Gen 1 Tauros or Golem?

Trying to decide on a solid physical sweeper on my team.

~ Sleep Powder
~ Psychic
~ Mega Drain / Double-Edge / Stun Spore
~ Explosion

~ Psychic
~ Thunder Wave
~ Recover
~ Reflect / Seismic Toss / Kinesis

~ Thunderbolt
~ Drill Peck
~ Thunder Wave
~ Agility / Rest / Thunder / Mimic

~ Blizzard / Surf
~ Thunder Wave
~ Thunderbolt
~ Recover

~ Body Slam
~ Earthquake
~ Rock Slide
~ Explosion


~ Body Slam
~ Hyper Beam
~ Earthquake
~ Blizzard

~ Softboiled
~ Ice Beam
~ Thunderbolt
~ Thunder Wave
Both are good options. Tauros is always good but without a normal resistor, you may have some problems. I think for your team is better Golem (or Rhydon). You have a lot of paralysis support in 4-5 Pokemon which makes Golem better in battle.
The downside to using Golem would be that half of your team would be weak to Ice Moves. I'd go for Tauros on that basis - you don't want half your squad dying from the 1 weakness.


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Well as much as I agree that you dont need Chansey, I wouldnt suggest that using Starmie and Snorlax is going to offer anything like the level of protection you get from having a Chansey.

When not using Chansey, you just need to be prepared to sacrifice against Starmie, and because of that its probably not a great idea to use Golem or Rhydon.

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I love my golems, so thats my vote. way back when they did the pokemon 2000 league I rocked with alakazam, gengar and golem (shows for little I knew, and that dark didn't exsist). Wipe out any grass and water that threaten him with zapados and starmie and let him blow through!
I've experimented without chansey a lot. With the result being horrible fail... nothing can be even remotely compared to her, and nothing is going to replace her. Refuse to include Chansey, and you'll just lose to STarmie, really. Exeggutor, on the other hand, while surely one of the most useful Pokémon in RBY, still is a lot more easily replaceable than the other two.

also snorlax just sucks at taking special hits, like everything else in rby (bar chansey). starmie even has around 15% chance to 2hko him.
Trying to decide on a solid physical sweeper on my team.
The simple answer is. Golem isn't a physical sweeper, Rhydon is.

Why does Chansey need Thunderbolt again? Chansey needs Seismic toss in order to beat things like Alakazam and Hypno, who have high special defense. Starmie, Cloyster and Tentacruel aren't going to make a dent in Chansey anyway, so Seismic toss is more than enough.
Seismic toss also helps a little with pokes using Amnesia.

Consider using Blizzard over Ice beam. Blizzard hits Golem and Rhydon much harder when you predict it's switch in's (people tend to send them out early game to absorb thunder wave). Making them alot easier to take down later on.

Blizzard also does quite abit to Tauros. Every extra damage counts in RBY. Blizzard does more to Hypno and Alakazam aswell, compared to Seismic Toss. So once you get their health down to a low enough amount, try your luck and use Blizzard. Hopefully they'll be fully paralyzed, giving you the kill (where as with Seismic Toss's strict 100 hp damage, they would have been able to recover their health the next turn. Unless they paralyzed twice)
Tauros is absolutely the superior choice. Golem is too slow and the 4x weakness against both Grass and Water-typed moves isn't helping.

Besides, Golem has only 10 Base Attack stat more then Tauros, while Tauros has 65 Base Speed stat more then Golem
golem doesn't wall ANYTHING in rby bar the occasional zapdos (dodrio/jolteon aren't common at all, really). so golem is not a wall; also, nothing besides chansey is a wall in rby (no leftovers just hinders defensive capabilities THAT much). add that you don't *NEED* a wall just because "it is a wall" (going for every gen), and the result will be pretty clear; just run tauros, so that you can either take out 2-4 opponents' pokémon or match-up their tauros, before having your own bull taken down.
first of all, you want to decide tauros or rhydon, golem only got explosion and 5 base speed over rhydon higher atack and bulkness, second of all you want rhydon, has your team lack a eletric and normal resistence, and while the ice weakness might be bad, your team really need rhydon.
Golem walls no one but Zapdos. Everyone kills him in 2 hits. The only wall is Chansey (and reflect is quite amazing).

Blizzard is not used on Chansey as she is a staller, and Blizzard only has 8 pp.

Golem is NOT a physical sweeper. Rhydon maybe.... but Tauros is the best.
excuse me? neither rhydon or golem are going to wall ANY normal in rby (bar dodrio, which is almost never used in standard). also golem vs rhydon is a pretty useless argument; altough i'd go golem 9 times out of 10 because of explosion (but i barely do, as i almost always run snorlax over them), their function is almost identical.

tauros beats stuffs. golem does not. rby is ultimately offensive: so run tauros. it gives you a better match up against your opponent in every single case, no way you should build an rby team without it.

edit:waterwizad anticipated me :P
Idk, it seems like it's Tauros unanimously by anyone who's played RBY, this question has been answered numerous times. The one guy who's disagreeing classifies Zapdos as a physical wall. I think this was a pretty rhetorical question anyway. What's more interesting seems to be Exeggutor's status.

Chansey/Tauros are the staple 2 of any RBY team, that's a given. Then you have Exeggutor/Starmie/Gengar, which are all pretty similar in terms of necessity. I wouldn't necessarily put Exeggutor a tier above the other two, nor would I even consider him an absolute must-have as with Chansey/Tauros. I just. Don't. See. It. Gengar is a slight reach in that category though.
No RBY team should be without Tauros, Chansey, and Exeggutor.

that's helpful, jon ;)

a team without Tauros and Chansey will lose most every time.

Nothing personal, i just strongly disagree with you.

In reference to the OP's question, Golem cannot be classed as a physical sweeper unless it can hit everything hard and not die in the same turn. Golem dies easily to non-STAB'd Surf.

Your team is naturally begging for a Tauros though my friend, do not deprive it.