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Sufficient Conditions for a hacked pokemon

Discussion in 'Trou Du Cul' started by talesinc, Jun 7, 2012.

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  1. talesinc


    Sep 23, 2007
    Sufficient Conditions for a hacked pokemon

    The more of these conditions together, the more probable it is hacked.
    Anyways, even one of this conditions alone gives a 99% chance that it is hacked.

    If a pokemon is shiny, it wouldn’t have 31 IV stats and no one uses imperfect pokes in battle.
    If you wanted 31 IV stats, that alone is highly tedious. Why bother making a poke shiny if your main concern is to win battles? To do that is irrational.

    Not in Pokeball
    All pokes MUST BE HATCHED. A perfect pokemon is made by hatching and trying to catch a perfect pokemon in the field is irrational. Hence, anything in not in a pokeball is hacked.
    Exception is legendaries which cannot be bred. Legendaries MUST be in a masterball, else it is HACKED.
    Nobody gets a perfect legendary without soft resets and only masterballs are a rational option.

    # (IV=31) >= 4
    101% chance it’s hacked. PERIOD.
    With breeding, the baby takes 2 stat from the male and 1 stat from the female.
    That means it is only feasible to have 3x 31 IVs.
    The 4th 31IV will * 1/31 to probability which is IMPOSSIBLY UNFEASIBLE.

    Hidden Power (Specific and 70 Base Power.)
    This alone is okay. But coupled with 31 IVs, obviously it not feasible to do it.

    The idea is based on the rational actions of humans, opportunity costs, feasibility.

    For example:
    Yes, it is possible to breed a shiny pokemon with 3x 31IVs.
    But then the NP time taken to do that is exponentially large.
    The same amount of time taken can be used to breed a team of 6x normally perfect pokes (2x 31IVs).
    And this has a much larger payout than a useless shiny pokemon.
    Hence, the opportunity cost of the shiny pokemon is more than it’s payout.
    Since humans are rational, they will make the rational choice and will NEVER bring a shiny pokemon to battle.
    You may say it’s luck. But this luck can only occur in say 0.00001 chance. And only big numbers will allow it to happen. And it will NEVER happen if humans don’t try to breed such things.
    Conclusion: A shiny pokemon with 3x 31IVs occurs if and only if it is hacked. (QED)

    Anyways, this is an application of mathematics and economics concepts.
    I finally can put into a rigorous proof what I have known all along.

    “Hackers (of legit pokemon)” out there. Touch your heart and think for yourself whether this is true.

    But then again, knowledge is power.
    With this information, people will make their hack more subtle.

    What I really hate is people who hack their pokes but just wouldn’t admit it.
    What is the point? Just be honest and fight a fair fight.
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