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Discussion in 'Pokémon Showdown!' started by Zarel, Jul 15, 2012.

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  1. Lady Salamence

    Lady Salamence
    is a Smogon Social Media Contributor Alumnusis a Forum Moderator Alumnusis a Contributor Alumnusis a Smogon Media Contributor Alumnus

    Aug 4, 2010
    Their/they is the accepted term on the internet over he/she to avoid getting a whole ton of people mad at you for no reason.
  2. Psylink


    Sep 9, 2012
    I would love an option to be able to invite people to the teambuilder. I'm sure that it will make the lives of tutors and tutees of the Battling 101 program easier.
  3. Pikachuun

    Pikachuun better be a good mon
    is a Pre-Contributor

    Dec 27, 2012
    Skype's share screen function is your friend. If you and the tutor have Skype, you can use the Share Screen function to show the tutor your teambuilder.
  4. Grey Knight

    Grey Knight

    May 25, 2013
    You could also expand of or reduce the waiting time depending on the situation in the battle for example the waiting time should be reduced if the disconnected has a numerical avd bigger than 1 over his opponent if the disconnected has big rating difference over his opponent or simply the disconnection was too early
    the waiting time should be reduced if the disconnected had numerical dis-avd
    lower rating or he just got disconnected in the late game witch is where most of them leave. I am talking as player that lost the #1 position because of disconnections, but at the same time as player gets LOTS of rage quits.
  5. romotomtom


    May 7, 2013
    this was after the mods were mocking players saying who will be banned next after banning 10 plus players in a couple minutes. so i called them out
  6. Blake Courser

    Blake Courser

    May 28, 2013
    I haven't read the thread, but I would suggest Metal Claw given a different animation than ones used for Spore/ect.

    I would think the one for Shadow Claw would be appropriate.
  7. Blake Courser

    Blake Courser

    May 28, 2013
  8. No Luck Involved

    No Luck Involved

    May 8, 2011
    I was just discussing on irc that I'd love to see a ladder where you receive the same team as your opponent, and what's better, this team could be chosen at random from the RMT archive.

    I think it would be a great option for people to sit back and enjoy battling, but more skill oriented than Random Battle, and at the same time you get to see and battle with some of the great teams down the ages and of every tier. I think it would be a lot of fun and would benefit new players as well as being a highly skill oriented ladder for competitive battlers.
  9. dcae

    dcae naughty list

    Dec 9, 2011
    Dunno if this has been brought up before, but I think a command like /seen [user] would be interesting, sort of like what IRC has.
  10. redundant


    Jul 11, 2010
    I think it'd be a decent addition to the teambuilder to add in a way to organize teams on the selection screen. Perhaps something akin to the hide tags on the forums for each tier to easily separate multiple teams of the same tier and not have such a cluttered screen.
  11. Jukain

    Jukain !_!
    is a Contributor to Smogonis a Site Staff Alumnusis a Forum Moderator Alumnusis a Tiering Contributor Alumnusis a Smogon Media Contributor Alumnus

    Feb 25, 2011
    Firs of all, I'd like to commend you for how well 0.9 works on tablets / phones. If you have time, I'd just like to request one thing: an option to turn off the in-battle chat entirely. By this, I mean that the ability to type inside the chat box being disabled entirely. I've found on my iPod and Kindle Fire that for some reason, PS causes them to pop up the keyboard in order to type into the in-battle chat. It can be tedious and annoying to get rid of it with the frequency that this occurs (every two or three turns).
  12. Houndoomsday


    Mar 8, 2013
    I hate randombats simply because of the frequent imbalance of teams, but this would be fantastic!
  13. DarkWinds55


    Jan 15, 2012
    I've seen some times where people were trying to keep their battles private, but others would not leave them alone. How about a private battle feature, that only the mods and higher can enter uninvited? People can keep private things about their teams that way, rather than open to the whole world.
  14. djanxo unchained

    djanxo unchained Junichi Masuda likes this!!
    is a Battle Server Moderator Alumnus

    Jul 9, 2011
    If it's possible, move the "Website | Pokédex | Replays | Rules | Forum" links to the top of the page. Currently on my screen I have to scroll down a bit to see them. Everything fits on the same page, it's just that those links aren't visible unless I scroll down.

    Normal View
    Scrolled Down

    Like I said everything fits on the same page, so I'd suggest moving the links to the top where they're more easily visible and maybe playing with the spacing a little bit.
  15. Soul Fly

    is a Contributor Alumnus

    Jan 16, 2013
    It's your screen. Mine fits perfectly. In fact all widescreen monitors with 16:9 and 16:10 with a decent resolution ought to fit it. If you could share your resolution and type of device it would make it easier for the developers to make a call
  16. Raichoice


    Jan 7, 2013
    Custom avatars, just upload from your computer or something and then just have fun
  17. MJB

    MJB Sup Peeps
    is a Battle Server Admin Alumnus

    Apr 29, 2011
    I dont think this will be done ever for a few reasons, such as most avatars wont mesh well with the rest of the sim and its quite easy to abuse (penis avatar anyone?)
  18. Worldtour

    Worldtour aka Swamp-Rocket
    is a Site Staff Alumnusis a Forum Moderator Alumnusis a Contributor Alumnus

    Aug 2, 2010
    I believe that the viable moves column has a few moves that are actually not viable, or some moves that are viable that I saw missing. I compiled a list of iffy things I saw – this is just my opinion and I would like for the changes to be implemented, but I understand if they aren't.

    If I skipped the Pokémon it was because I thought it was fine, not that I forgot. I also apologize about the formatting because this was done on word and it didn't translate well. There are around 642 suggestions under here, with explanations for each.

