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Team Injustice! First UU RMT - 1800 Peak

Discussion in 'BW Other Teams' started by Emaias, Jun 19, 2013.

  1. Emaias


    Mar 30, 2013
    Credit: Raikou


    Hello there Smogon. My name is Emaias, and I'm fairly new to the UU scene, and looking to learn, and compete with the best. I've always been interested in Pokemon, and have always had a competitive edge in me. At first I tried OU like most people, but honestly couldn't get a grip on it. Then I tried Doubles and did fairly well, peaking at 2046 before being defeated by some very anti trick room teams. You would think that I would of stuck there and beat them, but I wanted change. I figured UU was a great option, so here I am now.

    The overall goal of this team is offensive stall, with pretty nice offensive pressure. I went with the standard suicide lead Froslass as a hazard setter and spin blocker, with a surprise that not a lot of people see coming. I have two annoyers in Zapdos who uses SubRoostToxic to cripple anything not immune to toxic; and Snorlax who is a CurseRestTalk variant that literally can 6-0 entire teams if given even one turn of setup prior to a switch. Rhyperior as my defensive pivot, since with Solid Rock he can also absorb most special attacks, he is also a HUGE troll to Scarf Meinshao who tries to late game sweep with Hi Jump Kick. Lastly my sweepers in Flygon and Virizion. Flygon, what an absolute beast late game. Outrage + Scarf + Adamant Nature destroys almost anything. As for Virizion she is great for setting up one swords dance with her Lum berry keeping status problems in check.

    I have really enjoyed this team, and laddering with it is a blast. It's not as easy to use as most teams; at least in my opinion, due to the setups required to make it work efficiently, and not against you. So without further ado

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    I knew I wanted to build my team around Snorlax, he is the original big daddy, and one of my personal favorite pokemon made. He has great HP and Special Bulk making him a great way to start a defensive core, while also having offensive capability.

    Next in order to complete a defensive core, I would need someone who would compliment Snorlax. At first I tried Coffigarus, but I didnt like his playstyle too much, and was too easy to bring down while not dealing too much damage on his own for my liking. Then I tried Qwilfish, and I must say, I really liked him. Intimidate is great especially for defensive pokemon like him. But again I found him dealing too little damage for my liking, and I found a better spiker/taunter later. This led me to Zapdos, I used the SubRoostToxic combo once and fell in love nearly taking out half a team and just making people rage quit. With Snorlaxs fighting weakness in check, and Zapdos Ice/Rock weakness covered I was good.

    Now I need some offensive pressure to get some momentum going. I went through a lot of the scarfers before finding one I liked. Meinshao had too much risk with High Jump Kick. Darmantian wasnt really reliable without having a spinner. Heracross, he was ok, but in the end, just not what the team needed. So I found Flygon after losing to "CoolStoryBrobats" Twice. Outrage is just massive, and great at end game sweeping. It also gives me electric immunity, and U-Turn to keep up Momentum.

    Next up is Virizion, I needed something with power to get rid of pesky bulky water types, and something that could go against Coballion with relative ease. It can take care of most walls, and has a lot of power and bulk after one Swords Dance.

    My team needed a hazard setter, and a taunter. As mentioned above I tried Qwilfish first at this, and he worked great, I defiantly recommend more people using him. He just didnt fit into this team. So then I tried Froslass, and I was shocked at how good he was. Spikes is normally easy to get down, and he is quick enough to shut down almost all other Hazard Setters/Leads with Taunt.

    Last but certainly not least, in order to round the team off I needed a defensive pivot/hazer. I needed something that could be switched into pretty much any situation and be fine. Rhyperior with his Solid Rock and amazing defense is great. Dragon Tail is great to Phaze, and Stealth Rock makes another Hazard.




