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Team Damo

Discussion in 'BW Other Teams' started by Damo, Sep 11, 2012.

  1. Damo


    Sep 10, 2012
    Ok, this is basically the same team I used on my platinum cartridge, I never really played anyone else competitively until I got wireless internet this year, but i've played myself on two DS's hardout for years and years.
    I've tweaked it slightly for BW2 and have enjoyed much success with this team on the ladder.


    [​IMG]HEAVYMETAL @ Leftovers
    Calm nature
    252 Hp / 16 Def / 220 SpDef / 20 Spe

    Stealth Rock
    Dragon Tail
    Draco Meteor

    I usually use this guy as my lead, and it gets rocks up vs most anything. The 16 def evs are there to ensure non-crit superpowers from Deoxys-A does not OHKO, and the speed evs are basically speed creep to beat other base 90 leads with no/little investment in speed.
    Dragon tail is awesome, especially if i'm vs some noob that just sword dances straight away or calm minds straight away. Quite often i will get up rocks and use dragon tail quite a few times to rack up damage before dialga goes down. Flamethrower > fire blast simply because flamethrower still roasts ferro/forry and thats all i really need it for, and i like knowing I have a reliable move to hit them with. Draco meteor just for a strong stab attack, and because it's too good not to have.
    A few opposing leads annoy me. Deoxys-S with taunt is a pain, once it taunts me, i just switch to forretress and rapid spin away their hazards or gyro ball. Darkrai can stop stealth rock getting up with dark void, but I still let dialga absorb the sleep then switch to scarf Kyogre, which noramlly comes in on the nasty plot. About 70% of the time it's some noob that just stays in and loses his darkrai to a OHKO water spout, but darkrai with focus sash or darkrai that uses thunder wave/substitute on the anticipated switch give me headaches. I just stay in vs groudon and use rocks, sometimes groudon ohkos with earthquake, but it is rare to run into such an offensive groudon lead. Most times groudon expects the switch and uses rocks anyway, and this dialga doesnt really care about being twaved. Vs ferro leads i SR first, and often i see them using protect 1st turn to scout out for the fire move. 2nd turn I use flamethrower :) Sometimes I don't even want to roast ferro, as forry just trolls it hard and gives me an ideal way to set up spikes and t spikes and just rapid spin away ferros hazards (smart rapid spinning here is key, because of iron barbs, dont rapid spin until it has 3 layers up, and look to see if they have a spin blocker).

    [​IMG]LEVIATHAN @ Choice Scarf
    Modest nature
    252 SpAtt / 252 Spe / 4 Hp

    Water Spout
    Ice Beam

    In my opinion scarf kyogre should be on almost every team because it is the best pokemon in the metagame, and has been since its introduction in ruby/sapphire. I reliably revenge mewtwo and darkrai, and late game after the opposing team has been weakened through hazards and i've removed counters (palkia/ferrothorn/latias/gastrodon/arceus grass) this thing cleans up. If I suspect palkia will be switching in immediately expecting a water attack I thunder from the get go. Waterspout OHKO's shaymin sky after rocks.
    I used to have the evs tailored so it just outsped mewtwo and had more bulk, but now I realise speed tying with other modest scarf ogres and outspeeding various deoxys is more important. This guy packs an immediate punch and nails teams if they have no counter.

    [​IMG]SCARAB @ Leftovers
    Sassy nature
    252 Hp / 12 Def / 244 SpDef
    0 speed ivs

    Gyro Ball
    Toxic Spikes
    Rapid Spin

    My fav pokemon. This guy is awesome. If you know how to play, this guy eats ferrothorn alive. I can always tell im playing a noob if he keeps his ferrothorn in on this guy. He resists outrage and I quite often switch into outrage and just rack up hazards. Gyro ball hurts mewtwo/darkrai/deoxys/terrakion/kyurem/frosslass and the latis to a degree, and basically anything that uses taunt.
    Looking at the other team in team preview, I try to decide which hazards would be more beneficial. If they have a lot of steels i opt for spikes first, if their kyogre counter is gastrodon or grass arceus I opt for toxic spikes. If their team is laden with grounded sweepers like mewtwo and darkrai I aslo opt for toxic spikes 1st.
    This guy can come in on outrage, lugia, ferrothorn, the pink blobs, draco meteor, choice locked attacks and deoxys (esp after superpower/psycho boost which seems to be really common) and set up hazards. Sturdy helps it out a lot.

