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The Best of Wittybot

Discussion in 'Smogon's Greatest Hits' started by cookie, Oct 26, 2008.

  1. dak


    May 29, 2007
    cookie sucks
  2. gorm

    is a Team Rater Alumnusis a Battle Server Moderator Alumnus

    Oct 4, 2006
    love you alot
  3. moi


    Jan 22, 2008
    adding brilliance from tonight

    [16][Venom] If you are out there... if anyone is out there... I can provide food, I can provide shelter, I can provide security. If there's anybody out there... anybody... please. You are not alone.  : 6 votes by Rev,WER,billymills,Hipmonlee,m4tty,Az
    But Venom did not vote... no points for him :(
  4. Blue Kirby

    Blue Kirby Never back down.
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    Nov 1, 2007
    Congratulations on 3k! :D
  5. az

    az greyscale superhero
    is an Artist Alumnusis a Forum Moderator Alumnusis a Smogon Media Contributor Alumnus

    Jan 8, 2008
    [01:01] <@wittybot> [B]Warning on a condom: ...[/B]
    [01:01] <@wittybot> [B][7][cookie] choking hazard: contains small parts[/B]  : 5 votes by Flounder,BlueKirby,Stoo,WER,Az
    You've certainly done more than your fair share of adding to the best-of, I'm sure :)

    EDIT: Some more great stuff from tonight that deserves a mention:

    <wittybot>    [B]The most dangerous thing for a bird is...[/B]
    <wittybot>    [B][11][Hipmonlee] evolving into kangaskhan[/B]  : 5 votes by cookie,pookar,Jedil,Stoo,Az
    <wittybot>    [B]I wish we had have _____ during the evolution process.[/B]
    <wittybot>   [B][2][WER] pressed B[/B]  : 7 votes by cookie,Fishin,Jedil,Alper,m4tty,Stoo,Az
  6. Jackal

    Jackal I'm not retarded I'm Canadian it's different
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    Dec 20, 2004
    lol I am not moi come on x(

    congrats man and awesome thread Tyranitar Treiner, oh i mean Cookie_CrumbZ o no its just cookie

    me and you will be on the same team in mafia...one day.

    And you played really well in SD mafia, i wouldnt say you had me fooled but you never made me actually kill you, which i clearly should have done. Karma is a bitch i guess ;)

    EDIT: wow im in a shitload of those wittybot games, and damn those are just the ones where you were actually there cookie...I need to find something else to do

    heres imo my best one:

    <wittybot> The main entertainment on Gilligan's island was...
    <wittybot> [4][Jackal] 2guys1turtle : 5 votes by skittles,Fishy,cookie,Fishin,Isy
  7. moot


    Apr 11, 2008
    Ah cookie, my good good english friend. Congrats on the 3k man. (:

    qft, corrected
  8. CaptKirby


    Nov 4, 2006
    I am glad that you are as obsessed with me as I am, moot.
  9. AvatarST

    is a Smogon IRC AOp Alumnusis a Forum Moderator Alumnus

    May 13, 2005
    Haha good thread. Thanks for the mention.
  10. moot


    Apr 11, 2008
    you're confusing me with fishy

  11. Mr.378

    is a Tutoris a Tiering Contributor Alumnus
    WLT GSC OU Cycle Best

    Sep 6, 2006
    This log looks good so far.

    Congrats on the 3k Cookie.
  12. gk

    gk mighty
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    Jan 4, 2005
  13. Max

    Max yadig
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    Jan 30, 2007
    Congrats cookie! =D Oh, and thanks for the mention. You're definitely one of my favorite users and I'm glad to call you my internet buddy. ^__^

  14. Thorns


    Feb 17, 2007
    grats on 3k cockie

  15. Lexay

    Lexay I could be boned!
    is a Tournament Director Alumnusis a Battle Server Moderator Alumnus

    Apr 9, 2005
    good shit
    gk still being the funny (BAN ME PLEASE)

    edit: and congrats
  16. norulz

    norulz excellent

    Sep 28, 2005
    congreats ok the 3k

    you've come a long way

    also too much norulz itt
  17. Shiv

    Shiv mostly harmless
    is a Site Staff Alumnusis a Smogon IRC AOp Alumnusis a Programmer Alumnusis a Forum Moderator Alumnusis a Battle Server Moderator Alumnusis a Past WCoP Champion

    Apr 7, 2005
    you got a gk post cookie! wow!!!!!!!

    ps lexay start coming on irc/msn again ass i havent talked to you in years.
  18. Yuri


    Jun 4, 2005

    Oh wait, I am.
  19. GTS


    Apr 9, 2007
    for some reason, that made me lol irl.
  20. Amelia


    May 18, 2006
    The force is strong within this one.
    Good job Cookie!
  21. MNL