    OU Pokémon
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    • Remove Counter: Chansey is considered to be much better at that role due to actually having defense.
    • Remove Ice Beam: Blissey only uses Seismic Toss or Flamethrower for offense
    • Remove Toxic Spikes: Support Cloyster is barely usable, but it doesn't run it anyway.
    • Add Thunderpunch: Sheer Force Conkeldurr is great and runs this move.
    • Add Payback: Bulk Up still uses this occasionally for Jellicient and the like.
    • Remove Head Smash: Offensive Donphan is non-existant.
    • Remove Seed Bomb: Weird move Donphan never uses.
    • Remove Superpower: Weird move Donphan never uses.
    • Remove Draco Meteor: Only used to lure foes.
    • Add Memento: The on-site set has this as a slash.
    • Remove Substitute: It's a move that is never used on Dugtrio anymore.
    • Add Grass Knot: It's run on every almost every Espeon in Ubers.
    • Remove Morning Sun: Espeon never runs a recovery move.
    • Remove Wish: See the above. Its HP is also extremely low.
    • Add Gyro Ball: Used on a lot of Ferrothorn to get past fast threats.
    • Add Gyro Ball: Same reason as Ferrothorn
    • Remove Bug Bite: Super weak and practically unusable
    • Add Stealth Rock: Its rising in popularity as a SR setter.
    • Add Fire Blast: Half the sets on-site have Fire Blast as an option
    • Add Aqua Tail: Commonly seen on rain teams over Fire moves.
    • Remove Clear Smog: It's a cool move but Gastrodon never sees use of it.
    • Remove Giga Drain: Thunderbolt or Shadow Ball covers everything Giga Drain does.
    • Remove Sludge Bomb: Bad coverage, and as a result, never is used on Gengar.
    • Remove Hypnosis: Considered too unreliable, especially for Gengar.
    • Add Roar: It's as useful as Dragon Tail honestly.
    • Add Taunt: The first on-site set lists this as an alternative to a Substitute.
    • Remove Stockpile: Somewhat gimmicky move.
    • Remove Protect: Really no reason to use Protect on Hippowdon.
    • Remove Stone Edge: If Hippowdon needs a second attack move, it uses Ice Fang.
    • Add Superpower: Used on most Life Orb Hydreigon to defeat Blissey, Tyranitar, and Heatran.
    • Remove Surf: Generally redundant coverage move.
    • Remove Nasty Plot: Infernape is considered too frail to set up anymore.
    • Remove Swords Dance: Infernape is considered too frail to set up anymore.
    • Remove Grass Knot: The new analysis lacks Grass Knot on every set.
    • Remove Giga Drain: Doesn't bode well with the defensive moves Jellicient is recommended to use.
    • Remove Ice Beam: Doesn't bode well with the defensive moves Jellicient is recommended to use.
    • Add Substitute: SubCM is considered to be its best set.
    • Add Signal Beam: Ran on almost all Jolteon to get past Celebi
    • Remove Charge Beam: Jolteon is too frail to make use of the move.
    • Add Icy Wind: Weak move but allows Keldeo to run another Hidden Power. Common move.
    • Add Substitute: Several sets use a Substitute
    • Add Dragon Claw: Often you don't want to be locked into Outrage
    • Add Earth Power: Semi-frequently used to beat Heatran
    • Add Dragon Tail: Kyurem-B can be a very useful shuffler.
    • Add Hone Claws: The shuffler often uses this move.
    • Add U-turn: Physical sets are still viable, and even the special attacker runs this move for Celebi.
    • Add Earthquake: Physical sets are still viable
    • Add Stone Edge: Physical sets are still viable
    • Add Draco Meteor: Offensive Latias is everywhere at the moment and runs this move.
    • Add Psyshock: Offensive Latias is everywhere at the moment and runs this move.
    • Remove Thunderbolt: Rarely used coverage move.
    • Remove Healing Wish: Only used with the rare Dual Screens set.
    • Add Trick: A common move used on Choiced sets.
    • Remove Thunderbolt: Redundant coverage, like Latias.
    • Remove Aura Sphere: Its only viable set is Swords Dance.
    • Remove Dark Pulse: See Aura Sphere.
    • Remove Nasty Plot: See Aura Sphere.
    • Remove Vacuum Wave: See Aura Sphere
    • Remove Magnet Rise: Interesting but impractical and never used.
    • Remove Thunder Wave: Simply not a good move on Magnezone.
    • Remove Stone Edge: Redundant coverage move with Ice and Ground.
    • Add Pursuit: Standalone move on Metagross's primary set.
    • Add Hammer Arm: Considered to be an important coverage move on CB and Stealth Rock.
    • Remove Trick: Not even the Choice Band set uses this move.
    • Add Sunny Day: Considered to be almost required to win weather wars.
    • Add Roar: Considered useful on a defensive set.
    • Remove Toxic: Will-O-Wisp is considered more useful
    • Remove Pain Split: Didn't nearly live up to the hype and is never used.
    • Add Thunder Wave: SpDef Rotom-W uses this move.
    • Remove Discharge: Thunderbolt and Volt Switch are used more.
    • Remove Substitute: Not very useful on Rotom-W.
    • Remove Rest: RestTalk is unviable on Rotom-W.
    • Remove Sleep Talk: See the above.
    • Add Aqua Tail: Used in the Rain over Fire Blast typically.
    • Add Hydro Pump: Much more powerful than Surf and used more.
    • Add Psyshock: Used more due to the prevalence of CM Keldeo.
    • Add Scald: Bulky Rapid Spin runs Scald.
    • Remove Psychic: Psyshock is better.
    • Add Protect: Used to stall the opponent.
    • Add Substitute: To compound it being annoying it uses this move too.
    • Remove Sludge Bomb: Offensive moves other than Scald are not seen on Tentacruel.
    • Remove Ice Beam: See Sludge Bomb.
    • Remove Giga Drain: See Sludge Bomb.
    • Add Volt Switch: Used for momentum.
    • Remove Cross Chop: Even offensive sets use Drain Punch.
    • Remove Fake Out: No use on Toxicroak.
    • Add Rest: Because Hydration makes the move godly.
    • Remove Power Whip: Sadly incompatible with Chlorophyll, and even if it was, Victreebel.
    • Remove Swords Dance: No Power Whip = no good STAB.
    • Remove Synthesis: Venusaur has no space to run Synthesis.
    • Add Hurricane: It can be a threat in the rain.