    [​IMG]GUARDIAN @ Leftovers
    Bold nature
    252 Hp / 8 def / 248 Spe


    This guy is a beast. This is THE lugia set to use, anything else is retarded as far as i'm concerned. With hazards down I can just whirlwind, sub and roost all day to inflict major pain on the other team.
    Whirlwind > dtail on lugia to phaze through sub and 100% accuracy. Dtails advantage is that it can work through taunt, but with lugias lack of attack and lack of stab dtail does miniscule damage that isn't even worth factoring into this decision. I can't stress enough how important it is to phaze through sub.
    The speed evs are enough to reach 318, 1 more than max speed base 95s, and 90% of the time I outspeed opposing lugia, which wins you the mirror. I sub first anticipating their toxic (opposing whirlwind is a bitch here) then I toxic them. A poisoned lugia is a dead lugia, so sub is really awesome. I use sub to stop twave from groudon too. Groudon finds it very to hard to break lugias sub, only stone edge breaks it in one hit. Groudon plays a dangerous game if it tries to stay in on lugia (unless groudon packs the rare roar) because lugia can sub and roost in the face of stone edge until it misses and then u have sub up for free.
    If even scarf kyogre switches into this lugia while lugia has a sub up, lugia will win one on one through toxic damage and spamming roost/sub. Slower kyogres never beat it.
    The great wall provides insurance against many phys threats, most notably extreme killer arceus and rayquaza, and it nails noobs that use ninjask. I've raped whole teams with this guy.

    [​IMG]DOOM @ Spooky plate
    Adamant nature
    4 Hp / 252 Att / 252 Spe

    Extreme Speed
    Brick Break
    Swords Dance
    Shadow Force

    My spin blocker and almost 'mandatory' arceus forme (if you want your team to be the best it can be then you have to use an arceus).
    Used to be bold nature with judgement and will o wisp, but I got raped by a guy using this version and have used it with great success ever since.
    Switches in on forrys thinking I have no spin blocker(You cant tell arceus is ghost in preview) and Sword dances up. Forrys dumb enough to stay in just got their team swept. It is nice to have a set upper other than forry on my team to take advantage of opportunities to wreak havoc (opponents used superpower/psycho boost/draco meteor/confused/asleep etc). Extreme speed has no stab, but is very useful nonetheless.
    Shadow force nails lugia if it doesnt get sub up (generally they use whirlwind/dtail on the charge turn). Brick break to hit ferrothorn/arceus-normal/dialga/chansey/tyranitar.
    This guy screws over choice locked terrakion (free sword dance) and blaziken when i predict hi jump kick (i dont know why people dont use low kick - its ubers lol. Hell I don't know why people use blaziken)

    [​IMG]ANGELDUST @ Wide lens
    Timid nature
    252 SpAtt / 4 SpDef / 252 Spe

    Spacial Rend
    Fire Blast
    Focus Blast

    My mandatory kyogre counter. Wide lens you ask? Well I saw on another RMT thread that the guy used wide lens, and at first I was skeptical, but after using it I like it. People always expect scarf or specs, and while scarf would be useful, this thing rapes stall teams and fufills its role well. I have experimented with haban berry to beat opposing scarf palkias.
    Quite often ill ko with spacial rend, in will come steel type and it will get roasted.
  2. Bossness


    Aug 18, 2011
    Hey damo, remember me?(probably not) Try Hydro Pump>Focus Blast on Palkia. In the rain Hydro Pump does more damage than a supereffective Focus Blast. Hydro Pump has an accuracy of 88% while Focus Blast has an accuracy of 77%.

