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Team "Bulky Babies" (peaked at 3th on PO)

Discussion in 'BW Other Teams' started by Blue_Star, Feb 25, 2011.

  1. Blue_Star

    is a Battle Server Moderator Alumnusis a Past WCoP Champion

    Oct 6, 2010
    Hai people, this is my LC team. This team is a rather offensive team that tries to counter the whole LC metagame. I made a threat list and no poké poses a real threat to it, so it's solid. It's a team that is based on setup + direct attacks to damage, but also being able to take hits. In other words, it's bulky offense =P

    At a Glance

    A Closer View

    Chinchou (F) @ Choice Scarf
    Trait: Volt Absorb
    EVs: 52 Def / 228 SAtk / 220 Spd
    Modest Nature (+SAtk, -Atk)
    - Thunderbolt
    - Hydro Pump
    - Hidden Power [Fire]
    - Volt Change

    Chinchou is the lead. It has a respectable 16 special attack and a fast 24 speed (after scarf). Not only that, she has excellent coverage. Thunderbolt is the reliable STAB, given its perfect accuracy and good power. Hydro Pump is the secondary STAB and it's much more powerful, but its accuracy might cost you many games =(. Hidden Power Fire is there because the no. 1 Chinchou's switch in is tesshiido, who is 4x weak to fire. Volt Change is the escape button, and it's great for scouting.

    Tesshiido (M) @ Evolution Stone
    Trait: Iron Barbs
    EVs: 164 HP / 188 Def / 148 SDef
    Sassy Nature (+SDef, -Spd)
    - Stealth Rock
    - Bullet Seed
    - Leech Seed
    - Protect

    Bronzor used to have this spot. But then, a shell smashing clamperl raped my team, so I decided to go with tesshiido > bronzor, and it worked pretty well. Anyways, Stealth Rock is much worse than spikes on tesshiido, but since no one on my team can lay it, it's put here. Bullet Seed is an attacking option, so that this isn't completely trolled by substitute/taunt. Leech Seed is a healing way, since walls need their health and Protect scouts for choiced attacks, wastes a leech seed turn, etc.

    Dokkora (M) @ Evolution Stone
    Trait: Guts
    EVs: 76 HP / 196 Atk / 156 Def / 76 SDef
    Adamant Nature (+Atk, -SAtk)
    - Drain Punch
    - Bulk Up
    - Payback
    - Mach Punch

    Dokkora is cute. Not only cute, it has 21 defense, being able to take even a +1 Zen Headbutt from Zuruggu. It also has an awesome 18 attack or 27 if it switches into status. Drain Punch is mandatory STAB and it can heal dokkora with the blood of those who it kills. Bulk Up is a deadly setup move, making dokkora's attack going to high levels as well as its defenses. Payback has awesome coverage hitting ghosts that switch into dokkora's drain punch. Mach Punch is a priority to pick off weakened foes.

    Misdreavus (F) @ Life Orb
    Trait: Levitate
    EVs: 236 SAtk / 240 Spd
    Timid Nature (+Spd, -Atk)
    - Nasty Plot
    - Shadow Ball
    - Hidden Power [Fighting]
    - Thunderbolt

    The Special attacker of the team. Dude, this girl is BROKEN. For LC standards, it has like 90/90/90/130/130/130 stats. BROKEN. Nasty Plot sends her special attack to sky-high levels. Shadow Ball is a freaking powerful move factoring STAB, and, at +2, it hits like hell. Hidden Power Fighting rounds off the coverage by hitting everything that resists ghost for at least neutral. Thunderbolt is mainly a filler, but it dents stuff like bulky waters, Murkrow and Baruchai. Anyways, BROKEN!

    Clamperl (M) @ Evolution Stone
    Trait: Shell Armor
    EVs: 240 SAtk / 80 SDef / 184 Spd
    Timid Nature (+Spd, -Atk)
    - Shell Smash
    - Surf
    - Ice Beam
    - Hidden Power [Grass]

    Another BROKEN. This little dude hits 26 speed and 32 sp.atk after shell smash, and, with evolution stone, it retains its physical bulk even after a Shell Smash, which is used here because it's arguably the best setup move. Surf is a reliable STAB and it will be denting everything barring dragons/grasses/waters, which are hit by Ice Beam and Hidden Power Grass respectively.