    Aug 18, 2005
    i was actually in some of these, imagine that.
  22. Fishin

    is a Forum Moderator Alumnusis a Contributor Alumnus

    Nov 8, 2005
    More logs:
    <wittybot>	I wish I was as unfunny as wittybot because...
    <wittybot>	[1][Fishin] all I can do is copy someone else's jokes : 2 votes by jenigmat,skittlez
    <wittybot>	The scar on my neck ...
    <wittybot>	[6][billymills] I argued with deck knight for 40 days and 40 nights, eventually when it seemed i would win, he cracked a bottle on my neck, that bastard  : 4 votes by jenigmat,Fishin,LightWolf,Pillowrath
    <wittybot>	pope says "I hate you.". You answer: ...
    <wittybot>	[9][Fishin] with a punch powered by the collective will of the protestants  : 3 votes by Stoo,Fishy,jenigmat429
    <wittybot>	Cheer up LF it's not the end of the...
    <wittybot>	[4][MEGATRON] arc, they are just using filler to let the manga get farther ahead  : 1 votes by Fishin
    <wittybot>	[5][Fishin] series. there will always be FANFICTION out there for you to read! : 3 votes by MEGATRON,Gadget,lessSADbilly
    <wittybot>	[6][keloggs] JINX YOU OWE ME A LAMBOURGEENI : 1 votes by Fishy
    <wittybot>	The world is going to end...
    <wittybot>	[1][Fishin] but cloud will still be away : 2 votes by Fishy,lessSADbilly
    <wittybot>	[2][Fishy] Psyche. Only yours is! I'm afraid you have a malignant brain tumor. : 2 votes by keloggs,MEGATRON
    <wittybot>	[4][lessSADbilly] PRESIDENT MR. DECK KNIGHT : 2 votes by Gadget,Fishin
    <wittybot>	In some places, you get paid for...
    <wittybot>	[5][MEGATRON] things that mexico will do for free  : 4 votes by Earthwormbot,Fishy,goborage,Fishin
    <wittybot>	At the end of the day, we're all...
    <wittybot>	[2][Raikage] tsundere lovers and anyone who says otherwise is the biggest liar ever (the bigness of which is bigger than pillowrath) : 2 votes by Chronicles,Fishin
    <wittybot>	[5][Fishin] assuming "end of the day" means at midnight, still in fluodome : 2 votes by Gadget,dbolt
    <wittybot>	[6][Chronicles] 1/365.25 of a year older : 3 votes by Earthwormbot,Pillowrath,MEGATRON
    <wittybot>	[8][Pillowrath] ddfan alts so its ok : 0 votes
    <wittybot>	[11][goborage] sleeping in our racecar beds : 2 votes by billymills,Fishy
    <wittybot>	Who stole the _____ from the _____?
    <wittybot>	[4][billymills] votes AL GORE DEMANDS TO KNOW : 5 votes by Fishin,Raikage,matamato,MEGATRON,Chronicles
    wittybot>	I walk into the room and the first thing that goes through my mind is...
    <wittybot>	[1][pookar] I wish I had pants. : 2 votes by Flounder,Raikage
    <wittybot>	[3][imperfectluck] what is IPL doing to that 14 year old girl : 3 votes by Rev,Fishin,Fishy
    <wittybot>	[5][Fishin] a bullet, shot by stalker imperfectluck who wanted my 14-year-old sister : 2 votes by imperfectluck,Hobo_Joe
    <wittybot>	If you go behind Mount Rushmoore, you will see...
    <wittybot>	[3][MEGATRON] shineys pot of gold : 1 votes by Hipmonlee
    <wittybot>	[4][Hobo_Joe] Lincon's true sexuality : 3 votes by Fishin,MEGATRON,billymills
    <wittybot>	[5][Flounder] lincoln has a tatoo of robert e. lee on the back of his head, they were actually gay lovers : 3 votes by Kannon,imperfectluck,Raikage
    <wittybot>	dad says "What is the meaning of life?". You answer: ...
    <wittybot>	[6][Flounder] to reproduce and see that the offspring makes it 
    into adulthood. So dad, your existence is, at this point, worthless. Thanks for all that you've done, but go kill yourself ASAP. : 4 votes by Kannon,Fishin,imperfectluck,Fishy
    <wittybot>	[7][Fishin] shouldn't you be asking your mother about these things? : 2 votes by Rev,MEGATRON
    <wittybot>	If I could ask keloggs any question, it would be...
    <wittybot>	[1][Fishin] how to succeed throughout high school and college : 2 votes by Flounder,keloggs
    <wittybot>	[4][Kannon] snap crackle pop rice krispies : 2 votes by MEGATRON,Rev
    <wittybot>	[7][Rev] stop pawns like dogs keloggs it turns ipl on : 4 votes by Fishin,Fishy,Kannon,Raikage
    <wittybot>	There I was, a beer in one hand and _____ in the other.
    <wittybot>	[11][Max] my ballot : 6 votes by Hipmonlee,Rev,Fishy,Raikage,MEGATRON,Fishin
    <wittybot>	Alternative lyrics: How much is that doggy in the window? The one with...
    <wittybot>	[3][Fishin] the knife in its mouth? Judging by the fact that it wields a weapon with as much proficiency as a human it's likely that it's a recruitable party member. : 5 votes by Kannon,Chronicles,WER,Fishy,Hipmonlee
    <wittybot>	[6][MEGATRON] fire breathing adamant behaviour : 1 votes by Jedil
    <wittybot>	[8][Jedil] I don't think you trust, in, my, self righteous suicune : 1 votes by MEGATRON
    <wittybot>	[9][Hipmonlee] the billion dollar inheritance : 1 votes by Fishin
    <wittybot>	Oh No! My _____ fell Off!
    <wittybot>	[4][MEGATRON] ability to attract hipmonlees vote : 3 votes by Hipmonlee,Fishy,Raikage
    <wittybot>	[7][Raikage] OKAZAKI WHY DID YOU TURN INTO A GIRL : 3 votes by Fishin,MEGATRON,Chronicles
    <wittybot>	I won't go, I won't sleep, I can't breath, until you're...
    <wittybot>	[1][Fishin] SUPER SPECIAL, that's why you are here with me~ : 2 votes by Chronicles,Raikage
    <wittybot>	[3][Hipmonlee] call an ambulance : 1 votes by WER
    <wittybot>	[5][MEGATRON] done strangling me : 2 votes by Fishin,billymills
    <wittybot>	[7][Kannon] going to stop dunking me under water : 2 votes by MEGATRON,Hipmonlee
    <wittybot>	I wish I was as obnoxious as Broolucks because...
    <wittybot>	[1][darkie] at least i'd be a smily on smogon :D : 1 votes by Chronicles
    <wittybot>	[6][imperfectluck] expect mafia when competitor comes out : 4 votes by Raikage,Hipmonlee,Fishin,Kannon
    <wittybot>	Children are nothing but...
    <wittybot>	[1][Kannon] ipl bait : 2 votes by darkie,imperfectluck
    <wittybot>	[2][WER] MISERABLE PILES OF SECRETS! : 2 votes by Fishy,Fishin
    <wittybot>	[5][Fishy] hand-me-downs : 1 votes by MEGATRON
    <wittybot>	[6][Fishin] reasons to use a condom : 4 votes by Kannon,Plus,WER,Hipmonlee
    <wittybot>	[7][MEGATRON] the seeds for a well laid alper reference : 1 votes by Chronicles
    <wittybot>	[11][darkie] sex toys (fishin doesn't want to admit he's a pedo) : 0 votes
    <wittybot>	Samuel L Jackson says "Did you do it?". You answer: ...
    <wittybot>	[2][matamato] I DON'T REMEMBER ASKING YOU A GODDAMN THING : 2 votes by WER,Jedil
    <wittybot>	[9][darkie] I AM FISHIN FOR THIS MOTHERFUCKING PIGEON : 3 votes by Fishin,Chronicles,Raikage
    <wittybot>	Due to overwhelming response...
    <wittybot>	[5][MEGATRON] sonar has been banned by save the whales : 2 votes by Fishin,Chronicles
    <wittybot>	[8][tennisace] the apathetics anonymous meeting was cancelled : 1 votes by Vampy34
    <wittybot>	[9][Fishin] we are now offering classes on how to earn a ladybug : 1 votes by Toothache
    <wittybot>	Playing scrabble is a lot like sex...
    <wittybot>	[1][MEGATRON] im doin it with cookie and junior AT THE SAME TIME : 3 votes by Fishin,Hobo_Joe,Flounder
    <wittybot>	[5][moi] You need more then one turn to spell out intercourse : 2 votes by Chronicles,MEGATRON
    <wittybot>	Look, it's _____! Shut off the lights and pretend we're not home!
    <wittybot>	[5][MEGATRON] AHHHHHHHHHH real mormons!!!!! : 2 votes by Fishin,Asma
    <wittybot>	When I grow up, I want to...
    <wittybot>	[2][Fishin] start ipling all of smogon's females : 3 votes by Flounder,Chronicles,Asma
    <wittybot>	I was arrested by the fashion police for...
    <wittybot>	[3][billymills] plotting murder. (they're real cops on fridays) : 3 votes by Fishin,MEGATRON,Hobo_Joe
    <wittybot>	I find Celia attractive because...
    <wittybot>	[5][Kumar] (s)he said (s)he swallows : 2 votes by Fishy,Fishin
    <wittybot>	[6][Fishin] she rolled a perfect 20 in Charisma, and is wearing a +5 armor of sexiness : 3 votes by moi,LonelyNess,Elevator_Music
    <wittybot>	I will be remembered for...
    <wittybot>	[7][Kumar] [18:42:55] <Mekkah> making sex with 3 mans [18:42:57] <Mekkah> how awesome is that [18:42:58] <Mekkah> oh fuck : 3 votes by LonelyNess,Flounder,billymills
    <wittybot>	I'll ... if you leave me your will.
    <wittybot>	[1][Kannon] kill you : 0 votes
    <wittybot>	[2][billymills] kill you : 0 votes
    <wittybot>	[3][moi] kill you : 0 votes
    <wittybot>	[4][LonelyNess] put out : 1 votes by Metric
    <wittybot>	[5][Flounder] kill fishy n1 : 1 votes by Kannon
    <wittybot>	[6][Elevator_Music] ?witty ?_? : 1 votes by LonelyNess
    <wittybot>	[7][Fishin] make your death painless : 0 votes
    <wittybot>	[8][Fishy] kill you : 1 votes by Kumar
    <wittybot>	But Fishy did not vote... no points for him :(
    <wittybot>	[9][chenn] kill you : 0 votes
    <wittybot>	[10][Kumar] merge #fluodome and #smogon : 2 votes by Fishin,chenn
    <wittybot>	[11][Metric] resurrect you : 4 votes by moi,Flounder,Elevator_Music,billymills
    <wittybot>	If you think that nobody cares if you are alive...
    <wittybot>	[2][Kumar] wait till they highlight you on irc : 3 votes by McGraw,Flounder,Toothache
    <wittybot>	[3][Kannon] (T)/F : 1 votes by Fishin
    <wittybot>	[8][McGraw] Jesus cares now donate bitch : 2 votes by thunda,chenn
    <wittybot>	[9][cookie] after a few days people will start complaining about why there are no bots on #fluodome : 1 votes by Kumar
