The Adherence Tournament - Round 1

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contacted taylor several times after the initial vm, never got a response. i won't be around to play tomorrow, so :/

activity post
SOMALIA PM'd me when I was subbed in, and I replied, saying i was on IRC every day and if he wanted a specific time I was flexible. I never saw him and he never replied back.

I VM'd him two days ago and he hasn't replied.


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Ok, this round is over:

Activity Wins (Based on all of the information I was presented):
103. BurningMan vs 59. Rydro
96. Zebraiken vs 119. Taylor
46. Pesadilla vs 40. Lowgock
27. reyscarface vs 47. Living Things
26. 199 Lives vs 95. Takuya
64. Rediamond vs 21. SethZiBritannia

Coin Flips:
103. BurningMan
vs 59. Rydro
70. badabing vs 12. Iconic
97. [K-12] The Madchine vs 63. Dietcoke101
44. toasdt vs 34. HiddenCounter
38. DestinyUnknown vs 81. Lamppost
11. idiotfrommars vs 23. IceCarAdler
111. Z-rex vs 82. DittoCrow
19. CheezitKing vs 6. Floppy
92. toshimelonhead vs 91. xtrashine
1. mostwanted vs 105. Eranu

(giving an extension for all subs and for those that contacted me)
30. Chieliee vs 5. BKC
71. Double01 vs 22. T-Dogg
83. Alice vs 13. Gymdude
14. D4RR3N vs 43. H-C
48. SOMALIA vs 1. Vintage Books
10. ~GreenCore vs 4. dragonboy52
24. DrMohammadLi vs 2. Django Reinhart

Round 2 will be up shortly
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