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The Best of Wittybot

Discussion in 'Smogon's Greatest Hits' started by cookie, Oct 26, 2008.

  1. cookie

    cookie Firebot Development Lad
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    Mar 20, 2005
    my original idea for a 3k thread didn't turn out as well as I thought so I'm just going to use this post to share with you all some of the funnier moments in witty. I trawled through 9 months of submissions so you better fucking appreciate it.

    (if it really is tl;dr then i can bold the best stuff i guess) and i might have doubled up on some but it's fucking huge so there's bound to be imperfections
      <MEGAWITT>	I'm sure my father only drinks to...
      <MEGAWITT>	[1][West] get drunk and not remember anything  : 0 votes
      <MEGAWITT>	[2][cookie] his wife's good health after beating her up every night  : 4 votes by West,MEGATRON,matamato,jc_rcw
      <MEGAWITT>	[3][matamato] belittle and beat me  : 0 votes
      <MEGAWITT>	[4][MEGATRON] stop himself from saying racist things during black history month  : 2 votes by Sakura,cookie
      <MEGAWITT>	So Janet Jackson walks into a bar...
      <MEGAWITT>	[6][West] if it was smogon everyone would've tried to woo her  : 3 votes by cookie,MNL,jc_rcw
      <MEGAWITT>	When my parents found out I had been kidnapped, they...
      <MEGAWITT>	[1][Sakura] celebrated  : 0 votes
      <MEGAWITT>	[2][Jedil] Called fox news so we could be on tv.  : 4 votes by Sakura,jc_rcw,MNL,Shiv
      <MEGAWITT>	[3][jc_rcw] threw a party  : 0 votes
      <MEGAWITT>	[4][West] would've grounded me ;-;  : 0 votes
      <MEGAWITT>	[6][MNL] contacted the Mexican government.  : 3 votes by nether,West,MEGATRON
      <MEGAWITT>	The newest designer drugs...
      <MEGAWITT>	[2][MEGATRON] have been stopped by the iron fist of robocop. detroit city is free once again.  : 3 votes by West,Hipmonlee,MNL
      <MEGAWITT>	So Michael Jackson and Arnold Schwarzenegger knock on your door...
      <MEGAWITT>	[1][jc_rcw] you best be joking (BAN ME PLEASE)  : 0 votes
      <MEGAWITT>	[2][Sakura] Oh crap, rape tiem D:  : 2 votes by Jedil,West
      <MEGAWITT>	[3][Hipmonlee] save me robocop!  : 1 votes by MEGATRON
      <MEGAWITT>	[4][Max] fun fact: my next door neighbor is sylvester stalone  : 1 votes by cookie
      <MEGAWITT>	[5][Jedil] suicide  : 0 votes
      <alex>	im banning 2
      <MEGAWITT>	[6][cookie] and you think it's a dream until michael jackson molests your children while arnie gropes your wife  : 1 votes by MNL
      <matamato>	7 is far and away the best
      <MEGAWITT>	[7][MEGATRON] oh shit hide john connor  : 4 votes by Max,Hipmonlee,jc_rcw,matamato
      <MEGAWITT>	[8][MNL] when you dont answer Arnold breaks the door down and gropes your mom as she walks by and michael rapes your little brother.  : 0 votes
      <MEGAWITT>	[10][matamato] 'GET DOWN'  : 0 votes
      <MEGAWITT>	You know your refrigerator is too cold when...
      <MEGAWITT>	[1][Dak] even hazerider chills in it  : 2 votes by Yuri,cookie
      <MEGAWITT>	[3][Yuri] tom and jerry come to ice skate  : 0 votes
      <MEGAWITT>	Have _____, will travel.
      <MEGAWITT>	[1][Jackal] only done this once before  : 3 votes by Dak,cookie,Yuri
      <MEGAWITT>	[2][Yuri] a nice day fuck everyone will submit this  : 1 votes by Sonuis
      <MEGAWITT>	[4][cookie] car  : 1 votes by Jackal
      <MEGAWITT>	If you want something done properly...
      <MEGAWITT>	[1][Sonuis] Pay someone to do it  : 0 votes
      <MEGAWITT>	[2][Yuri] sit, bend and do it yourself  : 1 votes by cookie
      <MEGAWITT>	[3][Jackal] offer to give out a ladybug badge  : 1 votes by Broolucks
      <MEGAWITT>	[4][judgement] then you gotta go fuck yourself  : 0 votes
      <MEGAWITT>	[5][Dak] call MASTER PROPER  : 0 votes
      <MEGAWITT>	[6][cookie] slap the bitch harder  : 4 votes by judgement,Yuri,Dak,Jackal
      <MEGAWITT>	[7][Broolucks] just wait  : 1 votes by Sonuis
      <MEGAWITT>	I wish I hadn't ... before I went to bed.
      <MEGAWITT>	[4][cookie] prayed to the wrong god  : 2 votes by Jackal,Yuri
      <MEGAWITT>	When I tried to hack a walrus ...
      <MEGAWITT>	[1][Jackal] it shouted I AM THE WALRUS  : 1 votes by Yuri
      <MEGAWITT>	[3][dbolt] i got a walrein with 0/0/0/0/0/1 iv's  : 1 votes by cookie
      <MEGAWITT>	[5][cookie] i found the USB connection in its anus  : 2 votes by Jackal,judgement
      <MEGAWITT>	Presidential Candidates no one would vote for:...
      <MEGAWITT>	[2][Jackal] blacks, females, oh wait nvm  : 2 votes by cookie,Dak
      <MEGAWITT>	[3][cookie] a black woman -wait shit  : 2 votes by Jackal,judgement
      <MEGAWITT>	[4][judgement] mike huckabee? i dont get it  : 0 votes
      <MEGAWITT>	Flavored milk is best used...
      <MEGAWITT>	[4][Jackal] inside flavoured breasts ^__^  : 1 votes by cookie
      <MEGAWITT>	[5][jc_rcw] as a cleaning agent  : 3 votes by Yuri,Dak,Jackal
      <MEGAWITT>	[6][cookie] seducing felines  : 1 votes by jc_rcw
      <MEGAWITT>	Wait till they see the _____ I left in their birdbath.
      <MEGAWITT>	[1][matamato] answer fish  : 0 votes
      <MEGAWITT>	But matamato did not vote... no points for him :(
      <MEGAWITT>	[2][Jackal] turd  : 1 votes by cookie
      <MEGAWITT>	[3][cookie] huge load of guano  : 4 votes by judgement,Jackal,Yuri,jc_rcw
      <MEGAWITT>	Gandalf is...
      <MEGAWITT>	[8][cookie] co-starring with dumbledore in the latest gay porn flick  : 3 votes by Sakura,jc_rcw,Broolucks
      <MEGAWITT>	[9][Broolucks] fucking sam's hobbit wife behind his back  : 2 votes by cookie,bulax
      <MEGAWITT>	The main entertainment on Gilligan's island was...
      <MEGAWITT>	[6][Max] COCONUT BUTT  : 2 votes by Gormenghast,Dak
      <MEGAWITT>	[7][cookie] a coconut with a hole drilled though the middle  : 4 votes by CaptKirby,Max,Broolucks,jc_rcw
      <MEGAWITT>	[8][CaptKirby] I was born in 1987, so I have never fucking read Gilligan's Island  : 1 votes by BH
      <MEGAWITT>	I reckon I'm funnier than Jim Carey...
      <MEGAWITT>	[2][MEGATRON] i didn't star in and direct 23  : 2 votes by cookie,bulax
      <MEGAWITT>	The most dangerous thing for a chocolate is...
      <MEGAWITT>	[4][MEGATRON] a kkk themed dessert  : 2 votes by cookie,BH
      <MEGAWITT>	You should see Sinead O'Connors new hair cut...
      <MEGAWITT>	[1][cookie] it's a brazillian  : 2 votes by MEGATRON,Yuri
      <MEGAWITT>	Blair says "Do you mind if I slap you like *this*". You answer: ...
      <MEGAWITT>	[2][cookie] just make sure it's not the hand you touch cherie with  : 1 votes by MEGATRON
      <MEGAWITT>	[3][MEGATRON] i accept your duel. pistols at dawn.  : 2 votes by cookie,Yuri
      <MEGAWITT>	It is better that my prayers remain unanswered because...
      <MEGAWITT>	[1][MEGATRON] what could i really do with so many naked jessica albas, not to mention feeding them.....  : 3 votes by COalex,Yuri,cookie
      <MEGAWITT>	Sorry, but I don't do...
      <MEGAWITT>	[1][Sonuis] drugs.  : 0 votes
      <MEGAWITT>	[2][matamato] handjobs  : 0 votes
      <MEGAWITT>	[3][Toothache] do do do do, The Funky Gibbon...  : 0 votes
      <MEGAWITT>	[4][MEGATRON] dishes or voting for shiv. that's woman's work.  : 4 votes by Sonuis,Toothache,cookie,matamato
      <MEGAWITT>	Scientists at Harvard predict that by the year 2100...
      <MEGAWITT>	[1][bulax] predicting "war was one year from beginning"  : 0 votes
     <MEGAWITT>	[3][cookie] jumpman16 will have bred perfect IV'd pokemon for every species  : 3 votes by MEGATRON,bulax,Toothache
      <MEGAWITT>	Dude, you better knock it off or...
      <MEGAWITT>	[1][keloggs] her body will go limp soon. quit fucking around  : 1 votes by cookie
      <MEGAWITT>	But Gormenghast did not vote... no points for him :(
      <MEGAWITT>	[4][cookie] actually don't bother, I have Sticky Hold  : 3 votes by Sakura,bulax,Toothache
      <MEGAWITT>	Never let your children...
      <MEGAWITT>	[5][Sakura] talk to strangers on the internet, they could be 
      <MEGAWITT>	[7][cookie] out of the womb  : 3 votes by Kira,Sakura,Psycho
      <MEGAWITT>	I'm so addicted to the net...
      <MEGAWITT>	[3][Shiv] its so... enticing.... every time that fisherman throws it...  : 1 votes by atlas
      <MEGAWITT>	[5][evan] that i don't even go for the worm on hook anymore." Excerpt from: Memoirs of an Answer Fish  : 1 votes by Toothache
      <MEGAWITT>	[6][Mekkahway] Viewing Profile: Yoko Rains. Registered: Aug 07. Posts: 3273. Posts per day: 30.74.  : 3 votes by Jedil,CaptKirby,akuchi
      <MEGAWITT>	If ... is the disease, I am the cure.
      <MEGAWITT>	[7][Mekkahway] a low postcount  : 3 votes by Jedil,cookie,atlas
      <MEGAWITT>	Robocop is...
      <MEGAWITT>	[1][Toothache] so much more inferior to James Pond - Robocod  : 3 votes by CaptKirby,Gormenghast,cookie
      <MEGAWITT>	It's so cold today, I can't seem to...
      <MEGAWITT>	[8][Gormenghast] oh no dak licked the pole and his tongue is stuck to it dak what did we tell you about licking pole  : 4 votes by Jedil,Toothache,Shiv,Dak
      <MEGAWITT>	If you go behind Mount Rushmoore, you will see...
      <MEGAWITT>	[3][Shiv] man we did this before. some (BAN ME PLEASE) said its 'rushmore' and others just made up random shit fucking cuntass pieces of shit.. in other news, today gorm was found raped by dak..  : 2 votes by akuchi,Gormenghast
      <MEGAWITT>	[5][Toothache] the secret that no-one wanted to you know..... Lincoln had head lice  : 3 votes by Jedil,Shiv,cookie
      <MEGAWITT>	My uncle is a professional cryptologist; he...
      <MEGAWITT>	[2][cookie] speaks to me only in code it fucking pisses me off  : 3 votes by Thunderstruck,Toothache,Jackal
      <MEGAWITT>	I'm sure my father only drinks to...
      <MEGAWITT>	[1][Jackal] make my mom look hot again  : 3 votes by cookie,bulax,jc_rcw
      <MEGAWITT>	[2][jc_rcw] have better aim when hitting my mom  : 2 votes by Thunderstruck,Jackal
      <MEGAWITT>	Mmm Mary, you look absolutely ravishing in that skimpy...
      <MEGAWITT>	[1][Thunderstruck] and ren shirt.  : 3 votes by jc_rcw,cookie,Jackal
      <MEGAWITT>	The most dangerous thing for a penguin is...
      <MEGAWITT>	[1][Jackal] morgan freeman  : 3 votes by Thunderstruck,bulax,AvatarST
      <MEGAWITT>	The worst thing that can happen to a ghost is...
      <MEGAWITT>	[1][Jedil] !spook jackal  : 0 votes
      <MEGAWITT>	[2][AvatarST] die  : 0 votes
      <MEGAWITT>	[3][Yuri] something scare the living shit out of it  : 0 votes
      <MEGAWITT>	[5][dbolt] getting hit by pursuit when trying to switch  : 0 votes
      <MEGAWITT>	[6][Toothache] Gengar used Shadow Ball  : 3 votes by Jedil,zerowing,AvatarST
      <MEGAWITT>	[7][jc_rcw] casper  : 0 votes
      <MEGAWITT>	[8][zerowing] some guy in green overalls comes into your house with a vacuum cleaner and ruins your dinner  : 1 votes by cookie
      <MEGAWITT>	[9][cookie] GHOSTBUSTERS  : 5 votes by jc_rcw,Toothache,Thunderstruck,Yuri,dbolt
      <MEGAWITT>	The worst thing that can happen to a blood bank is...
      <MEGAWITT>	[1][cookie] a mass prison break in translyvania  : 0 votes
      <MEGAWITT>	[2][MEGATRON] donations from greg louganis  : 1 votes by AvatarST
      <MEGAWITT>	[3][AvatarST] hemorrhage  : 2 votes by cookie,MEGATRON
      <MEGAWITT>	The worst video game I've ever played was...
      <MEGAWITT>	[1][Gormenghast] TTERPG (thomas the tank enginre rpg)  : 1 votes by cookie
      <MEGAWITT>	[2][Dak] thomas the tank engine III : rescue the mayor  : 0 votes
      <MEGAWITT>	[3][Max] cerowang (get it, please get it)  : 0 votes
      <MEGAWITT>	[4][Sakura] My Little Pony Trouble In Ponyland  : 2 votes by Gormenghast,jc_rcw
      <MEGAWITT>	[5][cookie] snakes and ladders the graphics were shit  : 3 votes by Dak,Sakura,Max
     <MEGAWITT>	The only way to keep a woman happy is...
     <MEGAWITT>	[5][Gormenghast] a chocolate penis that ejaculates money  : 3 votes by cookie,Max,Dak
      <MEGAWITT>	Famous quotes: I am become death, the destroyer of...
      <MEGAWITT>	[1][cookie] proper english  : 2 votes by Gormenghast,Dak
      <MEGAWITT>	So Gandalf walks into a bar...
      <MEGAWITT>	[5][Gormenghast] theyre not underage theyre hobbit chicks i swear  : 4 votes by cookie,Max,Yuri,Dak
      <MEGAWITT>	Neo is...
      <MEGAWITT>	[1][Dak] neo.rar  : 3 votes by Jedil,cookie,Sonuis
      <MEGAWITT>	I find Chaos attractive because...
      <MEGAWITT>	[2][Yuri] im into furries  : 1 votes by AvatarST
      <MEGAWITT>	[3][cookie] i'm into negrophilia  : 1 votes by Jackal
      <MEGAWITT>	[4][Jackal] there was this one time at the zoo...  : 2 votes by cookie,Yuri
      <MEGAWITT>	If I was a pimp ...
      <MEGAWITT>	[3][Max] SHAKE N' BAKE  : 0 votes
      <MEGAWITT>	[7][MEGATRON] my right hand would be strong for an entirely different reason than it is now  : 6 votes by Dak,Gormenghast,cookie,Kira,Floppy,Max
      <MEGAWITT>	Buddha is the almighty fat man because...
      <MEGAWITT>	[1][cookie] the job of almighty hairy man is taken by chaos  : 1 votes by MasTR
      <MEGAWITT>	[2][MasTR] Shiv isnt almighty  : 2 votes by JimBob,cookie
     <MEGAWITT>	So Uncle Sam and Michael Jackson knock on your door...
     <MEGAWITT>	[2][cookie] and your suspicions about what goes on in the army are confirmed  : 2 votes by Jedil,JimBob
     <MEGAWITT>	My favorite colour is...
     <MEGAWITT>	[6][cookie] 52R/252G/252B/9SDEF  : 3 votes by evan,MNL,Pillowrath
     <MEGAWITT>	If you suspect your other half is unfaithful, it's a good idea to...
