Completed Terrador and Glacier do things!

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1v1 Singles
1-Day DQ
2 Recoveries/5 Chills
Arena: ASB Tournament Arena

No switch
No items
One ability

Quicksilver the Slugma (M)

Nature: Quiet (+special attack, - speed)


Fire: Fire STAB; immune to burn, emit a low glow in dark places, takes additional damage if active open flames are exposed to a water attack. Superior senses in volcanic or brushfire areas.

Magma Armor: (Innate) This Pokemon has a strong, heated armor that makes it incapable of being frozen. The armor also reduces the Base Attack Power of all incoming attacks by one (1).

Flame Body: (Innate) This Pokemon’s external temperature is kept at such a high level that any contact attack used on this Pokemon has a 30% chance of burning the opponent.

(DW LOCKED) Weak Armor: (Can be Enabled) The Pokemon can loosen its worn defensive armor so that it will break off when an opponent uses a contact attack, reducing the Pokemon's Defense and increasing their Speed by one (1) stage for each hit.


HP: 90
Atk: Rank 2
Def: Rank 2
SpA: Rank 4 (+)
SpD: Rank 2
Spe: 17 (-)
Size Class: 1
Weight Class: 3
Base Rank Total: 12

EC: 0/6
MC: 0
DC: 0/5

Rock Throw
Flame Burst

Heat wave

Rock Tomb
Over Heat


Pichu (Laharl) (M)
Nature: Modest (Sp. Attack raised by *; Attack lowered by *)
Type: Electric
Electric: Electric STAB; 50% reduction in paralysis chance from other electrical attacks, perfect accuracy and 30% chance of Protect breaking Thunder during Rain. Superior senses in power plant environments.


HP: 80
Atk: Rank 1 (-)
Def: Rank 1
SpA: Rank 3 (+)
SpD: Rank 2
Spe: 60
Size Class: 1
Weight Class: 1
Base Rank Total: 10

EC: 1/9
MC: 0
DC: 1/5

Static: (Innate) This Pokemon’s body is surrounded by an electric field that has a 30% chance of paralyzing opponents that use contact moves on this Pokemon.
Lightningrod (LOCKED): (Innate) These Pokemon naturally attract electricity to themselves and away from partners in double battles. When struck with an Electric attack, they transfer the energy into their body, using it to increase their Special Attack by one (1) stage. A boost gained this way by an opponent's attack will be maintained at the end of each round. Self-targeted attacks do not maintain boosts. If a Pokemon has a type immunity to Electric attacks, Lightning Rod will not activate.


Tail Whip
Thunder Wave
Sweet Kiss
Nasty Plot


Helping Hand

Hidden Power (Rock)
Double Team

Total: 12

Hidden Power (Rock 7) ~ Wish ~ Hidden Power (Rock 7)
IF (Smokescreen), THEN (Double Team (2)), BUT (Do not do so if you have Double Team clones on the field)
HP: 90 ~ En: 100
HP: 90 ~ En: 100

Here we are folks, with round 1 of this little cup battle! We've got ourselves a wee little Pichu, and a Slugma, fighting to the death!

Pichu bombards Slugma with bright brown spheres, and Slugma retaliates with a wave of heat! Pichu prays that he doesn't die next round, and this boring chain of actions causes Slugma to yawn, making Pichu drowsy! Both pokemon decide to take a more offensive route, and bombard each other again! Pichu fires of another hidden power, and Slugma retaliates with a heat wave!

Both pokemon took a bit of damagae, but it appears Slugma is in the lead! ..... for now...

Pichu: HP Rock [no-crit(645/1000)] ~ 13 Damage ~ -5
Slugma: Heat Wave [no-crit(845/1000, no-burn(989/1000), no-miss(437/1000)] ~ 16 Damage ~ -6 En

Pichu: Wish ~ -17 En
Slugma: Yawn ~ -7 En

Pichu: HP Rock [no-crit(129/1000)] ~ 13 Damage ~ -5
Slugma: Heat Wave [no-crit(88/1000), no-burn(763/1000), no-miss(904/1000)] ~ 16 Damage ~ -6 En

HP: 64 ~ En: 81
HP: 58 ~ En: 73 ~ Asleep after 1a ~ Wish after 1a
I will not order in this match until ToastTyrant gives us some flavor and records his RNG rolls; as it stands, his reffing is not up to code.

Thank you, Toast. Now, to order.
HP: 64 ~ En: 81
HP: 58 ~ En: 73 ~ Asleep after 1a ~ Wish after 1a

Welcome back folks! Tonight I present to you a continuation of the battle between a Poi-colored Slugma, and a baby Pichy with Tortilla-Shaped ears! Let's see what they have in store for us tonight.

