Championship - Type A The All Gen Tournament - Round 2


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Won 4-2 against Iloveleague

game 1: SM, won. Nice matchup and was a good match.
game 2: RSE, my main tier. Toostrong and won.
game 3: ORAS, rough matchup + didn't play that well = lost
game 4: DPP, my second best tier, won easily
game 5: BW, spikes vs spikes, lost.
game 6: RBY, got a freeze on chansey (oml sry for revealin mons ,,) early game and won oo

GG fam luv yah :]


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went 1-1 with obii then he gave me the win, lost bw and won dpp, ggs fwiw

e: finished it up and won 4-3; I won dpp, sm, adv, rby and lost bw, oras, and an ungodly gsc game, ggs
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