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Terrakion fight threat help!

Discussion in 'BW OU Teams' started by gman11, Jan 24, 2013.

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  1. gman11


    Jan 21, 2013
    Hey all, recently created my first team; made a couple of adjustments but i realised that up against any pokemon with a close combat or stone edge i had nothing! Terrakion has sposed a huge threat to my team as well as Landorus and i don't know who to replace :'(

    The team:
    Life Orb & Levitate
    Timid: +252 SpA/ +252 Spd/ +4 Hp

    Focus Blast
    Shadow Ball
    Giga Drain

    I choose Gengar because he can wall most leads. Furthermore though Focus blast & Shadow ball are predictable, Giga Drain is not so predicatble and can easily deal with swamparts, gyrados & Aerodactyl. I’m using Gigga Drain as opposed to energy ball because any damage lost by life orb is essentially replenished and life orb boosts to 82 which is higher then Energy ball. I know this is an uncommon lead but it’s something different and it’s a nicely rounded moveset.​

    leftovers & Clear Body
    Adamant: +160 SpD/ +252 Hp/ +96 Atk

    Meteor Mash
    Stealth Rock

    Metagross is a good back up for Gengar’s checks; it can come in a take a wide variety of moves dealing a heavy blow at the end! Metagross can deal with the common problem of Jirachi quite well forcing iron head Jirachi to switch out helping me set up rocks. It can also KO Tyraniter with Meteor mash.

    Air Balloon & Flash Fire
    Modest: +252 SpA/ +100 SpD/ +100 Hp/ +56 Spd

    Lava plume
    H.P. electric
    Stealth rock

    Heatran resists quite a lot proving to be quite a nice pokemon to switch into - also if switches in from Metagross – it can absorb a fire attack increasing it’s fire moves due to flash fire. Also with its air balloon it will be able to resist a switch in earthquake. With Heatran being weak to water (x2) H.P. electric should be able to deal sufficient damage to an unexpected opponent. Roar is used so I can shuffle the team, allowing them to rack up entry hazard damage.

    Leftovers & Multiscale
    Adamant: +100 Atk/ +252 SpD/ +56 Hp

    Dragon tail
    Thunder wave

    Dragonite is a great wall to many moves; hence allowing him to be switched in quite easily. Thuder-wave is used to merely frustrate the opponent and hopefully buy me time to roost etc. The Adamant nature is unexpected in this set so some opponents may think they will be able to take a waterfall or dragon tail, but in fact will be surprised with the damage received.

    White herb & Shell Link
    Adamant: +252 Atk/ +252 Spd/ +4 SpD

    Icicle Spear
    Rapid Spin/spikes
    Shell smash
    Hydro pump

    With entry hazards being a main concept in many players’ games, I think it’s needed to have a rapid spinner. Cloyster is a great mix of a defence wall and a potent opponent. If the opponent has set up entry hazards, it can switch in on a physical opponent and rapid spin them away OR go for a shell smash and boosting its stats making it a sweeper! Hydro Pump will eliminate threats such as Skarmory, Scizor, Forretress, and Metagross, since it hits their weaker Special Defense.

    Leftovers & Levitate
    Calm: +248 Hp/ +232 SpD/ +28 SpA

    Volt Switch
    Hydro Pump
    Pain split

    Rotom is essentially my check to Tornadus & any other bulky water types. Volt switch allows me not to get set up upon while scouting the enemy moves; hydro-pump lets Rotom deal with possible threats. Pain split just allows my Rotom to stay in as much as possible and try and hit of as much damage as possible! Thunder-wave was my 4th option but now I’m thinking of putting scald or will-o-wisp; so any stalers on their team have limited time before a burn stacks up on them.

    I would like to know any sugegstions/changes any of you lot would make to the team... i feel Cloyster isn't really suited to this team - but i'm not sure with what replacement; i'm also thinking of running a pokemon with toxic (Cresselia)?

  2. Jirachee

    Jirachee scootin
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    Sep 24, 2010
    You posted your last RMT thread 3 days ago, and furthermore, it was the same team with a couple of differences. You are only allowed to post one RMT every two weeks, and please don't repost the same team. I'm locking this thread. Please read the rules before posting.

    If you have issues with Terrakion and Landorus, you can try Life Orb Latias over Dragonite.
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