    Uber Pokémon
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    • Add Brick Break: Coverage on Ferrothorn
    • Remove Substitute: No purpose on Blaziken
    • Remove Brave Bird: Good move that doesn't help Blaziken
    Deoxys and Deoxys-A (Because both have the same viable moves)
    • Add Dark Pulse: Good for catching Mewtwo and the like while still getting Lati@s.
    • Remove Thunderbolt: Overall mediocre attack.
    • Remove Fire Punch: HP Fire is considered to be better due to steels having lower SpDefs.
    • Add Thunder: In Ubers, Kyogre is common enough to insinuate Thunder's usage reliably.
    • Remove Thunderbolt: Thunderbolt rarely is better than Thunder here.
    • Add Substitute: Helps get past the burns Giratina can inflict.
    • Add Iron Head: Used to take advantage of attack investments.
    • Add Explosion: Choice Band and Physical Choice Scarf use this.
    • Remove Shadow Ball: Giratina only runs its Dragon STAB most of the time.
    • Add Earthquake: Used occasionally for Excadrill and Tentacruel.
    • Add Scald: Primary move on any defensive Kyogre
    • Add Roar: Phazing is always useful.
    • Add Rest: Hydration.
    • Add Calm Mind: About as viable as Tail Glow arguably
    • Add Will-O-Wisp: Stalltwo is a legitimate set.
    • Add Taunt: Taunt is also seen on Stalltwo.
    • Remove Thunderbolt: Sees no usage on Mewtwo
    • Add Thunder: In Ubers, Kyogre is common enough to insinuate Thunder's usage reliably.
    • Remove Thunderbolt: Thunderbolt rarely is better than Thunder here.
    • Add Overheat: Useful on the Dragon Dance set because V-Create kills your stats.
    • Add Earthquake: Used on a few sets on-site
    • Add Focus Blast: Reshiram needs to defeat Tyranitar pretty badly.
    • Remove Flamethrower: All you ever need for a Fire move is Blue Flare
    • Add Thunder: In Ubers, Kyogre is common enough to insinuate Thunder's usage reliably.
    • Remove Thunderbolt: Thunderbolt rarely is better than Thunder here.
    • Remove Grass Knot: Without Gastrodon, Grass Knot doesn't have much of a merit.
    • Add Superpower: Defeating Blissey and Tyranitar is always nice.
    • Add Taunt: Makes it a useful stallbreaker in Ubers.
    • Remove Air Slash: It's a terribly weak move, especially in Ubers.

    BL Pokémon
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    • Add Psyshock: Especially in OU, the moves are alternative
    • Add Rest: Only form of recovery, needed on Calm Mind sets.
    • Remove Reflect: Gothitelle has better things to do now.
    • Remove Light Screen: See Reflect
    • Remove Shadow Ball: Bad coverage move.
    • Remove Substitute: SubRoost Staraptor is honestly garbage.
    • Remove Roost: Staraptor never gets to actually heal itself.

    UU Pokémon
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    • Add Wood Hammer: Its strong and used on almost all Abomasnows.
    • Add Earthquake: Best way to get past steels.
    • Add Protect: Abomasnow enjoys adding extra residual damage.
    • Remove Focus Blast: It likes to miss while other moves cover other targets.
    • Add Beat Up: Strong when used with teammates.
    • Add Shadow Claw: Its better than Payback because of Cofagrigus.
    • Add Low Kick: Hits Registeel and Rhyperior harder than Low Sweep by far.
    • Remove Payback: See Shadow Claw
    • Remove Seed Bomb: Too situational.
    • Add Crunch: Viable move to defeat Chandelure
    • Remove Ice Punch: Awkwardly placed considering all the other moves.
    • Remove Explosion: Explosion Azelf currently sucks because this is not DPP.
    • Remove Trick: Azelf usually is not Choiced.
    • Add Low Kick: It’s a good move considering most Pokémon weak to Fighting are heavy.
    • Add Foresight: Useful for guaranteeing a spin.
    • Add Roar: It’s a viable alternative to Dragon Tail
    • Remove Aqua Jet: Terrible move on a defensive Pokémon
    • Remove Hydro Pump: Extremely out of place on a defensive Pokémon
    • Add Gyro Ball: Best offensive move for Bronzong.
    • Remove Explosion: Explosion is terrible on Bronzong now.
    • Add Substitute: Most Chandelure use this because it forces switches
    • Add Pain Split: SubSplit is a viable strategy
    • Remove Calm Mind: Chandelure is pretty much unable to set up.
    • Add Taunt: Quite a few Cobalion variants make use of Taunt.
    • Remove Iron Head: There is actually not a single set that recommends using Iron Head.
    • Remove Substitute: I don't see any Cobalions run Substitutes.
    • Remove Rest: RestTalk is unnecessary on Cofagrigus
    • Remove Sleep Talk: See above.
    • Add Cross Poison: A viable option on a Choice Band set
    • Remove Acrobatics: Crobat has no real reason take advantage of the move.
    • Remove Nasty Plot: Special Sweeping Crobat has never really been good this Gen because its weak.
    • Remove Sludge Bomb: See Nasty Plot
    • Remove Giga Drain: See Nasty Plot
    • Remove Heat Wave: See Nasty Plot
    • Remove Air Slash: See Nasty Plot
    • Add Curse: Its only viable set is centered around the move.