    Ability: Thick Fat
    EV's: 252 HP / 252 Special Defense / 4 Attack
    Nature: Careful
    • Body Slam
    • Curse
    • Rest
    • Sleep Talk

    Snorlax; The Original Pimp Daddy! The guy this guy was built around. I chose to go with CurseRestTalk for a variety of reasons....
    Nope, I just chose it cause it's a beast! Literally, the only thing that can stop him once he gets even two curses is a ghost or Sigilyph. He hast great special bulk, so once I see a special in, I can setup with Snorlax. Rest makes it so that statuses are no problem for him, so even against walls/annoyers he just shrugs them off. Body Slam is his Achilles Heel so to speak, if the opponent has any ghosts on the team, I have to make sure they are gone before I try and setup at all. Before you say "Why not use Crunch, or Earthquake" simple answer. I cant hurt fighting types with Crunch like I can with Body Slam, and a lucky crit on Close Combat can spell doom. As for not using Earthquake, there are too many flying types and pokemon with levitate to be justifiable as my only move. Simply put, getting rid of the ghosts is easy enough to do. He compliments the duo of Zaplax by adding resistance to Rock/Ice moves

    EV's:248 HP / 252 Special Defense / 8 Special Attack​
    • Thunderbolt
    • Toxic
    • Substitute
    • Roost

    The Bird of Thunder! Zapdos is a great pokemon, he has enough special attack, and speed as is to be a threat even without investment. Toxic/Pressure/Substitute is great for stalling teams and other walls out. Roost is just a troll move on him. I can toxic, and do one of two options, spam roost to survive (Mainly against Stone Edge/Ice Beam) or just alternate between Sub/Roost. Thunderbolt is just powerful, I know I dont need to tell you guys that he can hurt. He compliments my defensive core by adding the resists to Snorlax as well as being able to take down Ghosts with little threats.

    Ability: Levitate​
    EV's: 252 Attack / 252 Speed / 4 HP​
    Nature: Adamant​
    • Outrage
    • U-Turn
    • Earthquake
    • Stone Edge

    My Scarfer of choice in this tier. Outrage is just too powerful for most pokemon to handle. Late Game, he can come in, out speed everything in sight, and finish them off, with the assistance of the hazards. Stone Edge is there for the likes of Zapdos who can annoy my team greatly. U-turn is obviously there for keeping the momentum going and scouting. He pairs great with Snorlax/Rhyperior as well since most moves I'd get away from are Ice attacks, and then it will allow me a free turn of curse before they decide to switch out; or allows me to dodge an earthquake directed at Rhyperior and gain some momentum again. He has such pressure he forces a lot of switches racking up my hazard damage and just making the sweeps that much easier.

    Ability: Justified​
    EV's: 252 Attack / 252 Speed / 4 HP​
    Nature: Adamant​
    • Close Combat
    • Leaf Blade
    • Stone Edge
    • Swords Dance

    Virizion is such a versatile pokemon, that I cannot believe I dont see more of them, he is a great answer to bulky water type pokemon, especially against Sharpedo sweeps late game. He has great special bulk so after just one swords dance he is able to take on practically anything. The Lum Berry is there so that statuses dont pose a threat, and a way to get rid of Toxic Spikes. She matches nicely with the other female of the team, Froslass; due to justified increasing it's attacking so she doesnt lose a turn of setup. Stone Edge alone is great to predict Zapdos/Rotom-H switches and beat them on the spot.

    Ability: Cursed Body​
    EV's:252 HP / 252 Speed / 4 Special Attack​
    • Spikes
    • Taunt
    • Shadow Ball
    • Destiny Bond

    Ahhh, Froslass, the ultimate anti lead in my opinion. She is faster then almost any other lead, bar scarfed leads which I rarely see; making it so taunts are a gimmie, giving a free turn of spikes. Shadow Ball is just for damage and so im not taunt bait. The ace up my sleeve. If somehow a pokemon gets so high in stats I cannot stop it (Curse Lax, Curse Registeel) come to mind, or if I see a pokemon that's gonna give me a hard time Destiny Bond is the answer. It also works as a sort of hazer. Once my spikes are up, and I feel like im gonna die I will just use it. Sometimes they dont wanna lose that Pokemon, so they switch just adding more damage to them, Ill then just use it over and over again until I die, run out, or they finally burn/poison me.

