Stat Specialization Tournament - Sign-ups

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Approved by Kevin Garrett
Tournament Rules
How to Join and Host a Tournament

The Stat Specialization Tournament - Sign-Ups!

The tournament is 'standard' OU, but the gimmick is that each round a specific base stat is chosen and the only Pokemon allowed during that round are those whose highest base stat is the one chosen. This should make for a metagame where nearly every Pokemon specializes in the same thing.

General Rules:
-These battles can take place on either Shoddy Battle or Pokemon Online, please be capable of downloading both programs if you only have one to avoid incompatibility.
-64 man tournament (6 rounds, one for each stat)
-Teams can only consist of Pokemon whose highest base stat is the one chosen for that round (list will be provided in OP).
-Pokemon on Smogon's Uber tier list are banned.
-Winners have to PM me a log of their match to show that both teams were legal.
-You are not allowed to join if you are ICBB status or you are banned from joining tournaments.

-OHKO Clause
-Sleep Clause
-Evasion Clause
-Freeze Clause
-Species Clause
-Timed Battle
-Self KO Clause

-Pokemon don't necessarily have to focus EVs/movesets on the chosen stat, (ex: if Atk is the chosen stat, Arcanine can be used, but it is allowed to run a special set if desired). Mixed sets are also allowed.
-NFE Pokemon can be used, especially if their evolution is banned due to being uber or to stat conditions (ex: Shelgon in Def, Poliwhirl in Spe, etc)
-Pokemon with tied highest base stats are be allowed in all rounds in which the tied highest stats are chosen (ex: Celebi [allowed in all 6 rounds], Mismagius [allowed in SpA, SpD, and Spe]), however, there is a limit. Only one Pokemon whose base stats are all identical (ex. Celebi, Castform) can be used per team. This is to reduce the surprise factor.

Please be familiar with both the general tournamant rules (linked at top) and the specific rules of this tournament before signing up.

Tournament Rules said:
-All non-official tournaments that don't have a specifically approved signup method will use First Come First Serve for the first 62.5% of the players, and then the host must randomize amongst the remainder of signups for the last 37.5%.
-All non-official tournaments must keep their signup threads open for a minimum of 36 hours.
FC-FS Sign-Ups:
1. little loven
2. uclafan101
3. Mercy
4. Iconic
5. Lakers
6. Maaf
7. smashlloyd20
8. Yuu ~ HNA ~ Ace
9. Rediamond
10. apologies
11. Agammemnon
12. G80
13. WhiteQueen
14. DarkLucario
15. Milenko
16. undisputed
17. zdrup15
18. IronBullet93
19. GoldenKnight
20. danmantincan
21. Raseri
22. Private
23. SlimMan
24. Athenodoros
25. Cristal
26. Somalia
27. Disposable Puppets
28. drcossack
29. Accipender
30. D0nut Eater
31. Alexa888
32. wilson46
33. KnightoftheWind
34. Paradox
35. StevenSnype
36. Dummy007
37. kd24
38. Gil4
39. JabbaTheGriffin
40. Optimusje

You can still sign up for the remaining 24 randomized spots!

Sign-ups will close at about 5:00 EST tomorrow (11/2), which will be 48 hours after they were posted.
So I want to join. But I'm already in 2 tournaments.

Does the "only 2 tournaments per week" rule apply to signing up for 2 in one week, or being in 2 in one week?

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