    • Add Rest: Only reliable means of recovery that is occasionally used, but not with Sleep Talk.
    • Remove Substitute: There is really no reason to use a sub on Dusclops.
    • Remove Shadow Sneak: Does like 5 damage or something.
    • Remove Ice Beam: Dusclops doesn't use offensive moves.
    • Add Agility: Empoleon makes for a fearsome sweeper.
    • Add Substitute: SubPetaya is back, and still dangerous from last generation.
    • Remove Substitute: SubRoost? Idk why a Substitute is on there.
    • Add Pain Split: Somewhat viable for keeping it alive on a supporter.
    • Remove Substitute: Another Pokémon with no use of a substitute.
    • Remove Acrobatics: Offensive Gligar doesn't exist
    • Remove Swords Dance: See Acrobatics
    • Remove Stone Edge: See Acrobatics
    • Add Earthquake: Useful for defeating Poison-types.
    • Add Night Slash: Useful for defeating Ghost-types.
    • Add Foresight: Useful for guaranteeing a spin.
    • Add Crunch: Sees use so Houndoom can check even more Ghosts and Psychics.
    • Add Rain Dance: A lot of Kingdra do this to be viable special sweepers.
    • Remove Sleep Talk: If Kingdra uses Rest, it's for ChestoRest.
    • Remove Bulk Up: Set-up move Krookodile cannot use effectively.
    • Add Substitute: A lot of Machamp do this because DynamicPunch gives free turns.
    • Add Thunderpunch: Used for various Bulky Waters.
    • Remove Payback: It's a move never used on Machamp.
    • Add Focus Blast: Useful on sets that do not transform.
    • Add Shadow Ball: See above.
    • Add Drain Punch: Most used physical Fighting move for Mew.
    • Remove Earthquake: No extra coverage for Mew.
    • Remove Thunderbolt: Fire Blast and Ice Beam are used for coverage, but not this.
    • Remove Superpower: Drain Punch is simply better.
    • Remove Substitute: No real usage for Mew.
    • Remove Stealth Rock: It's an OK move but nothing else on that main set showed up.
    • Add Substitute: I've heard a lot of good things about SubPass.
    • Remove Fake Out: Generally bad move for Mienshao.
    • Remove Drain Punch: Hi Jump Kick is always used as the main STAB
    • Remove Hypnosis: Too inaccurate, and Milotic never uses it.
    • Remove Will-O-Wisp: Support Mismagius is considered unviable.
    • Add Stealth Rock: Nidoking gets free turns to set it up.
    • Add Focus Blast: Because of Umbreon and Snorlax.
    • Add Thunderbolt: Often interchangeable with Discharge.
    • Add Volt Switch: Choice Raikou uses this move all the time
    • Add Extrasensory: Viable on an All-Out Attacker
    • Add Seismic Toss: Registeel is weak and occasionally uses this.
    • Add Earthquake: Its useful for Fire-types and Raikou.
    • Remove Curse: Sweeping Registeel isn't a thing
    • Remove Rest: Registeel just has to accept the fact it cannot heal itself.
    • Add Dragon Tail: Often used for Phazing.
    • Add Ice Punch: Because Gligar is really annoying and it sees use on CB.
    • Remove Rest: Not good on Rotom-H
    • Remove Sleep Talk: Not good on Rotom-H
    • Remove Substitute: SubSplit is not seen on Rotom-H
    • Remove Rest: Too risky despite having Shed Skin
    • Add Dark Pulse: Completes the special attacker.
    • Remove Aqua Jet: Redundant with Speed Boost
    • Remove SelfDestruct: Not a good move for Snorlax – you don't want it to die
    • Remove Ice Punch: Used only for Gligar and still doesn't beat it.
    • Add Scald: Defensive Swampert uses this move – no other special water move is good on it.
    • Add Ice Punch: Offensive Swampert uses this move.
    • Add Toxic: Used to stall out foes.
    • Remove Ice Beam: If Swampert uses an Ice attack it is using this.
    • Remove Hydro Pump: See Scald
    • Remove Rest: RestTalk Pert is unviable.
    • Remove Sleep Talk: See Rest.
    • Remove Surf: See Scald
    • Add Heal Bell: Useful defensive move.
    • Remove Wish: Not very useful on Togekiss; Roost is used more
    • Remove Baton Pass: Togekiss never actually passes off its boosts.
    • Add Rain Dance: Often used as a back-up or sets up its own rain.
    • Remove Heat Wave: Almost all Tornadus are in the Rain or are using Rain Dance.
    • Remove Air Slash: Not worth the power drop.
    • Add Yawn: Used occasionally to phaze.
    • Add Foul Play: Currently the suggested offensive move for Umbreon.
    • Remove Payback: Inferior to Foul Play because Umbreon is weak.
    • Remove Moonlight: Every Umbreon uses Wish.
    • Remove Curse: Umbreon is too weak to sweep.
    • Remove Baton Pass: Only passes off Curse, which isn't useful.
    • Add Grass Knot: The way special sets defeat Bulky Waters.
    • Add Zen Headbutt: STAB move for physical sets.
    • Remove Substitute: Usually uses only offensive moves and a set up move.
    • Add Heat Wave: Preferred attacking move in OU and Ubers.
    • Remove Calm Mind: Xatu is always defensive
    • Remove Wish: It's a cool move but it always uses Roost.
    • Add Psychic: It's used for Poison-types in UU
    • Add Volt Switch: Momentum is a huge deal on Choice sets.
    • Add Trick: Used on Choice Specs/Scarf
    • Add Grass Knot: Often used to defeat Water-types.