     <MEGAWITT>	[1][Jedil] asexual reproduction.  : 3 votes by Black-Marauder,cookie,JimBob
     <MEGAWITT>	After I play pokemon I....
     <MEGAWITT>	[2][SpectoralIngenetic] go spam a brazilian board with english!!!!!!!!!!!!  : 3 votes by Jedil,cookie,Black-Marauder
     <Fluobot>	I wish computers could...
     <Fluobot>	[1][Sarenji] count to 2  : 4 votes by cookie,akuchi,Gormenghast,dbolt
     <Fluobot>	Have you _____ your dog yet today?
     <Fluobot>	[3][cookie] pawns  : 3 votes by thunda,JimBob,Jedil
     <Fluobot>	Sex turns me off because....
     <Fluobot>	[6][cookie] [url]http://www.indiansex.com[/url]  : 4 votes by JimBob,thunda,Jedil,AJC
     <Fluobot>	Every 5 seconds I think about...
     <Fluobot>	[4][Jedil] how i am thinking every 5 seconds.  : 3 votes by AJC,Gormenghast,dbolt
     <Fluobot>	First date tip: ...
     <Fluobot>	[1][Gormenghast] take her to subway and order the 9 and a hal incher  : 4 votes by cookie,AJC,thunda,JimBob
     <Fluobot>	You're so ugly....
     <Fluobot>	[4][cookie] i had to give you ass-to-mouth resuscitation when you fainted  : 3 votes by Gormenghast,Max,JimBob
     <Fluobot>	Famous quotes: Only two things are infinite...
     <Fluobot>	[11][dbolt] 999 SP.ATK, 9999 DEF, 9999 SP.DEF, 9999 SPEED, 9999 HP-9999/9999 The Name would be Firebot Steel/Fire Fissure Unlimited PP Mind Reader Unlimited PP never Miss KOBOT Unlimited PP Shadow Ball Unlimited PP / gormenghast's postcount  : 6 votes by cookie,keloggs,Sarenji,Broolucks,thunda,Gormenghast
     <Fluobot>	When all else fails...
     <Fluobot>	[7][thunda] Set sail for France.  : 2 votes by Sakura,Broolucks
     <Fluobot>	[8][Broolucks] incest, put your sister to the test  : 3 votes by Jedil,cookie,Sarenji
     <MEGAWITT>	Stick to your day job Floppy ...
     <MEGAWITT>	[8][cookie] as an adamant voltorb salesman  : 4 votes by AJC,Kira,Dak,Norulz
     <Fluobot>	If you want to waste some time...
     <Fluobot>	[3][MEGATRON] i hear that weed is super effective against type time  : 3 votes by Gormenghast,Max,cookie
     <Fluobot>	Disclaimer on a marriage certificate: ...
     <Fluobot>	[1][MEGATRON] kitchen not included, but recommended  : 3 votes by Dak,cookie,dbolt
     <MEGAWITT>	My sister told me that...
     <MEGAWITT>	[1][Sarenji] sarenji is a (BAN ME PLEASE)  : 0 votes
     <MEGAWITT>	[2][Jedil] you're the father.  : 1 votes by cookie
     <MEGAWITT>	[6][cookie] she wasn't putting out because she's on her period atm and that i'd have to wait  : 3 votes by Jedil,Sarenji,thunda
     <MEGAWITT>	if my gba broke down....
     <MEGAWITT>	[6][thunda] Chikorita would have to fend for herself.  : 6 votes by Jedil,Sakura,cookie,Max,black-marauder,keloggs
     <MEGAWITT>	When you're peckish...
     <MEGAWITT>	[1][cookie] pick up a piplup  : 3 votes by Sakura,thunda,nether
     <MEGAWITT>	You know you need glasses when...
     <MEGAWITT>	[1][cookie] you keep hitting the space bar with your nose  : 2 votes by Toothache,Jedil
     <MEGAWITT>	[2][Toothache] you can't read this prompt  : 0 votes
     <MEGAWITT>	I have never ... in my life.
     <MEGAWITT>	[5][cookie] cybered without a firewall for protection  : 3 votes by Jedil,black-marauder,pookar
     <MEGAWITT>	I have ... club every Friday
     <MEGAWITT>	[1][black-marauder] \wrist  : 3 votes by cookie,Toothache,Sakura
     <MEGAWITT>	The biggest thing in my house is...
     <MEGAWITT>	[3][cookie] my cock yeahhh i'm gonna use it as a walking stick when i get old  : 0 votes
     <MEGAWITT>	[4][Isy] if someone ones says their dick they need to get that fixed really  : 4 votes by Jedil,Sakura,cookie,Pillowrath
     <MEGAWITT>	When my parents found out I had been kidnapped, they...
     <MEGAWITT>	[5][cookie] put my picture on soya milk cartons knowing damn well nobody drinks that shit  : 4 votes by MEGATRON,Sakura,thunda,Broolucks
     <MEGAWITT>	Look after the pennies, the pounds will...
     <MEGAWITT>	[1][MEGATRON] if pounds were australian currency steelicks would be bill gates  : 3 votes by Sakura,pookar,Broolucks
     <MEGAWITT>	... is the best cure for cancer
     <MEGAWITT>	[11][Isy] one time I saw a dude say "i have cancer i need money to remove" then that nigga bought a rolls royce  : 3 votes by Sonuis,Broolucks,Hipmonlee
     <MEGAWITT>	Pillowrath is awesome...
     <MEGAWITT>	[8][cookie] because he can use hypnosis and then i can use him to sleep on  : 5 votes by Sonuis,MEGATRON,pookar,Isy,thunda
     <MEGAWITT>	My grandfather always told me...
     <MEGAWITT>	[7][Broolucks] down the road not across the street  : 1 votes by Sakura
     <MEGAWITT>	[8][Hipmonlee] something about worthers originals  : 3 votes by Broolucks,MEGATRON,pookar
     <MEGAWITT>	When I told my parents I was gay, they...
     <MEGAWITT>	[7][Zoro] my mom cried and my dad said "Look how fat that you have made your mom"  : 3 votes by Broolucks,cookie,Venom
     <MEGAWITT>	I heard that cookie has...
     <MEGAWITT>	[7][Shiney] crumbled under the pressure  : 8 votes by thunda,MEGATRON,Floppy,pookar,Max,Broolucks,cookie,Isy
     <MEGAWITT>	My Father sat me down and told me...
     <MEGAWITT>	[1][MEGATRON] about the birds and the bees. The sun is out, birds are singing, bees are trying to have sex with them -- as is my understanding  : 0 votes
     <MEGAWITT>	[2][cookie] about the pidgeys and the beedrills  : 1 votes by MEGATRON
     <MEGAWITT>	[3][Broolucks] Luke... I... I... hahahah sorry I can't do this  : 3 votes by thunda,cookie,Floppy
     <MEGAWITT>	I'm not cool enough to go to...
     <MEGAWITT>	[1][MEGATRON] aiyo vanila kick it one time, #ice #ice baby  : 0 votes
     <MEGAWITT>	[2][cookie] #ice  : 4 votes by pookar,MEGATRON,Venom,Isy
     <MEGAWITT>	You know what they say about men with big feet...
     <MEGAWITT>	[1][cookie] they disgust thunda  : 1 votes by thunda
     <MEGAWITT>	[2][MEGATRON] your disgusting  : 1 votes by pookar
     <MEGAWITT>	[3][pookar] BIG FUCKINS SOCKS  : 3 votes by cookie,bulblax,MEGATRON
      <WittyMcgee>	Do not leave anything to chance, always...
      <WittyMcgee>	[2][cookie] load the dice  : 2 votes by zerowing,thunda
     <WittyMcgee>	Every ... has a silver lining.
     <WittyMcgee>	[1][zerowing] condom  : 0 votes
     <WittyMcgee>	[2][Sakura] black hole  : 0 votes
     <WittyMcgee>	[3][cookie] test tube with Ag+ and a reducing agent  : 4 votes by Sakura,zerowing,thunda,MEGATRON
     <WittyMcgee>	[4][MEGATRON] chinese made gold engagement ring  : 2 votes by Bam,cookie
     <WittyMcgee>	[5][thunda] Coconut Flavoured Ferrero Roche  : 0 votes
     <WittyMcgee>	The last time i was on a date, I...
     <WittyMcgee>	[3][MEGATRON] forgot to take my shoes, and my evening was ruined.  : 4 votes by Sakura,cookie,zerowing,Isy
     <WittyMcgee>	[5][cookie] was trapped in a calendar factory  : 2 votes by MEGATRON,thunda
     <WittyMcgee>	Dog humps dog because....
     <WittyMcgee>	[3][MEGATRON] LOBSTER STICKS TO MAGNET  : 2 votes by Sakura,Dak
     <WittyMcgee>	Famous quotes: That's one small step for man...
     <WittyMcgee>	[1][cookie] not such a small step for venom  : 2 votes by Dak,thunda
     <WittyMcgee>	[2][Dak] but an even smaller step for venom  : 1 votes by cookie
     <WittyMcgee>	[3][thunda] One giant step for Isy's pig-disgusting huge motherfucking foot  : 1 votes by MEGATRON
     <WittyMcgee>	[4][MEGATRON] but still a much bigger step than a woman will ever make  : 0 votes
     <WittyMcgee>	Never search for... on google.
     <WittyMcgee>	[6][thunda] Ask Jeeves. You'll get caught in the crossfire.  : 3 votes by Sakura,MEGATRON,cookie
     <WittyMcgee>	[7][cookie] other search engines it makes google jealous  : 2 votes by Dak,thunda
     <WittyMcgee>	Norulz is my friend because...
     <WittyMcgee>	[6][Gormenghast] error 404  : 1 votes by cookie
     <WittyMcgee>	[7][MEGATRON]   : 5 votes by Sakura,Gormenghast,Dak,Isy,thunda
     <WittyMcgee>	There is no right answer to...
     <WittyMcgee>	[1][Sakura] Norulz is my friend because...  : 4 votes by Isy,MEGATRON,cookie,pookar
     <WittyMcgee>	I can say ... in 4 different languages.
     <WittyMcgee>	[3][Sakura] doumoarigatou  : 2 votes by illusion,MEGATRON
     <WittyMcgee>	[9][MEGATRON] bonjour, hello, hola, *clicking noises*  : 0 votes
     <WittyMcgee>	[12][illusion] where's the plunger, I've had experience  : 5 votes by Sakura,Kaioken_Kisha,cookie,Foreys,Toothache
      <WittyMcgee>	When I walk into a computer room ...
      <WittyMcgee>	[4][dbolt] asl  : 2 votes by Foreys,Zoro
      <WittyMcgee>	[5][Gormenghast] predicting zoolander  : 1 votes by MEGATRON
      <WittyMcgee>	[8][Foreys] bitches say LoL  : 0 votes
      <WittyMcgee>	[9][Zoro] I smell the aroma of masturbation...  : 1 votes by Sakura
      <WittyMcgee>	[10][MEGATRON] the computers fall in line asking how i am so cute  : 3 votes by dbolt,Gormenghast,Dak
      <WittyMcgee>	I want to live forever because...
      <WittyMcgee>	[2][pookar] thunda will die eventually  : 1 votes by black-marauder
      <WittyMcgee>	[3][MEGATRON] then i could see how naruto ends  : 1 votes by pookar
      <WittyMcgee>	[4][Gormenghast] black girls please  : 1 votes by Foreys
      <WittyMcgee>	[5][Foreys] i want to experience a world without norulz  : 1 votes by Isy
     <WittyMcgee>	[6][cookie] i procrastinate like a motherfucker  : 1 votes by Norulz
     <WittyMcgee>	[7][Zoro] I want to be able to do whatever I want without dying.  : 0 votes
     <WittyMcgee>	[9][Isy] i want to see thunda's children run away from evolved swans  : 2 votes by cookie,MEGATRON
     <WittyMcgee>	If I had x-ray vision...
     <WittyMcgee>	[5][Zoro] all good looking females would have cancer  : 4 votes by MEGATRON,cookie,Gormenghast,Foreys
     <WittyMcgee>	imo we should lynch aamto because...
     <WittyMcgee>	[1][pookar] he doesnt know how to spell matt  : 0 votes
     <WittyMcgee>	[2][Gormenghast] hes the mayor and np: black flag  : 0 votes
     <WittyMcgee>	[3][black-marauder] thunda is already dead -_-  : 1 votes by pookar
     <WittyMcgee>	[4][Zoro] tomorrow is St. Patricks Day  : 1 votes by black-marauder
     <WittyMcgee>	[5][Isy] he wouldn't lynch gorm if he was mafia  : 1 votes by Zoro
     <WittyMcgee>	[6][cookie] he's black and my old-fashioned grandfather is looking over me as i type this  : 3 votes by Isy,Gormenghast,MEGATRON
      <WittyMcgee>	I wish I was as obnoxious as Gormenghast because...
     <WittyMcgee>	[5][Shiney_] r_______________________r  : 2 votes by Zoro,cookie
     <WittyMcgee>	[7][Isy] i'd get a date with trashy  : 3 votes by Foreys,Gormenghast,Shiney_
     <WittyMcgee>	There is a time and a place for...
     <WittyMcgee>	[2][cookie] hammertime, it's between chiseltime and spannertime  : 1 votes by MEGATRON
     <WittyMcgee>	[5][MEGATRON] a jamaican bobsledding team. it's in the mid-90's with john candy.  : 2 votes by Gormenghast,cookie
     <WittyMcgee>	I'd rather bite Mahatma Gandhi than...
     <WittyMcgee>	[5][Max] i can't believe it's not buddha! get it  : 3 votes by dbolt,cookie,MEGATRON
     <WittyMcgee>	Roses are red, violets are blue...
     <WittyMcgee>	[5][MEGATRON] negroes are black and racists hate jews  : 1 votes by Dak
     <WittyMcgee>	[6][cookie] funny that, so is my date after i'm finished with her  : 2 votes by Hipmonlee,illusion
     <WittyMcgee>	TOOK A MIDNIGHT TRAIN TO ...........
     <WittyMcgee>	[4][dbolt] CAPS LAND YEAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA  : 2 votes by cookie,Isy
     <WittyMcgee>	little girls likes taking loli photography because.....
     <WittyMcgee>	[2][Hipmonlee] did alper submit this?  : 4 votes by dbolt,cookie,Isy,Max
     <WittyMcgee>	There's a hole in my...
     <WittyMcgee>	[5][Isy] <jesus> palm, lol  : 3 votes by MEGATRON,cookie,Sakura
     <WittyMcgee>	God only exists...
     <WittyMcgee>	[4][cookie] everywhere, i mean come on how can you not see him  : 3 votes by Sakura,Isy,Sk
     <WittyMcgee>	... is traditionally eaten at Christmas.
     <WittyMcgee>	[3][Gormenghast] in ethiopia, nothing  : 3 votes by Isy,thunda,cookie
     <WittyMcgee>	brain wears short shorts because....
     <WittyMcgee>	[1][Gormenghast] <Toothache> also lol @ 1 <WittyMcgee> [1][Toothache] toothache : 0 votes  : 3 votes by cookie,Isy,matamato
     <WittyMcgee>	When I need to kill some time...
     <WittyMcgee>	[1][Dak] !kill clock  : 2 votes by dbolt,Gormenghast
     <WittyMcgee>	[3][cookie] i accelerate close to the speed of light  : 3 votes by Shiney,Sakura,Sarenji
     <WittyMcgee>	little girls likes taking loli photography because.....
     <WittyMcgee>	[1][Isy] <matamato> sakura take a pic heh heh heh heh  : 3 votes by Toothache,dbolt,Dak
     <WittyMcgee>	My secret for being so cool is...
     <WittyMcgee>	[1][cookie] liquid nitrogen flowing through my veins  : 2 votes by thunda,Shiney
     <WittyMcgee>	[6][Isy] sorry a magician never reveals his tricks  : 3 votes by Toothache,cookie,Sarenji
     <WittyMcgee>	So Trinity walks into a bar...
     <WittyMcgee>	[1][thunda] ouch x3  : 1 votes by Isy
     <WittyMcgee>	[2][cookie] there is no bar  : 2 votes by Broolucks,Toothache
      <MEGAWITT>	When I'm feeling horny I...
      <MEGAWITT>	[3][Mekkahway] /nick BlackBraGirl  : 5 votes by akuchi,evan,Gormenghast,Sonuis,Shiv
     <Sakura>	Hey zerowing nice shoes let's make out in that closet
     <zerowing>	I'm not wearing shoes ?_?
     <WittyMcgee>	The shoes I am wearing...
     <WittyMcgee>	[1][moot] have oscar the grouch on them cos he's my hero :D  : 0 votes
     <WittyMcgee>	[2][Sakura] nice shoes wanna fuck?  : 3 votes by Gormenghast,MEGATRON,cookie