    Ability: Solid Rock​
    EV's: 248 HP / 244 Special Defense / 16 Attack​
    Nature: Adamant​
    • Stealth Rock
    • Rock Blast
    • Dragon Tail
    • Protect

    My Strong Defensive Pivot. With his EV spread he can take most special attacks with relative ease, allowing him to be really essential to keeping the team alive. He gives another entry hazard, as well as being a phazer. Protect is to troll the holy hell out of scarf Meinshao when it's High Jump Kicking to town, it's so funny to see the opposing team go ....wtf.... who the hell keeps protect on rhyperior??? Not only that but it gives me a nice little health boost when used with leftovers. Anyway, Rock Blast is nice for pesky ice types and flying types.



    This guy is absolute hell for my team. If I dont have the right pokemon when he comes out, im in trouble. Just after a few cosmic powers, mixed with roost and he is a force to reckon with. Not too mention the ability to burn/poison my team at will, not even Snorlax can get through this wall. My best bet is to switch to Rhyperior/Zapdos and just get rid of him ASAP.​

    Not like any team doesnt find this guy annoying as hell, but due to my lack of physical moves he is a pain in my rear. I mean instant recovery? Thats hard to get past. Honestly, I just toxic him from the start, and switch into Snorlax (Since he usually cant Night Shade him) and pray for a switch. If snorlax is down it makes him almost impossible to beat​

    I always knew I hated cats, but I never knew how much until I faced this kitten from hell. Froslass is my best way, but not guarenteed since I could actually faint myself in the process. If all else fails, I switch to Rhyperior/Virizion and hope for the swagger boost to KO him.​


    Scarfed Moxiedile is a pain in the rear. The only thing that has a chance to knock it out is Flygon and even then it's shaky. Virizion can get it if I catch it on the switch. It's another one of those Pokemon that are rare, but I really dont have an answer to.​


    PHEWWWWW!!! That was a lot and took a lot longer then I thought. To those of you who toughed it out, I appreciate it! This team overall is a blast to play with, and has been a ball to ladder with. I hope that you all criticize to your hearts content, as I'm more then open to it! Thank you to anyone and everyone who helps.

    A Big Thanks goes to all those who helped make this team, and this thread.
    • CoolStoryBrobat
    • Bluehounddoom
    • All the admins at smogon who make the great place it is
    • The Smogon Forum Community
    • Zarel, The man who made this possible
  2. GenXXZ


    Apr 11, 2013
    Hey, this is a great, especially for a first team! I'd like to point out a few things though:

    Your team seems somewhat weak to OTR Cofagrigus. After 2 Nasty Plots, HP Fighting from a standard Cofag will 3HKO your Snorlax and break your rest cycle. And considering you have no way to hit Cofag back, Snorlax is just setup bait. SubSplit Chandelure can take advantage of Snorlax too by sapping a lot of that HP from it. On top of this, you have no offensive counter for ghosts. This is a problem that needs to be patched, Chandelure and Cofagrigus are very common in the UU metagame. So, I have two recommendations for Snorlax:

    1: Either run a standard curse set with Curse, Body Slam, Crunch(Earthquake), Rest.
    2: Run a pure RestTalk set with Body Slam and Whirlwind.

    The former will allow you to hit Ghost types harder, especially if you have accumulated a lot of Curses. The ladder will keep you from being set up on.

    Just a thought, but you may want to try Jolly Nature on Flygon. This way, you'll outspeed Adamant variants of Scarf Mienshao.

    In regards to your team threats:
    The best counter to Sigilyph in this tier in my opinion would probably be Sableye. Sableye is awesome with Prankster, and it can also be a good anti lead. Since Froslass is pretty predictable in its own right, maybe a swap would benefit your team. Will-0-Wisp would also help you out with Choice Scarf Krookodile.

    I don't see Liepard in this tier very often... It's pretty outclassed by Sableye. Still, Liepard is a lot faster than Sableye and they both have prankster... Rhyperior would be able to take the Thunder Wave and proceed to OHKO with RockBlast or phase with Dragon Tail. If you manage to get SR up and Liepard encores you into Dragon Tail, it would turn the momentum in your favor a bit and you could rack up entry damage.