    BL2 Pokémon
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    • Remove Rest: It gets instant recovery already
    • Remove Sleep Talk: See Rest.
    • Remove Toxic Spikes: Unviable option for Venomoth.
    • Remove Substitute: Not really useful on Venomoth.
    • Remove Giga Drain: Inferior attacking option to a STAB move.

    RU Pokémon
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    • Add Fire Blast: Useful for Steel-types considering most are physical walls.
    • Add Final Gambit: Makes Accelgor a fearsome lead.
    • Add Fire Blast: Same reason as Absol.
    • Remove Rock Slide: Power > Everything for Aerodactyl.
    • Remove Fire Fang: Fire Blast is simply better
    • Remove Thunder Wave: Aggron should not be used to support.
    • Remove Ice Punch: Head Smash takes care of everything Ice Punch does.
    • Remove Superpower: Redundant coverage.
    • Add Sludge Bomb: The extra power can frequently come in handy.
    • Add Earth Power: Pokémon such as Steelix are hit way harder by Earth Power.
    • Add Roost: It helps to get out of Defeatist range occasionally.
    • Remove Pluck: Way too weak.
    • Remove Rock Slide: Not worth the power drop.
    • Remove Return: Tail Slap is better in every way.
    • Add Wish: It is a good supporter
    • Add Heal Bell: Another support move
    • Add Protect: Goes hand and hand with Wish
    • Add Seismic Toss: Support Clefable is normally pretty weak.
    • Add Substitute: Substitute + Dragon Dance is its most common set.
    • Remove Swords Dance: It's way too slow to even think about it.
    • Add Haze: Used to prevent it from being set up on.
    • Remove Rest: RestTalk is not good on Drapion.
    • Remove Sleep Talk: See Rest.
    • Remove ThunderPunch: STAB Outrage is stronger than a super effective Thunderpunch.
    • Remove Substitute: Doesn't use Substitute ever.
    • Add Thunder Fang: Common counters are smashed by Thunder Fang and it is often used in OU.
    • Add Fire Punch: Helps it defeat Escavalier and the like.
    • Add Shadow Punch: Actually does a little damage unlike Shadow Sneak.
    • Remove Shadow Sneak: Horribly weak without investment
    • Remove Focus Punch: Outlassed as a SubPuncher by Golurk.
    • Remove Substitute: See Focus Punch.
    • Remove Ice Beam: Extremely weak coming off of a Dusknoir.
    • Remove Substitute: Not very useful for a Pokémon that runs all attacking moves.
    • Add Sleep Talk: One of RU's best sleep absorbers
    • Remove Flame Charge: Almost all Emboar are choiced.
    • Remove Fire Blast: Out of place with all the physical attacks.
    • Add Sleep Talk: One of RU's best sleep absorbers.
    • Remove Flame Charge: It already gets Extreemespeed so boosting speed is rare.
    • Remove Swords Dance: Way too slow for the move.
    • Remove Knock Off: Not very useful on Escavalier.
    • Add Night Slash: Common to defeat Ghosts.
    • Remove Stone Edge: Rarely used coverage move.
    • Add Fake Out: Used to guarantee its Status Orb.
    • Add Whirlwind: Defensive Hariyama exists too.
    • Add Force Palm: See Whirlwind
    • Add Rest: See Whirlwind
    • Add Sleep Talk: See Whirlwind
    • Remove Bulk Up: Hariyama is a bad set up mon.
    • Remove Cross Chop: Close Combat is the only offensive Fighting move to use.
    • Add ThunderPunch: Good move for opponents such as Slowking.
    • Remove Bulk Up: Bad set-up move for Hitmonchan.
    • Remove Substitute: Completely random on this guy.
    • Remove Stone Edge: Redundant coverage move with the elemental punches.
    • Remove Blaze Kick: Hits very few foes hard.
    • Remove Substitute: Completely random on this guy.
    • Add Low Kick: Preferred move in Ubers to defeat stuff like Ferrothorn and Dialga.
    • Remove Toxic: Kabutops powers through everything already.
    • Add Substitute: Aids in setting up against stall.
    • Add Heal Bell: Lanturn makes a good cleric.
    • Remove Hydro Pump: Lanturn rarely goes this offensive.
    • Remove Overheat: Fire Blast is enough power and doesn't have a crappy side effect.
    • Remove U-turn: Mandibuzz lacks the space for U-turn.
    • Remove Dark Pulse: Brave Bird is much stronger and better.
    • Remove Magnet Rise: Interesting but impractical and never used.
    • Remove Ice Punch: Generally not useful coverage move.
    • Remove Toxic: Moltres should stick to destroying everything – rarely defensive.
    • Remove Will-O-Wisp: See Toxic.
    • Remove Air Slash: Hurricane is too powerful to pass up on.
    • Remove Earth Power: Redundant coverage.
    • Remove Toxic Spikes: Stealth Rock and Spikes are all it has room and time for.
    • Remove Curse: No longer viable
    • Remove Stone Edge: Not very viable on a defensive Quagsire.
    • Add Rock Blast: Similarly to other Rock Pokémon, the multi-hit really helps.
    • Remove Rest: RestTalk is not good on Rotom.
    • Remove Sleep Talk: See Rest.
    • Remove Rest: Not good on Rotom-C
    • Remove Sleep Talk: Not good on Rotom-C
    • Remove Substitute: SubSplit is not seen on Rotom-C
    • Add Earthquake: Viable on Swords Dance and in OU for Heatran
    • Add Swords Dance: Physical Sceptile is viable.
    • Add Leaf Blade: See Swords Dance.
    • Add Acrobatics: Viable on a Swords Dance set w/ Unburden
    • Remove Leech Seed: SubSeed is unviable (although a Substitute is still useful)
    • Remove Synthesis: Not a very good move for Sceptile because it's so frail.
    • Add Air Slash: Special Attacking sets are arguably even better than the Cosmic Power set.
    • Add Psychic: See Air Slash
    • Add Heat Wave: See Air Slash
    • Add Calm Mind: See Air Slash
    • Add Dragon Tail: It's used a lot in UU at least.
    • Add Psyshock: Used more than Psychic in RU due to various Pokémon.
    • Remove Ice Beam: Sees little use anywhere.
    • It doesn't have a viable moves category.
    • Add Spore: Generally excellent move.
    • Add Spikes: Good hazard lead.
    • Add Stealth Rock: Good hazard lead.
    • Add Baton Pass: Can pass off some excellent moves,
    • Add Shell Smash: See Baton Pass.
    • Add Quiver Dance: See Baton Pass
    • Add Shift Gear: See Baton Pass
    • Add Magic Coat: Sees common use on Leads.
    • Add Protect: For that extra damage
    • Add Foul Play: Often used on defensive sets.
    • Add Dragon Tail: Sometimes used as an alternative to Roar.
    • Add Gyro Ball: It hits surprisingly hard coming off of a Steelix.
    • Remove Rock Slide: Way too weak because of no STAB.
    • Remove Iron Head: Because Gyro Ball is better.
    • Remove Nature Power: Typhlosion is a pure-bred special attacker.
    • Add Calm Mind: I've heard a lot of good things about SubCM on Uxie.
    • Add Substitute: See Calm Mind.
    • Add Thunderbolt: Coverage move on SubCM.