     <WittyMcgee>	[3][Gormenghast] keep barking when i take a step  : 2 votes by Sakura,moot
     <WittyMcgee>	[4][cookie] are made from tyres  : 0 votes
     <WittyMcgee>	[5][MEGATRON] are from when I killed two for matching clogs to match my greyhound tuxedo  : 0 votes
     <WittyMcgee>	There is a time and a place for...
     <WittyMcgee>	[1][Pillowrath] public masturbation  : 1 votes by cookie
     <WittyMcgee>	[2][cookie] hammertime, it's between spannertime and chiseltime  : 1 votes by Sarenji
     <WittyMcgee>	If ... is the disease, I am the cure.
     <WittyMcgee>	[1][Dak] (BAN ME PLEASE)  : 1 votes by Broolucks
     <WittyMcgee>	[2][cookie] a craving for sweet baked confectionery  : 0 votes
     <WittyMcgee>	[3][Broolucks] a shortage of amazing people  : 2 votes by cookie,Toothache
     <WittyMcgee>	My most embaressing moment was when...
     <WittyMcgee>	[4][Isy] <toothache> LOL 5 [21] <@WittyMcgee> [5][Toothache] submission here  : 0 votes  : 2 votes by Gormenghast,thunda
     <WittyMcgee>	He who is without sin...
     <WittyMcgee>	[4][cookie] hopefully has cos and tan to compensate  : 5 votes by pookar,Gormenghast,thunda,nether,Isy
     <WittyMcgee>	I asked my teacher to...
     <WittyMcgee>	[5][Isy] give me an A and she said no you're black  : 2 votes by cookie,pookar
     <WittyMcgee>	When I'm feeling happy I...
     <WittyMcgee>	[1][Jackal] show her with my boner  : 3 votes by pookar,nether,thunda
     <WittyMcgee>	Statistics can prove anything: ...
     <WittyMcgee>	[4][Isy] <Colin> ok because mewtwo isn't used much he is now OU any objections  : 3 votes by cookie,Jackal,Gormenghast
     <WittyMcgee>	I believe in a thing called...
     <WittyMcgee>	[7][Gormenghast] hate (by The Brightness 2004)  : 3 votes by keloggs,cookie,Jackal
     <WittyMcgee>	I like men because...
     <WittyMcgee>	[1][pookar] gormenghast is a man right  : 4 votes by cookie,Isy,Gormenghast,Jackal
     <WittyMcgee>	What goes up...
     <WittyMcgee>	[2][keloggs] this one time a chick squirted on this dudes ceiling, the mark is still there  : 3 votes by pookar,cookie,Isy
     <WittyMcgee>	If you think that nobody cares if you are alive...
     <WittyMcgee>	[1][Sakura] Try not paying your taxes for a few months :p  : 2 votes by cookie,thunda
     <WittyMcgee>	My Idea of a good time is...
     <WittyMcgee>	[6][Isy] visitting jails and screaming "HAHAHA DUMB (BAN ME PLEASE)" and running  : 4 votes by dakk,pookar,thunda,cookie
     <WittyMcgee>	Disclaimer on a marriage certificate: ...
     <WittyMcgee>	[1][dakk] OHHHHHHHHH YEAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  : 1 votes by COalex
     <WittyMcgee>	[2][pookar] may cause shrinking  : 1 votes by Isy
     <WittyMcgee>	[3][COalex] warranty expires after 30 days  : 1 votes by AvatarST
     <WittyMcgee>	[4][cookie] chain to kitchen not included  : 2 votes by dakk,thunda
     <WittyMcgee>	The scar on my leg ...
     <WittyMcgee>	[10][Isy] <Giga-Punch> there was barbed wire outside the plantation  : 3 votes by Sakura,MNL,dakk
     <WittyMcgee>	My password is...
     <WittyMcgee>	[10][Isy] <cookie> ducksex <sakura> ^___^ <dak> jewkillin <toothache> imfunny123 <thunda> ihateswans <max> immasupamod  : 7 votes by COalex,thunda,Sakura,cookie,dbolt,dakk,pookar
     <WittyMcgee>	Shiney is an idiot because...
     <WittyMcgee>	[4][Sakura] he isn't very bright  : 3 votes by thunda,Toothache,Isy
     <WittyMcgee>	When I was your age...
     <WittyMcgee>	[7][Jackal] eevee only had three evolutions  : 3 votes by Sakura,Isy,cookie
     <WittyMcgee>	I am not ugly, I am just...
     <WittyMcgee>	[1][dakk] Sakura.  : 0 votes
     <WittyMcgee>	[2][pookar] (BAN ME PLEASE) (BAN ME PLEASE) (BAN ME PLEASE)  : 0 votes
     <WittyMcgee>	[3][cookie] aesthetically challenged  : 3 votes by Sakura,dakk,thunda
     <WittyMcgee>	[4][black-marauder] sakura  : 0 votes
     <WittyMcgee>	But black-marauder did not vote... no points for him :(
     <WittyMcgee>	[5][Bam] not considered attractive in the US of A  : 0 votes
     <Jackal>	9 was the only one that made me laugh ;o
     <WittyMcgee>	[6][thunda] That motherfucker with the spear from 300  : 1 votes by Toothache
     <WittyMcgee>	[7][Jackal] dak  : 0 votes
     <WittyMcgee>	[8][Toothache] Isy  : 0 votes
     <WittyMcgee>	[9][MNL] you aint got no alibi  : 2 votes by cookie,Jackal
     <WittyMcgee>	[10][COalex] horizontally gifted  : 2 votes by Isy,MNL
     <WittyMcgee>	But COalex did not vote... no points for him :(
     <BlueKirby>	sup
     <WittyMcgee>	[11][Sakura] You guys are all jerks >_>  : 2 votes by pookar,Bam
     <WittyMcgee>	[12][Isy] wearing a sakura mask  : 0 votes
     <WittyMcgee>	Note to self: ...
     <WittyMcgee>	[5][Toothache] My note board is full, make less notes  : 3 votes by thunda,MNL,cookie
     <WittyMcgee>	Santa Claus is...
     <WittyMcgee>	[3][Jackal] [spoilers] your mom  : 3 votes by pookar,cookie,dakk
     <WittyMcgee>	[5][COalex] actually a pimp, recognizable by his catch phrase "ho, ho, ho"  : 2 votes by Fishin,Toothache
     <WittyMcgee>	Grimace and the Hamburgler walk into a bar....
     <WittyMcgee>	[5][cookie] and ask for a chicken zinger while they hide their faces in shame  : 3 votes by Gormenghast,Toothache,pookar
     <WittyMcgee>	I used to be bullied for...
     <WittyMcgee>	[3][cookie] playing pokemon, or so I thought. It turns out everyone hates me  : 3 votes by Sakura,Dak,Shiney
     <WittyMcgee>	[4][Sakura] not knowing the difference between face down and defense mode by the school chess team  : 2 votes by AvatarST,cookie
     <WittyMcgee>	What came first, the chicken or the egg? ...
     <WittyMcgee>	[3][Toothache] jesus dies so we could have easter eggs  : 4 votes by pookar,Siege,cookie,Dak
     <WittyMcgee>	I like food because...
     <WittyMcgee>	[2][cookie] my name isn't karen carpenter  : 3 votes by Dak,Sakura,Toothache
     <WittyMcgee>	There are worse things in life than...
     <WittyMcgee>	[7][Hipmonlee] is it just me, or does waterboarding sound like some kind of extreme sport  : 3 votes by Sakura,Gormenghast,MNL
     <WittyMcgee>	Alternative lyrics: I'm going down to, Electric Avenue...
     <WittyMcgee>	[5][cookie] to buy myself an adamant orb from a dodgy smogoner  : 3 votes by Shiney,Hipmonlee,Gormenghast
     <WittyMcgee>	nether will be alone forever because...
     <WittyMcgee>	[3][MNL] he is nether here nor there  : 3 votes by Sakura,Gormenghast,Shiney
     <WittyMcgee>	Playing guitar is a lot like sex...
     <WittyMcgee>	[1][Gormenghast] you didnt have fun unless you snap the G-string  : 2 votes by Shiney,StrangerDanger
     <WittyMcgee>	[7][Shiney] Gormengonzola  : 5 votes by StrangerDanger,pookar,Gormenghast,Dak,Toothache
     <WittyMcgee>	... is hereditary.
     <WittyMcgee>	[4][cookie] i doubt homosexuality  : 3 votes by Hipmonlee,MNL,nether
     <WittyMcgee>	Disclaimer on a marriage certificate: ...
     <WittyMcgee>	[1][Dak] (kitchen not included)  : 2 votes by evan,Hipmonlee
     <WittyMcgee>	[6][evan] Limited Warranty  : 2 votes by pookar,nether
     <WittyMcgee>	[9][cookie] you're selling your soul and your bank account.  : 3 votes by dbolt,StrangerDanger,CaptKirby
     <WittyMcgee>	TOOK A MIDNIGHT TRAIN TO ...........
     <WittyMcgee>	[11][MNL] africa  : 4 votes by Venom,pookar,StrangerDanger,Dak
     <WittyMcgee>	Never let your children...
     <WittyMcgee>	[4][Hipmonlee] be babysat by CK  : 4 votes by cookie,pookar,Max,Dak
     <WittyMcgee>	Danger: ...
     <WittyMcgee>	[4][Max] unstable MEGATRON  : 4 votes by Dak,evan,StrangerDanger,dbolt
     <WittyMcgee>	[10][MNL] here be dragons  : 3 votes by Hipmonlee,Max,Toothache
     <WittyMcgee>	synre topped tofu makes me horny because....
     <WittyMcgee>	[3][Toothache] crouching teifu, hidden synre  : 5 votes by Dak,Sarenji,JimBob,cookie,Shiney
     <WittyMcgee>	In Soviet Russia...
     <WittyMcgee>	[1][Dak] bike stole my (BAN ME PLEASE)  : 4 votes by Sarenji,Shiney,cookie,Hipmonlee
     <WittyMcgee>	When I look at the mirror I....
     <WittyMcgee>	[9][cookie] make sure not to use any special attacks  : 5 votes by JimBob,Sarenji,Jedil,pookar,thunda
     <WittyMcgee>	When I tried to rape a squirrel ...
     <WittyMcgee>	[13][Toothache] Pachirisu used Super Fang and took my penis down to half health... I mean length...  : 3 votes by cookie,Giga-Punch,Warp
     <WittyMcgee>	[15][Hipmonlee] *TAPE. WHEN I TRIED TO VIDEOTAPE A SQUIRREL. FUCK  : 4 votes by Obi,Isy,dbolt,Shiney
     <WittyMcgee>	Famous quotes: The only thing we have left to fear is...
     <WittyMcgee>	[5][Giga-Punch] Curt and Norulz being active at the same time  : 4 votes by cookie,Obi,Shiv,Isy
     <WittyMcgee>	I want to live forever because...
     <WittyMcgee>	[8][Hipmonlee] that's how long it takes to read amazing ampharos's forum posts/obi's wittibot submittals  : 5 votes by Obi,cookie,Dak,Isy,Floppy
     <WittyMcgee>	... is the best cure for AIDs
     <WittyMcgee>	[1][Sarenji] capitalization  : 2 votes by cookie,Toothache
     <WittyMcgee>	[8][cookie] pressing the caps lock key; aids looks a lot less threatening  : 4 votes by keloggs,Dak,thunda,pookar
     <WittyMcgee>	Voting is over.
     <WittyMcgee>	So Gandalf and Homer Simpson knock on your door...
     <WittyMcgee>	[1][cookie] "We've found the ring doughnut"  : 2 votes by JimBob,thunda
     <WittyMcgee>	Voting is over.
     <WittyMcgee>	My little sister asked me "where do babies come from?", I said...
     <WittyMcgee>	[5][cookie] I'll demonstrate.  : 2 votes by Jedil,Dak
     <WittyMcgee>	[9][Toothache] We don't know how it got there, but your Pokemon had an egg. Do you want it? Yes/No  : 4 votes by Hipmonlee,Isy,MEGATRON,Obi
     <WittyMcgee>	... is the best cheese ever.
     <WittyMcgee>	[9][Isy] one time this dude was eating a sandwhich without cheese and I was like "nigga what's WRONG WITH YOU? THROW SOME CHEESE ON THAT"  : 5 votes by JimBob,thunda,zerowing,MEGATRON,cookie
     <WittyMcgee>	My favourite line from a book is....
     <WittyMcgee>	[7][cookie] It was the best of days...it was the worst of days. The day has started! The following players are alive: Charles Dickens  : 3 votes by pookar,Zolo,MEGATRON
     <WittyMcgee>	It is a best because .....
     <WittyMcgee>	[4][MEGATRON] see my best see my best made with real gorilla chest  : 3 votes by Jedil,cookie,thunda
     <WittyMcgee>	The secret to a healthy relationship is...
     <WittyMcgee>	[2][MEGATRON] potion + antidote (full heal if you are rich)  : 3 votes by cookie,Jedil,Toothache
     <WittyMcgee>	Dude, learn to give up when...
     <WittyMcgee>	[1][Gormenghast] gardevoir uses hypnosis+dreameater  : 3 votes by cookie,Toothache,Hipmonlee
     <WittyMcgee>	If you don't take advantage of the situation...
     <WittyMcgee>	[7][Hipmonlee] <the_situation> 16/f/california  : 6 votes by Gormenghast,Isy,Shiney,black-marauder,cookie,nether
     <WittyMcgee>	Since I started collecting rocks...
     <WittyMcgee>	[5][Hipmonlee] I'm still jenny from the block  : 7 votes by cookie,thunda,Max,pououkar,nether,black-marauder,Toothache
     <WittyMcgee>	Alternative lyrics: A little less conversation, a little more ...  please
     <WittyMcgee>	[9][Isy] this sounds like something CaptKirby would tell Sakura during intercourse  : 4 votes by cookie,black-marauder,pououkar,porygon3
     <WittyMcgee>	Does my ... look big in this?
     <WittyMcgee>	[4][thunda] renault megane  : 3 votes by porygon3,cookie,Sonuis
     <WittyMcgee>	I would rather live in Canada than...
     <WittyMcgee>	[1][Sonuis] wait, what am I saying? I don't want to live in Canada.  : 4 votes by pououkar,porygon3,black-marauder,cookie
     <WittyMcgee>	When I walk into a living room ...
     <WittyMcgee>	[4][cookie] i see dead people and call the trade standards commission  : 2 votes by Zoro,keloggs
     <WittyMcgee>	There's a hole in my...
     <WittyMcgee>	[1][Jedil] girl  : 2 votes by cookie,black-marauder
     <WittyMcgee>	The best friend of a dog is...
     <WittyMcgee>	[2][thunda] a cat thats tough enough to roll with the pack  : 3 votes by cookie,Toothache,porygon3
     <WittyMcgee>	If I had x-ray vision...
     <WittyMcgee>	[5][cookie] the incidence of breast cancer would fucking skyrocket  : 3 votes by thunda,OPTIMUS,Isy
     <WittyMcgee>	Good night, sleep tight, don't let the bed bugs...
     <WittyMcgee>	[6][Isy] MEGAHORN YOU WHAT THE FUCK  : 3 votes by Jedil,cookie,thunda
     <WittyMcgee>	How many times do I need to tell you kids...
     <WittyMcgee>	[4][Mekkah] NO SWITCHING  : 2 votes by Isy,cookie
     <WittyMcgee>	I wish I was as fat as Shiv because...
     <WittyMcgee>	[1][Mekkah] i do like to make a FLATTENING appeal  : 2 votes by thunda,nether
     <WittyMcgee>	[2][thunda] i'd be playing football and they'd be like oh shit oh shit oh shit that guys got his own moon  : 0 votes
     <WittyMcgee>	Disclaimer on a marriage certificate: ...
     <WittyMcgee>	[2][cookie] paul mekkahrtney and nether mills beware  : 2 votes by thunda,Toothache
     <WittyMcgee>	My brother told me that...
     <WittyMcgee>	[1][cookie] a cup of sugar a day keeps the dentist away  : 2 votes by thunda,moot
      <WittyMcgee>	For breakfast, I...
      <WittyMcgee>	[3][Toothache] <CaptKirby> then for supper I would eat sugar  : 3 votes by cookie,Isy,thunda
     <WittyMcgee>	He who is without sin...
     <WittyMcgee>	[5][Outlaw] is wayne brady bitch  : 3 votes by cookie,MEGATRON,Pillowrath
     <WittyMcgee>	Bisexuality is good because...
     <WittyMcgee>	[4][CCatalyst] you get to be half of both sexes YOU CAN PIN THE TAIL ON YOUR OWN DONKEY  : 4 votes by Sakura,JimBob,moot,porygon3