    <wittybot>	The most ugly thing you have ever seen is...
    <wittybot>	[2][Kumar] mekkah naked (true story) : 1 votes by Shaky
    <wittybot>	[5][McGraw] probably linked to you by a 13 year old internet troll who thinks he is funny : 1 votes by cookie
    <wittybot>	[6][Jackal] [1] is prolly the name of a user notorious for his boyish good looks and masculine charm : 2 votes by Fishin,Kannon
    <wittybot>	[8][thunda] :-G look at his mouth it is deformed : 4 votes by LightWolf,McGraw,Jackal,billymills
    <wittybot>	[12][Fishin] wearing a badass mask so it's all good : 3 votes by Gormenghast,Kumar,thunda
    <wittybot>	The test of talent is how you play the game the first time, not...
    <wittybot>	[8][thunda] just go to gamefaqs and read a strategy guide that is talent : 3 votes by Toothache,Fishin,Flounder
    <wittybot>	If the Spice Girls were still around...
    <wittybot>	[6][Fishin] they would probably slightly less "spicy" as to not offend any religious/minority groups : 2 votes by Jackal,Kumar
    <wittybot>	[7][Jackal] if you wanna be my lover youve got to understand my boobs are made of rubber i used to be a mannnn : 2 votes by thunda,Fishin
    <wittybot>	The most dangerous thing for a penguin is...
    <wittybot>	[12][cookie] a thighmaster and a pickle : 5 votes by Flounder,thunda,Kumar,Jackal,Kannon
    <wittybot>	Look ma! No _____!
    <wittybot>	[7][goborage] pa :( : 4 votes by Az,Fishin,Flounder,Fishy
    <wittybot>	When I need to kill some time...
    <wittybot>	[2][cookie] pack chrono-bullets : 3 votes by Flounder,chenn,Fishin
    <wittybot>	[7][Fishin] queen_ino = time : 2 votes by Fishy,cookie
    <wittybot>	In Soviet Russia...
    <wittybot>	[2][pookar] fludome leaves pookar : 4 votes by chenn,Fishin,Kannon,Fishy
    <wittybot>	On the days when I'm feeling a little frisky...
    <wittybot>	[4][keloggs] i wear my knee socks and run around my house naked and hop in the shower with my socks still on : 3 votes by pookar,Fishin,Fishy
    <wittybot>	If I had a hundred dollars ...
    <wittybot>	[3][Fishin] i would buy myself a guido and wage war on organized religion : 2 votes by cookie,billymills
    <wittybot>	[5][Fishy] I'd pay to see pookar run around in knee-socks. : 2 votes by pookar,Fishin
    <wittybot>	My boyfriend likes...
    <wittybot>	[1][Vampy34] DARKIE : 2 votes by billymills,pookar
    <wittybot>	But Vampy34 did not vote... no points for him :(
    <wittybot>	[2][pookar] to put his ear in my ass : 2 votes by GigaPunch,goborage
    <wittybot>	[4][goborage] to say I love you after sex. What a homo. : 1 votes by Fishy
    <wittybot>	[6][keloggs] little boys with supple little bodies. good thing i dumped his ass and have since then set my standards higher(class 3 hot bitches) : 1 votes by Fishin
    <wittybot>	A dog is for... not just for Christmas.
    <wittybot>	[6][chenn] a weapon used to shit on your enemy's lawn in the dead of night : 4 votes by Fishin,goborage,billymills,Fishy
    <wittybot>	... is way too hard
    <Fishin>	no penis jokes
    <wittybot>	[6][goborage] erect clittoris...didn't see that coming : 4 votes by Fishin,chenn,pookar,Fishy
    <wittybot>	Rejected Witticisms prompts:...
    <wittybot>	[9][darkie] [10:13:31] <+Fishin> let's do it, darkie [10:13:32] <+darkie> and i came : 3 votes by Fishin,Earthworm,billymills
    <wittybot>	Blair says "WHAT ARE YOU DOING". You answer: ...
    <wittybot>	[6][goborage] shhh... we're in a library. : 5 votes by darkie,Fishin,skittles,chenn,LonelyNess
    <WittyWonka>	I saw _____ with a sign saying: Will Work for food.
    <WittyWonka>	[5][MEGATRON] sarah 'nalin' palin : 2 votes by Fishin,darkie
    <WittyWonka>	If I ever meet Teifu in real life, I would...
    <WittyWonka>	[1][matamato] now i'm not gay, but i'd certainly consider it : 4 votes by Toothache,goborage,Fishin,darkie
    <WittyWonka>	The truth is out there...
    <WittyWonka>	[4][Toothache] I saw it in The ButtseX-Files : 2 votes by LonelyNess,Fishin
    <WittyWonka>	[5][LonelyNess] :Tangerine is actually a guy. : 1 votes by Toothache
    <WittyWonka>	[6][Fishy] just ask thunda. : 1 votes by MEGATRON
    <WittyWonka>	But Fishy did not vote... no points for him :(
    <WittyWonka>	[7][Fishin] about Fishy's gender...and Wittybot knows the answer! : 2 votes by goborage,darkie
    <WittyWonka>	wife says "Who the fuck are you?". You answer: ...
    <WittyWonka>	[6][MEGATRON] holy shit a talking kitchen : 6 votes by Toothache,Fishin,matamato,LonelyNess,goborage,Jedil
    <WittyWonka>	As a token of our appreciation we would like to present you with this...
    <WittyWonka>	[4][MEGATRON] here is a smile :) : 3 votes by LonelyNess,Fishin,skittles
    <WittyWonka>	These could be the best days of our lives, if only...
    <WittyWonka>	[4][MEGATRON] that link to enlightenment wasnt a rickroll : 2 votes by goborage,Fishin
    <WittyWonka>	Flavored milk is best used...
    <WittyWonka>	[7][Broolucks] before 11/14/08... hurry up!! : 2 votes by Fishin,Fishy
    <wittybot>	Note to self: ...
    <wittybot>	[6][Fishin] writing notes is a useful technique for reminders and such. Try it out! : 2 votes by Kumar,goborage
    <wittybot>	Baaa, baaa, xxsadstar, have you any ______?
    <wittybot>	[1][cookie] yyhappystars? : 2 votes by darkie,Fishin
    <wittybot>	One time I saw ... at the mall!!
    <wittybot>	[4][cookie] 2 for 1 petrol : 1 votes by Flounder
    <wittybot>	[5][goborage] capitalist pigs : 3 votes by Fishin,Jedil,cookie
    <wittybot>	Cant sleep, clowns will...
    <wittybot>	[1][Fishin] inspect and get you lynched d1 : 2 votes by Mr378,LightWolfy
    <wittybot>	I used to ... for a living.
    <wittybot>	[2][Fishin] be an actual mafia member, it was a hell of a lot easier than playing these games : 2 votes by cookie,billymills
    <wittybot>	[3][cookie] teach thunda stuff : 2 votes by Fishin,goborage
    <wittybot>	Pillows should have a warning on them...
    <wittybot>	[4][Fishin] WARNING: soft and fluffy : 3 votes by LonelyNess,matamato,Fishy
    <wittybot>	wife says "can I join you?"  You answer...
    <wittybot>	[3][goborage] Can't you read? No girls allowed in my fort! : 2 votes by Fishin,LonelyNess
    <wittybot>	When I told my parents I was gay, they...
    <wittybot>	[5][goborage] voted no : 1 votes by LonelyNess
    <wittybot>	The _____ has few natural enemies, but _____...
    <wittybot>	[2][Fishin] Max, but when someone sneaks up behind him and undoes his pajama flap...ooh! : 2 votes by LonelyNess,Fishy
    <wittybot>	If I had a vagina ...
    <wittybot>	[1][Kumar] id be a hot lesbian : 3 votes by LonelyNess,Fishin,goborage
    <wittybot>	[6][goborage] I'd invert it and succeed in the real world : 2 votes by Kumar,bam
    <wittybot>	I went with ... to the prom.
    <wittybot>	[2][goborage] my gameboy :( : 2 votes by Fishin,Fishy
    <wittybot>	Alternative lyrics: So tonight I'm gonna party like it's...
    <wittybot>	[2][Kumar] kumar's birthday!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! : 4 votes by Fishin,bam,Fishy,goborage
    <wittybot>	When I'm feeling depressed I...
    <wittybot>	[1][Fishy] come to IRC to start drama. : 1 votes by Fishin
    <wittybot>	[3][goborage] lactate : 2 votes by LonelyNess,bam
    <wittybot>	I will change the world some day by...
    <wittybot>	[5][goborage] recycling :) : 4 votes by Fishin,LonelyNess,Fishy,bam
    <wittybot>	If the Spice Girls were still around...
    <wittybot>	[2][Fishy] I would make one of them dirty spice. ;] : 1 votes by goborage
    <wittybot>	[3][goborage] they'd be spice geriatrics OHOHOH : 2 votes by Fishin,LonelyNess
    <wittybot>	I have the best ... in the world
    <wittybot>	[3][Fishy] knitting patterns : 2 votes by goborage,Fishin
    <LEGO>	Prompt: If I ever meet someone in real life, I would...
    <LEGO>	[4] steal their lunch money and cover my tracks with Stealth Rock | Fishin | 3 votes (Raikage, Brain, MEGATRON)
    <LEGO>	Prompt: Tentative title for MEGATRON's biography...
    <LEGO>	[5] optimus prime was no friend of mine | Brain | 2 votes (Lord_Gloom, Fishin)
    <LEGO>	Prompt: My favourite time of day is...
    <LEGO>	[5] Lunch Disco Stu | Raikage | 2 votes (Fishin, Lord_Gloom)
    <LEGO>	Prompt: FIGHT! A maroon molecular-morphing monocle vs. Strong Jesus
    <LEGO>	[4] STRONG jesus crushes the monocle in his fist and finishes with HolyDrgSwrd. Strong Jesus wins. | Fishin | 2 votes (Raikage, Lord_Gloom)
    <LEGO>	Prompt: Losing needles is no big deal...
    <LEGO>	[2] but not losing dweedle :`( | Raikage | 3 votes (Fishin, Lord_Gloom, MEGATRON)
    <LEGO>	Prompt: Note to self: ...
    <LEGO>	[5] aunt jessica is your AUNT | MEGATRON | 3 votes (Fishin, Raikage, Lord_Gloom)
    <LEGO>	Prompt: The person I'd like to kick most is...
    <LEGO>	[1] natalie, but it wouldn't be so much a kick as it would be an elaborate foot-groping session | Fishin | 1 vote (Lord_Gloom)
    LEGO>	[3] * MEGATRON has kicked TTS (where have you been all of my life) | MEGATRON | 2 votes (Fishin, Earthworm)
    <LEGO>	Prompt: Write the next line: <cloud[away]> prove it | <cloud[away]> prove it | <cloud[away]> prove it
    <LEGO>	[4] cloud looks in a mirror; he is stunned by the fact that he truly is brown! | Lord_Gloom | 2 votes (Broolucks, Hipmonlee)
    <LEGO>	Prompt: If I could ask imperfectluck any question, it would be...
    <LEGO>	[1] how many licks to the center of a...... maybe this one isnt for ipl | MEGATRON | 3 votes (Fishin, Hipmonlee, Lord_Gloom)
