[Standard] Troll NOC Mafia Sign-Ups

1. Expert games don't count for priority
2. Stalling the game to "decrease your prio" will just make it less likely you will get in, although it really doesn't matter since the expert game doesn't count against priority anyway.
Im not stupid. I said p3 and not p4 for a reason. But vonfielder cant host 2 games at once can he?

p2; I want in on this rey v. yeti v. eo deathmatch

also I made an IRC channel, #trollnoc

p2 i feel due to Other Idle.

also note to all SANDS players: the game will almost assuredly not end before this starts, like 99% chance it does not end

also lets me find these STARS are they much like SANDS or MUDS or SNOWS?????????
Dang it

This will start even if Card Game Mafia is still running. It will only mean more pressure on me and less on Von.

i still better get in
4. Role PMs - Each player has a Role PM. You may not share any part of your role PM before Day 1, unless you are part of the same informed faction. Screenshotting of a Role PM, or rather screenshotting of all forms, is banned. You may share or quote anything said by the host, but do know that these may be faked (and hell, I'm encouraging fakery in this game).

I do believe that this insinuates that informed factions can talk to each other outside of the thread.


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i understand many individuals are anticipating a showdown of forum-ending proportions between me and certain other users
seeing as how i upgraded to p1 i will do my best to provide in a game with "Troll" in the name

also i am resurrecting vonFiedler in SANDS in exchange for starting with all the STARS and a permanent self safeguard role, so if you need any STARS, contact this chick <--