     <WittyMcgee>	Voting is over.
     <WittyMcgee>	If I lived on Pluto ...
     <WittyMcgee>	[1][cookie] that would make me a flea  : 2 votes by Isy,moot
     <WittyMcgee>	[2][moot] i'd be chillin with the god of death  : 1 votes by thunda
     <WittyMcgee>	If I had to describe myself in one word, it would be...
     <WittyMcgee>	[2][cookie] <Captkirby> diabetic  : 4 votes by Shiney,Sakura,Venom,AvatarST
     <WittyMcgee>	If you were stuck in a room with Michael Jackson and you only had one item, it would be...
     <WittyMcgee>	[1][cookie] escape rope  : 3 votes by MEGATRON,markie,Max
    0 14 <WittyMcgee>	cop says "Where's the spoon?". You answer: ...
    0 14 <WittyMcgee>	[1][Sakura] forking  : 2 votes by thunda,MEGATRON
    0 14 <WittyMcgee>	But Sakura did not vote... no points for him :(
    0 14 <WittyMcgee>	[2][pookar] Im fucking Morpheus, what spoon?  : 1 votes by Max
    0 14 <WittyMcgee>	[3][thunda] i slashed his throat with the knife you stupid  : 0 votes
    0 14 <WittyMcgee>	[4][cookie] never mind, where's the dinner table?  : 1 votes by Isy
    0 15 <WittyMcgee>	[5][MEGATRON] when I used synchronize it disappeared, my opponent must have been a black guy  : 1 votes by cookie
    0 17 <WittyMcgee>	[6][Max] is it chilly??  : 0 votes
    0 18 <WittyMcgee>	[7][Shiney] there is no spoon, the fork is a lie, the knife is well hidden  : 0 votes
    0 20 <WittyMcgee>	[8][Isy] you fatasses don't need spoons for donuts  : 2 votes by Shiney,pookar
    1 06 <WittyMcgee>	If I don't submit stuff Zoro will...
    1 06 <WittyMcgee>	[1][Shiney] uzi a can of coke  : 4 votes by cookie,thunda,Isy,Sakura
    3 44 <WittyMcgee>	He who is without sin...
    3 44 <WittyMcgee>	[1][cookie] use hyperbolic functions instead  : 2 votes by moot,MEGATRON
    3 44 <WittyMcgee>	[2][thunda] will probably fuck it all up an hour before judgement day  : 3 votes by cookie,Isy,dbolt
     <WittyMcgee>	My parents gave me ... for my birthday.
     <WittyMcgee>	[1][Hipmonlee] up for adoption  : 3 votes by cookie,Sakura,thunda
     <WittyMcgee>	pookar is an idiot because...
     <WittyMcgee>	[1][thunda] [url]http://i294.photobucket.com/albums/mm100/thundaaaa/sk8erboi.png[/url]  : 0 votes
     <WittyMcgee>	[3][cookie] hey leave him alone he killed nagini  : 2 votes by Sarenji,Sakura
     <WittyMcgee>	First date tip: ...
     <WittyMcgee>	[3][Gormenghast] order the 12 incher from subway for both of you to share and wink at her  : 3 votes by MEGATRON,cookie,Isy
     <WittyMcgee>	If you want something done properly...
     <WittyMcgee>	[2][MEGATRON] dont hire women workers unless you are paying in drama  : 3 votes by Jackal,Isy,cookie
     <WittyMcgee>	God only exists...
     <WittyMcgee>	[1][markie] and does nothing else  : 3 votes by Sakura,cookie,thunda
     <WittyMcgee>	[5][cookie] to spite athiests  : 1 votes by Toothache
     <WittyMcgee>	Microsoft...
     <WittyMcgee>	[2][zerowing] WORD by Snoop DOGG  : 3 votes by thunda,MEGATRON,Jackal
     <WittyMcgee>	Nothing is free, except...
     <WittyMcgee>	[1][MEGATRON] highlighting shiv every round.. the best things in life are free  : 3 votes by cookie,Hipmonlee,Jackal
     <Wittybot>	You know you're a pervert when...
     <Wittybot>	[4][thunda] you turn off google safe search and type in hannah montana  : 3 votes by CaptKirby,zerowing,cookie
     <Wittybot>	If women didn't exist...
     <Wittybot>	[1][zerowing] ck would only talk about metal  : 2 votes by cookie,CaptKirby
     <wittybot>	If you're traveling in a car at the speed of light, and you turn on the head lights...
     <wittybot>	[1][cookie] <Universe> :ERROR  : 2 votes by Shiney,moot
     <wittybot>	[2][dak] brb getting my de lorian keys  : 1 votes by cookie
     <wittybot>	When you are feeling depressed, just think...
     <wittybot>	[6][nether] happy thoughts. if that doesn't work get a knife...  : 2 votes by zerowing,cookie
     <wittybot>	Playing football is a lot like sex...
     <wittybot>	[4][moot] sakura ends up with balls in her face either way  : 3 votes by cookie,Kumar,nether
     <wittybot>	[5][cookie] BALL GOES IN GOAL BLAGH BLAGH I DONT GET IT  : 2 votes by Vampy34,moot
    6 04 <wittybot>	If you are green and have algae on your back, you may be...
    6 04 <wittybot>	[1][thunda] living in a pineapple under the sea  : 3 votes by Vampy34,cookie,black-marauder
     <wittybot>	dad says "Who's da man?". You answer: ...
     <wittybot>	[1][thunda] it could be you  : 0 votes
     <wittybot>	[2][Jackal] that dude who made mommy scream last night  : 0 votes
     <wittybot>	[3][black-marauder] i look down  : 3 votes by thunda,cookie,Vampy34
     <wittybot>	Car Dictionary: Dipstick:...
     <wittybot>	[5][thunda] Dipstick: adjective; a person with huge levels of foolishness; eg. what a dipstick cookie is  : 3 votes by black-marauder,Jackal,Vampy34
     <wittybot>	It was the best of times, it was the worst of times, it was...
     <wittybot>	[4][cookie] sort of average overall  : 2 votes by Hipmonlee,thunda
     <wittybot>	[10][Hipmonlee] half past four  : 4 votes by Xaio,Jackal,Max,Shiney
     <wittybot>	When my parents found out I had been kidnapped, they...
     <wittybot>	[4][cookie] PM'ed evan and demanded his immediate release  : 3 votes by Xaio,Doomsday,dak
     <wittybot>	Chicken tastes better if you...
     <wittybot>	[3][dak] are a member of the african-american society  : 7 votes by Hipmonlee,moot,Jackal,zerowing,Doomsday,cookie,Shiney
     <wittybot>	The sky is the limit but...
     <wittybot>	[8][Hipmonlee] "but avatar will always need a stool to reach the top shelf"  : 4 votes by cookie,Jackal,zerowing,Shiney
     <wittybot>	Richard Simmons is shaving _____.
     <wittybot>	[3][MEGATRON] his body hair to maximize his MAXIMUM SWIMMING POTENTIAL  : 4 votes by Xaio,cookie,thunda,Jackal
     <wittybot>	Men are better at... than women.
     <wittybot>	[5][Max] writing their name in the snow  : 3 votes by cookie,Vampy34,Xaio
     <wittybot>	Baaa, baaa, xxsadstar, have you any ______?
     <wittybot>	[4][thunda] so because black sheep is considered a racist remark it has been replaced with xxsadstar?  : 4 votes by COalex,Max,KD24,Isy
     <wittybot>	My Father sat me down and told me...
     <wittybot>	[3][thunda] Son, we can no longer afford to keep this chair. I'm sorry.  : 4 votes by Amelia,cookie,WishJirachi,Bam
     <wittybot>	Playing guitar is a lot like sex...
     <wittybot>	[5][WishJirachi] you strum and the faster you go the more high pitched her voice becomes after awhile it hurts  : 3 votes by Amelia,thunda,Toothache
     <wittybot>	Warning on a condom: ...
     <wittybot>	[2][thunda] God is watching.  : 4 votes by Jackal,Toothache,Shiv,goborage
     <wittybot>	[4][Jackal] do not eat  : 2 votes by Venom,Amelia
     <wittybot>	I think a virtual server is...
     <wittybot>	[2][McGraw] mario tennis  : 3 votes by cookie,Amelia,Toothache
     <wittybot>	I swear I saw ... at the zoo.
     <wittybot>	[5][McGraw] middle class black people (wtf)  : 2 votes by cookie,keloggs
     <wittybot>	If you think that nobody cares if you are alive...
     <wittybot>	[1][Toothache] down not across  : 1 votes by cookie
     <wittybot>	[3][cookie] you're closer to the truth than you'd like  : 3 votes by Amelia,Toothache,McGraw
     <wittybot>	Cant sleep, clowns will...
     <wittybot>	[5][cookie] laugh at you  : 3 votes by Amelia,McGraw,Toothache
     <wittybot>	So Hitler walks into a bar...
     <wittybot>	[1][thunda] and he gets pissed and takes a month off holocausting to write new bestseller mein bar  : 0 votes
     <wittybot>	[2][matamato] but still isn't in civ4  : 1 votes by cookie
     <wittybot>	[6][Isy] he orders a glass of JUICE  : 2 votes by matamato,keloggs
     <wittybot>	Five little ducks went out one day, over the hills and far away. Mother duck said: "Quack, quack, quack, quack." And...
     <wittybot>	[3][cookie] one of her ducklings said 'shut the fuck up speak english'  : 3 votes by darkie,Toothache,thunda
     <wittybot>	A $10,000 reward had to be paid to the man who captured the elusive 'hairy beast' which had been reported in many sightings in Texas even though...
     <wittybot>	[2][McGraw] chaos was framed  : 3 votes by cookie,KD24,Toothache
     <wittybot>	Nostradamus was a...
     <wittybot>	[1][cookie] fucking demon at poker, always knew when to call  : 4 votes by KD24,Shiney,Gmax,Toothache
     <wittybot>	Newest game at the retirement home: Hide and...
     <wittybot>	[1][moot] oh wait retirement home?  : 0 votes
     <wittybot>	[2][Shiv] still prefer poker  : 1 votes by ToF
     <wittybot>	[3][ToF] find your dentures  : 3 votes by cookie,thunda,Toothache
     <wittybot>	[4][Carl] go die  : 0 votes
     <wittybot>	[5][thunda] hide mick jacksons vanilla coke  : 0 votes
     <wittybot>	[6][cookie] forget who you're looking for  : 2 votes by KD24,Carl
     <wittybot>	Voting is over.
     <wittybot>	Alternative lyrics: ... and it was all yellow
     <wittybot>	[4][Hipmonlee] I went to megatrons porn directory  : 4 votes by cookie,MEGATRON,thunda,KD24
     <WittyWonka>	Never raise your hands to your kids...
     <WittyWonka>	[7][KD24] it leaves your groin unprotected and your wife in the air  : 3 votes by Jackal,dak,Shiney
     <WittyWonka>	The most dangerous thing for a toast is...
     <WittyWonka>	[1][thunda] no one likes the champagne  : 0 votes
     <WittyWonka>	[2][Toothache] SUGAR AND CHEEEEEEEEEESE  : 0 votes
     <WittyWonka>	[3][pear`] a breader  : 1 votes by MEGATRON
     <WittyWonka>	[4][MEGATRON] toasting in legendary bread  : 3 votes by pear`,Toothache,thunda
     <WittyWonka>	The Smurfs called me last night and said...
     <WittyWonka>	[2][cookie] why so blue?  : 3 votes by 
     <WittyWonka>	Iran is full of...
     <WittyWonka>	[4][Jackal] iran has a full house! Jacks full of 3s!  : 3 votes by 
     <WittyWonka>	I don't know the difference between...
     <WittyWonka>	[4][KD24] fat chance and slim chance  : 3 votes by cookie,pear`,MEGATRON
     <WittyWonka>	Famous quotes: History repeats itself, first as tragedy, then as...
     <WittyWonka>	[1][Toothache] an omnibus every Sunday, just like Eastenders  : 3 votes by KD24,thunda,cookie
     <WittyWonka>	There is no right answer to...
     <WittyWonka>	[5][MEGATRON] DID YOU KNOW SHE WAS UNDER 18  
     <WittyWonka>	When the gardener comes to mow my lawns, my favorite trick...
     <WittyWonka>	[8][darkie] is to pour miracle grow behind him  : 5 votes by cookie,KD24,Toothache,thunda,pear
     <WittyWonka>	When life deals you a crap hand...
     <WittyWonka>	[6][moot] fold and wait for zerowing to go all in  : 2 votes by cookie,KD24
     <WittyWonka>	Voting is over.
     <WittyWonka>	You know it's "that time of the month again" when your sister ...
     <WittyWonka>	[5][Toothache] its take a brave man to swim in the red ocean, but it takes a hero to drink from them  : 5 votes by thunda,KD24,pear,Bam,moot
     <Pillowrath>	expecting: ITS COLOR NOT COLOUR
     <WittyWonka>	My favorite colour is...
     <WittyWonka>	[9][cookie] IT'S COLEUR NOT COLOUR  : 5 votes by Batpig,pear,Shiney,KD24,Bam
     <WittyWonka>	Samuel L Jackson says "WHAT ARE YOU DOING". You answer: ...
     <WittyWonka>	[1][MEGATRON] I'M READING THE BIBLE, EZEKIEL 17  : 3 votes by cookie,Jackal,Shiney
     <WittyWonka>	[6][ass] eating my Royale With Cheese, fuck off Sammy  : 1 votes by MEGATRON
     <WittyWonka>	[7][cookie] speaking english, motherfucker  : 2 votes by ass,thunda
     <WittyWonka>	[8][KD24] I dont see things in color, I see them in how good you are at your job. That being said you must be low class.  : 2 votes by Jumpman16,moot
     <WittyWonka>	If my house was on fire and I only had time to grab one thing, it would be...
     <WittyWonka>	[2][MEGATRON] the fire extinguisher, im a man.  : 0 votes
     <WittyWonka>	[3][Shiney] my house keys, it's dangerous to leave your door unlocked  : 3 votes by lightnin,moot,Somebody
     <WittyWonka>	[7][Jackal] my ipod, np: LET THE MOTHER FUCKER BURN  : 4 votes by KD24,MEGATRON,ass,thunda
     <WittyWonka>	[10][ass] my bottle of lube so the insurance company's ass-ramming would feel a bit nicer  : 3 votes by Shiney,Jumpman16,Jackal
     <WittyWonka>	We secretly replaced the customers's regular coffee with _____. Let's see if he notices.
     <WittyWonka>	[3][Somebody] one of Pizza Hut's new pasta dishes  : 3 votes by Jumpman16,thunda,MEGATRON
     <WittyWonka>	TYPING IN ALL CAPS IS ugly BECAUSE...
     <WittyWonka>	[1][kakky] CAPS LOCK IS A RELIGION  : 0 votes
     <WittyWonka>	[2][MEGATRON] i am beautiful no matter what you say, words cant bring me down  : 3 votes by Somebody,thunda,Jackal
     <wittybot>	Playing football is a lot like sex...
     <wittybot>	[3][Xaio] some times you can go a whole season without scoring  : 3 votes by gp,thunda,cookie
     <wittybot>	... is the best cure for indigestion
     <wittybot>	[5][KD24] bitter herb  : 3 votes by thunda,Shiney,matamato
     <wittybot>	Sorry, but I don't do...
     <wittybot>	[3][Toothache] morrisons I do tescos (cosis cheaper)  : 3 votes by Shiney,thunda,cookie
     <wittybot>	If I was straight ...
     <wittybot>	[2][cookie] i could still be flushed out  : 2 votes by doggie,porygon3
     <wittybot>	Wait till they see the _____ I left in their birdbath.
     <wittybot>	[1][moi] oil spill  : 4 votes by cookie,thunda,moot,Shiney
     <wittybot>	Anybody can win, unless there happens to be...
     <wittybot>	[1][zerowing] a (BAN ME PLEASE) jesus  : 0 votes
