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Teh Ubers RMT

Discussion in 'BW Other Teams' started by imma firin mah lazor, Sep 7, 2011.

  1. imma firin mah lazor

    imma firin mah lazor

    Sep 1, 2011
    I made this team around half a year ago. This team was centered around my favorite pokemon of 3rd Gen, Shedinja, which I figured worked pretty good in Ubers since it completely walled many threats.
    I decided to have no Ubers in it while still being usable in Ubers, because after the battle I can give my opponent teh "Über smug".

    Lead Scarfed Jirachi

    Jirachi@Choice Scarf
    Serene Grace
    4Hp 252A 252S

    Iron head
    Ice punch
    Basically just awesome.

    Lead match-ups:
    Deoxys-S~Trick, then U-turn to Claydol for spinning.
    Groudon~U-turn to Claydol. Groudon is helpless against Claydol. Muahahahahahahaha!!!
    Kyogre~U-turn to Shedinja or Ferrothorn.
    Darkrai~U-turn to Cloyster to take the Dark Void, then to Ferrothorn to paralyze Darkrai as it Nasty Plots. In other words, Darkrai is a problem.
    Scarf Shaymin-S~Jirachi can take any attack Shaymin dishes out. Earth power does a max of 64.5%. Then I'll U-turn to something that resists its move. Most likely Shedinja.
    Dialga~U-turn to Politoed to take the fire blast or flamethrower. Politoed also takes the rare Earth Power like a champ.
    Deoxys-A~Mostly just like the other Deoxys, but I'll U-turn to Shedinja for any attack and threaten with shadow sneak since extremespeed can't hit.

    See? Problem solved! Leads are destroyed by teh mighty Jirachi!

    Secondary Lead Claydol
    252Hp 252D 4Sd

    Stealth Rock
    Rapid Spin
    Ice Beam

    I remember getting this Claydol from another Uber RMT and it perfectly fitted the niche of Rapid Spinner and Groudon counter. Even in the sunshine, if I have reflect set up, Ho-oh does around 37.3% - 44.4% to it with Sacred Fire. Ice beam hits many things super effectively. Stealth rock becos I liek it.

    The Other Secondary Lead: Politoed

    252Hp 4D 252Sd


    Even when I battle others online, they always ask me, :"Why Politoed? Why not use Kyogre? Kyogre has better stats and all!" Well, then I actually have no answer. I just wanted this team to be completely non-uber. It's also funnier to see a Kyogre being Toxic-stalled to death by a Politoed, isn't it? This thing is still bulky as hell. Palkia's Thunder does 54.7% - 64.6% to it, so I can still substitute after a Thunder. The rain also reduces a nasty fire weakness from Ferrothorn and Jirachi, as well as removing damaging weather conditions for Shedinja.

    Ferrothorn teh rage inducer!
    Iron Barbs
    252Hp 4D 252Sd

    Leech Seed
    Power Whip
    Thunder Wave

    Fills the valuable niche of RAGE INDUCER!!! Also counters nearly everything. Heatran finds it hard to 2HKO with fire blast in the rain. If it's sunny though, Ferrothorn has nothing on Heatran. Not much to this other than that. If I elaborated, I might as well direct you to Ferrothorn's analysis. (http://www.smogon.com/bw/pokemon/ferrothorn)

    Cloyster teh Dracon Killah!!!
    Skill Link
    252Hp 252D 4Sd

    Razor Shell
    Icicle Spear
    Ice Shard
    Rock Blast​

    Revenge killer. Ice STAB is also important when so many pokes are weak to it. Who worries about Stealth Rock if you already have a spinner anyway? Defensive great wall too. Slightly more offensively oriented than my other team members.

    Shedinja teh Beast!
    Shedinja is such a boss, he messed up the order of the post. Shedinja pwns. Even without seeing his moveset, you can sense Arceus fearing a rebellion. Arceus apparently regretted his decision to give him that wonderous guard so much, that he himself cursed it with poor stats and a miserable 1Hp. Thankfully, Shedinja has been honing his skills to raise his attack stat high enough to get back at the Ubers metagame and become the new god of Pokemon.
    This has to be the most epic thing I have ever typed.

    Shedinja@Focus Sash, for further honing his meditational skills
    Thy Wondrous Guard
    252A That's all he needs. Period. 252S if you must...
    Adamant at his father's actions.

    Team comments:
    Basically, the whole team makes sure the conditions are perfect for a Shedinja sweep. Claydol and Politoed are resistant to either one of Jirachi's weaknesses. That's basically it. I haven't tried this much, only two or three times, so I can't figure out any big gaping weaknesses in my team. Also, stop telling me to replace Politoed with Kyogre.
  2. imma firin mah lazor

    imma firin mah lazor

    Sep 1, 2011
    This was my first post. Don't go easy on me.
  3. Micromegas


    Aug 18, 2011
    The team is weak to reshiram, CM Gharceus, Darkrai, Mewtwo, and a lot more. Come on, if its in ubers, use ubers.

    Since this is ubers, replace politoed with Kyogre since there is no reason to use politoed at all. Replace jirachi, the choice scarf lead doesn't have the bulk to take attacks, and is useless when you consider there is steel arceus(which I suggest you use, CM set is awesome). I suggest replacing Shedinja with Scarf Palkia so you can revenge kill something and check kyogre. For Kyogre I'd use the Calm Mind boosting tank to put up rain better than politoed and be a good late game sweeper tank. Also, I'd like to know how claydol can work in ubers when there is such thing as groudon. Groudon has better defenses than claydol by far, only thing is that it can't spin. Either give Cloyster shell smash or replace it since that is all it can do. With all these changes darkrai(and a lot more) won't be such a problem. Hope I helped, and good luck.
  4. alex 67

    alex 67

    Apr 15, 2010
    I'm pretty sure this violates rule 15. Teams are supposed to be as competitive as possible. Not having a single uber pokemon shows how uncompetitve it is. Your supposed to play the team a few times to make sure it's good.

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