    <LEGO>	Prompt: ... is still alive in Uganda
    <LEGO>	[2] ddfan alt #37 | Fishin | 3 votes (Jedil, Hipmonlee, Lord_Gloom)
    <LEGO>	Prompt: Write the previous line: <@Brain> I'll protect you if you suck my cock
    LEGO>	[5] Fishin my role in this mafia game is rikku | 4 votes (goborage, LonelyNess, Bass, chenn)
    <LEGO>	Prompt: I failed to make the chess team because...
    <LEGO>	[2] LonelyNess I'm such a rook | 2 votes (Fishin, Hipmonlee)
    <LEGO>	[4] Fishin my chest wasn't hairy enough | 1 vote (Bass)
    <LEGO>	Prompt: What is the context? <+DoomMullet> thank you, kind sir
    <LEGO>	[7] Hipmonlee hipmonlee sets mode +v doommullet | 3 votes (goborage, Bass, LonelyNess)
    <LEGO>	Prompt: My darkest secret is...
    <LEGO>	[5] Fishin it's like a shadow, hiding in the darkness, and there isn't much information about it, except that it involves a boy | 1 vote (Hipmonlee)
    <LEGO>	[6] WER my milkshake doesn't actually bring ANY boys to the yard. | 2 votes (thunda, bam)
    <LEGO>	Prompt: Write the next line: <DoomMullet> it was AWESOME
    <LEGO>	[2] keloggs my girl came over and well i dont think i gotta tell you what happened next (we played monopoly and talked to people over facebook) | 1 vote (LonelyNess)
    <LEGO>	[4] LonelyNess <DoomMullet> My city had its anual Kitten Calender Convention | 3 votes (goborage, Brain, bam)
    <LEGO>	Prompt: I wanna go on a trip to ...
    <LEGO>	[4] goborage +2 LEGOLAND | Votes: Somebody, Brain
    <LEGO>	[5] Fishin +3 japan so i can buy some morally questionable comic books | Votes: goborage, Hipmonlee, MEGATRON
    <LEGO>	[7] Hipmonlee +1 a full house | Votes: Fishin
    <LEGO>	Prompt: If I ever meet Somebody in real life, I would...
    <LEGO>	[1] MEGATRON +2 find out his secret identity | Votes: Fishin, chenn
    <LEGO>	[2] Somebody +1 that would be great... wait... who? | Votes: goborage
    <LEGO>	[5] goborage +2 hey I saw this prompt about you | Votes: Hipmonlee, MEGATRON
    <LEGO>	[6] Fishin +1 probably mistake him for a cooler smogon user and make him feel unwanted | Votes: Somebody
    <LEGO>	Prompt: My girlfriend likes...
    <LEGO>	[2] goborage +1 her boyfriend :) | Votes: Hipmonlee
    <LEGO>	[4] evan +2 big butts and she cannot lie | Votes: Somebody, chenn
    <LEGO>	[6] Hipmonlee +1 references to earlier prompts | Votes: goborage
    <LEGO>	[7] chenn +3 the chess club | Votes: Fishin, MEGATRON, evan
    <LEGO>	Prompt: The key to happiness is...
    <LEGO>	[1] evan +3 engage the clitoris | Votes: goborage, Fishin, LonelyNess
    <LEGO>	[3] goborage +2 made of lindt chocolate | Votes: Hipmonlee, MEGATRON
    <LEGO>	[4] Hipmonlee +1 I accidentally locked it in the car of happiness, triple a are working on it | Votes: evan
    <LEGO>	Prompt: If I was not lagged this much...
    <LEGO>	[6] thunda +2 my submittla would have been #1 or #2 but look at me fucking #6,1 | Votes: Fishin, Somebody
    <LEGO>	Prompt: Write the previous line: <cloud[away]> im serious im an erelationship and ill cut oyu
    <LEGO>	[1] evan +1 <cloud[away]> don't talk about my sister like that | Votes: Hipmonlee
    <LEGO>	[2] Fishin +1 go to www.indiandating.com | Votes: goborage
    <LEGO>	[3] MEGATRON +1 <chaos> im grapes | Votes: evan
    <LEGO>	[5] LonelyNess +1 <jumpluff> I hate cloud's utter disregard for grammar. | Votes: MEGATRON
    <LEGO>	[7] goborage +2 Cloud, can you make an illegible sentence for me? | Votes: Fishin, thunda
    <LEGO>	Prompt: Everyone has a price, even...
    <LEGO>	[2] MEGATRON +1 jedil for example who is worthless | Votes: Fishin
    <LEGO>	[3] evan +2 MasterCard | Votes: Somebody, thunda
    <LEGO>	[7] Hipmonlee +1 me, but they are so low you will think im crrrrrrrrrrrrrazy | Votes: goborage
    <LEGO>	[8] goborage +2 The Monopoly Man | Votes: Hipmonlee, evan
    <LEGO>	Prompt: I dumped my last girlfriend because...
    <LEGO>	[1] evan +3 she wasn't recyclable! | Votes: Fishin, MEGATRON, thunda
    <LEGO>	Prompt: You know it's "that time of the month again" when your mother ...
    <LEGO>	[1] Fishin +1 starts growing fur and howling | Votes: chenn
    <LEGO>	[2] chenn +1 refuses to cook and clean | Votes: LonelyNess
    <LEGO>	[3] LonelyNess +1 starts making your father wear pads instead of condoms. | Votes: Fishin
    <LEGO>	Prompt: What's the best use for a bucket of whale sperm?
    <LEGO>	[2] goborage +2 Impregnating sperm whales | Votes: Fishin, MEGATRON
    <LEGO>	[3] MEGATRON +1 breaking celebi's celibacy | Votes: goborage
    <LEGO>	Prompt: Write the next line: <Sanders> it bonked some kid on the head
    <LEGO>	[1] Fishin +1 ironically, his name was bonkers | Votes: LonelyNess
    <LEGO>	[2] goborage +2 It just burst out of my pants by accident I swear | Votes: Fishin, Floppy
    <LEGO>	Prompt: I will be famous someday for...
    <LEGO>	[1] Fishin +2 outlagging sonuis in brawl | Votes: LonelyNess, MEGATRON
    <LEGO>	[2] LonelyNess +1 writing a huge essay about something that no one cares about, but everyone thinks I'm smart for writing. | Votes: goborage
    <LEGO>	[3] Floppy +1 anus. they'll call me famous anus one day hmm | Votes: Fishin
    <LEGO>	Prompt: What is the context? <ToP> okay guys i need your help
    <LEGO>	[6] goborage +3 What does my name stand for? | Votes: Fishin, Floppy, matamato
    <LEGO>	Prompt: The person I'd like to fuck most is...
    <LEGO>	[2] MEGATRON +1 werewolf jessica alba, go out with style. | Votes: goborage
    <LEGO>	Prompt: Honesty is the best policy, except when...
    <LEGO>	[1] Fishin +3 progressive insurance offers you something better | Votes: goborage, Lesm46, chenn
    <LEGO>	Prompt: When I go to bed, I think of...
    <LEGO>	[6] Fishy +4 all the children in africa that have to sleep on rocks while I stretch luxuriousoly on my king sized bed. | Votes: goborage, Fishin, Bass, chenn
    <LEGO>	[7] goborage +1 sheep. Hot, sweaty sheep. | Votes: Lesm46
    <LEGO>	Prompt: I wrote a song for SKiTTles ...
    <LEGO>	[1] darkie +3 but i listened it :3 | Votes: Fishin, Somebody, Fishy
    <LEGO>	[4] goborage +2 Taste The Rainbow... | Votes: SKiTTles, chenn
    <LEGO>	Prompt: What is the context? <zerowing> theres tons of horses around me sadly
    <LEGO>	[3] Fishy +4 by horses he means "men of stallion caliber" sadly, he is heterosexual. | Votes: Fishin, Somebody, Bass, Hipmonlee
    <LEGO>	[6] Somebody +3 The context is that sadly, there are tons of horses around zerowing. | Votes: goborage, Fishy, darkie
    <LEGO>	Prompt: If I had needles...
    <LEGO>	[1] Fishin +2 I'd kick Snake Man's ass | Votes: Somebody, Bass
    <LEGO>	[5] Somebody i wud *poke* u XD o_o~ | No votes.
    <LEGO>	[8] goborage +1 I'd share them with the homeless | Votes: Hipmonlee
    <LEGO>	[9] SKiTTles +3 I would throw it in a hay stake | Votes: Fishin, Fishy, chenn
    <LEGO>	Prompt: I have been contemplating suicide recently because...
    <LEGO>	[5] Somebody +1 someone on the internet called me gay | Votes: DDAngelo
    <LEGO>	[7] Broolucks +3 virgins are waiting for me in heaven | Votes: Fishin, Bass, Hipmonlee
    <LEGO>	Prompt: Germany's national meal:
    <LEGO>	[4] Hipmonlee +4 when I make it, they call it bratbest | Votes: goborage, Fishin, Venom, darkie
    <LEGO>	[5] chenn +1 AHH, Wikipedia doesn't tell me what it is | Votes: Broolucks
    <LEGO>	[6] Bass +1 Liberty Cabbage | Votes: Hipmonlee
    <LEGO>	Prompt: Write the next line: <Sanders> what a nerd
    <LEGO>	[1] Fishy +3 <Sanders> I mean his Gyrados isn't even jolly wtf | Votes: goborage, darkie, Bass
    <LEGO>	[2] darkie +1 <@Fishin> MEGATRON
    <LEGO>	Prompt: For dont became like chenn ...
    <LEGO>	[2] Fishy +6 who let thunda submit a prompt? | Votes: goborage, Fishin, Broolucks, Outlaw, Raikage, MEGATRON
    <LEGO>	[4] Fishin +1 I bet he's not even voiced in #warau,1 | Votes: Fishy
    <LEGO>	Prompt: Write the next line: <ToP> okay guys i need your help
    <LEGO>	[1] Fishin +2 I'm spinning round and round and round | Votes: goborage, Broolucks
    <LEGO>	[2] Fishy +1 <McGraw> oh, "help" | Votes: Fishin
    <LEGO>	[5] Broolucks +2 <ToP> do you think santa can fit a pony through the chimney? | Votes: Outlaw, Fishy
    <LEGO>	Prompt: Write the next line: <DoomMullet> I ended up screwing chicks in mine
    <LEGO>	[7] Broolucks +5 <DoomMullet> well I think they were chicks | Votes: goborage, Fishin, Outlaw, MEGATRON, chenn
    <LEGO>	Prompt: Kumar looks like he could...
    <LEGO>	[1] Kumar +2 eat a cow | Votes: Fishin, Stoo
    <LEGO>	[2] Stoo +2 have an unfair advantage playing hide and seek in the dark | Votes: goborage, Scrubs
    <LEGO>	[3] Fishin +2 give Fishy the time of her life | Votes: Kumar, LightWolf
    <LEGO>	Prompt: I will change the world some day by...
    <LEGO>	[7] thunda +3 i will supply every man woman and child with a scoped crowbar | Votes: Alper, Kumar, Fishin
    <LEGO>	Prompt: What is the context? <CaptKirby> then I ask 'well can I do it with you'
    <LEGO>	[2] Alper +2 captkirby being cooperative? trick question, that's a fake log | Votes: thunda, Fishin
    <LEGO>	[5] thunda +3 'it' is writing a new dictionary for (BAN ME PLEASE) only | Votes: Alper, Jedil, dak
    <LEGO>	Prompt: When I'm feeling depressed I...
    <LEGO>	[7] thunda +2 remember fishin cuts his apples before he eats them xD | Votes: Fishin, dak
    <LEGO>	Prompt: Losing two dicks is no big deal...
