Super Smash Brothers...MAFIA! - END

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Big Super Smash Brothers party at Thorns' house. Bring your controller.
Upon seeing this invitation, you jumped at the chance to show off your skills. Little did you know, you were headed for a party of turmoil.

As you entered the door, you saw some familiar faces. You started to chat with your friends. Suddenly, you heard forks yell out.

'Hey, there's Thorns!'

Thorns descended the stairs, smiling eerily. He snapped his fingers, and AvatarST popped out from behind a plant and locked all the doors.
Thorns smiled as he started to speak with his squeaky - I mean manly voice.
'Everyone, take a seat and pick up your controllers. Here's the rules.

1. No deadtalking. Evidence of deadtalking will have you possibly barred from future mafia games.
2. I could have included any Super Smash Brothers character, from any of the games (Super Smash Bros, Melee, Brawl).
3. Lynches occur when a majority is reached ie. more than 50% of players. To lynch, post Lynch [user] in bold, for example Lynch aamto. You are not permitted to edit your lynch post. If you want to revise your lynch, write Unvote, Lynch [user]. You do not have to lynch a user.
4. This game will start with a Day 1.
5. Items do exist, but not in large amounts.
6. There will be no 'villager' role. Every player will receive a night/day action or a special ability of some sort.
7. The name of the factions will be kept a secret.
8. I am the creator of this game, and so I may not conform totally to game canon. Beware.
9. Action priorities are kept at my discretion.
10. You are not to copypaste/screenshot anything I tell you, aside from PMs I send to you regarding the game. This includes, but is not limited to, irc logs, MSN logs, Shoddy chat etc.
11. If you want to create a pastebin, mini forum or something to organise yourself, notify me at once. I like to see what's going on :D'
12. Items can be given away during the night or day. 'Night/Day X - Give [item] to [user]' to give it away.

'Oh and here's a list of the players in this:'

2. Katherine
8. Veedrock
11. RB Golbat
12. Elements
17. Yoshi King

14. Misaki-chi - The Elite - MetaKnight - Lynched Day 1
6. Chris is me - Smash Brothers - Pichu - Killed Night 1
15. LightWolf - Smash Brothers - Samus Aran - Killed Night 1
13. CyzirVisheen - Smash Brothers - Kirby - Lynched Day 2
1. Jimbo - Smash Brothers - Ness - Killed Night 2

9. Sir_Lu - The Elite - Falco - Killed Night 2
5. Bender - The Elite - Snake - Lynched Day 3

3. Imran - Smash Brothers - Mario - Killed Night 3
16. demon238 - Smash Brothers - Luigi - Lynched Day 4
4. Seven Deadly Sins (Mordock) - Smash Brothers - Donkey Kong - Killed Night 4
18. forks - Smash Brothers - Peach - Lynched Day 5
7. zerowing (Olie) - Smash Brothers - Link - Killed Night 5

10. TAY - The Villains - King Dedede - Killed Night 5

Not wanting to cross this mastermind, you did so. Everyone selected their characters, and Thorns pressed START.

In a whirlwind of light, Thorns smiled once again as you started shaking violently and collapsing on the floor. The last thing you heard before you passed out was:

'Tires dun exits...'

You woke up in Delfino Plaza, the stage you were about to play. You and the other players find notes under your pillows. As you read them, some of you smile, some of you shudder.

You hear a scream.

'noooooo!!1!11!1 AUUUUUUUUUUUUUUGH!!!!!'

Everyone bursts into user billymills' room. He is lying on the floor with a bowling ball lying next to him and a knife through his chest.

Misaki-chi picks up the note he was holding, and begins to read it out in her cute voice.

Dear billymills,
You are Master Hand.

You constantly get beaten up by every single Smash Brothers character, but you try to fight them anyway. You have carefully followed all other players, and have determined that you are the only player with a neutral alliance.

You have a neutral alliance. You win if you survive.
You smiled slightly as you realise billymills was never going to survive. Crying at the loss of this poor man, you decide to go outside to take a breath of fresh air. AvatarST stood near the dolphin fountain.

'I see you've discovered my deed. Heh. This is what happens when nobody else likes you. You guys should decide on someone for me to off, especially if you think they won't let YOU live. Oh, but I'll go easy for today, my legs are cramped. Have fun, guys, it's Delfino Plaza!'

He runs off somewhere, probably to the beach. You all realise you have to kill each other in order to get out of this place. But for now, you decide to have fun. What could go wrong?

Day 1 starts. You may lynch today, or choose not to. This day will end on 5 PM, Monday the 9th of March, GMT +11.
Man, this is going to be very cagey, with a lot of new players - no-one want's to fuck up early.

also there is something very fishy going on with cyzir, stop it...

Oh yeah, and dumb question, dead talking is giving away info after you die right?
Well it is day so do we wan't to lynch? We do not really have any info right now. We could choose to no lynch as all of us have ssome powers, going random could out someone usefull.


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even though i'm not in this, i couldn't help but notice that its Yoshi King's birthday... we all know how we say happy birthday in mafia right?
lol Jimbo I just got some real ass information on you and frankly I don't buy it. Your informers are crap; trying to shield you from trouble...
To those players that signed up and do not use IRC, I suggest you do - it's a lot easier for me to see what youre doing and who you're talkin to that way. #fluodome is the official mafia channel.


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also there is something very fishy going on with cyzir, stop it...
Yeah, that's at the very least _slightly_ suspicious. It's in the best interest of the mafia to know every villager...

also he totally has a gay ass knife. why would a villager need that

I would like to remind everyone that it is in the best interest of anyone seeking the services of a cloner to PM me. I would be glad to do it for store credit!


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lol Jimbo I just got some real ass information on you and frankly I don't buy it. Your informers are crap; trying to shield you from trouble...
That's v. interesting because I haven't said anything consequential to anyone. My "informers" aren't really mine me thinks. Don't trust everyone Olie!


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I think we should list c-v for the reasons listed in my post above (mainly that he came out of nowhere and was like "everyone pm me")
I don't feel anybody should be lynched today. Not enough info is given or and what is given can't be proven. Last thing I want to do is hang a suspicious person that ends up being on my side.

Push come to shove though, I have two canidates in mind.
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