    NU Pokémon A-L
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    • Add Draco Meteor: Choice Specs is considered to be the best Altaria.
    • Remove Outrage: Bulky Dragon Dance is the only way Altaria will accomplish anything physically, and Outrage is bad in this case.
    • Add Agility: Decent variant of Ampharos
    • Add Signal Beam: Coverage move used on Ampharos.
    • Remove Aqua Tail: Redundant coverage with Earthquake and Sucker Punch.
    • Remove Seed Bomb: Way too situational.
    • Remove Glare: Defensive move on an offensive Pokémon.
    • Add Sucker Punch: Possibly the only move keeping it from being outclassed.
    • Remove Agility: Ninjask says no.
    • Remove Baton Pass: Now it has nothing to Baton Pass.
    • Add Aqua Tail: Used to defeat Ground-types such as Golurk.
    • Remove Toxic: Armaldo is too strong to need this move.
    • Remove Superpower: Relatively worthless.
    • Remove Return: Believe it or not, no Audino is recommended to use Return on site.
    • Add Double-Edge: Gets great neutral coverage with Water moves.
    • Add Stone Edge: At least it gets a STAB boost.
    • Remove Fire Blast: Bastiodon is just too weak.
    • Remove Ice Beam: See Fire Blast.
    • Add Taunt: Turns it into a surprisingly good stallbreaker in NU.
    • Add Psychic: Recommended move on site.
    • Remove Substitute: Doesn't do much for Beautifly.
    • Remove Brick Break: Drill Run is a lot better
    • Remove Swords Dance: Beedrill is not a sweeper.
    • Remove Endeavor: Somewhat gimmicky.
    • Add Signal Beam: Most used coverage move other than Thunderbolt.
    • Remove Calm Mind: Why use Calm Mind when you have Nasty Plot?
    • Remove Substitute: Doesn't help Beheeyem.
    • Add Sunny Day: Only viable Bellossom set revolves around this.
    • Add Solarbeam: Because of Sunny Day.
    • Remove Sludge Bomb: Hidden Powers are better for coverage.
    • Remove Leech Seed: Kind of random to be honest.
    • Remove Stun Spore: See Leech Seed.
    • Remove Toxic: See Leech Seed.
    • Remove Leaf Storm: Impractical for Bellossom.
    • Remove Rock Slide: Too weak for Braviary.
    • Remove Substitute: Doesn't do much for Butterfree
    • Remove Leech Seed: Completely random
    • Remove Earthquake: Its STAB moves cover everything it needs.
    • Add Focus Blast: Helps get past bulky Normal-types.
    • Add Sunny Day: Manual Sunny Day can be dangerous
    • Add Solarbeam: On manual Sunny Day, it is needed.
    • Remove Dragon Pulse: Fire Blast and HP Ice do everything already.
    • Add Encore: Pretty much the only way Chatot will ever set up.
    • Remove Chatter: Too weak, even after STAB.
    • Add Heal Bell: There is almost no other reason to use Chimecho.
    • Remove Hypnosis: Depressingly inaccurate
    • Remove Shadow Ball: Calm Mind is typically a mono-attacker.
    • Add Fire Blast: Special Attacking Combusken is arguably better than Swords Dance.
    • Add Focus Blast: See Combusken.
    • Add Giga Drain: Often used for support Cradily for offense.
    • Remove Stockpile: It's a bad move.
    • Remove Swords Dance: It's too slow
    • Remove Earthquake: No use for Cradily.
    • Remove Curse: It sets up too slowly.
    • Add Heal Bell: Good supporting move.
    • Remove Sucker Punch: Useless on Delcatty
    • Remove Fake Out: Useless on Delcatty.
    • Add Rain Dance: Needed to activate Hydration.
    • Remove Protect: No reason to run Protect.
    • Remove Ice Shard: Way too weak.
    • Remove Aqua Jet: See Ice Shard.
    • Remove Drill Run: Not very useful on Dewgong.
    • Add Taunt: It can be a decent stallbreaker.
    • Remove Double-Edge: It's incompatible with Brave Bird.
    • Add Rest: Viable alongside Shed Skin.
    • Remove Substitute: Doesn't really help Dragonair.
    • Remove Draco Meteor: Dragonair should not be using this move.
    • Remove Fire Blast: Steel-types are rare where this thing comes from.
    • Remove Hypnosis: Its accuracy is too low.
    • Remove Stockpile: It's a bad move.
    • Remove Bite: Heabutt and Rock Slide are simply stronger and do the same thing.
    • Remove Discharge: Worse than the other moves it can use.
    • Remove Aqua Tail: Not very useful.
    • Remove Superpower: Unused on Eelektross for the most part.
    • Remove Substitute: Not very useful for the most part.
    • Add Signal Beam: Good coverage move for Grass types.
    • Remove Shadow Ball: It gets Scrappy now.
    • Remove Double-Edge: It's illegal with Sniper.
    • Remove Roost: Fearow doesn't have time to heal itself honestly.
    • Add Wish: Flareon makes a decent defensive Pokémon, but that's it. Check the Smogon Pokedex if you have doubts.
    • Add Protect: Goes hand in hand with Protect.
    • Add Lava Plume: Good for fishing for a burn.
    • Add Roar: Phazing is always a nice quality.
    • Add Heal Bell: Heal Bell is always a useful support move.
    • Remove Flame Charge: I'm sorry, but its recommended set honestly is awful.
    • Remove Rest: See Flame Charge
    • Remove Sleep Talk: See Flame Charge
    • Remove Façade: See Flame Charge.
    • Remove Swords Dance: It's too slow and frail.
    • Remove Thunderpunch: Super Effective ThunderPunch is still weaker than Return. Fire Punch is fine because of Steels.
    • Remove Ice Punch: See ThunderPunch.
    • Remove Fire Blast: Depressing Special Attack, most Steels not OU hate Earthquake.
    • Add Rock Blast: Decent option in NU for breaking substitutes and Scolipede and such
    • Add Pain Split: Only means of reliable recovery.
    • Remove Clear Smog: The revamp is removing the move from the set.
    • Remove Healing Wish: Not a very good/common option for Gardevoir.
    • Remove Autmomize: Even after boosting its still too slow
    • Remove Thunder Wave: Girafarig is incapable of supporting.
    • Add Baton Pass: It's used on Specs for momentum.
    • Add Taunt: To prevent others from using Spikes.
    • Remove Acrobatics: Golbat has no real reason take advantage of the move.
    • Remove Nasty Plot: Special Sweeping Golbat has never really been good
    • Remove Sludge Bomb: See Nasty Plot
    • Remove Giga Drain: See Nasty Plot
    • Remove Heat Wave: See Nasty Plot
    • Remove Air Slash: See Nasty Plot
    • Add Calm Mind: Pretty nifty set-up move.
    • Add Explosion: Custap Leads are extremely popular.
    • Add Rock Blast: Extremely useful to beat opposing leads.
    • Remove Fire Punch: Almost never used.
    • Remove Hammer Arm: See Fire Punch.
    • Add Fire Punch: Used in RU and UU for threats such as Ferroseed and Heracross.
    • Add Drain Punch: Used everywhere for a Fighting STAB if DynamicPunch is unneeded.
    • Remove Ice Punch: Redundant/unnecessary coverage.
    • Add Whirlwind: Phazing is one of Grumpig's best traits.
    • Remove Trick: No usage whatsoever on Grumpig.
    • Add Stone Edge: Used a lot more than before to defeat Scolipede and the like.
    • Add Payback: Useful against Ghosts.
    • Remove Hypnosis: If Haunter misses an attack it dies.
    • Add Hone Claws: Makes Sucker Punch stronger and its special moves more accurate.
    • Add Waterfall: One of the few niches Huntail has is it is a physical attacker.
    • Add Crunch: Still gets good coverage.
    • Add Ice Beam: Suggested on-site, useful for defeating Grass-types.
    • Remove Return: Not particularly useful.
    • Remove Sucker Punch: Because Sucker Punch + Shell Smash are illegal this is pretty worthless.
    • Remove Barrier: Awful and Gimmicky
    • Remove Fire Punch: Very weak move.
    • Remove Belly Drum: I don't even understand this one.
    • Remove Zen Headbutt: Physical Hypno is bad.
    • Remove Shadow Ball: No reason to run coverage on Hypno.
    • Remove Trick Room: There are better setters out there.
    • Remove Thunderbolt: Illumise is too weak.
    • Add Swords Dance: It is a good physical sweeper despite the low attack.
    • Add Seed Bomb: See Swords Dance.
    • Remove Energy Ball: Provides unnecessary coverage.
    • Remove Shadow Ball: See Energy Ball
    • Add Signal Beam: Most used coverage move for Kadabra w/ HP Ground
    • Remove Calm Mind: It's way too frail to set up.
    • Add Drain Punch: Keeps Kangaskhan alive.
    • Remove Wish: Incompatible with Scrappy and therefore bad.
    • Remove Hammer Arm: Kangaskhan doesn't want to lower her speed.
    • Remove Substitute: Kinda random for Kingler.
    • Remove Rock Slide: Provides unnecessary coverage
    • Remove Superpower: Really awkward for a defensive Pokémon to use.
    • Add Pain Split: SubSplit is pretty good on Lampent.
    • Remove Calm Mind: I can't really explain it but it's not very good.
    • Add Wish: You have Roar, so you might as well put the full support set up.
    • Add Protect: See Wish.
    • Remove Yawn: It's just not really that useful on Leafeon.
    • Remove X-Scissor: Offensive Leafeons are typically SubSD.
    • Add Substitute: Lickilicky runs this alongside Swords Dance because of its bulk.
    • Remove Curse: Too many incompatibilities.
    • Add Encore: Priority encore is seriously really good.
    • Remove ThunderPunch: Redundant coverage
    • Remove Ice Punch: See ThunderPunch
    • Remove Fire Punch: Why when you have Jump Kick?
    • Add Thunerbolt: A mixed set I've heard is pretty good (one is going through QC at the moment)
    • Add Façade: Goes well with Guts.
    • Remove Fire Fang: Superpower is in general a lot stronger