     <wittybot>	[2][thunda] there are no winners in the paralympics  : 2 votes by zerowing,moot
     <wittybot>	[3][moi] JACKAL in #fluodome  : 1 votes by Jackal
     <wittybot>	[4][imperfectluck] ggfan you can't beat ggfan  : 3 votes by cookie,Shiney,moi
     <wittybot>	My sixth sense is telling me...
     <wittybot>	[10][Isy] I SEE UNFUNNY SUBMISSIONS  : 2 votes by cookie,moi
     <wittybot>	[11][keloggs] that the hey arnold episode where stoop kid is afraid to leave his stoop is just fucked. how can you act like that and not leave youre fucking stoop  : 4 votes by Jackal,moot,Shiney,Kingler24
     <wittybot>	The one thing on a womans mind when making love is...
     <wittybot>	[3][keloggs] your dick  : 0 votes
    <wittybot>	[6][MEGATRON] not your penis if you are doing it right  : 1 votes by Kingler24
    <wittybot>	[8][Jackal] shes faking it trust me shes thinking about like pottery  : 4 votes by thunda,moot,cookie,Shiney
     <wittybot>	[11][cookie] how long before he realises i'm not in the kitchen?  : 2 votes by MEGATRON,Shiv
     <wittybot>	Here's a local law I never knew existed:...
     <wittybot>	[7][Jackal] in canada you are not allowed to build your igloo more than 10 feet high so if i jump my hair gets all snowy its kinda a nuissance  : 3 votes by moot,keloggs,Isy
     <wittybot>	[8][Isy] it is illegal to drive without gas  : 2 votes by darkie|away,cookie
     <wittybot>	I wish I was as spotty as Jackal because...
     <wittybot>	[6][cookie] then i'd be able to camouflage myself in a pepperoni pizza  : 4 votes by Toothache,porygon3,keloggs,Shiney
     <wittybot>	The winner for this round is: cookie
     <wittybot>	He or she earns 4 points + 2 bonus points, for a total of 6 points.
     <cookie>	sweep
     <wittybot>	Points: imperfectluck: 11, cookie: 6, pookar: 5, porygon3: 3, Shiney: 2, Politoed: 2, Pillowrath: 2, Toothache: 1
     <darkie>	lol
     <thunda>	how would you be able to camoflauge yourself in a pizza
     <thunda>	made zero sense
     <cookie>	lol
     <thunda>	like squash your face in it?
     <cookie>	why don't you ask the four people that voted it
     <thunda>	theyre all pigfucks
     <thunda>	they vote for pizza
     <thunda>	cos theyre greedy
     <wittybot>	Don't try to ... before you can walk.
     <wittybot>	[4][darkie] use a walkie-talkie  : 4 votes by thunda,porygon3,Toothache,Scrubs
     <wittybot>	Statistics can prove anything: ...
     <wittybot>	[1][cookie] ck never overreacts  : 4 votes by keloggs,Toothache,thunda,Shiney
     <wittybot>	If I was a pop tart ...
     <wittybot>	[1][thunda] LEAVE BRITNEY ALONE  : 0 votes
     <wittybot>	[4][Toothache] <toaster> shall I fuck it?  : 6 votes by cookie,KD24,porygon3,Scrubs,Max,Shiney
     <wittybot>	... always gets the girls.
     <wittybot>	[1][porygon3] not thunda  : 0 votes
     <wittybot>	[2][gp] THIS IS A GOD DAMN ARM'S RACE  : 0 votes
     <wittybot>	[3][thunda] killing a kitten then crying about it  : 0 votes
     <wittybot>	[4][Max] gynecologists  : 0 votes
     <wittybot>	[5][Somebody] Breast Cancer  : 3 votes by moi,Doomsday,X-Act
     <wittybot>	cop says "I love you.". You answer: ...
     <wittybot>	[3][darkie] sorry, i'm gonna have to ticket you for that  : 2 votes by anorithmatic,Shiney
     <wittybot>	[4][cookie] Enough to waive that parking ticket?  : 3 votes by darkie,thunda,norulz
     <wittybot>	The local grocery store started auditions for the fruit...
     <wittybot>	[4][darkie] tangerine won and started bossing all the other fruit around, but then quit randomly  : 4 votes by imperfectluck,Scrubs,cookie,Toothache
     <wittybot>	Kelly asked Dan what he felt like for dinner. Dan replied that he had seen a new Chinese restaurant opened down the road, it was called _____.
     <wittybot>	[3][thunda] B.F.C (beijing fried cat)  : 3 votes by Gmax,Toothache,darkie
     <wittybot>	I need to get out more because...
     <wittybot>	[1][cookie] my house is on fire  : 3 votes by darkie,goborage,thunda
     <wittybot>	If women didn't exist...
     <wittybot>	[2][thunda] i'd get toothache to make me a sandwich instead  : 5 votes by darkie,Scrubs,Gmax,cookie,Isy
     <wittybot>	I wish we had have _____ during the evolution process.
     <wittybot>	[1][thunda] terminated the norulz gene  : 3 votes by cookie,Sonuis,goborage
     <wittybot>	My favorite colour is...
     <wittybot>	[2][porygan7] whatever you want baby, I can convert  : 4 votes by porygon3,porygon9,vaporyon5,toothahhe	
     <wittybot>	The solution to world hunger is...
     <wittybot>	[3][Toothache] killing [b]brain's[/b] gf and feeding her to the africans  : 3 votes by FacePalm,X-Act,cookie
    1 32 <wittybot>	The Berlin Wall was really torn down because...
    1 32 <wittybot>	[1][ryomou] it totally clashed with the drapes  : 2 votes by thunda,cookie
    1 52 <wittybot>	Disclaimer on a marriage certificate: ...
    1 52 <wittybot>	[1][thunda] if you can read this you're analysing your matrimony too much; get a divorce  : 3 votes by COalex,harlot,Pillowrath
    1 45 <wittybot>	I know what you are thinking...
    1 45 <wittybot>	[1][MEGATRON] if i catch shiney will he give me his pot of gold  : 3 votes by porygon3,Shiney,kd24
     <wittybot>	Confucius says: ...
     <wittybot>	[3][evan] "Man who die young is hero. Man who live long see himself become villain."  : 6 votes by Alper,thunda,Doomsday,cookie,Pillowrath,Vampy34
     <wittybot>	They kicked me out of the Art Museum when I...
     <wittybot>	[1][thunda] moved all the van goghs to the abstract section  : 3 votes by evan,dbolt,Doomsday
     <wittybot>	[3][evan] tried to clean the Jackson Pollacks thinking someone spilled paint on them  : 1 votes by cookie
     <wittybot>	The most dangerous thing for a penguin is...
     <wittybot>	[7][thunda] an uneducated person would say "polar bear" but i learnt from yahoo answers that living on opposite poles of the world, it is unlikely penguins and polar bears have ever looked each other in the eye  : 5 votes by evan,porygon3,Alper,dbolt,COalex
     <wittybot>	The best way to cool down is...
     <wittybot>	[1][cookie] to rapidly increase your volume  : 7 votes by darkie,JimBob,Bam,Alper,COalex,evan,Pillowrath
     <wittybot>	Money can't buy you...
     <wittybot>	[4][thunda] eye deodorent  : 2 votes by cookie,porygon3
     <wittybot>	[5][cookie] anything in zimbabwe  : 3 votes by JimBob,thunda,Bam
     <wittybot>	So Celine Dion walks into a bar...
     <wittybot>	[2][kd24] and the bartender asks "why the long face?"  : 2 votes by Toothache,cookie
     <wittybot>	I want to ... at least once in my life.
     <wittybot>	[1][cookie] <Alper> masturbate to normal porn  : 3 votes by Mastadi,kd24,Toothache
     <wittybot>	There is no right answer to...
     <wittybot>	[5][cookie] a woman's argument  : 3 votes by Toothache,Raikage,Gmax
     <wittybot>	Ali Baba said 'Open Sesame' and then...
     <wittybot>	[2][McGraw] big bird spread his legs??  : 5 votes by BlueKirby,cookie,Gmax,Toothache,Pillowrath
     <wittybot>	If I had a billion dollars ...
     <wittybot>	[3][cookie] I could buy the whole of Zimbabwe  : 3 votes by McGraw,Chronicles,kd24
     <wittybot>	Elmo called me last night and said...
     <wittybot>	[2][BlueKirby] i like wasabi, that's why i have no eyelids  : 1 votes by cookie
    <wittybot>	[4][Toothache] I wanna kill my voice actor  : 4 votes by goborage,BlueKirby,thunda,kd24
     <wittybot>	My job benefits include...
     <wittybot>	[6][thunda] i work at a retirement home and im in all their wills  : 4 votes by cookie,goborage,kd24,Chronicles
     <wittybot>	If I owned an elephant, I would...
     <wittybot>	[1][cookie] invade rome  : 4 votes by thunda,McGraw,Toothache,porygon3
     <wittybot>	I find SSM attractive because...
     <wittybot>	[7][thunda] super smash muggle they dont know magic lol  : 4 votes by cookie,Raikage,Toothache,Kumar
     <wittybot>	Famous quotes: Life is a lot like a box of chocolates...
     <wittybot>	[1][Toothache] Its not Terry's its mine  : 2 votes by thunda,cookie
     <wittybot>	[6][cookie] IF YOU'RE DIABETIC YOU'RE FUCKED  : 3 votes by Raikage,Kumar,Pillowrath
     <wittybot>	I only keep a pair of scissors under my pillow because...
     <wittybot>	[1][porygon3] you never know when the paper monster will attack!  : 2 votes by cookie,KD24
     <wittybot>	[2][thunda] that motherfucker always draws paper  : 2 votes by MEGATRON,porygon3
     <wittybot>	My honest opinion about Clinton...
     <wittybot>	[4][cookie] is that women are not qualified to run countries, they'd be at war once a month  : 3 votes by MEGATRON,Black-Marauder,thunda
     <wittybot>	I reckon I'm funnier than Jim Carey...
     <wittybot>	[5][thunda] when i saw jim carey on johnathan ross he really wasnt funny i was just thinking "he is the pookar of the acting community"  : 4 votes by Broolucks,Alper,MEGATRON,Black-Marauder
     <wittybot>	Never raise your hands to your kids...
     <wittybot>	[4][MEGATRON] i heard that your son doesn't guard his stomach, come in from low  : 3 votes by Alper,thunda,cookie
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    Mar 20, 2005
    Shade you are a fucking moron
     Women are better at... than men.
     <WittyMcgee>	[1][REAL_HIPMONLEE] HAVE A SHIT DAY (BAN ME PLEASE)  : 1 votes by Gormenghast
     <wittybot>	Statistics can prove anything: ...
     <wittybot>	[1][MEGATRON] there is a 70% chance that a large hard on collider will turn the entire world gay  : 1 votes by cookie
     <WittyMcgee> Tentative title for Bill Clinton's biography...
     <WittyMcgee> [1][MEGATRON] how to fuck white women, and black senators (no homo)  : 2 votes by cookie,Isy
     <WittyMcgee> [4][cookie] I did not have sexual relations with this book.  : 2 votes by thunda,MEGATRON
     <wittybot>	Homework excuse: ...
     <wittybot>	[7][thunda] my dog wrote it for me thats why its so bad  : 3 votes by Max,Toothache,Chronicles
     <wittybot>	I don't want much out of a woman, I only want...
     <wittybot>	[1][thunda] Uh... How about a girl who's got a brain, who always speaks her mind?  : 1 votes by Toothache
     <wittybot>	[2][cookie] her to shut up during sex I DO NOT CARE WHAT SHOES YOU BOUGHT TODAY  : 3 votes by thunda,Gmax,Chronicles
     <wittybot>	Alternative lyrics: We all live in a yellow submarine...
     <wittybot>	[1][cookie] my submarine needs a liver transplant  : 3 votes by Toothache,thunda,Chronicles
     <wittybot>	... is better than sex.
     <wittybot>	[3][Chronicles] Dividing by zero  : 3 votes by cookie,Toothache,Max
     <wittybot>	[6][Toothache] Taking out a life insurance policy on your soon-to-be dead wife  : 2 votes by thunda,Gmax
     <wittybot>	The worst thing that can happen to a ghost is...
     <wittybot>	[2][thunda] /ns ghost alper hentai4lyfe  : 1 votes by Doomsday
     <wittybot>	[4][Alper] GHOSTBUSTERS  : 1 votes by moi
     <wittybot>	[5][Doomsday] IF THERES SOMETHING STRANGE IN THE NEIGHBORHOOD  : 2 votes by cookie,Alper
     <wittybot>	[6][Toothache] GHOSTBUSTERS  : 0 votes
     <wittybot>	[7][cookie] WHO YOU GANNA CALL  : 1 votes by thunda
     <wittybot>	I will never forget the time when Doomsday ...
     <wittybot>	[1][Black-Marauder] fell out of the hole between thunda's legs  : 0 votes
     <wittybot>	[2][Alper] pronounced hamburger "handburger"  : 0 votes
     <wittybot>	[3][thunda] ended the world?  : 1 votes by Doomsday
     <wittybot>	[4][Toothache] made sex with three mans - he is the mother of chaos's mother  : 1 votes by Alper
     <wittybot>	[5][Doomsday] ALL THE ABOVE ARE FALSE AND NEVER EVER HAPPENNED EVER IN THE HISTORY OF FOREVER  : 3 votes by Black-Marauder,Toothache,thunda
     <wittybot>	Bugs Bunny called me last night and said...
     <wittybot>	[1][Gmax] Wanna? BIG Carrot Doc  : 3 votes by Isy,Chronicles,cookie
     <wittybot>	I want to live forever because...
     <wittybot>	[5][cookie] I want to disprove the laws of thermondynamics  : 3 votes by Jumpman16,Chronicles,Toothache
     <wittybot>	[6][Jumpman16] Tupac ain't dead. ILLUMINATI.  : 1 votes by cookie
     <wittybot>	I feel like I belong because everyone here is...
     <wittybot>	[6][Jumpman16] so nice to me! *adjusts bra, is a girl*  : 3 votes by Max,Gmax,cookie
     <wittybot>	wife says "What is the difference between butter and I can't believe it's not butter?". You answer: ...
     <wittybot>	[4][cookie] I can't believe there's even a difference  : 3 votes by darkie,Jackal,gp
     <wittybot>	When I tried to be a skunk ...
     <wittybot>	[3][Jackal] i didnt take a shower for 2 months but nobody minded cause I live in india  : 2 votes by cookie,gp
     <wittybot>	The worst video game I've ever played was...
     <wittybot>	[3][cookie] white man stole my bike, wasn't very realistic  : 4 votes by Chronicles,BlueKirby,Toothache,thunda
     <wittybot>	... is traditionally eaten at Christmas.
     <wittybot>	[5][cookie] lol nut roasts, you're pretty fucked if you're allergic to nuts and a vegetarian  : 4 votes by Chronicles,thunda,Gormenghast,Toothache
     <wittybot>	Martha Stewart needs to...
     <wittybot>	[4][moi] Martha Stewart used Double Team. Martha Stewart's Tax Evasion was sharply raised!  : 3 votes by Hobo_Joe,Doomsday,darkie
     <wittybot>	Here's some advice, never...
     <wittybot>	[4][Hobo_Joe] bite Doomsday. Even thought he tastes like lime, he bites back.  : 3 votes by moi,binyah,darkie
     <wittybot>	[6][Doomsday] STOP THE FUIRTY DOOMSDAY JOKES  : 0 votes
     <wittybot>	I'm not a dork, I'm a...
