the artist badge (again)

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for reasons unknown the artist badge is back to the faulty pixel version

here's the picture from bugmaniacbob's old suggestion box thread for reference

it was meant to be replaced by either
, and it was, for a while, but now the old faulty one's back...

requesting a permanent fix this time


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Fate is the art expert here, not you two, so unless you are gonna magically add something to the thread or fix this, idk what you are posting for. This is more of a "yo, admins, check this shit out" thread than a "everyone please give me your valuable and intelligent and well-informed opinions on my idea" thread.


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just posting to continue what fatecrashers said, i found an even more evident problem with the artists badge

it currently looks like so:

when after careful observation it should actually be something more like:
I didn't see this back then, so I've fixed it now.

Your artist badge is looking good, guys. I'm closing this topic, if you wanna thank me, my wall is open.
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