    18damo191188.32032 ± 74 (provisional)11513308

    Highest number of battles on the uber ladder. Congrats!

    "i dont know why people dont use low kick - its ubers lol. Hell I don't know why people use blaziken) " - I myself use Low Kick. Blaziken is actually good, it can sweep through an entire team provided Stealth Rock and 1 layer of Spikes are up.
    Notice how I decided not to use protect against darkrai? Why? I knew he would switch. How did I know? The variation: +22 -10. Do both replays work? The first one is a private replay.

    "Forrys dumb enough to stay in just got their team swept" - while this is normally true, Toxic + Pain Split Forretress actually beats this arceus.

    EDIT: Blaziken are played by "noobs"(as you call it). The normal formula for handling Blaziken is : 1) Switch to Kyogre as it uses SD/Protect. 2) Switch to Ghost type next turn.
    A smart player will easily see through this strategy. They will immediately use Hi Jump Kick to catch Kyogre on the switch for a OHKO after SR.
    339 Atk vs 216 Def & 341 HP (130 Base Power): 285 - 336 (83.58% - 98.53%) Jolly Blaziken's Hi Jump Kick vs choice scarf Kyogre.

    Also remeber that Blaziken KOs every pokemon in the tier(except Giratina) at +2 after some hazards damage(read: SR only). At that point it can only be taken out by priority after its weakened. Of course, the priorrity users are all OHKOed if they fail to KO Blaziken.

    EDIT2: Xatu gives you problems? You mean the one in the CCAT Team?(which I used on the ladder?)
  3. Damo


    Sep 10, 2012
    Yeah I remember you :) Yeah I think I hate on blaziken coz my team handles it so well, I guess there are other teams that would find it a problem, mainly offensively orientated teams. Yeah now that I think about it hydro pump makes sense. But I like focus blast for ttar and insurance against bulk up dialga. Is a hard choice.
    With rain up, I just switch lugia into blaziken and it cant do anything. Or if its up against kyogore i just switch to my ghost and laught as it loses 50% with its failed HJK. With rain up ghostceus nails him and gets a free sword dance, and toxic spikes nail it. I guess im biased against it for the same reason i am biased against darkrai, and that is because it is a noob favourite, so generally its bad players you see using it.
  4. mtr


    Jan 31, 2009
    I've played this team at least 10 times. I don't know what your plan is against Zekrom...I know its rare, but one misprediction against it means that you lose a Pokemon. To say nothing of SubKrom haha. Most Rain teams run Ferrothorn or a Ground-type to deal with this.

    Other than that, its a well made team.
  5. Damo


    Sep 10, 2012
    Zekrom isnt that scary. Dialga survives a hit and ohkos with draco meteor, if zekrom isnt scarfed palkia ohkos with spacial rend. If I have toxic spikes down it makes it a lot easier. I've never found zekrom a problem to be honest, it has to come in when a teammate dies coz it cant really switch in on much. On a choiced dragon move forry sets up on it, and scarf bolt strike deals a pittance to dialga, so with smart play I can play around it. Maybe its another reason to chuck scarf on palkia, but that palk sweeps stall teams for me late game and I like it how it is.
    But yeah, on paper I can see your point. Maybe I just havn't faced a good zekrom in 1500 battles? lol. I really rate zekrom, he's in the new team i'm making, I think it's the best 5th gen dragon.
    I used to run def groudon over dialga, just to let me dictate the weather war and have insurance against pain in the ass steels immune to toxic spikes (calm mind jirachi gives me headaches, but i've never seen that/steelceus) but dialga is just so good in that lead position. If zekrom does screw me over a bit I guess I just have to have confidence that the rest of my team will screw over the rest of theirs even harder.

    The poke that really gives me headaches is Xatu.

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