The ADV OU SMACKDOWN - Semifinals

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It's like Fight Club only with Pokemon

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Welcome friends. I present to you the


We all love ADV OU dearly, not because its one of the Tour's tiers but because it is actually a fun metagame! All hail the power of CB Aerodactyl.... xP At the very least Blaziken is OU again!


  • Standard ADV OU. Pokemon that are OU can be found here
  • No Ubers.
  • Species Clause!
  • Best of 3
  • Timeout must be enabled!
  • OHKO Clause.....
  • Evasion Clause.....
  • Sleep Clause n_n
Semifinal pairings are:

Heist vs M Dragon
DracoMalfoy vs FLOPPY

Deadline is May 3rd. Good luck guys, you can all win the tournament if you really try :P
Not open for further replies.