Stoutland QC (-2/3)


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Stoutland is largely outclassed by Kangaskhan, Granbull, and Tauros for most of its sets, but let's see.

  • A Pokemon with great abilities and decent stats behind it
  • Intimidate and above normal 85 / 90 / 90 Defenses gets it tank physical attacks
  • Scrappy lets it attack without worrying about Ghost-types
  • Outclassed by Tauros for a fast Intimidate pivot.
  • Kangaskhan is a better CBed Scrappy user due to similar bulk, higher Speed, and (double) priority. Granbull is better as a pure physical tank with options like Heal Bell
  • Use Stoutland's particular advantages when using it

name: Utility
move 1: Return
move 2: Thunder Wave
move 3: Wild Charge
move 4: Roar / Sleep Talk
item: Leftovers
ability: Intimidate
nature: Impish
evs: 252 HP / 200 Def / 56 Spe

  • Best chance to differentiate from the other Normal-types with its Speed and bulk, so it doesn't look like a poor man's Tauros or Granbull
  • Return for STAB and consistent damage
  • Thunder Wave so it has some utility, and can catch offensive teams
  • Wild Charge, while detracting bulk, is its best option to hit Crawdaunt and Kabutops with
  • I honestly don't know what to put in the last slot >_>
  • Roar is to phaze, but then its Speed is wasted...and Sleep Talk so it can do something else

  • The EVs are to outspeed neutral base 55s like Crawduant and Bouffalant, and the rest go into physical bulk.
  • Superpower is available to hit predominately Normal- and Steel-types, like Bouffalant and Ferroseed, but reduces Stoutland's defensive capabilities
  • Fire Fang is your really desperate for a check to Durant and Escavalier
  • Uxie is a great partner because it can take Fighting-type attacks, and overpowered physical attacks, and support by setting up SR or screens
  • Spiritomb and Misdreavus are good partners too because they can take a Fighting attack, and burn Steel-types which can switch in on this
  • Steel-types utterly block this thing.

[Other Options]
  • A Choice Band set with Scrappy is possible, but outclassed by Kanghakhan
  • An offensively oriented set can work, but is outclassed by Tauros, which is faster, and has Sheer Force to go through defensive Pokemon
  • Toxic for defensive Pokemon
  • Yawn if you like to phaze and hazard support
  • A Work Up set is possible, but poor base 45 Special Attack isn't doing anything even with the boost
  • Sunny Day and Rain Dance are available if you want to use it on a weather team

[Checks and Counters]
  • Half the tier, errmm I mean
  • Physically bulky Pokemon that don't care to be paralyzed, Steelix and Ferroseed are great
  • Tangrowth and Uxie aren't hindered much by Stoutland, but have to be careful of Toxic and Roar
  • Escavalier and Durant can beat it down, but have to watch out for Fire Fang
  • Physical attacks with a Fighting-type attack can still get around it: Poliwrath, Hitmonlee, Medicham
  • Strong special attackers like Moltres, Nidoqueen, and Sceptile dgaf


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*sighs* Now I really love Stoutland and all, but...

Stoutland is almost entirely outclassed in RU without that godspeed under sand. He has Scrappy, but for the most part you're better off running Kanga for that. Intimidate is better done by both Tauros and Granbull, as Granbull also serves for a cleric, despite having somewhat worse bulk. Tauros is also somewhat better. Even then, Stoutland is still outclassed.

It is also worth mentioning that Stoutland was ranked D in the viability thread during his stint in RU, and soon removed. This literally proves Stoutland's lack of viability in RU and such, and thus is very outclassed in the tier, which is a shame, because Stoutland used to be awesome in UU, and yet is great even in OU.

I just don't think it's viable.

PS: Also, it's a stache, not a beard.
I'd really be amazed if this makes it through QC. For all the reasons stated above, Stoutland has no niche (Yes he has Thunder Wave ok but why on earth wouldnt you just use like Parashuffler Druddigon). This is a Pokemon that is simply PU material and has immense difficulty even finding any sort of use in NU, let alone RU. I don't think this deserves an analysis.

I'd rather use Munchlax over this as a phazer.


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Yeah i honestly dont see how stoutland is viable in RU without sand :/, 2hkoing escavalier is not enough

QC Rejected 1/3