Swoobat (Update)

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Ok, so this thing kinda sucks now that Sigilyph is down here, so idk if it really deserves an analysis anymore, but I guess there's one set with something resembling a niche, so it's up to you QC guys to reject or approve this.



- Removed Calm Mind. Why would you use this over Sigilyph...
- Changed the Dual Screens EV spread to outspeed Scolipede.
- Going to rewrite this if it's approved. The original analysis is FAR too optimistic about this mon, especially when it's so close to being outclassed by Sigilyph.


- Why are you using this over Sigilyph.
- Nice 114 base Speed is all that's really going for it, and it doesn't really help much when Swoobat's just so frail and weak.
- Shares a Psychic / Flying typing with Sigilyph, and Sigilyph's better stats tend to make it better.
- Unaware looks like it would be good, but then you realize that it doesn't take into account Speed boosts, which means stuff like Lilligant can still just Quiver Dance then outspeed and KO Swoobat with Hidden Power Rock since Swoobat is just so frail.
- Uh, I guess it's Speed can be useful to quickly get off support options like Rain Dance etc, and it has Taunt to help with that which is kinda cool.
- Still, if not for fast support moves, you really have to wonder why you are using this over Sigilyph.

name: Dual Screens
move 1: Light Screen
move 2: Reflect
move 3: Taunt
move 4: U-turn
item: Light Clay
ability: Unaware
nature: Jolly
evs: 248 HP / 20 Def / 240 Spe


- The most unique thing Swoobat has going for it. Swoobat is the faster user of Taunt + Dual Screens + U-turn in RU, so it can quickly deploy the screens while preventing the opponent from setting up on it.
- Faces competition from Serperior, who is only one base speed slower and is much bulkier, but at least Swoobat can U-turn.
- Unaware is also somewhat cool I guess, since even though Swoobat can't really use it that well, it does mean that Swoobat can survive some attacks from boosting sweepers to set up screens: ie, you can set up both Reflect and Light Screen before dying vs SD Drapion since you can Reflect as it Crunches, while ignoring the SD boost to survive the Crunch, then set up Light Screen as Swoobat dies, while blocking Drapion's attempts to set up more Swords Dances with Taunt.
- U-turn is basically for scouting to see what the opponent brings in once Swoobat has set up its screens.


- Speed EVs beat Scolipede, the rest goes into HP and Defense for bulk.
- Roost can be used > U-turn as Swoobat is actually reasonably bulky after screens, and it can be used to keep Swoobat alive longer.
- I guess you can use a STAB attack if you want to hit some things somewhat hard, but it's mostly pointless since Swoobat is just too weak without investment in Special Attack.

Teammates + Counters

- Use set up sweepers to take advantage of the Dual Screens that Swoobat can set up. Klinklang, Swords Dance Drapion, OTR Cofagrigus, Omastar, Linoone, etc are wonderful choices.
- Since Swoobat doesn't set up any hazards though, use something like Crustle or Omastar to set them up.
- Basically use it on a generic (Shakeitup-esque) HO team which appreciates Swoobat's ability to set up screens quickly while preventing opposing sweepers from setting up and ripping through your team.

[Other Options]

- This guy actually has a bunch of cool options that it can use.
- Stored Power + Calm Mind is decent, but mostly outdone by Sigilyph / Musharna
- Psych Up steals boosts from stuff like Lilligant thanks to Unaware and lets you sweep instead.
- Special attacks like Shadow Ball, Energy Ball, Charge Beam, etc
- Uh, support set with Thunder Wave / Roost / Taunt / U-turn? It kinda sucks that Swoobat is so frail, but uh, it can at least abuse Unaware?
- Rain Dance can be set up, and since Swoobat has Taunt + Dual Screens + U-turn it isn't necessarily a bad option.

[Checks and Counters]

- Trickscarfers ensure that Swoobat can only get one screen off and make that screen only last 5 turns.
- Faster Taunters like Aerodactyl will completely shut Swoobat down. Aerodactyl will also OHKO Swoobat with Stone Edge.
- Also, Sceptile and Accelgor can outspeed and KO Swoobat with Hidden Power Rock with a bit of residual damage.
- Otherwise, you can't really stop Swoobat from getting up screens.
- If you don't have these mons, use powerful attackers like Aggron to pressure Swoobat, as they will still do massive damage to it after Reflect and they will certainly threaten the switch in.


- Simple would actually make this thing somewhat usable, since Calm Mind suddenly becomes a Nasty Plot AND an Amnesia at the same time.
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