    <LEGO>	[5] Fishin +2 the world is better off without cheney and evan anyways | Votes: Jedil, Alper
    <LEGO>	[6] thunda +2 i install tracking devices on my dicks so i know where they are at all times | Votes: Fishin, dak
    <LEGO>	[8] LightWolf +3 that guy in the alley sells them | Votes: Kumar, Stoo, thunda
    <LEGO>	Prompt: Some things should be left unsaid, like...
    <LEGO>	[5] Alper +4 <+thunda> what could go wrong if i combined a particle accelerator with a scope | Votes: LightWolf, dak, Stoo, cookie
    <LEGO>	[6] thunda +1 my crowbar doesnt have a scope | Votes: goborage
    <LEGO>	Prompt: ... is still alive in Russia
    <LEGO>	[1] dak +2 indiana jones | Votes: Kumar, cookie
    <LEGO>	[4] Kumar +2 the same guy that was alive in uganda has now moved to russia cuz he likes the vodka and the unibrowed women | Votes: goborage, Fishin
    <LEGO>	Prompt: There's no place like...
    <LEGO>	[1] Stoo +2 a dome | Votes: goborage, Kumar
    <LEGO>	[5] goborage +2 Home Hardware for the best bargains! | Votes: Stoo, Scrubs
    <LEGO>	Prompt: Men are better at... than women.
    <LEGO>	[3] Mekkah +4 rating blowjobs | Votes: goborage, Fishin, Kumar, Scrubs
    <LEGO>	Prompt: Write the next line: <@Brain> I just realized | <@Brain> I'm inspector gadget's dog
    <LEGO>	[1] Alper +1 <Brain> don't hate our kind, dogs are magnificient animals | Votes: dak
    <LEGO>	[3] dak +1 <@Brain> woof | Votes: goborage
    <LEGO>	[4] Fishin +3 You win if Inspector Gadget gives you the Bone by the end of the game. | Votes: Alper, Stoo, Mekkah
    <LEGO>	[5] Stoo +2 <@Brain> go go gadget mafia! | Votes: LightWolf, Fishin
    <LEGO>	Prompt: Write the next line: <@CFickle> i'm pretty sure you're wrong
    <LEGO>	[1] MEGATRON +1 no im pretty sure chocolate rain is a black guy | Votes: goborage
    <LEGO>	[2] Fishin +1 <CFickle> i asked the GM if we were allowed to include Mewtwo in the RP and he said no | Votes: MEGATRON
    <LEGO>	[3] goborage +1 That's not an adam's apple, she's just sucking on a candy | Votes: Fishin
    <LEGO>	Prompt: The scar on my left cheek ...
    <LEGO>	[2] MEGATRON +2 can be toggled off by going to face -> facial hair and choosing a new style, i am a fan of soul patch | Votes: goborage, Fishin
    <LEGO>	Prompt: Write the next line: <+Glalie> you guys are MEAN
    <LEGO>	[1] MEGATRON +1 * Charizard used Fire Blast | Votes: Fishin
    <LEGO>	[2] Fishin +2 even meaner than the people in Mean Girls :( | Votes: goborage, Fishy
    <LEGO>	[3] goborage +1 <+Glalie> I've never been sworn at on the internet before | Votes: MEGATRON
    <LEGO>	Prompt: One day, I will look back on my life and...
    <LEGO>	[1] MEGATRON +2 push x to respawn | Votes: Fishin, Fishy
    <LEGO>	Prompt: God only exists...
    <LEGO>	[1] Fishin +2 to rain thunda on people | Votes: Fishy, billymills
    <LEGO>	Prompt: Blondes are better because...
    <LEGO>	[1] Fishy +1 the semen blends in with their hair the best. | Votes: goborage
    <LEGO>	[2] Brain they're easier to spot when they get lost in the dark | No votes.
    <LEGO>	[4] zerowing +2 no means touch the thighs and ask again in 5 minutes | Votes: Fishin, Brain
    <LEGO>	[7] Fishin +2 their hair reflects a greater degree of light and brightens everyone's day! | Votes: zerowing, Fishy
    <LEGO>	Prompt: I would love to destroy Lesm46...
    <LEGO>	[5] Fishin +2 he is a voiced user and therefore lowering the average quality of voiced users and making us all look bad | Votes: bbbbballin, zerowing
    <LEGO>	[6] goborage +3 to make an example of what happens to users who use numbers and letters in their username | Votes: Fishin, Brain, Fishy
    <LEGO>	Prompt: For my birthday, Fishin gave me...
    <LEGO>	[1] Fishy +3 the key to his heart. | Votes: goborage, bbbbballin, Brain
    <LEGO>	[5] Brain +2 FISH, FISH, FISH and MORE FISH and then I trout slapped him | Votes: Fishin, Lesm46
    <LEGO>	Prompt: You know that you are going crazy when ...
    <LEGO>	[1] Fishin +2 your prices are lower than those of wal-mart | Votes: Brain, Fishy
    <LEGO>	[2] Fishy +1 THE ELLIPSES GO ON FOREVER AHHHHH | Votes: bbbbballin
    <LEGO>	[4] bbbbballin +1 you have schintzofrenia and you dont belive | Votes: Fishin
    <LEGO>	Prompt: When my parents found out I had been kidnapped, they...
    <LEGO>	[1] evan told me to wake up it's time for dinner | No votes.
    <LEGO>	[2] goborage +2 sent a polite but firm letter to my kidnappers | Votes: Fishin, Brain
    <LEGO>	[4] Fishin +2 decided to theme a mafia game around the story | Votes: evan, Fishy
    <LEGO>	Prompt: Today I'm going to try something new, it's called...
    <LEGO>	[2] goborage +2 monogamy. | Votes: Brain, bbbbballin
    <LEGO>	Prompt: All work and no play makes Fishy a...
    <LEGO>	[1] Fishy +2 appropriate housewife. | Votes: goborage, evan
    <LEGO>	Prompt: I'd like to visit Russia...
    <LEGO>	[2] evan +3 that way i could watch sarah palin take showers | Votes: goborage, Brain, Fishy
    <LEGO>	Prompt: One day, I will look back on my life and...
    <LEGO>	[4] Brain +2 INCOMING PIZZA TRUCK FFFFFFFFFUUCK | Votes: goborage, evan
    <LEGO>	Prompt: Write the next line: <Asuka> "I never use pubic phones"
    <LEGO>	[4] bbbbballin +2 the reception is a bit hairy | Votes: goborage, Fishin
    <LEGO>	Prompt: All work and no play makes goborage a...
    <LEGO>	[2] Fishin +1 goboRAGE | Votes: goborage
    <LEGO>	[3] bbbbballin +2 productive member of society. | Votes: Fishin, Pillowrath
    <LEGO>	Prompt: I'd like to visit Spain...
    <LEGO>	[7] goborage +3 after I visit the important countries | Votes: Fishin, billymills, bbbbballin
    <LEGO>	Prompt: If I could ask my father any question, it would be...
    <LEGO>	[1] Fishin +2 how do i shot web | Votes: goborage, Jedil
    <LEGO>	[6] goborage +2 Where's the beef? | Votes: billymills, bbbbballin
    <LEGO>	Prompt: I heard that MEGATRON has...
    <LEGO>	[4] bbbbballin +3 all the energons OH NO! | Votes: goborage, Fishin, MEGATRON
    <LEGO>	[5] Fishin +2 a myspace, think i can get in his top 8? | Votes: Jedil, Sonuis
    <LEGO>	Prompt: One time I saw ... at the mall!!
    <LEGO>	[1] Jedil +1 a girl | Votes: MEGATRON
    <LEGO>	[2] Fishin +2 a good samaritan. it was a pretty weird experience overall | Votes: goborage, Jedil
    <LEGO>	[3] MEGATRON +1 britney spears | Votes: bbbbballin
    <LEGO>	[4] goborage +1 people filling the voids in their lives with material goods | Votes: Fishin
    <LEGO>	Prompt: I like romantic dinners, sunsets, long walks on the beach and...
    <LEGO>	[6] Fishin +3 romantic breakfasts, sunrises, and long walks in the mountains | Votes: goborage, Carl, bbbbballin
    <LEGO>	Prompt: I'm not gullible, I just...
    <LEGO>	[1] Toothache +3 gullible was removed from the dictionary, didnt you know? | Votes: goborage, Fishin, evan
    <LEGO>	Prompt: I like men because...
    <LEGO>	[3] Toothache +2 Old Mother Hubbard, went to the cupboard, to fetch poor Rover a bone. When she bent over, Rover took over and gave her a bone of his own! | Votes: Fishin, Fishy
    <LEGO>	Prompt: Canada's national meal:
    <LEGO>	[4] goborage +3 America's leftovers | Votes: bbbbballin, evan, Carl
    <LEGO>	[7] bbbbballin +3 snow covered in maple syrup covered in snow | Votes: goborage, Fishin, Fishy
    <LEGO>	Prompt: I'd like to visit Canada...
    <LEGO>	[4] goborage +2 and see what all the fuss is aboot | Votes: Fishin, evan
    <LEGO>	[5] Fishin +1 and kidnap all the good canadian users so the country can be nuked off the earth safely | Votes: goborage
    <LEGO>	Prompt: Children are nothing but...
    <LEGO>	[5] goborage +2 tax credits | Votes: Fishin, evan
    <LEGO>	Prompt: What is the context? <DoomMullet> DICK
    <LEGO>	[1] bbbbballin +3 other names for richard | Votes: Fishin, Brain, Sonuis
    <LEGO>	[4] Fishin +1 the context could be anything really | Votes: bbbbballin
    <LEGO>	[6] evan +2 What is... something that goes in your mouth? | Votes: goborage, Toothache
    <LEGO>	[8] goborage +2 <Alex> This is the sexual organ of the human male | Votes: evan, Fishy
    <LEGO>	Prompt: evan hasn't been the same since...
    <LEGO>	[6] Fishy +4 <norulz> evan do you make your gf wear the pill? | Votes: Fishin, bbbbballin, evan, Sonuis
    <LEGO>	[7] bbbbballin +2 evan is nave backwards. conspiracy? I think not. | Votes: Carl, Fishy
    <LEGO>	Prompt: Uganda's national meal:
    <LEGO>	[10] Hipmonlee +4 ugandans are known to get a little curried away at times | Votes: Fishin, Brain, evan, Carl
    <LEGO>	Prompt: Brunettes are better because...
    <LEGO>	[3] Hipmonlee because the alternative is brunos | Votes: bbbbballin, Toothache
    <LEGO>	Prompt: Hey buddy, why are you so ecstatic?
    <LEGO>	[2] Fishin +2 My bust-a-hulk-in-her-cooter class is tonight! | Votes: PikaPete, Fishy
    <LEGO>	Prompt: Today I'm going to try something new, it's called...
    <LEGO>	[4] Fishin +2 UNBUTTERED toast! (though I am using a butter substitute) | Votes: Mr378, Fishy
    <LEGO>	Prompt: These could be the best days of our lives, if only...
    <LEGO>	[4] Fishin +2 the other days of our lives were a whole lot worse | Votes: PikaPete, Fishy
    <LEGO>	Prompt: If I had a third nipple...
    <LEGO>	[1] PikaPete +2 what do you mean, if? | Votes: Fishin, lum345gh
    <LEGO>	Prompt: You know you are loved when...
    <LEGO>	[1] PikaPete +2 you no longer have to pay for sex | Votes: Fishin, Billymills