     <wittybot>	[7][Jackal] canadian, its different  : 3 votes by WithoutACare,moi,Queen_Ino
     <wittybot>	Never raise your hands to your kids...
     <wittybot>	[4][moi] they never have the answer  : 3 votes by Noitceffa,Sticky_Topic,mormoopid
     <wittybot>	The first time I ran Windows 95...
     <wittybot>	[4][darkie] was also the first time i crashed windows 95  : 3 votes by moot,Fishin,cookie
     <wittybot>	The most dangerous thing for a bird is...
     <wittybot>	[1][Hipmonlee] the colonel  : 4 votes by evan,pookar,BlueKirby,quickman
     <wittybot>	When I'm going to the beach I always bring my...
     <wittybot>	[2][cookie] lead-based sunblock, not even X-rays get through  : 3 votes by Fishin,Max,Isy
     <wittybot>	I'm not normally submissive, but...
     <wittybot>	[3][McGraw] it's more accurate than dynamic punch  : 3 votes by moi,Alper,ryomou
     <wittybot>	I can say ... in 6 different languages.
     <wittybot>	[6][cookie] supercalifragilisticexpialidocious  : 4 votes by Hipmonlee,imperfectluck,SoT,Pillowrath	
     <wittybot>	Kelly asked Dan what he felt like for dinner. Dan replied that he had seen a new Chinese restaurant opened down the road, it was called _____.
     <wittybot>	[1][Obi] ni hao  : 0 votes
     <wittybot>	[2][Hipmonlee] the joke here is that dan is steelicks  : 0 votes
     <wittybot>	[3][SoT] Panda Express  : 1 votes by cookie
     <wittybot>	[4][cookie] hot dongs  : 4 votes by imperfectluck,Hipmonlee,Obi,Pillowrath
     <wittybot>	Don't tempt fate, especially when...
     <wittybot>	[2][cookie] fate has ops and an unforgiving demeanour  : 3 votes by billymills,Fishin,dbolt
     <wittybot>	If I had 626127311 pennies, then I would...
     <wittybot>	[6][billymills] have 6261273.11$, or 100000000000 in metric money  : 4 votes by Max,Alper,Doomsday,cookie
     <wittybot>	The Milennium bug was such a disappointment, I had to...
     <wittybot>	[4][Doomsday] crash my computer myself  : 4 votes by Hazerider,Phantasia,WASPINATOR,cookie
    3 <wittybot>	I have never ... in my life.
     <wittybot>	[4][Max] been shorter than avatar  : 3 votes by WASPINATOR,AJC,cookie
     <wittybot>	I don't understand girls...
     <wittybot>	[3][StrangerDanger] i thought cloroform WAS perfume?  : 1 votes by cookie
     <wittybot>	[5][cookie] i can't find the manual  : 5 votes by Doomsday,pookar,WASPINATOR,Max,StrangerDanger
     <wittybot>	the prime minister of Canada says "Where's the dope?". You answer: ...
     <wittybot>	[2][Max] in french  : 5 votes by pookar,Hazerider,Phantasia,StrangerDanger,cookie
      <wittybot>	Baaa, baaa, xxsadstar, have you any ______?
     <wittybot>	[10][cookie] more shitty nicknames  : 4 votes by Alper,Doomsday,billymills,StrangerDanger
     <wittybot>	I put _____ on my breakfast cereal to live life dangerously.
     <wittybot>	[5][thunda] two different types of sugar  : 3 votes by billymills,Doomsday,StrangerDanger
     <wittybot>	[7][billymills] THE BLOOD OF MY ENEMIES  : 4 votes by Alper,Hazerider,Fishin,Phantasia
     <wittybot>	When I tried to lick a Communist ...
     <wittybot>	[4][thunda] how many licks does it take to get to the centre of a trotsky pop  : 5 votes by Alper,cookie,pookar,Doomsday,StrangerDanger
     <wittybot>	[5][StrangerDanger] my saliva was equally distributed among the proletariat  : 1 votes by Fishin
     <wittybot>	Have _____, will travel.
     <wittybot>	[4][Isy] car (what, I am brave gas is pretty fucking high now)  : 3 votes by cookie,LightWolf,WASPINATOR
     <wittybot>	When I was putting on makeup...
     <wittybot>	[10][darkie] WHY SO SERIOUS  : 4 votes by moot,Fishin,billymills,gp
     <wittybot>	I'll ... for points.
     <wittybot>	[7][Earthworm] obtain your votes  : 3 votes by Gormenghast,Doomsday,billymills
     <wittybot>	... is the best cure for cancer
     <wittybot>	[1][cookie] kittens, unicorns and cotton candy  : 3 votes by Fishin,Brain,moot
     <wittybot>	[3][Fishin] an assassain with capricorn zodiac sign and last breath learned  : 4 votes by LightWolf,AJC,cookie,evan
     <wittybot>	Pi is equal to...
     <wittybot>	[1][dak] thundas brain capacity  : 3 votes by Fishin,Asma,billymills
     <wittybot>	It makes me sick when...
     <wittybot>	[6][goborage] the seal I club bleeds on my coat. What a little bastard.  : 2 votes by Broolucks,Fishin
     <wittybot>	I looked up witticisms in the dictionary and it said...
     <wittybot>	[4][Metric] dictionaries don't talk!  : 4 votes by LightWolf,goborage,Gmax,cookie
     <wittybot>	The truth is out there...
     <wittybot>	[5][cookie] but i cannot confirm it  : 3 votes by StrangerDanger,moot,billymills
     <wittybot>	If I had the licence to kill, I would...
     <wittybot>	[2][darkie] get it suspended for killing under the influence  : 1 
     <wittybot>	[5][cookie] probably try to kill and fail miserably, and then get my licence revoked  : 2 votes by Fishin,AvatarST
     <wittybot>	When babies first enter the world, they must think...
     <wittybot>	[6][gp] oh my god. ggfan is my dad...AND MY MOM....AND MY DOCTOR?????  : 3 votes by darkie,Fishin,pookar
     <wittybot>	Don't do the crime, if...
     <wittybot>	[1][evan] you can get someone else to do it for you  : 3 votes by cookie,Andenken,Toothache
     <wittybot>	[2][Toothache] you can't make this rhyme  : 3 votes by Metric,Craig,darkie
     <wittybot>	I did not believe in miracles until...
     <wittybot>	[3][cookie] Jesus (rogue) was killed!  : 3 votes by billymills,Fishin,Cool-Porygon
     <wittybot>	Car Dictionary: Dipstick:...
     <wittybot>	[6][cookie] appropriate name for whoever submitted this prompt  : 4 votes by Toothache,Jackal,George,Isy
     <wittybot>	All work and no play makes Tangerine a...
     <wittybot>	[9][evan] fobby asian with no life, no chicks, no prospects, and no hope for happiness in life. Hey, there's always internet Pokemon!  : 3 votes by zerowing,MEGATRON,Fishin
     <wittybot>	Old men use viagra not because they can't get it up, but because...
     <wittybot>	[3][cookie] they can't get it going for five turns  : 3 votes by Fishin,moot,MEGATRON
     <wittybot>	I can't remember where I left my...
     <wittybot>	[6][moi] my dignity. somewhere between voting bush and supporting palin  : 3 votes by Isy,darkie,StrangerDanger
     <wittybot>	When your ass hurts in the morning...
     <wittybot>	[1][Fishin] morning wood is the cure  : 0 votes
     <wittybot>	[2][Metric] you've probably been assraped (predictable!)  : 0 votes
     <wittybot>	[3][Fishy] thump yourself for forgetting the astroglide, AGAIN.  : 0 votes
     <wittybot>	[4][StrangerDanger] you can bet it was the burger king and that whopper of his  : 2 votes by moi,Fishin
     <wittybot>	[6][Jackal] jail sucks i know  : 3 votes by Metric,Fishy,cookie
     <wittybot>	The main entertainment on Gilligan's island was...
     <wittybot>	[4][Jackal] 2guys1turtle  : 5 votes by skittles,Fishy,cookie,Fishin,Isy
     <wittybot>	Martha Stewart needs to...
     <wittybot>	[11][cookie] make me a fucking sandwich  : 5 votes by Metric,skittles,moi,Isy,rulz
     <jones>	Dan had seen a new Chinese restaurant opened down the road, it was called _____.
     <jones>	[1][cookie] the unlucky dog  : 2 votes by Fishin,Jackal
     <wittybot>	An apple a day keeps...
     <wittybot>	[7][cookie] rising in cost over time  : 4 votes by Metric,Isy,Vampy34,skittles
     <jones>	Target, It's a sign of the _____.
     <jones>	[1][rulz] BULLSEYE  : 3 votes by cookie,skittles,Isy
     <jones>	Since I started collecting rocks...
     <jones>	[2][Fishin] I've also started collecting bugs to iron out my weakness to grass-types  : 1 votes by Isy 
     <jones>	[3][matamato] watch out for paper  : 3 votes by Fishin,skittles,Metric
     <wittybot>	Famous quotes: The only thing we have left to fear is...
     <wittybot>	[2][cookie] an amish uprising on the internet  : 3 votes by Alper,Toothache,Isy
     <wittybot>	Never go to Norway on holiday because...
     <wittybot>	[7][cookie] there is norway that you'd have a good time there  : 3 votes by Isy,Metric,thunda
     <wittybot>	Playing scrabble is a lot like sex...
     <wittybot>	[2][Alper] i've done both only over the internet  : 2 votes by cookie,Toothache
     <wittybot>	My parents gave me ... for my birthday.
     <wittybot>	[1][McGraw] a bailout  : 3 votes by Carl,pookar,thunda
     <wittybot>	[4][Carl] life  : 2 votes by McGraw,cookie
      <MEGAWITT>	Whenever the "ERROR 404" comes up on my computer I...
      <MEGAWITT>	[5][MNL] break out my Indian yellow pages.  : 3 votes by cookie,matamato,Hipmonlee
      <MEGAWITT>	So Janet Jackson walks into a bar...
      <MEGAWITT>	[6][West] if it was smogon everyone would've tried to woo her  : 3 votes by cookie,MNL,jc_rcw
     <MEGAWITT>	Playing poker is a lot like sex...
     <MEGAWITT>	[1][cookie] i suck at both  : 1 votes by Jackal
     <MEGAWITT>	[2][Sonuis] You have strip poker  : 0 votes
     <MEGAWITT>	[3][Yuri] you never know if the bitch is faking it or not  : 2 votes by Dak,cookie
     <MEGAWITT>	[4][Jackal] im all in  : 2 votes by Sonuis,Yuri
     <MEGAWITT>	Arnold Schwarzenegger called me last night and said...
     <MEGAWITT>	[1][cookie] WHO ARE YOU  : 2 votes by matamato,MEGATRON
     <MEGAWITT>	[2][matamato] stay here. i'll be back.  : 2 votes by Sonuis,Mekkah
     <MEGAWITT>	[4][MEGATRON] vote for me if you want to live  : 1 votes by Toothache
     <MEGAWITT>	[5][Toothache] predict 'I'll be back'  : 0 votes
     <MEGAWITT>	[6][Mekkah] i'll call back  : 2 votes by cookie,Shiv
     <MEGAWITT>	Never raise your hands to your kids...
     <MEGAWITT>	[4][Sakura] they pay for your retirement when you get older  : 2 votes by cookie,Toothache
     <MEGAWITT>	Capitalism is best because...
     <MEGAWITT>	[2][Gormenghast] CAPITALISM MEANS ALL CAPS  : 2 votes by akuchi,cookie
     <MEGAWITT>	[4][CaptKirby] Proper capitalization is essential for communication.  : 2 votes by Dak,Toothache
     <MEGAWITT>	[5][akuchi] che guevara was an ugly cunt  : 0 votes
     <MEGAWITT>	[6][cookie] i dont like sharing  : 1 votes by Gormenghast
     <MEGAWITT>	Capitalism is best because...
     <MEGAWITT>	[1][Dak] because without it communism would not exist  : 1 votes by CaptKirby
     <MEGAWITT>	[2][Gormenghast] CAPITALISM MEANS ALL CAPS  : 2 votes by akuchi,cookie
     <MEGAWITT>	[3][Toothache] Starting a sentence without a capital letter looks retarded  : 0 votes
     <MEGAWITT>	[4][CaptKirby] Proper capitalization is essential for communication.  : 2 votes by Dak,Toothache
     <MEGAWITT>	[5][akuchi] che guevara was an ugly cunt  : 0 votes
     <MEGAWITT>	[6][cookie] i dont like sharing  : 1 votes by Gormenghast
      <MEGAWITT>	The difference between sex and death is...
      <MEGAWITT>	[5][Floppy] in sex you're fucking, in death you'er fucked  : 2 votes by cookie,Dak
      <MEGAWITT>	[6][MEGATRON] virgins are only guaranteed one of the two  : 1 votes by jc_rcw
     <Fluobot>	If your mom had another kid with Richard Simmons...
     <Fluobot>	[1][Gormenghast] new emoticon: r_____richard simmons  : 3 votes by cookie,JimBob,Broolucks
     <Fluobot>	[5][Broolucks] she'd be cheating on me  : 3 votes by Sakura,Sarenji,Gormenghast
     <Fluobot>	[6][cookie] don't say things like that  : 3 votes by Shiney,Toothache,AJC
     <WittyMcgee>	When I tried to hack a elephant ...
     <WittyMcgee>	[5][MEGATRON] trunk:/> delete elephant.exe | access denied  : 2 votes by cookie,Bam
     <WittyMcgee>	I find Misty attractive because...
     <WittyMcgee>	[1][Dak] i dig laptops  : 2 votes by zerowing,cookie
     <WittyMcgee>	And then batman responded ...
     <WittyMcgee>	[6][Dak] robin sucks foreys is my new sidekick  : 1 votes by cookie
     <WittyMcgee>	[7][Zoro] I have everything you need under my belt  : 2 votes by Isy,Sakura
     <WittyMcgee>	[10][cookie] i shall have a new asian sidekick, his name...robinder  : 2 votes by MEGATRON,Dak
     <WittyMcgee>	if my computer broke i would....
     <WittyMcgee>	[6][Hipmonlee] ask vineon for advice on how to repair it  : 3 votes by dbolt,Dak,MEGATRON
     <WittyMcgee>	[9][dbolt] play minesweeper on paper  : 3 votes by cookie,Sakura,Hipmonlee
     <WittyMcgee>	So Mahatma Gandhi walks into a bar...
     <WittyMcgee>	[1][keloggs] and starts to groan.  : 0 votes
     <WittyMcgee>	[2][pookar] im not getting anything, lol  : 1 votes by Gormenghast
     <WittyMcgee>	[3][Gormenghast] i want my drink virgin like my wives  : 1 votes by cookie
     <WittyMcgee>	[4][cookie] i'll have a buddhweiser  : 1 votes by pookar
     <WittyMcgee>	There are worse things in life than...
     <WittyMcgee>	[1][Isy] black people...who am I kidding rofl  : 0 votes
    <WittyMcgee>	[3][Toothache] my vote didnt go through and I would have got 5 points and won  : 0 votes
     <WittyMcgee>	[4][cookie] www.indiansex4u.com, but i find it hard to imagine  : 3 votes by Foreys,Toothache,COalex
     <WittyMcgee>	The only way in hell I'm ever gonna have sex is if...
     <WittyMcgee>	[1][Shiney] i'm raped  : 3 votes by Gormenghast,Dak,StrangerDanger
     <WittyMcgee>	[5][MNL] if i join the pokephilia forum and meet a nice chansey or something  : 1 votes by dbolt
     <WittyMcgee>	[10][cookie] I go to the playground with a bag of sweets  : 2 votes by Sakura,Hipmonlee
     <WittyMcgee>	[11][Floppy] my penis chooses not to evolve into its more moghty form: erectrode  : 3 votes by Shiney,cookie,nether
    this time round i can actually do shout outs because i actually have things to say (this should be in alphabetical order but i make no promises so ctrl+f):

