9. There is no rule 8.

It was in the rules, but it's worth saying again that this mafia is all about having fun and screwing around, which shouldn't stop with the hosts (just make sure you follow the NOC and deadtalking rules).

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Sky high priority:

Sign-Ups end in 48 hours

although one game is on the verge of finishing and another I've all but lost in. Of course, this can't start until experts is over so I'm gonna try to stall that to decreae my prio.

I love noc's so I better get in


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1. Expert games don't count for priority
2. Stalling the game to "decrease your prio" will just make it less likely you will get in, although it really doesn't matter since the expert game doesn't count against priority anyway.


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p1 i feel kharozz intentionally acted damply to raise everyone's priority

also note to all SANDS players: the game will almost assuredly not end before this starts, like 99% chance it does not end

also lets me find these STARS are they much like SANDS or MUDS or SNOWS?????????

i will find the STARS you prats