The Avengers- A Pleasanton Warstory

Hello my name is Stephen Buhl, but I’m known, unpleasantly I might add, on this forum as Saboros. Why unpleasantly you say? Well I was an ignorant noob who defended his measly, inexperienced posts. I’ll get more into it later on in this narrative. This warstory starts on May 21st 2011 at the San Jose Convention Center; I attended with Bruno (Kid Kadabra) and two other friends who only came to cheer us on. And in the end Bruno got a Bye (and he says he’s unlucky) into top 16, securing a spot at Nationals. My day didn’t end nearly as lucky. I didn’t know who anyone was back then, so when I sat across from Jeremy Fan, I had no idea who I would be engaging in battle with. The battle was maybe a minute and a half long, he 4-0d me, and I was forced to have my wristband cut off and walk down the aisle, humiliated. I kept up with the national and world championships via Bruno, he sent me exciting updated and to say I was engrossed would be an understatement, I knew that next year, I would try my hardest to do the best I possibly could. A month after Kamz was crowned the Senior Division World Champion the rules were announced for VGC 2012, and I was more than excited to begin the teambuilding process. Over the course of 4 months I created 6 VGC 2012 RMTs and finally settled on the one I thought was the best around January thanks to voodoopimp, Braseg257, Kid Kadabra, Human and a bunch of other people who helped bring together the team I wished to use. I wasn’t sure at the time what I wanted to use but my friend Colette told me I should use a team with Gardevoir, I said “what the heck” and decided to base a team around the hottest Pokémon out there. Right then and there, The Avengers were born and they would avenge last year’s loss.Here’s a look at my VGC2012 team that was helped put together by my friends and many kind people on Smogon. Especially Bruno who had RNGed 5 of my Pokémon! The last Pokémon was RNGd by Biosci, who did a great job on the Rotom-W.

The Team

*Art made by RitterCat

the Gardevoir (Named after the girl who thought of the best team core ever)

the Hitmontop (Is there really a cool nickname for this guy that hasn’t been thought of)

the Rotom (Enigne backwards is Engine)

Bruno Mars
the Breloom (Because his music helps me make it through life)

the Scizor (Because Schizophrenic has too many letters to fit as a NN)

the Heatran (Named after what drives me to play VGC12)

The Teambuilding Process
After the mental creation of my team I had to begin the physical construction of the team, if there’s one word I can use to describe this portion of my warstory it would be this: BRUNO!!!! Bruno is responsible for my amazingly flawless team with one exception being Dillon making the Rotom, at one point we even tried to RNG Heatran without a computer, but hey, they call my Human-RNG-Reporter Buhl for a reason. Actually, they don’t call me that, and for good reason. We gave up after we tried searching for our first seed through 38 pages of seeds. Thank you for your help Bruno, without your RNG I have no idea where I would be.
Within a month until regionals I looked back and realized I’ve been working to create a team for the past 6 months! I went from sandstorm, to trick room, to bulky offense, to Blaziken based, to hyper offense, to rain, to sun. However, these are only the teams that I posted to the RMT section of Smogon. You don’t want to see all the wacky creation I have in my “Pokémon Online Teams” folder.
Once I got to get away from school for a weekend with Bruno up at Lake Tahoe I was able to tightened the leash and begin grinding for EVs, Items, and TMs all that stuff. I went from the state of “Total Cluster****”, to having 4 of my Pokémon on my team completely ready to fight, and I was expecting to get my last 2 Pokémon, Heatran and Scizor in a couple days. It turned out that I wouldn’t get my Heatran of Scizor from Bruno for another 2 weeks. I ended up having to piggyback off of the local Laundromat’s Wi-Fi in order to trade with him, and I got to be the weird creepy guy who was sitting in the corner of a Laundromat with his DS, but all was well, because I finally finished my team, and there was less than a month left until regionals in Pleasanton! I wanted to test my team, but wanted to keep it a secret so for the next month until regionals, I battled on PO under the name as TexasVGCer.
The Arrogant Douche Runs Wild

With nothing to do to better my team on Smogon I tried to become more omnipresent, and boy did I fall through the cracks on that. My naïveté in posting showed almost immediately when I received three infractions in less than a month. The nooby posts led to a heated argument between me and Giant Enemy Crab and I came off as a know-it-all prick, and for that I’m sorry Giant Enemy Crab. I deserved all the infractions I received and I’ll work harder to become a better poster.