Pichu starts the round with another powerful display of it's hidden power, dealing nice damage to Slugma! Slugma retaliates with a big tomb of boulders, and knocks Pichu out cold! ......NEVERMIND FOLKS, IT TURNS OUT PICH HAS FALLEN ASLEEP! And apparently it's earlier wish came true, restoring a nice amount of HP!

As Pichu sleeps on the sidelines, Slugma attempts to slaughter him with a wave of heat, but misses due to his overconfidence! DAMN YOU SLUGMA, STOP BEING SO COCKY! PICHY, GTFU YOU LAZY RODENT!

Pichu wakes up from his slumber, and bombards Slugma with his hidden power! Slugma attempts to hit him with ANOTHER heat wave, and actually hits this time! Looks like Pichu is takin the lead, folks!

Pichu: HP Rock [no-crit(389/1000)] ~ 13 Damage ~ -9 En
Slugma: Rock Tomb [no-crit(508/1000), no-miss(712/1000)] ~ 7 Damage ~ -4 En
Pichu: Falls asleep (2/3, Deep Sleep), + 20 HP, -1 Spe

Pichu: *sleep*
Slugma: Heat Wave [no-crit(837/1000), no-burn(259/1000), miss(17/1000)] ~ -6 En

Pichu: HP Rock [no-crit(566/1000)] ~ 13 Damage ~ -9 En
Slugma: Heat Wave [no-crit(837/1000), no-burn(259/1000), miss(539/1000)] ~ 16 Damage ~ -10 En
Pichu: Wakes Up

HP: 38 ~ En: 61
HP: 55 ~ En: 55 ~ -1 Spe
HP: 38 ~ En: 61
HP: 55 ~ En: 55 ~ -1 Spe

SO MUCH ENERGY IS USED THIS ROUND! Welcome back to round three, folks!

Pichu leads off by firing off it's hidden power! Slugma concentrates all its energy into its body and recovers some health!

Pichu continues to blast Slugma with it's hidden power, and Slugma retalliates with a wave of heat!

Pichu looks pissed, and continues to use all of its energy to blast Slugma with it's hidden power! Slugma loosens up and recovers smore more health. Wow. Shit load of energy was just tossed out the window...

Pichu: HP Rock [no-crit(602/1000)] ~ 13 Damage ~ -13 En
Slugma: Recover ~ 11 En ~ +20 HP

Pichu: HP Rock [no-crit(905/1000)] ~ 13 Damage ~ -17 En
Slugma: Heat Wave [no-crit(989/1000), no-burn(704/1000), miss(871/1000)] ~ 16 Damage ~ -6 En

Pichu: HP Rock [no-crit(300/1000)] ~ 13 Damage ~ -21 En
Slugma: Recover ~ 11 En ~ +20 HP

HP: 39 ~ En: 33
HP: 39 ~ En: 4
HP: 39 ~ En: 33
HP: 39 ~ En: 4

Welcome back, folks! Pichu is looking extremely low on energy, but both pokemon are at equal health! Who's gonna' take home the title of Better Baby? LET'S FIND OUT!

Pichu knows he needs a little more energy, and chills in the center of the field. Easily annoyed by this, Slugma fires off a massive burst of flames straight towards Pichu!

Pichu appears to have taken a nice chunk of damage, so he tries to retaliate with another hidden power! He's leaving some dents, but he just isn't doing enough damage. Slugma is looking pissed, and roars down on Pichu with a massive heat wave! Poor Pichu is barely resisting the heat at this point folks. You know what they say at home; If you can't stand the heat, get the fuck out of my kitchen.

Pichu is simply giving up at this point, and takes another chill-pill, ignorant to the fact that he's about to die. Slugma decides to land the finishing blow, and blasts it with another flame burst! IT APPEARS THAT PICHU IS DOWN, FOLKS! GLACIER IS THE WINNER! Damn, who would've thought a Slugma could win a battle. Thanks for joining us today folks! Stay tuned for more ASB Action!

Pichu: Chill ~ +12 Energy
Slugma: Flame Burst [no-crit 604/1000] ~ 13 Damage ~ -5 En

Pichu: HP Rock [no-crit(113/1000)] ~ 13 Damage ~ -5 En
Slugma: Heat Wave [no-crit(308/1000), no-miss(784/1000), no-burn(528/1000)] ~ 16 Damage ~ -6 En

Pichu: Chill ~ +12 Energy
Slugma: Flame Burst [no-crit 809/1000] ~ 13 Damage ~ -5 En

HP: 26 ~ En: 17
HP: -3 ~ En: 33

Congratulations, Glacier!


Toast: 2 UC

Glacier: 2 CC
Slugma: 1 EC, 2 MC, 1 DC, 1 KOC

Terrador: 2 CC
Pichu: 1 EC, 2 MC, 1 DC
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