    aamto - my partner in crime when it comes to killing #fluodome with our civ chats although we now have #space for that. you're one of the first people i got talking to on IRC, ilu man
    Alper - a twisted fuck who's never coming near my family you may be, but chats with you involved are normally entertaining or informative
    AvatarST - boss -i mean teddy bear- i mean -fuck. i'm never short of jokes to make about your height but seriously you're a great guy in #fluodome and i won't forget that you were the one to vop me way back. i don't need to say it but i really enjoyed our mafia discussions too
    Az - i'm worried this might inflate your head a bit but congrats on a good first thread, keep it up
    Big Bayou - i love 99% of your posts even though you don't post too often. i've chatted to you on irc a few times and you're a pretty cool dude
    Brain - i really enjoy reading your posts in congregation, when you do post that is.
    CaptKirby - your ranting and arguments have great entertainment value if nothing else. it's good though having one bigoted person to stimulate discussion.
    Dak - dak in a nutshell: [topic] <dak> [topic] sucks. good thing we talk a lot on irc because you don't post any more. ps. hurry up and come to london
    DM - the above applies to you as well. you're like the cool but responsible uncle of smogon to me. you're also cool for voicing me in #smogon :)
    Doomsday - when i was new i confused doommullet and doomsday, of course now i know that one of you is in fact a goose. anyway you're a pretty hiarious guy and good job on making firebot a better place (goes to SD as well)
    evan/thebm - obviously inferior to expertevan. you come into #fluodome all like 'lol noobs' but you're a cool dude in general
    Fishy - mentioning you here might make you even more hyperactive in #fluodome but whatever. you'd do good to tune it down especially when everyone else around you is all like 'girl on the internet!'. it's fun talking to you about dreams and stuff
    Gormenghast - lately all you really say is in emoticons, it scares me a little tbh but that doesn't mean you should stop posting
    Hipmonlee - another underappreciated wittybotter. i like your contributions to #smogon discussions and cong threads and what you did with the 'code geass' thread was legendary
    Isy - here, I mentioned you. I know you hate me and the feeling is mutual :). congrats on giving #space something unique (rps bot is pretty awesome)
    Jackal - i can't help but notice that you and moi posted pics of yourselves a few days apart, i dunno what that means though. i guess you're the one responsible for initiating me into the ways of mafia back in sw mafia and being one of the first people i remember way back from nb forums. i guess nobody trusts for good reason you sly fox or should i say jackal
    keloggsequent - you have a knack for posting a random-ass picture in the middle of a poor thread at just the right time, and generally trawling through the internet and posting the best of it in smogon. i know it's not original content but who cares? your debut thread was actually really good as well looking back at it, i was just being a jerk
    Kumar - i thought you and cloud were the same person at one point. anyways happy birthday dude have a good one
    Max - the SHAKE to my BAKE. i dunno how that even started but it doesn't matter. also friendliest #fluodome op who gave me my hops until mean shiv removed them
    McGraw - haven't beaten you in scrabble yet but i'm getting better!
    Mekkah - good thing you've slowed down lately giving us mere mortals a chance to catch up in postcount
    m0nkfish - your posts look really lazy but they're normally pretty good. two things that stick out in my mind are the facebook prank and trolling the camwhores, good times
    gk/MEGATRON - team nig represent. you are like the oscar wilde reincarnated man, your witty submissions are underappreciated sometimes.
    moi - my mafia apprentice, you've learned well. one day you may even surpass me in deviousness.
    moot - fellow #space founder, you're one of the cooler new users around. anyway congrats on losing it!
    Norulz - the only thing that makes you annoying is when you take shit too seriously which is in fact really funny and besides listening to nothing but dredg you're a decent guy.
    Shiv - super mafia has been awesome with you, i'm not going to screw you over I SWEAR. anyway looking forward to apocalypse mafia and you're a cool overlord of #fluodome
    StrangerDanger - i must confess i haven't actually read most of your story threads but i don't think i'm alone in enjoying the stories you have of your eventful life over IRC and just being an awesome person in general. you've done a pretty good job of moderating firebot, nice one
    Thunda - fellow londoner, even at the start when you were annoying you were annoying in an endearing way. of course nowadays you never fail to amaze me with your stupidity even though you are actually decently clever. i think i talk to you more than anyone actually. aamto put it well: <matamato> thunda you are the dumbest coolest person i know
    Toothache - i bet you're really fucking annoying irl, spewing puns left and right (i know you're not but still). not to mention laughing at your own jokes. the voice chat that time was cool although good luck organising it again lol

