Stat Specialization Tournament II [Round 1]

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Yehom and I are trying our best to get it done, unfortunately our timezones/times we come online are completely different but I'm going to be on most of today so hopefully I see him. I don't want this to be an activity post though because he has been pretty active as well, just thought you should be updated of our situation.
Ummm I'm sorry but that's a little ridiculous considering out of 32 matches only 8 battles (If I counted correctly) have been completed. That means that 75% of the battles are going to be coin flipped/given an activity win. That seems pretty excessive to me.
I agree with the above, but honestly he gave a deadline and it's not his fault that people enter tournaments and are dumb.

But I'm just wondering what the point of being a sub is at all if we are just ignored. ='(
I agree, but there should have been an effort to at least PM users who haven't played their matches and say "Get them done!" or something. A lot of times people will sign up and totally forget that they signed up in the first place. I know it's up to the players to get their matches done but 75% of the battles not completed is just a ridiculously large number. I agree about the subs too.
The tournament itself is fine. I love doing theory for these kind of things. Just not running as smoothly as it should be, and that's a combination of faults from the people who joined the tournament and are inactive to the tournament host who also seems to be kind of inactive.
can i take over hosting this tournament? it'll be weird to give myself an activity win though...

but yaya is all kind of inactive. this is a good tourney, just needs a more active host, aka ME
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