    Zuruggu (M) @ Evolution Stone
    Trait: Earthquake Spiral
    EVs: 68 HP / 156 Atk / 36 Def / 36 SDef / 212 Spd
    Adamant Nature (+Atk, -SAtk)
    - Dragon Dance
    - Crunch
    - Drain Punch
    - Ice Punch

    The final BROKENness. This guy cleans up what shellder/missy/dokkora/chinchou left. Having defenses superior to non-evolution stone Bronzor, this dude will easily find time to set up Dragon Dances. After +1, nothing unscarfed can outspeed it, and its goes to 25, and then 34, and then rising as it kills other n00bs. Yeah, I chose overconfidence over shed skin. Sure, being para'd or WoW'd ruins its sweep, but shed skin isn't reliable and I'm careful to avoid status. Crunch is actually its best move, since it's more powerful than drain punch and has perfect accuracy. Drain Punch has no drawbacks (not counting its relatively weak power) and has almost perfect coverage with crunch. Not only that, it also keeps zuruggu healthy. Ice Punch is the filler move used to hit gligar, who isn't even 2HKOed by a +2 Crunch IIRC.

    Bulky offense is the best playstyle on 5th gen OU, so it is on LC. You should play more LC too, it's cool =D

    One Last Look

  2. Blue_Star

    is a Battle Server Moderator Alumnusis a Past WCoP Champion

    Oct 6, 2010
    Threat List

    Pokémons in bold are pokémons that annoy this team.

    [​IMG] Gligar: Bronzor walls SD versions and dents with HP ice. Shellder sets up on non-SD versions.
    [​IMG] Misdreavus: Zuruggu can take HP fighting and Crunch, but WoW is annoying.
    [​IMG]Murkrow: This is probably going to be banned, but while it isn't, chinchou can take flying attacks and thunderbolt it.
    [​IMG]Zuruggu: Dokkora takes even a +1 zen headbutt and kills it with a combo of drain punch + mach punch.
    [​IMG]Tesshiido: Fightin' bros troll it.
    [​IMG] Meditite: Misdreavus outspeeds and OHKOes with shadow ball, but won't like to switch into a zen headbutt.
    [​IMG] Pururiru: Zuruggu crunches, missy shadow balls it.
    [​IMG] Carvanha: Dokkora mach punches SB versions, misdreavus thunderbolts any other.
    [​IMG] Slowpoke: Missy or Zuruggu OHKO with their respective STAB, but thunder wave will troll both.
    [​IMG] Dokkora: Tricky. To beat it, I send my own dokkora to drain punch it, then misdreavus to finish it with shadow ball.
    [​IMG] Kojofuu: Dokkora tanks its hits and drain punches, missy kinda "walls" it and has shadow ball.
    [​IMG] Snover: Fightin' bros, but the hail is annoying.
    [​IMG] Munchlax: Fightin' bros.
    [​IMG] Gastly: IDK why they use this when misdreavus is allowed, but ok. Missy outspeeds and shadow balls it. Zuruggu crunches it.
    [​IMG] Bronzor: Nothing on my team can't hit it super effectively >_>. But it can't do too much in return.
    [​IMG] Shellder: Chinchou rapes it.
    [​IMG] Ponyta: Chinchou rapes it.
    [​IMG] Wynaut: It can trap and encore/countercoat anything on my team, thus, prediction is required to beat it.
    [​IMG] Hippopotas: Chinchou hydro pumps, bronzor sets rocks.
    [​IMG] Meowth: Bronzor walls.
    [​IMG] Houndour: Chinchou hydro pumps.
    [​IMG] Magnemite: Pff. The only thing it can trap is bronzor, who isn't OHKOed by HP fire and has earthquake.
    [​IMG] Croagunk: Bronzor walls it and earthquakes it.
    [​IMG] Dratini: Bronzor walls it and HP ices it. It needs to switch in an outrage, tough.
    [​IMG] Chinchou: Bronzor can take a hit and earthquake it.
    [​IMG] Elekid: Bronzor can take a hit and earthquake it.
    [​IMG] Monmen: REALLY annoying. Everyone on my team is susceptible to SubSeeding, so I have to play around and can't let it setup.
    [​IMG] Komatana: Fightin' bros.
    [​IMG] Lickitung: Fightin' bros.
    [​IMG] Clamperl: Chinchou owns it if it's defensive. But if it's a shell smash version and it sets up, gg.
    [​IMG] Taillow: Bronzor walls it and HP ices it.
    [​IMG] Diglett: As long as it doesn't trap chinchou on volt change/thunderbolt (O_o'), it can't do shit.
    [​IMG] Ishizumai: Chinchou/Fightin' bros troll it.
    [​IMG] Lileep: Fightin' bros.
    [​IMG] Staryu: Chinchou walls it and thunderbolts it.
    [​IMG] Tamagetake: Spore is annoying, but it can't do too much also.
    [​IMG] Porygon: Fightin' bros.
    [​IMG] Moguryuu: Bronzor walls it + HP ice.
    [​IMG] Growlithe: Chinchou hydro pumps it.
    [​IMG] Tentacool: Bronzor earthquakes it. Toxic Spikes will troll chinchou/zuruggu/shellder, tough.
    [​IMG] Phanpy: Bronzor walls it + HP ice.
    [​IMG] Baruchai: Shellder has Icicle spear to deal with it, Chinchou has thunderbolts, but they won't enjoy a toxic at the face.
    [​IMG] Rattata: Bronzor walls it (unless if it has flame wheel Oo)
    [​IMG] Natu: Reflecting stealth rock is all it can do.
    [​IMG] Kibago: Bronzor walls it and has HP ice.
    [​IMG] Yuniran: Zuruggu crunches it/missy shadow balls it. But if it sets trick room... Oo'
    [​IMG] Zoroa: It's pwned by the fighting bros, just added as "annoying" due to the shitbricks factor.
    [​IMG] Abra: Bronzor.

