Tentacruel (Revamp) [QC 3/3]

Poison Heal Breloom is one of the best Tentacruel counters as it benefits from Poison and is immune to Scald burns, whilst it can use Tentacruel as setup fodder.
Would you mind rewording this to make note of how it can't directly switch-in to Tentacruel without already activating its ability? This was bugging me, especially since it's listed at the top of the checks & counters list..
I've been using 208 HP / 204 Def / 96 Spe, Timid as an EV spread lately. It retains a physical bias and outspeeds Jolly Mamoswine. It is worth an AC mention since some bulkier rain team builds can be quite weak to him.
Hey, just to avoid confusing GP people, would you mind removing the [GP 0/2] part of your title until this is fully written? You can change it back once this is fully written up, but you shouldn't have the tag in your thread title until this is completely written.
I've been pretty overwhelmed with uni work and other related things at the moment. I'll endeavour to resume work on this analysis as soon as I get the opportunity, but otherwise someone feel free to take over.