    NU Pokémon M-Z
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    • Remove Stockpile: Stockpile sucks.
    • Add Stealth Rock: It makes a decent anti-lead.
    • Add Sucker Punch: Bypasses crappy speed.
    • Add Stealth Rock: Can be very annoying to take down so its decent at Stealth Rock.
    • Remove Fire Fang: Not a good move on Mawile
    • Remove Safeguard: It already gets Aromatherapy
    • Remove Grasswhistle: Hilarious accuracy
    • Add Return: Mightyena has so few moves this is actually viable.
    • Remove Howl: Too slow of a set up.
    • Add Double-Edge: Used on offensive sets.
    • Add Heal Bell: Always a good support move
    • Add Pain Split: Only means of recovery
    • Add Taunt: Once again good on support sets.
    Mr. Mime
    • Add Calm Mind: Good move to pass off in chains
    • Remove Healing Wish: Terrible for Baton Pass chains.
    • Remove Rest: One of those not very good RestTalkers
    • Remove Sleep Talk: See Rest.
    • Add Water Spout: One of Octillery's most dangerous qualities.
    • Remove Rock Blast: Out of place and not great.
    • Remove Thunder Wave: Octillery cannot support.
    • Remove Synthesis: Liability in the Rain, good in the Sun which destroys Parasect.
    • Remove Air Slash: Even the defensive ones use Hurricane usually.
    • Remove Water Pulse: None of the other special moves make an appearance so why this one?
    • Remove Surf: Scald is ultimately better mainly due to the side effect and phione's craptastic stats.
    • Remove Endeavor: It's just too slow (and bulky) to use it.
    • Remove Stealth Rock: Can't do much with the move.
    • Remove Extreemspeed: Despite how good it is, it's bad for Raichu.
    • Remove Flame Charge: Not a very good, and it’s already fast enough.
    • Add Protect: Needed to ensure status activation.
    • Remove Flame Wheel: Very weak and does about as much to Steels than Façade.
    • Remove Sleep Talk: Regice usually holds a Chesto Berry.
    • Remove Fire Punch: Drain Punch or Earthquake gets the job done.
    • Add Rock Polish: Relicanth can be a strong sweeper.
    • Add Synthesis: So it can stay alive while it's on the field.
    • Remove Confuse Ray: Ugh why is this here?
    • Remove Rest: It never uses RestTalk.
    • Remove Sleep Talk: See Rest.
    • Remove Substitute: SubSplit isn't good or used on Rotom-S.
    • Remove Thunder Wave: It never uses Thunder Wave either.
    • Remove Rest: It never uses RestTalk.
    • Remove Sleep Talk: See Rest.
    • Add Hydro Pump: It has a mean special attacking set.
    • Add Ice Beam: See Hydro Pump
    • Add Grass Knot: See Hydro Pump
    • Remove Superpower: Too situational.
    • Remove Bulk Up: Sawk is exclusively a Choiced mon.
    • Add Wild Charge: For the birds, notably Drifblim. Also hits Haunter.
    • Remove Synthesis: Horn Leech takes care of all the healing.
    • Remove Superpower: Largely situational.
    • Add Scald: For that defensive set on site.
    • Add Disable: For that defensive set on site.
    • Add Ice Beam: I've heard it's viable with Lightningrod at least.
    • Add Scald: Used on defensive sets
    • Add Earthquake: Used on defensive sets, particularly physically defensive
    • Add Toxic: Also used on the defensive sets.
    • Add Calm Mind: Serperior's most threatening NU set by far.
    • Add Poison Jab: You may as well have 4 physical moves.
    • Add Shadow Claw: Best STAB move for Ghosts.
    • Add Wish: One of Shelgon's best traits is Wish.
    • Add Protect: See Wish.
    • Add Roar: Completes the support set.
    • Add Toxic: This could also complete the support set.
    • I have a problem with the set but Shuckle is already useless so…
    • Add Focus Blast: Extra coverage is always nice
    • Remove Substitute: Limits coverage and doesn't help.
    • Remove Leech Seed: SubSeed is deemed unviable, although Sub + 3 Attacks is viable.
    • Remove Synthesis: You already have Giga Drain.
    • Remove Substitute: Limits coverage and doesn't help.
    • Remove Explosion: When would Skuntank have to go boom?
    • Add Foul Play: Used occasionally on Sneasel because it has no other Dark moves.
    • Remove Explosion: Waste of a Solrock.
    • Remove Thunder Wave: Why is this on here exactly?
    • Add Thunder Wave: Needed to give Stoutland a niche as a bulky attacker.
    • Add Pursuit: OU sets love this to check(mate) Gengar
    • Remove Ice Fang: Its way too weak.
    • Remove Explosion: Waste of a Sudowoodo.
    • Remove Stockpile: Bad move.
    • Remove Earthquake: Bad move on Swalot who should be attacking specially (with its STAB)
    • Add Rest: Because of Hydration and possibly manual rain
    • Remove Air Slash: Hurricane is just a lot better.
    • Add Double-Edge: Very useful on choiced sets.
    • Add Fire Blast: In RU, very useful to defeat Steels. Hits surprisingly hard.
    • Add Shell Smash: People in NU like SMASHKOAL as a spinner.
    • Add Fire Blast: Most used STAB move with SMASHKOAL.
    • Add Earth Power: Better than Earthquake because of the EVs, used on SMASHKOAL.
    • Remove Earthquake: See Earth Power.
    • Add Rock Polish: Can make a good sweeper
    • Remove Earthquake: Pretty random inclusion
    • Remove Leaf Storm: Tropius has no need to go offensive.
    • Add Protect: It has more PP than Detect.
    • Remove Pluck: I'd honestly just accept no STAB move.
    • Remove Detect: See Protect.
    • Remove Fire Punch: Façade and Close Combat hit everything harder except like Skarmory and Bronzong which aren't NU.
    • Add Flash Cannon: It's a bad move but what else does Vanilluxe get?
    • Remove Explosion: Hilarious but impractical.
    • Remove Swords Dance: If its not in the sun its not good.
    • Add Taunt: Amazingly annoying stallbreaker
    • Remove Fire Punch: What it hits is not NU.
    • Remove Toxic: With all the status it can inflict, Toxic is not as good.
    • Add Super Fang: Speeds up the stalling process considerably.
    • Add Encore: In NU it’s the only reason to use it.
    • Add Foresight: Useful for guaranteeing a spin.
    • Add Haze: To prevent it from being set up on.
    • Remove Aqua Jet: Super weak
    • Remove Hydro Pump: Still relatively weak
    • Remove Ice Beam: Wartortle only runs Scald as an offensive move.
    • Remove Rest: Weezing shouldn't use Rest, and it has Pain Split.
    • Remove Sleep Talk: See Rest.
    • Add Protect: Because it has Wish.
    • Add Seismic Toss: The only real way it is doing damage.
    • Remove Fire Blast: Wigglytuff is just plain weak
    • Remove Ice Beam: See Fire Blast
    • Remove Thunderbolt: See Fire Blast
    • Remove Return: Despite the STAB, same issue.
    • Add Gyro Ball: Hits harder than Iron Head on average
    • Remove Iron Head: See Gyro Ball.
    • Add Thunderbolt: For when its not keeping momentum
    • Remove Wild Charge: It has no other physical moves that are even usable.