    That's all I have to say for now. Good team!
  3. Emaias


    Mar 30, 2013
    First off Thank you for the feedback and reply! I see you posting here a lot so it means a lot, and I hope you realize what you said leaned heavily on me.

    In the regards to sableye that is a great suggestion, one I will be testing in the near future. I like the idea of being able to shut down sigilyph as well as deal some of my own pain with sableye.

    As far as Snorlax goes I'm pretty set on how he is. He is extremely powerful, and ghosts aren't too incredibly difficult to take care off. I don't mean to shoot your suggestion down, but I feel as others have experienced you have to see it, to see just how powerful it is.
    Do you perhaps have another suggestion to maybe replace a team member to take care of my ghost threat?

    Again thank you for your contribution!
  4. GenXXZ


    Apr 11, 2013
    Overall, I think your ghost problem would be patched quite well if you had a more offensive special attacker. Perhaps maybe Calm Mind Virizion over the Swords Dance set? Being more defensive while still maintaining offensive presence fits the team a little better too I'd think. SD Virizion is pretty well walled by Cofagrigus but the Calm Mind set would be a different story. It's also bulky enough to take a Fire Blast from Subsplit Chandelure after two Calm Minds. That's something to brag about; and you can even proceed to OHKO with HP rock.
  5. Emaias


    Mar 30, 2013
    Oh, nice idea. I don't know why that didn't occur to me sooner. Being honest virizion was my biggest weakness anyway. I'm looking forward to try it out. Although I must say I rarely see coffigarus, but Chandelure is a huge nuisance. Thanks again! And Brobat if you're reading this. You better be ready!
  6. CoolStoryBrobat

    CoolStoryBrobat The hero Smogon needs, but not the one it deserves
    is a Battle Server Moderator

    Aug 31, 2012
    Lol. I'm always watching, man. And yeah I honestly think CM Virizion would be a great fix for your team, especially since most of your guys hit from the Physical side. I'm surprised I didn't notice this sooner when I was helping you out.

    I think a Virizion set like this:

    Virizion @ Life Orb/leftovers
    Timid Nature
    252 SpA / 252 Speed / 4 HP
    - Giga Drain
    - Focus Blast
    - Hidden Power [Ice]
    - Calm Mind

    Would probably be incredibly good for your team, you also manage to break through Gligar, in the event you've already used up Froslass. You have to worry less about conservative play while still keeping the offensive pressure up. This thing also still sets up easily on Umbreon (part of a big reason why I suggested Virizion initially) so it's not like you're losing anything in the long run.

    Either way, I wish you the best of luck, man. You got me fair and square in our battle, and hopefully we get to go for it again sometime.
  7. patrick11756


    Oct 4, 2012
    Good team here amd congrats on the peak!

    Just a few points...
    1. Snorlax doesnt resist rock as you stated. I recommend crunch to compliment body slam otherwise ghosts will be a pain.
    2. Would you consider bold> calm on zapdos? What special attackers does zapdos need to check that snorkax cant? You want zapdos to check the fighting types that plague snorlax.
    3. I recommend switching scarf flygon for scarf mienshao which reliably check bith moxie hera and krookodile. It has more attack and speed and regenerator/ reckless which would outclass flygon as a scout and wall breaker.
    4. Sd virizion is good, but haze/ wow from cofragrigus still mess you up whether youre running cm or sd. This is more reason to run crunch imo on snorlax. Both sd and cm are good, but personally i prefer sd for the immediate power boost from sd.
    5. Rhyperior is good.
    6. I recommend qwilfish over froslass in order to check fighting types like moxie hera which can sweep this team. It also has great moves in spikes and haze. Intimidate also makes rhyperior extra bulky thanks to solid rock. Youll find the zapdos/ rhyperior/qwilfish core very strong...
  8. Emaias


    Mar 30, 2013
    Thanks brobat on the input and advice. I'm going to be testing that set later today or Sunday. Got a bunch of Naval Stuff to do.