The Final Countdown
T’was the Friday before regionals, and I thought I’d make myself known, so I decided to dress up in a full suit and tie to school a “dress for success” sort of thing. So I woke up that morning to find that my suit had fallen from its hanger and was on the ground with three of my four cats lazily lounging on it. My blind rage only caused me to trip over a box and hit my chin on my laundry basket causing the cats to flee in terror, my suit was covered in cat hair, but nonetheless, I would wear it! Already about 15 minutes late, I removed 90% of the hairs from my suit and rushed to jump into the shower. As I ran across my room I hit my pinkie toe mid-stride on the corner of my door, it was then I knew the great start to my day would continue. I ended up leaving for school late and just barely making the bell, thanks to a bunch of minor things (no more conditioner, no peanut butter, 1 slice of bread, no bowls for cereal). I sat down in my Spanish class and looked and the date and laughed in realization of the date, Friday the 13th (Jason, come kill me now). Well despite the fact that it was Friday the 13th I still had my suit and tie and I got some nice looks from people and when people asked why I was dressed up I simply responded with, “Pokémon Tournament”. And they’d laugh….and laugh… oh, they would laugh.
The Tournament
Finally the day had come, me and Bruno woke up at around 7 and we were quickly on our way, once we arrived, we noticed that the venue was a SERIOUS downgrade from last year, and that disappointed me. The first person we saw was Nickscor. He would go on to win Masters, good job dude! As people arrived me and Bruno got more excited, first we saw Huy, then Duy, then Ninahaza and tons more people, but then we realized they were pre-registered and they just sped through the line quickly, but that would prove to be worthless later on because the tournament didn’t end up starting for another two and a half hours! Finally after meeting some awesome smogon people, the rounds finally started. Before the first round started two masters were behind me talking smack about Ray Rizzo. They were commenting on how many shinies he had and how he couldn’t have got them legally. But anyway this is how the rounds went:

Round 1 1-0
First turn he leads Seismitoad Glaceon and I lead Gardevoir Hitmontop. I fake out Glaceon, afraid of the blizzard and I’m surprised when Seismitoad’s Muddy Water gets two accuracy fall but my team does just fine, I sweep and win after setting up Trick Room, 4-0.

