Swanna (Skeleton, QC 0/3)


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Alright, I know Swanna is on the "unfit for OU" list, but actually, she's pretty good. While her stats aren't that flashy, they are good enough to allow her to abuse those two great STABs which are amplified in the rain. Her Water-type STAB is boosted by the rain, while Hurricane is just so beast anything that switches into it gets butchered (Just ask Tornadus, he wishes he had Water STAB). The other Water/Flying type seen in OU, Gyarados, has make do with the not so awesome Bounce as his Flying STAB.


- Look at that badass pose. You know you're going to get it when she's staring at you like that.
- In all seriousness, Swanna is a good rain attacker. Not the best out there, but having both rain boosted Water STAB and Hurricane allows Swanna to hit pretty damn hard even with her measly base 87 SpA. Base 98 Speed is also decent, allowing her to outspeed the slower half of the metagame and do quite a lot of damage to it.
- Quite crappy defensively, so you need to switch in carefully.

name: Special Attacker
move 1: Hurricane
move 2: Surf
move 3: Roost
move 4: Rain Dance / Toxic
item: Life Orb / Damp Rock
ability: Big Peck
nature: Timid / Modest
evs: 4 Def / 252 SpA / 252 Spe

- Takes full advantage of the rain by getting a 100% accurate STAB Hurricane and rain boosted Surf. Flying and Water have epic coverage, something that Tornadus wishes it had.
- Compare to other rain abusers: While Swanna's stats a bit mediocre, having both Hurricane and Surf on the same set allows it to do surprisingly high damage to the opponent. Tornadus doesn't have a separate STAB to abuse with, Gyarados has make do with the not so awesome Bounce.
- Base 98 Speed is decent, allowing you to outspeed stuff up to Haxorus.
- Final two slots are used simply because Swanna doesn't have anything better to use. Roost lets you heal off Stealth Rock and Life Orb recoil. Rain Dance lets you put the finger up at other weather changers, while Toxic is something to throw at Rotom-W to annoy it with.

- Air Slash can be used for a more accurate STAB outside of the rain, but Swanna is pretty useless out of the rain anyway.
- EVs are simple, max Speed and max Special Attack for maximum hurt.
- Teammates: Politoed for rain, Ground-types to absorb Electric attacks. Virizion and Latias are awesome switch-ins to Rotom-W, your biggest counter.
- Counters: Rotom-W, Rotom-W, Rotom-W. Resists both of Swanna's STABs and sends it to oblivion with STAB Electric attacks. However, offensive variants that don't have a Choice Scarf can get 2HKOed by Hurricane + Surf in the rain after Stealth Rock damage, which is pretty cool. Ferrothorn can take a hit and Leech Seed you, but will die after one switch in. Empoleon resists both of Swanna's STABs. Blissey and Chansey can switch in with no problems at all.

[Other Options]
-Swanna hasn't got many options. Hidden Power can be used for coverage, such as Ground for Empoleon and Grass for Rotom-W, but you're not going to win against them anyway. Brave Bird can be used, but it is unwise to split up EVs on Swanna, since she's pretty weak as it is.

[Checks and Counters]
- Rotom-W
- Empoleon
- Blobs

[Dream World]
- Swanna gets Hydration in Dream World, which is pretty cool, as stuff like Toxic will now bounce of it. However, while it would be the better ability to use, it doesn't really make Swanna that much better, since your opponent can just go the more direct method and kill you instead.


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shrang... did you really just do this...

also there is no reason why swana is only useful in rain. they are both 120 base power stab moves. a band set is viable damn it

I don't like where this is going. I would use Hidden Power (though I'm not sure what type) and/or Ice Beam. Outside of that, you covered everything now to wait for QC reje...I mean approvals.


Pros of Swanna over Tornadus:
Surf with roughly 1.5x the power of Tornadus HP Water
Resistances to Water and Steel
Ice Beam?

Pros of Tornadus over Swanna:
Much higher stats, especially SpA (in the middle between the equivalent of a free LO/Expert Belt boost) and Spe (111 is very good in this meta)
Ability to maim Ferrothorn with Focus Blast if it's lucky, Hammer Arm if it wants to chance it a bit less I guess
Much nicer movepool overall

I'm not sure that Swanna is usable. Logs would be good for convincing, though.
I'm not entirely sure what to think of this thread

to be honest though, I think Swanna isn't viable for OU, given its mediocre stats. It sucks in Defense, bad offensively, and is trolled by everything over 98 base Speed. Also, Stealth Rock weakness.


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Yeah, you've pretty much covered everything there is about offensive Swanna. I wouldn't actually slash Damp Rock as the main item though, since it's crucial Swanna gets as much power it can get its hands on, and having a five-turn Rain Dance is just about enough to mess up opposing weather teams. Check: Tornadus and Thundurus.


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I dislike how you went about putting up this thread. First of all, Swanna is on the "unfit for OU" list, meaning it's currently not getting an analysis. What you should've done first was post here. As the thread says, "If you have an issue with these lists and can present your case logically, post it here and we'll look it over." You should've posted in the thread explaining your case for Swanna and then you should have contacted QC members to discuss whether or not Swanna should receive an analysis. If we agree, we would take Swanna off of the unfit for OU list and gladly allow you to write an analysis for Swanna. As far as I know, you didn't do any of the aforementioned, and instead, decided to reserve Swanna without contacting anyone even though it's on the list.

Next time, contact someone before doing stuff like this. If you really think Swanna deserves an OU analysis, post in the "what aren't we writing about" thread and I will get QC members to look it over. Furthermore, if you want, feel free to go on #QC on IRC to discuss Swanna's viability with a few QC members.