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Team deadweight

Discussion in 'BW OU Teams' started by Hablanaros, Aug 16, 2013.

  1. Hablanaros


    Mar 18, 2013
    Team Deadweight
    A team by Schteiner

    Intro to the team:
    Deadweight is a balanced rain team with the goal of wearing down pokes and breaking walls, leading to a moxie heracross sweep late game.
    Every member on this team has a specific niche to fill, and have been chosen due to their ability to fufill said niche. I'm currently undefeated with this team, having racked up a 22-0 record on the ladder. Amazing time with this team, also my first post on rmt's! Enjoy, and thanks for reading!

    Politoed @Drizzle
    -ice beam
    -perish song

    Politoed has 2 roles on this team.
    1: He sets up rain 2: he stops setup sweepers. The Evs maximize physical defense because ferrothorn has the special side covered.

    Ferrothorn @ iron barbs
    -stealth rock
    -leech seed
    -power whip

    Ferrothorn is an amazing pokemon. He is really bulky, walls dragons and waters, and has an amazing support move pool.
    He sets up hazards and gets in the way of things. Walls latios and lati@s and tons of special threats. Awesome poke.

    Keldeo @Justified
    Jolly nature
    Choice specs
    -secret sword
    -hydro pump
    -icy wind
    -hp dark

    Keldeo is quite the pokemon. Some say he is good enough to be banned, but I don't believe so. Anyways, he is here to break walls and cause problems. Chose hp dark because it hits jellicent and celebi, without giving a normal type a free switch. The other moves are standard and are amazing. This set is still walled by celebi and jellicent, however.

    Celebi @ natural cure
    Modest nature
    Choice scarf
    -leaf storm
    -earth power
    -hp ice
    -u turn

    Celebi scarfed is NEVER USED. Don't know why, because celebi is an amazing scarfer. Leaf storm provides a very strong move that provides good coverage in ou. Earth power is for steels and fires that may want to switch in. Hp ice is for dragons and other obscure threats. U turn is for momentum and is the reason why I chose hp ice instead of fire. I can escape scizor and tyranitar, which are taken care of via Keldeo or heracross.

    Dragonite @multiscale
    Careful nature
    -thunder wave
    -dragon tail

    This is an odd set for dragonite. Because most people expect him to start setting up and switch to their check to him. Due to this, I can get a free sub and possibly cripple their scarfed poke. Then I shuffle them, racking up entry hazard damage, really wearing down the other persons team.

    Heracross @ moxie
    Jolly nature
    Choice scarf
    -close combat
    -stone edge
    -night slash

    Heracross is my late game sweeper. He is
    Hard to stop when he gets a couple of boosts under his belt. He is also handy for when a bug type move is required early game to take down a latios or starmie. Underrated, but a good poke.

    Possible improvements:
    Don't know about heracross, but he is definitely the most expendable team member. A setup sweeper could go there, possibly lucario or gyarados.
    Dragonite could also be substituted, although idk who would go there. Choice band garchomp would be decent. Any help is welcomed, and thank you for reading again.
    Edit: Can't figure out how
    Upload image sprites, sorry :/ will add copy team thing added later
  2. theclapp


    Jun 19, 2013
    Solid team. Love the use of bulky Dragonite. But it looks like you are really weak to a voltturn core of Scizor an Rotom. Rotom can come in on keldeo politoed and dragonite, threaten to hit you with a super effective electric type move or HP ice in dragonite's case and then volt switch out as celebi and ferrothorn come in. Then Scizor can come in for free and threaten Celebi with u turn and ferro thorn with Superpower and doesnt mind being paralyzed from Dragonite. I would recommend scarfed Thundurus T over Heracross. It can absorb electric type attacks, take a bullet punch and hit back hard with a very powerful thunder. Also use Fortress over ferrothorn so that you have a rapid spinner. Make him physically defensive and run a more specially defensive spread on Politoed. If you don't want to do this then take stealth rock off of ferrothrn because with three hazard moves on it, it becomes huge set up bait for the likes of Volcarona, dragonite and anything with substitute.
    Hope this helps
  3. blizzarddd


    Apr 17, 2006

    rotom has NO business switching in on specs rain boosted keldeo hydropumps.. even if it is max hp and SpD, which no one runs, it will be worn down super easily

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