    <lego>	Prompt: I wrote a song for Floppy ...
    <lego>	[1] MEGATRON +3 do your ears hang low, do they topple to and frow | Votes: bbbbballin, goborage, zerowing
    <lego>	Prompt: You know you need glasses when...
    <lego>	[1] Fishin +2 THE GOGGLES DO NOTHING | Votes: goborage, MEGATRON
    <lego>	Prompt: If I was not lagged this much...
    <lego>	[3] Fishin +1 this submission was for the last prompt aaa | Votes: goborage
    <lego>	[4] MEGATRON +2 MADE IT | Votes: bbbbballin, Fishin
    <lego>	Prompt: All work and no play makes someone a...
    <lego>	[1] Fishin +3 Somebody | Votes: goborage, bbbbballin, MEGATRON
    <lego>	Prompt: Rejected slogans for FOX News:
    <lego>	[2] bbbbballin +4 When it's Faux, you know it's Fox | Votes: Fishin, goborage, Jedil, Floppy
    <lego>	Prompt: I'll ... if you leave me your will.
    <lego>	[3] Vincent +1 cash in and spend it at a karaoke bar | Votes: MEGATRON
    <lego>	[4] goborage +1 love you lots | Votes: Floppy
    <lego>	[6] Fishin +3 seal you in the temple of time! | Votes: goborage, Hipmonlee, Vincent
    <lego>	Prompt: School is awesome! ...
    <lego>	[5] Hipmonlee +2 at least that's what I tell my dad. But he will never find out I have quit even if I post about it on this forum he reads. | Votes: Broolucks, Vincent
    <lego>	[6] MEGATRON +2 lego you nerd. | Votes: goborage, Fishin
    <lego>	[7] Broolucks +2 I'm still too cool for it | Votes: Hipmonlee, MEGATRON
    <lego>	Prompt: Let's play...
    <lego>	[6] goborage +3 Strip Battleship | Votes: Fishin, Vincent, Hipmonlee
    <lego>	Prompt: I would love to meet Fishin...
    <lego>	[4] goborage +3 Silly Lego, you can't meet a verb | Votes: Fishin, Vincent, Hipmonlee
    <lego>	Prompt: When I'm feeling happy I...
    <lego>	[2] Floppy +1 rub my face in vag | Votes: StrangerDanger
    <lego>	[3] goborage +2 erect my nipples | Votes: Fishin, Floppy
    <lego>	[4] Fishin +3 proclaim my feelings in #smogon
    <lego>	Prompt: Honesty is the best policy, except when...
    <lego>	[2] Obi +1 asked: "Do these pants make me look fat?" | Votes: Fishin
    <lego>	[4] Vincent +1 your gf is puke ugly and you want to keep a good internet rep | Votes: Hipmonlee
    <lego>	[5] StrangerDanger +3 running for office | Votes: goborage, Obi, Vincent
    <lego>	Prompt: All work and no play makes Fishin a...
    <lego>	[1] Vincent +1 sport according to espn 2! | Votes: goborage
    <lego>	[2] Fishin +1 guy that gets featured in a lot of prompts | Votes: Obi
    <lego>	[3] Hipmonlee +1 we are being beaten at witty by a dull boy | Votes: Fishin
    <lego>	[4] Obi +1 person still unable to afford a new house | Votes: Hipmonlee
    <lego>	[5] goborage +1 pro angler | Votes: Vincent
    <lego>	Prompt: My favorite food is...
    <lego>	[1] Obi +1 POWER THIRST | Votes: Fishin
    <lego>	[2] Fishin +2 sliced apples :) | Votes: Hipmonlee, Obi
    <lego>	Prompt: I predict that in 100 years time...
    <lego>	[2] Obi +4 Roy will just be graduating from high school | Votes: Fishin, Jedil, MEGATRON, Hipmonlee
    <lego>	[4] Hipmonlee +1 we will remember this submittal. Try and prove this wrong | Votes: Obi
    <lego>	Prompt: For my birthday, MEGATRON gave me...
    <lego>	[1] goborage +1 GIFT | Votes: Fishin
    <lego>	[3] MEGATRON +1 nothing, the canadian dollar is DEAD | Votes: goborage
    <lego>	[4] Obi +3 a vote for 4 | Votes: Hipmonlee, matamato, MEGATRON
    <lego>	[5] Fishin +1 some legos | Votes: Obi
    <lego>	Prompt: Write the previous line: <@Brain> needless to say, that was a troubling thought
    <lego>	[1] Tangerine <@Brain> I had this vision where I wasn't awesome. | Votes: goborage, MEGATRON
    <lego>	[2] thunda +1 <@Brain> i think i could be in trouble | Votes: Obi
    <lego>	[4] Obi +1 <@Jason> I'm having a thought that I find troubling | Votes: Fishin
    <lego>	[6] Fishin +1 <@Brain> I thought about what would happen if $1000 was stolen from my bank account every day I delayed on mafia | Votes: thunda
    <lego>	[7] goborage +1 <@Brain> What if there were a female me? | Votes: matamato
    <lego>	Prompt: Communism is best because...
    <lego>	[2] thunda +1 dont you get so mad when you are at mcdonalds and one guy has more chips than you if mcdonalds was communist wed all get the same | Votes: Obi
    <lego>	[3] Fishin +1 <every single #fluodome user> N1 - Assault CaptKirby | Votes: thunda
    <lego>	[4] MEGATRON +1 my school can only afford russian textbooks | Votes: goborage
    <lego>	[6] goborage +3 sharing is important | Votes: Fishin, matamato, MEGATRON
    <lego>	Prompt: I'd like to visit Canada...
    <lego>	[1] MEGATRON +2 but MEGATRON is blocking the path, so I am on a quest for the energon-flute | Votes: Fishin, Fishy
    <lego>	[5] thunda +1 i will throw rubbish in MEGATRON's bin | Votes: MEGATRON
    <lego>	[7] matamato +2 and steal prescription drugs | Votes: goborage, thunda
    <lego>	Prompt: I failed to make the cricket team because...
    <lego>	[2] MEGATRON +1 <indianLEGO> prompt accepted | Votes: thunda
    <lego>	[5] thunda +2 not indian or gay enough | Votes: goborage, Fishin
    <lego>	Prompt: For Christmas I'm getting...
    <lego>	[3] MEGATRON +2 obligation chocolates :( | Votes: Fishin, Obi
    <lego>	Prompt: If I ever meet thunda in real life, I would...
    <lego>	[1] Obi +2 force feed him apple slices | Votes: Fishin, thunda
    <lego>	[4] goborage +1 buy rod and defeat him | Votes: MEGATRON
    <lego>	[5] MEGATRON +2 toss all my rubbish into his bin | Votes: goborage, matamato
    <lego>	Prompt: I heard that Fishin has...
    <lego>	[4] thunda +3 run out of bait | Votes: goborage, Fishin, Obi
    <lego>	[5] Fishin +2 2 manliness points less than the average #fluodome user | Votes: MEGATRON, thunda
    <lego>	Prompt: Everyone has a price, even...
    <lego>	[4] Obi +1 the average American (comeback time!) | Votes: thunda
    <lego>	[5] thunda +3 the un-buyable man | Votes: goborage, Fishin, Fishy
    <lego>	Prompt: I wrote a song for Fishin ...
    <lego>	[2] thunda +1 its not a very good song | Votes: Fishin
    <lego>	[3] Fishin +2 about how to play POWER WITTY | Votes: goborage, matamato
    <lego>	[5] goborage +2 Rap: Fishin for Bitches | Votes: thunda, Obi
    <lego>	Prompt: Write the previous line: <Sanders> his hand strayed to my knee and i slapped him and said not on the first date
    <lego>	[2] thunda +1 <Sanders> in his hand was a knife i think he was about to stab me | Votes: Fishin
    <lego>	[3] Fishin +1 no touching my limited edition Halo 3 case! | Votes: thunda
    <lego>	[5] Obi +2 <Sanders> so I was at my family ruinion... | Votes: goborage, matamato
    <LEGO>	Prompt: Alper makes me depressed...
    <LEGO>	[4] Metric +1 no, just sick | Votes: X-Act
    <LEGO>	[7] thunda +1 he drugged my tea with pro-depression drugs | Votes: Metric
    <LEGO>	[8] Stoo +3 he abandoned me, his child bearing wife, at the age of 16 for a younger model | Votes: Alper, Shade, Lesm46
    <LEGO>	Prompt: I like food because...
    <LEGO>	[1] Alper ghrelin hormone | No votes.
    <LEGO>	[2] bbbbballin +2 if I eat it i dont die | Votes: Alper, Fishin
    <LEGO>	[3] Lesm46 +1 it's tasty | Votes: X-Act
    <LEGO>	[4] Stoo +2 backwards it is doof lol | Votes: Kannon, Metric
    <LEGO>	Prompt: Can I have your phone number?
    <LEGO>	[2] Metric +3 Registered Prof.Elms Number on the PokeTech! | Votes: Alper, bbbbballin, Stoo
    <LEGO>	[4] Stoo +1 uhh im not really into dating robots i mean we have all seen the consequences on futurama | Votes: Kannon
    <LEGO>	[5] Fishin +2 *ring* *ring* *ring* ... - Hello, this is the rejection hotline! | Votes: thunda, dbolt
    <LEGO>	[7] Alper +1 and your three sizes? Vaginal circumference? On the second thought, does this rag smell like chloroform to you? | Votes: Fishin
    <LEGO>	Prompt: When I'm feeling dejected I...
    <LEGO>	[1] Kannon +5 Call the suicide hotline center in pakistan | Votes: Fishin, bbbbballin, Jedil, Stoo, X-Act
    <LEGO>	Prompt: I blame ... for my lack of friends.
    <LEGO>	[1] Alper +2 the internet | Votes: Kannon, bbbbballin
    <LEGO>	[2] Stoo +1 my friend steve | Votes: thunda
    <LEGO>	[3] Kannon +3 abstinance | Votes: Mekkah, Jedil, Lesm46
    <LEGO>	[9] thunda +2 my secret apprentice FRIENDKILLER | Votes: Fishin, Stoo
    <LEGO>	Prompt: I'm sorry I cheated on you, I...
    <LEGO>	[4] Fishin +1 it was a lot more fun than cheating on a test | Votes: Lesm46
    <LEGO>	[6] Alper +2 am just a 2d girl, i can't get out of the screen | Votes: Mekkah, bbbbballin
    <LEGO>	[7] Lesm46 +2 did not have sex with that woman. | Votes: Metric, Fishin
    <LEGO>	[8] Mekkah +1 NEVERMIND r1 r2 l1 r2 up right down left up right down left | Votes: Alper
    <LEGO>	Prompt: You know that you are going crazy when ...
    <LEGO>	[2] bbbbballin +3 you have the misconception that one can simply WALK into mordor | Votes: Mekkah, Kannon, Lesm46