    for those I missed in the main list, i didn't forget you: your mentions are here
  3. C. Falcon

    C. Falcon

    Oct 4, 2008
    Lets all laugh at Shade.

    Then at me =]
  4. Shiv

    Shiv mostly harmless
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    Apr 7, 2005
    i know you wont :)

    congrats dude!
  5. StrangerDanger

    is a Forum Moderator Alumnus

    Feb 3, 2007
    that's the way the cookie crumbles.

    -user has been banned for this post-
  6. darkie

    darkie just remember no caps when you spell the mans name
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    Dec 25, 2005
    loads of thunda; happy to see a couple of mine in there :)

    happy 3kookie!
  7. Stellar

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    Jan 3, 2007
    Congrats on 3k!
  8. Venom

    Venom red eyes no visine
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    Nov 9, 2007
    good times in fluodome, good times..

  9. CaptKirby


    Nov 4, 2006
    by Hephaestus do you guys just want me to make a video eating a cup of sugar at this point?! What else will sate you fiends?!
  10. Scrubs


    Sep 10, 2007
    Congrats cookie
  11. Mekkah

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    Super Moderator

    Feb 8, 2005
    some of this is gold :D
  12. Toothache

    Toothache Let the music play!
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    Dec 27, 2004
    I'm actually not that annoying irl, I just do it in chat cos I get bored easily.

    Nice work though, you captured some of the best wittys.

    Grats on the 3k.
  13. X-Act

    X-Act np: Biffy Clyro - Shock Shock
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    Feb 17, 2006
    Awesome thread. Makes me want to go to irc and play some wittybot.
  14. az

    az greyscale superhero
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    Jan 8, 2008
    Haha, still working my way through these, and you know through irc already, but whatever, I'll post it; hilarious stuff, and congratulations on the milestone. :)
  15. aamto

    aamto on whom the three Fates smile

    Apr 29, 2007
    thunda is so dumb yet so amazing at witty. there is no explanation. some of those are hysterical still.

    anyways, grats cookie! great friend.
  16. kd24

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    Dec 21, 2007
    jerk! (although i appreciate you posting my witty answers so we cool)

    congrats crumbly cookie
  17. Doomsday

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    Jan 23, 2005
    awesome thread and witty submittals, congrats my man cookie
  18. sumginazu


    Sep 26, 2007
    you just wasted like half of my day, that crap was amazing

    <WittyMcgee> In Soviet Russia...
    <WittyMcgee> [1][Dak] bike stole my (BAN ME PLEASE) : 4 votes by Sarenji,Shiney,cookie,Hipmonlee

    grats on 3k
  19. Shiny Crobat

    Shiny Crobat

    May 26, 2007
    Congratulations Cookie, some of those were really good.
  20. GTS


    Apr 9, 2007
    Wow, my old nick is in there a few times.

  21. Deco


    Jan 21, 2006
    I laughed hard at a couple of those.

    Congratulations on your 3k. ^^
  22. Shiney


    Sep 26, 2007
    Some of those are amazing

    congrats on the 3k cookie
  23. Isy


    Aug 8, 2006
    <WittyMcgee> Statistics can prove anything: ...
    <WittyMcgee> [4][Isy] <Colin> ok because mewtwo isn't used much he is now OU any objections : 3 votes by cookie,Jackal,Gormenghast

    if colin read that I was jk ok

  24. DM

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    congrats Cookie Crumbz

    a user who really proves that no terrible poster is beyond redemption
  25. moi


    Jan 22, 2008
    oh cookie you've made fluodome tolerable. it's a shame thunda has to be there to balance it out

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