    As for Patrick, when I said Snorlax resists rocks I meant that after one curse which isn't hard to manage they don't do a lot. I know Snorlaxs resists lol.

    As far as Zapdos goes, I have him as a Calm varient for a few reasons. First, he is already resistant to fighting type attacks, therefore I'm not to worried about their damage, it's nothing a roost can't heal. I keep him more special defense oriented mainly to deal with ghosts, and bulky waters. Their ice beams do little less then half on Zapdos with his current set. And ghosts are a threat my Snorlax cannot deal with.

    Now as far as Virizion goes I feel like I do need more special attacking presence, the swords dance variant is great, but the added bulk will also be nice. I'm still in the air about both and will wait for further testing before I'm set.

    For the next two, I hope you don't take this the wrong way but I feel like you didn't read the post, and just offered what you saw. Which is greatly appreciated, but as is ...

    1) I don't like Meinshaos playstyle of high risk, high reward. Sure he's faster, and he possess more attack, but he's a huge gamble late game. I'd rather have a stab outrage that will hit every time and deal massive damage, then have a move miss and cost me the game. Also Flygon does a pretty decent job at stopping Heracross anyway.

    2) As stated I LOVE Qwilfish, but not on this team. I know intimidate is great, but as a whole the fish is taunt bait. I have Rhyperior to Haze, and Froslass is also a great check to fighting types..... Being a ghost and all. Bottom line Froslass, may be slightly more frail, but it rarley losses the taunt battle, and offers a great move in destiny bond. Which is also my answer to Ghosts.
  9. Kitten Milk

    Kitten Milk [22:59:31] <KittenUU> 241 of which are fellacious

    Mar 4, 2013
    Hey, great job for your first team :)

    I just have a couple of little pointers, because this team is pretty good as a whole.

    If you're looking for a special attacking grass poke, I'd suggest either Roserade or Shaymin. I'd use Roserade if you're going with Sableye > Froslass, and Shaymin if you're keeping a spiker.

    Roserade @ Life Orb/Black Sludge
    Trait: Natural Cure
    EVs: 252 SpA/252 Spe/4 HP
    Timid/Modest Nature
    - Toxic Spikes
    - Sludge Bomb
    - Giga Drain/Leaf Storm
    - Sleep Powder/Leaf Storm/HP Fire

    Shaymin @ Life Orb
    Trait: Natural Cure
    EVs: 252 SpA/252 Spe/4 SpD
    Modest/Timid Nature
    - Seed Flare
    - Psychic
    - Synthesis/Rest
    - Earth Power

    I personally prefer Shaymin as a special attacker, as it can fire off base 120 stab seed flares at will as well as having awesome coverage, only lacking a SE move on a handful of pokes. That said, Roserade has the advantages of having a bit more utility, and dual typing which allows her to have dual stab as well as to get rid of toxic spikes.

    Also, I'd suggest making your Zapdos more defensive. Although Snorlax is pseudo-defensive after some curses, your team lacks a truly physically defensive poke from the get-go. Just switch your EVs from SpD to Def and slap a Bold Nature on it and I think you'll have an easier time with some common threats. Props for the bulky Zapdos either way though, it's an underrated set.

    Best of luck with the team, and it's a really awesome start.
  10. Emaias


    Mar 30, 2013
    Update: I've tested both special attacking variant, and physical attacking Virizion, and I've come to find Special being a pretty good fit. The ONLY thing I don't like is Focus Blasts accuracy. Made me lose a few games. I may be looking for a complete replacement

    Hazers are all giving me some trouble especially the likes of Blastiose. Maybe adding in a great grass sweeper can help. Any other suggestions?

    I've been testing Sableye over Froslass, and haven't looked back. It's like using parahax Jirachi the first time and having the power of God in your hands lol.

    At Kitten Milk: I like the suggestions. I feel as though Shaymin would be great, and an answer to bully waters that phaze me. I'll be testing him later today and get back to you guys.

    Again thanks everyone!

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