    LEGO>	[8] Kannon +3 you board a crazy train | Votes: Fishin, Metric, dbolt
    <LEGO>	Prompt: Write the previous line: <DoomMullet> I don't think I want to know the rest
    <LEGO>	[2] bbbbballin +1 <Alper> one time i was home alone with my sister and... | Votes: Alper
    <LEGO>	[3] Alper +4 <Alper> whoa this fanfiction is pretty nice | Votes: Fishin, Mekkah, Stoo, dbolt
    <LEGO>	Prompt: We can do this the easy way or...
    <LEGO>	[6] dbolt +3 the HHM way | Votes: Mekkah, Fishin, Alper
    <LEGO>	[7] Alper +2 we can insert a large tube in your anus to essentially drill into your colon. i know they don't taste good, but take those pills, kid. | Votes: Kannon, bbbbballin
    <LEGO>	Prompt: I would love to promote Alper...
    <LEGO>	[3] Mekkah +2 but I am out of Knight Crests | Votes: Alper, Fishin
    <LEGO>	Prompt: The 11th commandment should be...
    <LEGO>	[2] Kannon +1 the repealment of the 13th amendment | Votes: Fishin
    <LEGO>	[3] bbbbballin thou shalt not interpret the bible literally | No votes.
    <LEGO>	[8] Metric +4 ignore commandments 1-10 | Votes: Mekkah, Alper, Stoo, Kannon
    <LEGO>	Prompt: What is the context? <Sanders> redheads are underrated
    <LEGO>	[3] Alper +4 <Sanders> i play a noble stallion with a crimson mane in steelicks' horse rpg | Votes: bbbbballin, Mekkah, Stoo, Fishin
    <LEGO>	Prompt: bbbbballin looks like he could...
    <LEGO>	[6] Mekkah +4 get some nice alliteration with mode +b | Votes: Alper, Fishin, bbbbballin, Stoo
    <LEGO>	Prompt: For my birthday, Alper gave me...
    <LEGO>	[1] Mekkah +1 my sister back | Votes: Alper
    <LEGO>	[2] Alper +2 a twelve year old girl who got too old for his tastes | Votes: Mekkah, Fishin
    <LEGO>	[3] Fishin +2 his used body pillow cover | Votes: bbbbballin, Metric
    <LEGO>	Prompt: If I ever meet Fishin in real life, I would...
    <LEGO>	[3] Alper +2 mark him with a red cloth so i could tell him from fishy | Votes: bbbbballin, Mekkah
    <LEGO>	Prompt: What is the context? <@Brain> he could beat you up
    <LEGO>	[3] Metric +3 Sneasel at lvl 54 | Votes: bbbbballin, Mekkah, Fishin
    <LEGO>	Prompt: What is the context? <Steelicks> i am NOT in the mood.
    <LEGO>	[2] Alper +2 <Steelicks> horses of my breed only go into heat during late autumn. | Votes: Mekkah, Fishin
    <LEGO>	[6] bbbbballin +2 steelix are you in the mood? | Votes: Alper, Rev
    <LEGO>	Prompt: If I could ask Kannon any question, it would be...
    <LEGO>	[3] Mekkah +2 do you want to be muted or banned? | Votes: Fishin, Rev
    <LEGO>	Prompt: Life is a bitch and then you...
    <LEGO>	[1] Fishin +2 fuck that bitch | Votes: Mekkah, bbbbballin
    <LEGO>	[6] Rev +2 then death is male dog?? | Votes: Alper, Fishin
    <LEGO>	Prompt: Write the previous line: <zerowing> theres tons of horses around me sadly
    <LEGO>	[2] Alper +2 <zerowing> as a rapidash, no ordinary horse should dare to approach me. | Votes: Mekkah, Rev
    <LEGO>	[4] Fishin +1 but I'M A STALLION BABY | Votes: Alper
    <LEGO>	[5] Mekkah +2 <zerowing> i am trying to reach steelicks to talk to him about brawl but | Votes: Fishin, bbbbballin
    <LEGO>	Prompt: Write the next line: <@CFickle> t.i.t.s.
    <LEGO>	[1] Fishin +2 they're fickle too, aren't they? | Votes: bbbbballin, Metric
    <LEGO>	[2] Mekkah +2 <@CFickle> t-that is how you spell the t-word, right? *shudder* | Votes: Alper, Fishin
    <LEGO>	[3] Alper +3 <@CFickle> tentacruel in totodile sex | Votes: Mekkah, MEGATRON, dbolt
    <LEGO>	Prompt: Hey buddy, why are you so unloved?
    <LEGO>	[4] MEGATRON +2 i left all my pokemon in their boxes | Votes: bbbbballin, Rev
    <LEGO>	[5] Fishin +1 i gave myself the name "buddy" in the hopes that people would become friendlier with me, but it didn't work :( | Votes: Alper
    <LEGO>	[6] Rev +2 <Alper> while i'm scizorphrenic and all you guys are just figments of my imagination, you don't fulfill the other two criteria | Votes: Fishin, Metric
    <LEGO>	Prompt: I heard that Metric has...
    <LEGO>	[1] MEGATRON +2 overrun the colonies, call the queen!! | Votes: Fishin, Alper
    <LEGO>	Prompt: Brunettes are better because...
    <LEGO>	[3] bbbbballin +4 I AM SHALLOW AND JUDGE PEOPLE BASED OFF OF HAIR COLOR | Votes: Fishin, Metric, Rev, thunda
    <LEGO>	Prompt: I feel like I belong because everyone here is...
    <LEGO>	[5] Metric +3 in a different timezone | Votes: bbbbballin, Fishin, Rev
    <LEGO>	Prompt: There is nothing wrong with...
    <LEGO>	[2] Metric +3 going left when it is not the right way | Votes: Fishin, Rev, MEGATRON
    <LEGO>	[3] MEGATRON +1 king simba taking a warthog for a husband | Votes: bbbbballin
    <LEGO>	Prompt: The key to happiness is...
    <LEGO>	[4] bbbbballin +3 under god's doormat | Votes: Metric, Rev, MEGATRON
    <LEGO>	[5] MEGATRON +2 used to unlock the door to jessica alba's room | Votes: Fishin, bbbbballin
    <LEGO>	Prompt: If I lived on Uranus ...
    <LEGO>	[3] pokepal +3 id wear a condom 24/7 | Votes: goborage, dbolt, MEGATRON
    <LEGO>	[6] dbolt +2 eww | Votes: Gmax, pokepal
    <LEGO>	Prompt: He who is without sin...
    <LEGO>	[1] goborage +2 KICK THE FIRST ASS! | Votes: ratchet, MEGATRON
    <LEGO>	[2] ratchet +2 should not take trig | Votes: goborage, LonelyNess
    <LEGO>	Prompt: All work and no play makes dbolt a...
    <LEGO>	[5] ratchet +2 an A+bolt | Votes: goborage, LonelyNess
    <LEGO>	Prompt: I would sell my soul for...
    <LEGO>	[1] dbolt +1 soul calibur 4 for the wii | Votes: ratchet
    <LEGO>	[2] ratchet +2 $5. The jokes on you though, because the Lord owns my soul. | Votes: goborage, MEGATRON
    <LEGO>	Prompt: If I ever meet MEGATRON in real life, I would...
    <LEGO>	[4] ratchet +2 jump inside of him and have him transform while im in his cockpit | Votes: goborage, Fishin
    <LEGO>	Prompt: ... is worse than Hitler
    <LEGO>	[1] goborage +3 Super Hitler | Votes: Fishin, LonelyNess, ratchet
    <LEGO>	Prompt: ... is still alive in China
    <LEGO>	[2] Fishin +2 the grrrrrrrrrrrrrreat white tiger | Votes: goborage, dbolt
    <LEGO>	Prompt: ... is better than sex.
    <LEGO>	[4] Obi +2 Follow this logic: A ham sandwich is better than nothing. Nothing | Votes: pokepal, ratchet
    <LEGO>	[5] ratchet +2 masturbating using a woman's vagina | Votes: goborage, Fishin
    <LEGO>	Prompt: If I had a tuxedo...
    <LEGO>	[2] ratchet +3 i'd look a real nice fellow! also penguins | Votes: goborage, Fishin, pokepal
    <LEGO>	[3] goborage +1 I'd fight in the name of the moon | Votes: ratchet
    <LEGO>	Prompt: Bigamy is a sin because...
    <LEGO>	[2] Obi +3 she's big. | Votes: Fishin, pokepal, LonelyNess
    <LEGO>	[5] ratchet +2 god doesnt like big people | Votes: goborage, Obi
    <LEGO>	Prompt: Write the previous line: <@chris> i get a mexican named manuel to jerk me
    <LEGO>	[3] LonelyNess +3 <@chris> When I'm in the mood for Jamaican food. | Votes: goborage, pokepal, Obi
    <LEGO>	[5] goborage +2 <@chris> I have a really good idea! | Votes: Fishin, ratchet
    <LEGO>	Prompt: For my birthday, LonelyNess gave me...
    <LEGO>	[4] Fishin +1 the future rights to his tutor badge | Votes: LonelyNess
    <LEGO>	[6] Obi +1 GGFan's handbook to trolling | Votes: dbolt
    <LEGO>	[7] ratchet +1 birthday cake | Votes: Obi
    <LEGO>	[8] dbolt +3 pk present alpha | Votes: goborage, Fishin, ratchet
    <LEGO>	Prompt: I swear I saw ... at the zoo.
    <LEGO>	[4] Fishin +2 a regular ole' cat | Votes: goborage, Obi
    <LEGO>	[6] goborage +4 goat on goat action | Votes: Fishin, pokepal, ratchet, dbolt
    <LEGO>	Prompt: In Australia, everybody's unloved because...
    <LEGO>	[3] LonelyNess +1 Blue Kirby sucks is all up and transforms into love kirby. | Votes: Obi
    <LEGO>	[6] Obi +4 love spins the other way | Votes: goborage, pokepal, Fishin, ratchet
    <LEGO>	Prompt: My name is Bond...
    <LEGO>	[2] ratchet +2 Covalent Bond | Votes: Fishin, Obi
    <LEGO>	[8] zerowing +3 Zubat, Primape, Meowth, Onix, Geodude, Rapidash, Magneton, Snorlax, Gengar, Tangela, Goldine, Spearow Weezing Seel, Gyrados, Slowbro | Votes: Floppy, ratchet, pokepal
    <LEGO>	Prompt: ... is the greatest compliment.
    <LEGO>	[4] LonelyNess +2 <Tangerine> I concede, you're right. | Votes: Obi, zerowing
    <LEGO>	[7] Obi +4 votes: pokepal, zerowing, LonelyNess, Obi, Fishin, Brain, ratchet, Floppy | Votes: Fishin, matamato, ratchet, LonelyNess
    <LEGO>	Prompt: Write the previous line: <+DoomMullet> thank you, kind sir
    <LEGO>	[1] Floppy +2 have a penis, my good mans | Votes: Fishin, ratchet
    <LEGO>	Prompt: If I could ask Floppy any question, it would be...
    <LEGO>	[2] goborage +1 Want a Cialis? | Votes: LonelyNess
    <LEGO>	[4] Fishin +2 why so flexible? | Votes: goborage, ratchet
    <LEGO>	[5] Obi +2 sup? | Votes: Fishin, Floppy
    <LEGO>	Prompt: So a Jehovah's Witness and a bear knock on your door...
    <LEGO>	[1] Fishin +3 we're beary pleased to spread the word of god! | Votes: goborage, LonelyNess, Obi