Round 2 1-1
I go up against Alec “pokemaster649” Wind, who got third place. I misplay in the beginning and he paralyzes everything. I total 5 parahax, a flinchhax and a crit against me, not my best battle. I lose 0-3.
Round 3 2-1
The kid leads with Ttar and Hydreigon, and I with Hitmontop and Gardevoir. I fake out Ttar because I don’t like taking physical attacks with Gardevoir and Hydreigon goes for the Fire Blast on Hitmontop, when I see that it does about 30%, I know I have the match one. Next turn I find out his Ttar is special, and he dark pulses my Gardevoir, I sweep him 4-0.
Round 4 3-1
The kid says he doesn’t EV train, so that comforts be a tad bit. But in team preview I see a full out hail team, and I’m worried because the team somewhat has some structure. I then realize he has all ice types, he tells me he loves spamming blizzard. I lead Gardevoir and Heatran and set up Trick Room and Heat Wave everything to death. By this time we had all chipped in to buy pizza, and damn that pizza was good! Huy, I gave you that extra 2 dollars to forgive me for my incompetent posts!
Round 5 4-1
I don’t remember this battle too well, but I remember sweeping some kid and winning 4-0.
Round 6 5-1
I don’t remember this battle too well either, I don’t even remember how much I won by….sorry!
Round 7 6-1
I go against a kid who’s also 6-1, he has a trick room team identical to my team from last year, so I know it backwards and forwards. He leads Amoongus and Reuniclus and I lead Hitmontop and Scizor. First turn I Fake Out Amoongus to prevent the rage powder and I get effect spore sleep and then I bug bite Reuniclus and I think I’ve got him owned when….Focus Sash! Who runs Focus Sash on Reuniclus?!? He sets up trick room with a sliver of health. I predict badly the next turn expecting the rage powder from Amoongus, but he obviously Spores my Scizor, as I went for the Bug Bite instead of the Bullet Punch. Hitmontop is fast asleep. Next turn, Hitmontop wakes up and sucker punches Amoongus bringing it to about 15%. They double target Hitmontop and kill it. Next turn I protect with Breloom as they double target it, and Scizor wakes up and Bug Bites Amoongus, this is where it gets awesome… Effect Spore put Scizor back to sleep but Scizor’s Bug Bite takes and eats Amoongus’ Lum Berry! I tell Jeremy and we lol a little bit. It was all downhill from there for him and I win 3-0.
Round 8 6-2
No doubt the haxiest match I played all day, my whole life even. I played Madeline Chung, a girl I barely beat at regionals last year, I was confident because I knew I could beat her, but I would be proven wrong. First turn she leads Typhlosion and Krookodile and I lead Gardevoir and Hitmontop. I know what Typhlosion wants to do, but I don’t really care, so I focus Krookodile, because it’s a huge threat to Gardevoir. I Fake Out Krookodile and Typhlosion Eruptions. It does about 75% to Hitmontop and about 45% to Gardevoir. I see Krookodile is running Leftovers, so I know it’s going to be a bit bulky, and might tank my Fight Gem Close Combat from Hitmontop. It doesn’t and I KO it, a good start. At the same time I switch to Heatran predicting another Eruption, but I guess she predicted my focus on Typloshion and Flamethrowers Hitmontop, which pisses me off. Hitmontop dies and I send Colette back out, she sends in Druddigon. First I Earth Power Typhlosion and it survives with a sliver of health, and Druddigon out-slows my Gardevoir and Dragon Claws it to kill it. Then Typhlosion Focus Blast not only hits my Heatran, but it also crits it, this lost me the game. I send in my last guy, Rotom-W and take out Druddigon with HP Ice, but first it Sucker Punches and does about 30%, Typhlosion’s Flamethrower triggers Sitrus Berry and I’m back at 60%. She sends in Excadrill, so I know I’m screwed from here, but don’t want to give up yet, so I try to Thunderbolt Typhlosion before I die, but trick room wears off and Excadrill’s Rock Slide crits my Rotom-W to kill it…and my spirits. I’m robbed, 2-0.
The Results
With me getting haxed out of a 7-1 record, I was now amongst the many 6-2s in the senior division. Of course my opponents didn’t do well, so I ended up placing 16th. I know I could’ve done so much better, though. But more importantly, I didn’t get to Avenge my humiliating defeat against 2009 Juniors World Champion Jeremy “AlphaOmega” Fan. He went 8-0, so after he signed his nationals paperwork, I approached him for the battle of the century!