    Not really sure on all the NFEs mainly due to a lack of experience.

    Also, may I suggest Hidden Power being added to the list of viable moves? idk why there aren't any for any Pokémon, especially considering some of them are extremely common on certain Pokémon, such as Landorus with HP Ice or Typhloson with HP Grass.

    As a final note, I understand some of these moves may not be great from a randbats perspective, but they are a bit more suited for the metagames in my opinion.
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  19. Limi

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    Aug 25, 2011
    the viable moves are actually the moves that are used in randbat sets, although i don't understand why they're tied to each other.
    the competitiveness of the ladder probably suffers quite a bit from that, so i support this change whole-heartedly (and agree with beloved PS regular Feranfell, who states that he would "be very angry if a post like that got ignored").
    similarly, i've heard qualms about the EV section suggesting nonsensical spreads, so that should be changed as well (or removed entirely).

  20. LumaSoul


    Feb 13, 2013
    Most staff know about the whole spammer epidemic happening nowadays, so I think that we could use even more anti-spam filters, although this one might cause more bad than good.

    How about a message cooldown timer? You can only send one message every, say 3 seconds, or something, since most spammers also flood chat. I fear this might cut down regular discussions though, so it might be a terrible idea.
  21. TROP

    TROP ur a faget
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    Apr 6, 2011
    Swamprocket's list is pretty good, but I think he missed some moves that are actually good/worthless on some mons.

    This honestly needs to change because it hurts tiers like ru a lot by making new players think threats such as Offensive Sigilyph are not worth worrying about, and makes them think something like this is a good idea: 17:26] <TIBot> X-Scissor 97.447% | Iron Head 90.343% | Hone Claws 72.284% | Superpower 58.593% | Stone Edge 40.288% | Rock Slide 14.250% | Baton Pass 6.099% | Aerial Ace 4.161% | Other 16.535%. If this was not obvious, this is durant.

    ubers (open)


    • Keep Grass knot because it is useful to ohko Groudon.

    BL (open)


    • Add Signal Beam: Useful to trap Celebi and still hits most of Shadow Ball's targets almost as hard with the bonus of hitting dark type for super effective damage.

    RU (open)

    • REMOVE STONE EDGE: Most sets use hustle. Accuracy is still unreliable after a Hone Claws. Rock Slide gets the same kills.

    • Add Psyshock: To hit dedicated SpDef mons like Clefable harder and guarantee an OHKO on Cryogonal.

    • Remove Stockpile: Stockpile sucks


    • Remove Fire Fang: Too weak, beats Escavalier with EQ anyway.
    • Remove Ice Fang: Gyro Ball hits most things harder, Sheer Force set is not the way to use Steelix.
    • Rock Slide: Read Ice Fang.
    • Curse: Steelix should not be boosting its already godlike Defense and its Attack is still too low to use.

    NU (open)

    • Add Swords Dance: It is an actually decent set in both RU and NU. It is onsite.
    • Add Acrobatics: The only reason the SD set is worth using.


    • Remove Ice Beam: Only thing this is hitting harder is Altaria. Swanna is mostly a rain Pokemon anyway.
  22. dcae

    dcae naughty list

    Dec 9, 2011
    I thought of a new addition, after today. I saw plenty of random users coming on and saying that Fairy type was confirmed. Note that they were not spammers, they just said this because they thought we didn't know yet. Regardless of whether they did or didn't, I think it would be cool to implement a sort of Topic, like what IRC has, that can only be edited by Leaders and Admins. This would inform people with the news that is going on, as well as with possible other events such as potential server crashes, server resets, etc.
  23. Limi

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    Aug 25, 2011
    there's already a cooldown of 0.6 seconds, which is fine IMO. even if one were to extend it, 3 seconds would be way too much, though.
    and i fully agree with this!
  24. MJB

    MJB Sup Peeps
    is a Battle Server Admin Alumnus

    Apr 29, 2011
    The staff have been requesting this since forever, but for some reason its never been done. Iirc zarel is against it for some reason
  25. Cathy

    Cathy Banned deucer.

    Jul 11, 2007
    Channel topics will definitely be implemented. They just haven't been done yet.
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