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Team immunity(also favorite pokemons)

Discussion in 'Past Gen Teams' started by helldog, May 21, 2012.

  1. helldog


    Mar 21, 2012
    This team is concentrated heavily on immunities and pokemon typing. Also most of my pokemon here are my favorite pokemon(Gyarados,Houndoom,Breloom) and Im not going to change those 3. You may think this team is weak at a glance because there are NU and UU pokemons in here but I actually have beaten some OU teams with it. So please don't judge right away. But the main problem with this team is faster leads who stealth rock first than taunt.

    Breloom-Toxic orb
    Ability:Poison heal
    -Focus punch/mach punch
    -Seed bomb
    -Stone edge

    My lead sporer who spores everything thats slower than him. But other than acting as a lead, the main purpose of him is to get agility baton passed by Girafarig and start sporing and killing pokemons one by one. Mach punch is for faster leads like aerodactyl who try taunting me thinking I will use spore but I use an attacking move and finish em off with mach punch.

    Immunities:Statuses, leech seed.

    Ability:Inner focus
    -Baton pass
    -Charge beam
    -Grass knot

    My baton passer. So far he's been successful because he has few weaknesses which makes him hard to KO despite its fraility. But his main role is to agility baton pass to Breloom. But if he doesnt feel like it, he can always boost with charge beam and agility to Magnezone or Houndoom.


    Shedinja-Focus sash
    Ability:Wonder guard
    Nature:Naughty(like any attack boost nature matters lol)
    -Shadow sneak
    -X scissor
    -Swords dance

    He's my main immunity pokemon. He switches into everything that my pokemon are weak too. Stealth rock and spikes are the main problem and I dont have a rapid spinner but Gyarados can taunt after DDs and Breloom can spore to stop them. Again fast leads are the biggest problems and trying to think of a way to get around that. Anyway shedinja can sweep pokemon with swords dance and shadow sneak.


    Houndoom-Life orb
    Ability:Flash fire
    -Fire blast
    -Sucker punch
    -Dream eater
    -Super fang

    My mixed sweeper. Dream eater since Breloom will be sporing pokemon and can recover damage from Life orb, and super fang for switch in pokemon and then finish them off with sucker punch.


    Abiilty:Magnet pull
    -Flash cannon
    -Rain dance
    -Light screen

    Magnezone takes good amount of hits for this team. Rain dance to change weather incase of sandstorms and negate his fire weakness and thunderbolt and flash cannon for some damage. He also traps steels like forretress and skarmory who try spiking. First Breloom has to spore them first then I will switch Magnezone in and kill them.


    -Dragon dance

    My specially defensive tank. He takes many special hits other than electric and I can always avoid that. Taunt is to use it after his speed boosts from DDs and other moves are self explanatory.

  2. 2sly4u


    Oct 19, 2010
    Hi Helldog.

    This team has a couple of big problems. First off, your team isn't that threatening. Luckily for you, the core three you like ('Doom, 'Loom and 'Dos) can actually form a decent FWG core. Unfortunately, the rest of your team doesn't make much sense. Shedinja is absolutely horrible in OU, thanks to the prevalence of Sand Stream and entry hazards. You compound this problem because you lack a Spinner. Girafarig is almost as bad; it has terrible stats and bad typing, and is outclassed by basically every other Psychic/ Speed Passer in the game. Magnezone is fine, but his services as a steel trapper aren't really necessary for your core members. In general, you should focus less on getting as many immunities as possible and more on finding synergy in pokemon who can actually function reliably in OU.

    Second, all of your move sets are pretty horrible. Dream Eater and Super Fang on Houndoom? That's a huge waste of two slots that could be used on moves like Dark Pulse, Overheat, or Hidden Power. Also, your Breloom should be running the standard SubPunch; Mach Punch does too little damage without Technician (which is Gen V), and the All-out attacker needs some team support to function well anyways. His EVs are also very strange. You should take another look at Smogon's guides and find sets that are better.

    Really, this team needs lots of work. You need to find three teammates that actually complement your desired core, and you really need to find move sets that make sense (personally, I find Houndoom works best with a Scarf in OU). I'm not going to design your team for you, so I'll let you decide what you want to do from here. Once you finish a more competitive draft of the team, I'll be happy to give you a more in-depth rate. However, I recommend you stay away from NUs and UUs; really one non-OU is enough for a beginner, so try using some more standard pokemon to complement Houndoom.

    Have fun, and good luck!
  3. helldog


    Mar 21, 2012
    Thanks for the advice. In fact I actually changed Magnezone, Shedinja, and Girafarig 3 days after posting this because my team with them absolutely started sucking. I thought it was good at first but it was actually very horrific. I lost to my friend and cousin like pretty badly(competitive) But one thing I want to state to you, I really dont like going standards and just copying everything off smogon sets because it gets really boring and rather predictable. I dont use sub for breloom because its just a waste of moveslot when its really unlikely that the opponent will wake up in one turn for the focus punch charge(And it never actually did in any my battles) I rather have seed bomb, and stone edge for perfect coverage moveset. Also I changed my Houndoom to a scarfed one and I do admit dream eater and superfang is horrible on him so I changed that as well. I actually made a whole new team(Houndoom, Gyarados, Breloom not changed but movesets are slightly changed)

    Also I am not a beginner. I just like creating my own moveset, items, nature, evs and etc and some may be bad, hence why Im asking you guys for advice. But anyway, my new team is actually finished so Ill be posting a new RMT in an appropriate time so please look forward to it!
  4. LUST

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    Jul 14, 2011
    Please expand your descriptions or otherwise I would have to lock this thread.

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