Starting over your pokemon games...

Do you start over your games?

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I never restart my latest games, although I do trade all my mons over to my last completed game, which I think of as my "main game" (in this case, B2).

I do restart older games, and use an emulator if it's the one with my current team on it.
I almost always restart my games, but I move all my EV bred Pokes and legendaries to the newest game, letting me restart the old ones. For example, when the newest game came out (lBlack 2), I moved all my legendaries from Black to Black 2 after I beat it, letting me restart Black.
I used to do this all the time- then I started getting event pokemon. Now saving them is such a hassle that I usually don't restart.

Also I restarted my explorers of darkness game, but the dungeons are so tedious and repetitive that I barely ever played it again.


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I restart my GBA games and one of my Gen IV games while storing my EV trained pokemon in one game at most. I haven't restarted the Gen V games yet, only past ones.
I never restart my games, I get too attached to the pokemon that I spent leveling up and EV training on, plus with dream world pokes, shinies, and legendaries spread out between my games I don't want to lose them. Unfortunately I only have 1 DS and none of my friends will let me borrow theirs for long enough to transfer everything. It seems like a waste of time to play through the game and then just erase it all.
For Gen 3 on, I usually transfer the old teams onto my White or Black 2 so they can live on. That, or I'm forced to restart my games if my cartridge decides to randomly wipe itself someday (which happened to my Red).
I do this all the time with all of them, except Diamond, since that's where everything has been Pal Parked too from GBA games. Can't get rid of everything from there :P


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I didn't used to when I was younger because I'd get really attached to my Pokemon, but when I discovered the Scramble Challenge that pretty much went out the window. I started out deleting my files on game I hadn't played in many years but eventually went all the way to my more recent games.

That being said I have a couple games I won't reset. My Pearl version is never going anywhere since it's the only game I've completed the Pokedex on (no cheats at all, though the event legendaries I traded for are almost certainly cloned). The other is my Black version because I still use it for Battle Subway and the like.

Typically if I need to reset a game I'll transfer any EV trained and IV bred Pokemon to one of those two games. The teams I play through the game with usually get deleted though. I can only have so many old teammates clogging up my PC boxes, especially since most of them are never going to be used again anyway.
I restart my old Gen 3 games often, after I feel I have done everything in-game. I always transfer all of my good Pokemon to XD so I don't have to lose them though. I have never restarted my Diamond, Platinum, Black, or Black 2 since it was around that time that I discovered EVs and competitive battling. ^.^
I restart all games after I've the transferred the important Pokes to my Diamond via Pal Park or trading. I sometimes grow WAY too attached to my Pokes, a lesson I learned after deleting the Shiny Jynx I had in Heart Gold by restarting. EV trained and everything, she was my favorite. I could always hack one with a better nature and perfect IVs, but it just isn't the same.

I haven't restarted Black because I have nothing to transfer my competitive Pokes to.
I used to restart my games--I'd usually transfer my team over to another game first and keep the old team in a box just for posterity's sake. However, my Advance freezes after a couple minutes of play these days and I've already had to replace my GSC cartridge batteries twice, so nowadays I just stick with emulators which negate the need to erase your previous save and don't automatically lose the save file after enough time passes. (trading can be a pain, but whatever)

I'm actually surprised there are still people these days who have fully functional Gameboy era handhelds and cartridges with working batteries. I was always so careful with my handhelds, but eventually they just stopped working out of their own accord (maybe dust built up inside the hardware?). Makes me kind of sad.
I restart my games all the time. Like whenever I find out more about how the game mechanics work. For instance when I first got back into Pokémon with Pearl I didn't know anything about natures, then I restarted my game to get Pokémon with good natures, then I learned about things like IVs, discovered RNG and so on. Most of the time I don't even bother to transfer all the good ones cos I'm not sentimental like that. I just catch them again in my new game.
Lol I haven't even finished X and I'm already thinking about what team I'll use in my next playthrough.
I restarted all the time up until BW.
I must have did Platinum at least 5 times.

i really enjoyed the journey and re-getting a lot of things. I just find it challenging.