Summer Freedom V round 1

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I could be boned!
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i'll get it done

FUCK THIS i QUIT pokmon i got haxed by peter 5-0

he ch'd my 28 hp sandlash and ch'd my scizor with fire blast this is UN_FAIR

gg nico
My schedule kinda sucks at the moment...NC and I are never available at the same time and we are really having a tough time getting this battle done.

I really hate holding up the next round but I can get the battle done tomorrow night at around midnight-1 a.m. EST
posting round 2 now.

the results of the 4 matches that were uncompleted are:

Mekkah vs kholdstaire (activity level)
Captkirby vs echo (coin flip)
NC vs jrrr (coin flip)
Synre vs cerberus (coin flip)

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