Round 9: Stephen Buhl VS Jeremy Fan
I lead with Gardevoir and Hitmontop and he leads Cresselia and Heatran. I knew he had these two Pokemon throughout the whole tournament, but I didn’t have a clue about his strategy. He knew about my secret weapon, Ally Switch on Gardevoir, and he was well aware I would use it. First turn I Fake Out Cresselia and Heatran Taunts my Gardevoir, but Gardevoir has a Mental Herb so the taunt wears off and I set up Trick Room. He rages slightly saying, “Who even runs Mental Herb anymore?!?” Bruno narrates the battle to the crowd of people who aren’t watching us saying stuff like, “You got dunked on, son!” and… well that’s all he would say. I start off next turn by WoWing his Cresselia giving it a burn. I was then surprised when Cresselia used Reflect, I didn’t expect that at all. But I got pretty pissed off when I killed his Heatran with a Fight Gem Close Combat crit. The thing I wanted the most was to not beat Jeremy with hax. He then sends in Rotom-W and states, “This is where the hax begins”. I know that this is where I need to release my secret weapon, Ally Switch. I ally switch as Rotom thunder waves what would’ve been my Hitmontop but instead is my Gardevoir. Cresselia hit’s Gardevoir with Psychic too thanks to Ally Switch. Hitmontop brings Rotom to about half with Close Combat. There’s a lot of rage in the air at this point. Next turn, Jeremy predicts the Ally Switch, too bad he predicts wrong, I don’t Ally Switch! I double target Rotom to kill it, and I think by this time Reflect wears off and Cress is at around 50% from burn. I don’t remember exactly what happened after that but in the end I outplayed him hard, son!!!!!!!! He ended up rage-quitting and I was extremely happy.

I might have only gotten 16th place, but I defeated Jeremy, which was the main reason I wanted to compete this year. It’s like The Hobbit; I went on my quest and defeated my dragon. I met a lot of really awesome people as well. Huy, Duy, voodoopimp, DeagleBeagle, Ninahaza, pokemaster649 and many many more. Thanks for being really cool people, you guys rock, and hopefully I can come to Worlds this year!

  • Thanks to Bruno, Dillion and Biosci for helping me get my team, I have no idea where I would be without you guys!
  • V17 for hanging out with me for the majority of the time I was there.
  • Huy for getting a pizza
  • Making top 16
  • Beating Jeremy, despite the fact that it wasn't during the tournament
  • Ally Switch being uber-strong
  • Ninahaza is hella cool
  • Huy giving me a Watchog card
  • Duy is handsome
  • Getting haxed out of going 7-1 in Round 8
  • Critting Jeremy with FGem CC against his Heatran with Reflect up, don't wanna win with hax.
  • Not seeing DeepSpeed
  • Everyone and there mother going 6-2, just like me
  • 3 hours of waiting to play Round One
  • Trolly announcer, getting us excited to play when he really announces some TCG crap.
  • Venue downgrade

Well good job anyway man, dat 6-2 tiebreaker hax got us all! Nice to meet you. :D

Lol i didn't know you guys battled, too bad you don't have a vid, or i could upload it. xD
Hiya mang, congrats for DUNKING ON JEREMY SO HARD WITH THE 2HANDED 360 SLAM DUNK KAREEM JORDAN STYLE.... After you got the crit... That's it for the congrats. Glad to see my pokes helping you place pretty high :D All that hax sucks, but hey, there's always next year!
I read this top to bottom, and I have to say that you've came a long way to beat Jeremy Fan. I can kinda relate, as voodoo owned me 0-4 last year but I never truly held it against him.

Nice strategy btw, Ally Switch is something I would only expect to see in Triples. So wait, nameless chick from the morning was Colette ?_?


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62? 16! 62? 16! 62? 62! haha

it was nice to meet you. go grab bruno and head to indy :)

PS: if you can grab Bruno Mars as well, that would be great. Just bring both brunos
62? 16! 62? 16! 62? 62! haha

it was nice to meet you. go grab bruno and head to indy :)

PS: if you can grab Bruno Mars as well, that would be great. Just bring both brunos
Lol, I can't go I have a stupid wedding on July 1st, and then right after I have to fly to Texas for the Volleyball Junior Olympics. :(


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Good read, and nice record. Apologies for anything you took offensive in our little spout, good job :D
hey dude! 6-2 is absolutely not to throw away, after all the teams you improved i'm happy to know you found the right one, i hope you can do a great job at nationals or worlds championships! congrats man :D