  3. (makeup)

    is a Site Staff Alumnusis a Contributor Alumnus

    Feb 22, 2010
    How does your team deal with Shell Break Clamperl? It hits 26 Speed after a Shell Break, something Chinchou doesn't. If I were you, I'd replace Bronzor with Specially Defensive Tesshiido to beat Clamperl as well as do a better job at Spiking (and it has better typing)
  4. Blue_Star

    is a Battle Server Moderator Alumnusis a Past WCoP Champion

    Oct 6, 2010
    Tesshiido worked much better. It's also sturdy enough to take earthquakes from the likes of mogurew. I'm replacing it. thanks.
  5. Al_Alchemist

    Al_Alchemist Physics and Math \O/
    is a Past SPL Champion

    Nov 4, 2007
    Try out Hidden Power Fire on Chinchou over Ice Beam. It is far more useful this generation and you have Zuruggu's Ice Punch and Shellder's Icicle Spears to deal with Dragons anyway. Hidden Power Fire nails Ferroseed (Tesshiido) and Snover, something you couldn't do before, along with killing other grass types that are usually only used in the Sun so HP Fire does more anyway. HP Fire just sharply cuts down the amount of things that can handle a hit from Chinchou late game.

    Also, replace Shell Blade with Ice Shard, Shell Blade sucks ass and you have two Fighting-types to deal with Steels anyway. Icicle Spears can 2HKO a Bronzor and/or Ferroseed with one crit, which is somewhat likely considering your hitting it 10 times. Also you can play somewhat mind games with Pawniard (Steel/Dark-type thing) in order to 2-3HKO it with Icicle Spears and Ice Shard, in case it attempts to Sucker Punch you (faster priority makes Sucker Punch fail). Priority is just overall better.

    Last thing is, if you're not running Gyro Ball on Ferroseed there is absolutely no reason to run Careful nature over a one, in fact it actually hinders you, at least you will be able to outspeed -speed nature Slowpoke and opposing Ferroseeds now. If you want, you can take off the extra HP EV and add 36 evs to Atk and Spe for 2 points instead of just 1 HP stat point.
  6. Blue_Star

    is a Battle Server Moderator Alumnusis a Past WCoP Champion

    Oct 6, 2010
    Thanks for the ratings :)

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