I am confused about tentacruel in the basic explanation it says he gets a 12.5% return per turn , this is not the return form rain dance, the only number matching it is the number from if I were to trick Black Sludge onto someone. What is this number??

Also It recomends Def Evs, however I already have a mixed wall and either steelix or skamory , depending on how i balance spikes, toxic spikes, roar, and Srock on my team, So i want a blissey-eque special wall how should I ev it for that , so that It still takes SOME phsy. attacks

Thank you very much


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This is the wrong forum to post this question in, but for the sake of clarity, I'll explain the 12.5% recovery found in the basic explanation. The 12.5% recovery each turn mentioned by the Tentacruel analysis factors in both Rain Dish and Leftovers / Black Sludge. Rain Dish alone gives 6.25% recovery each turn in the rain, as mentioned by pokemon0078. EV questions should be redirected to the SQSA megathread in the Overused subforum. Hope this helps. Welcome to Smogon!
no, rain dish restores 1/16, 6.25%, and leftovers restores 1/16, 6.25%. 6.25% + 6.25% = 12.5%. in any case, you should post in the small objective changes thread next time, as new threads are not to be made for this stuff.

a specially defensive spread is mentioned in additional comments.

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