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Not sure how useful this will prove to anyone, but I made a kind of Synergy Pokédex that attempts to quantify and tabulate defensive type synergy relationships between Pokémon (accounting for abilities). Ideas for improvements or similar projects would be welcome :)


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Interesting. However, I'm curious as to know how you come up with the percentages. For example, how come Lucario, who resists Ghost and 4x resists Dark for Mismagius, gets 125% with them but with Lati@s, it 4x resists Bug, resists Ghost, resists Ice, resists Dragon, and 4x resists Dark only gets 120%. Shouldn't more resistances give a higher percentage?
I was worried that someone might find that counterintuitive, yeah :/ Currently the score is defined as "single resist to all target's weaknesses => 100%". So Lucario gets a slightly higher score for defending Mismagius because it 4x resists a greater proportion of Mismagius' weaknesses compared to the Lati@s (1/2 instead of 2/5).
This is very cool! I could see it being a great asset for team-building. One suggestion I have is to possibly allow for more than one input pokemon (say I wanted to see which pokemon works best type-wise with skarmory AND blissey). That and possibly a filter system for results beyond just NFE, although that could be complicated as to what categories to include. It already is very good just as-is though, great work.
Thanks! ^^ I've added options for filtering by generation and tier. The latter I pulled from Smogon's damage calculator, so it won't stay current. I don't suppose anyone's made a JSON API since the last person asked?

I did notice the potential to derive something like an improvement on Marriland's team builder from this. I suspect I'd have to translate a fair bit of the code into JavaScript though, since the server-side computation is fairly intensive and caching would be less effective with lots of different team combinations. I'll add it to my list! :D


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This is pretty awesome.

Two things though: Rotom-A's typing in Gen IV is Electric/Ghost, and Lightning Rod/Storm Drain does not power up in Gen IV.
This is really cool, you even have gen V pokemon! Good job.

Edit: The pictures are a nice touch. This must have taken ages to complete!
Two things though: Rotom-A's typing in Gen IV is Electric/Ghost, and Lightning Rod/Storm Drain does not power up in Gen IV.
Right you are. Fixed!

Edit: The pictures are a nice touch. This must have taken ages to complete!
I think I spent most of the time just trying different approaches to optimization. >.< Still not entirely satisfied with it (it takes almost a second to calculate each synergy map).
I can surely see me using this in the future, you seem to have made a very good job. And it will only get better if you implement some of the changes proposed in this thread.


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Great job! That app is really insightful. Just a nitpick:
Confirmed Lightningrod now grants immunity to Electric attacks, including Thunder Wave, as well as a SpAttk boost upon being hit with an Electric move. Ground-types with Lightningrod do not get a SpAttk boost from being hit with an Electric attack; type immunity takes precedence. (howabe)
The app currently says that Lightningrod Marowak, etc. "Powers Up with Electric", which is false in all but extremely unusual circumstances.
Really, interesting, but shedinja should at least be counted as immune to almost everything since well, it is, not to ressist ground or bug, but to be immune to dragon water, etc..., still nice job, something to consider when creating defensive cores
I like this little calculator (it's been quite helpful in my team building), but I've had a bit of an... issue with this calculator: I've found that the calculator treats the three event legendaries as UU. If possible, can you fix this issue? Also, it would be nice if you made a filter for Pokemon allowed in RU.


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The user who posted this has not been on since April 7th, and therefore these posts requesting changes are pointless.

Mispy, if you do return, and want this to be reopened, PM me or another mod and it will be.
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