    <LEGO>	Prompt: I have always wondered why...
    <LEGO>	[2] Fishin +2 SO SERIOUS | Votes: Floppy, ratchet
    <LEGO>	[3] ratchet +2 im not hre >|:c( | Votes: Fishin, Obi
    <LEGO>	Prompt: I'll give you everything I have for...
    <LEGO>	[2] Fishin +2 everything i have +1 | Votes: Floppy, LonelyNess
    <LEGO>	[4] Floppy +2 your | Votes: Fishin, ratchet
    <LEGO>	[5] ratchet sex | No votes.
    <LEGO>	Prompt: An apple a day keeps...
    <LEGO>	[1] goborage +2 Steve Jobs employed | Votes: Fishin, Obi
    <LEGO>	[5] Obi +3 the doctor away. If it's aimed right. | Votes: goborage, LonelyNess, ratchet
    <LEGO>	Prompt: Losing a parachute is no big deal...
    <LEGO>	[1] Vampy34 +1 just aim for the orphanage | Votes: goborage
    <LEGO>	[2] Obi you don't need a parachute to go sky diving. To go sky diving twice, on the other hand... | No votes.
    <LEGO>	[3] LonelyNess +1 you get to be in the Darwin awards. | Votes: Fishin
    <LEGO>	[5] Fishin +3 unless you're on a crashing plane and that "Deal or No Deal" guy comes out of nowhere offering you a new car or a parachute | Votes: LonelyNess, Obi, Vampy34
    <LEGO>	Prompt: ... is the hottest person I know of.
    <LEGO>	[4] Obi +5 I'm so hot, my parents call me son! So I guess I'm going to have to go with me | Votes: goborage, Fishin, Vampy34, ratchet, LonelyNess
    <LEGO>	Prompt: When I told my parents I was gay, they...
    <LEGO>	[3] Obi +2 said: "Psych this prompt was just added to get you to admit you're gay" | Votes: Fishin, LonelyNess
    <LEGO>	Prompt: I'd really like to meet MEGATRON so I can...
    <LEGO>	[2] MEGATRON +2 oh you *blush* | Votes: goborage, Hipmonlee
    <LEGO>	Prompt: If you only have 24 hours to live, don't...
    <LEGO>	[2] MEGATRON +2 forget to sell the television rights for profit $$$ | Votes: goborage, Jedil
    <LEGO>	Prompt: My name is Bond...
    <LEGO>	[3] goborage +1 and I just might be the best investment in these troubled times | Votes: Hipmonlee
    <LEGO>	Prompt: When I grow up, I want to...
    <LEGO>	[2] MEGATRON +2 avoid goombas and turtles to stay big | Votes: Hobo_Joe, Hipmonlee
    <LEGO>	Prompt: Never search for... on google.
    <LEGO>	[1] Hipmonlee +1 missing children | Votes: LightWolf
    <LEGO>	[3] Hobo_Joe +2 Amy Jo Johnson...you'll be disappionted | Votes: goborage, MEGATRON
    <LEGO>	[5] MEGATRON +2 did you mean: famous french war defeats? | Votes: Hobo_Joe, Hipmonlee
    <LEGO>	Prompt: The key to happiness is...
    <LEGO>	[4] Hobo_Joe +1 go onto the island and use Strength on the truck | Votes: Hipmonlee
    <LEGO>	[5] Floppy +3 ctrl+H | Votes: goborage, Hobo_Joe, LightWolf
    <LEGO>	Prompt: The only way in hell I'm ever gonna have sex is if...
    <LEGO>	[1] MEGATRON +1 i develop a robot fetish | Votes: Hobo_Joe
    <LEGO>	[2] Hipmonlee +1 evidently hell should be filled with women of loose morals | Votes: LightWolf
    <LEGO>	[3] Hobo_Joe +2 play the Robot Devil's roulette wheel | Votes: Hipmonlee, MEGATRON
    <LEGO>	Prompt: Never let your children...
    <LEGO>	[3] GigaPunch +4 play an mmorpg | Votes: Hobo_Joe, LightWolf, Hipmonlee, MEGATRON
    <LEGO>	[5] Hipmonlee +1 play with the wardrobe in their uncle mansion | Votes: GigaPunch
    <LEGO>	[6] Hobo_Joe overhear an IPL-Alper conversation. | No votes.
    <LEGO>	Prompt: I would love to kick Hipmonlee...
    <LEGO>	[1] goborage +2 But I'm Hipmonchan :( | Votes: Hipmonlee, Floppy
    <LEGO>	[2] Hipmonlee +1 as a bonus I will ban the person with the winning submittal for being such a jerk | Votes: LightWolf
    <LEGO>	Prompt: goborage makes me complacent...
    <LEGO>	[1] MEGATRON +3 fuck that ALLIN | Votes: Hobo_Joe, LightWolf, Hipmonlee
    <LEGO>	Prompt: Write the next line: <DrunkMullet> i just pissed all over myself
    <LEGO>	[2] Hobo_Joe +2 and then posted an anger thread in Firebot | Votes: LightWolf, GigaPunch
    <LEGO>	[3] LightWolf +3 Someone needs to build a toilet next to the computer | Votes: goborage, Hobo_Joe, MEGATRON
    <LEGO>	Prompt: In the UK, everybody's suicidal because...
    <LEGO>	[5] MEGATRON +3 <thunda> i accurately cosplay as trinity | Votes: LightWolf, Doomsday, jen
    <LEGO>	Prompt: In Canada there are more... than people.
    <LEGO>	[5] Floppy +5 jackaliers: french for jackass, | Votes: goborage, Fishin, LightWolf, MEGATRON, Jackal
    <LEGO>	Prompt: I'd like to visit Russia...
    <LEGO>	[1] ratchet +2 but I'm waiting for soviet russia to visit me | Votes: Fishin, MEGATRON
    <LEGO>	Prompt: goborage looks like he could...
    <LEGO>	[1] goborage +2 sort my recycling | Votes: Fishin, ratchet
    <LEGO>	Prompt: What's the best use for car keys?
    <LEGO>	[4] Fishin +3 baiting car key gnomes | Votes: goborage, ratchet, MEGATRON
    <LEGO>	Prompt: New Zealand's national meal:
    <LEGO>	[2] Hoborage +2 Hipmonlee give me your guidance | Votes: Fishin, cookie
    <LEGO>	[4] ratchet +2 hobbits | Votes: Hoborage, billymills
    <LEGO>	Prompt: AIDS stands for...
    <LEGO>	[1] Fishin +2 aaaaaaaaaaaaaaa incredibly dumb submissions | Votes: ratchet, Hoborage
    <LEGO>	[2] cookie +1 an inevitable death syndrome | Votes: billymills
    <LEGO>	[3] Hoborage +1 Aided Identification Destroyer System, it's used in MIB | Votes: cookie
    <wittybot>	You know you are not welcome anymore when...
    <wittybot>	[2][matamato] you've been kicked 743 times! : 3 votes by Fishin,Gmax,LonelyNess
    <wittybot>	It's so cold today, I can't seem to...
    <wittybot>	[5][goborage] hide my perky nipples from my relatives : 3 votes by Fishin,cookie,Jackal
    <wittybot>	When I tried to rape a turtle ...
    <wittybot>	[1][Fishin] it had so many holes i didn't know where to start : 2 votes by Alper,billymills
    <wittybot>	[4][Gustman] i was SHELLCOCKED : 0 votes
    <wittybot>	[5][billymills] <alper> I got bored, so i went after it's younger hotter sister : 1 votes by goborage
    <wittybot>	[7][thunda] it was a snapping turtle ;) ;).... D; : 1 votes by Hobo_Joe
    <wittybot>	[8][cookie] i got nicked by the RSPCA : 1 votes by thunda
    <wittybot>	[9][matamato] we're still going at it; slow and steady wins the race : 3 votes by Gustman,Fishin,cookie
    <wittybot>	If your mom had another kid with Richard Simmons...
    <wittybot>	[3][matamato] that means she really WORKED IT, BABY with the father : 0 votes
    <wittybot>	[4][Jackal] wait who was the first kid?? ck??? : 4 votes by Alper,Fishin,cookie,matamato
    <wittybot>	I got mistaken for ... when I visited Sweden
    <wittybot>	[2][thunda] basshunter : 2 votes by Fishin,Jackal
    <wittybot>	[3][Fishin] who the hell is that swedish "girl" who says she jerks off guys in front of libraries anyways : 2 votes by Alper,Kannon
    <wittybot>	Never trust pookar because¬°*
    <wittybot>	[8][Fishin] he will make submissions making fun of himself and because he is so lame they are funny but when you vote them you will feel dumb afterwards : 2 votes by Kannon,Jackal
    <wittybot>	When I tried to pet a Windows 98 ...
    <wittybot>	[1][Alper] -tan : 1 votes by Fishin
    <wittybot>	[2][keloggs] it broke through the cage it was being held in and groped me ruthlessly : 0 votes
    <wittybot>	[3][Fishin] Bill Gates smacked my hand. "Look, but don't touch." : 2 votes by Alper,goborage
    <LEGO>	Prompt: Excerpts from the thunda dictionary: scofflaw...
    <LEGO>	[3] Alper +3 the act of raping an underage girl wearing a top hat and monocle with a crowbar | Votes: billy|nothere, moot, Fishin
    <LEGO>	Prompt: When I told my parents I was gay, they...
    <LEGO>	[1] MEGATRON +1 bought me a FABULOUS new wardrobe | Votes: Alper
    <LEGO>	[3] Alper +2 knew it was a ruse to hide the fact that i'm a pedo | Votes: billy|nothere, MEGATRON
    <LEGO>	[4] Foreys replied, "really? so you weren't keeping all those issues of "Hard Boiz" for your friend? honestly son." | No votes.
    <LEGO>	Prompt: Losing the largest hamburger in the world is no big deal...
    <LEGO>	[6] MEGATRON +2 it is the giant hamburgler we need to be concerned with | Votes: Fishin, Pillowrath
    <LEGO>	Prompt: We can do this the hard way or...
    <LEGO>	[1] MEGATRON +1 the HARD GAY way | Votes: Alper
    <LEGO>	[2] dbolt +1 the soft way | Votes: Carl
    <LEGO>	[4] Carl +3 the carl way | Votes: dbolt, pkmn, MEGATRON
    <LEGO>	Prompt: Alper's password:
    <LEGO>	[1] Alper +2 http://danbooru.donmai.us/post/index?tags=loli he types it reflexively | Votes: fm|, Fishin
    <LEGO>	Prompt: I wrote a song for moot ...
    <LEGO>	[1] Alper +1 i call it "pool's closed" | Votes: billy|nothere
    <LEGO>	[3] billy|nothere +1 DAMN CHEESE EATING SURRENDER MONKEYS | Votes: Fishin
    <LEGO>	[4] Fishin +2 it was a knock off of "Hey there deliliah" and made record sales among teenage girls | Votes: darkie, Fishy
    <LEGO>	Prompt: My sixth sense is telling me...
    <LEGO>	[2] Fishin +3 "you only have five senses, moron" | Votes: billy|nothere, Alper, Fishy
    <LEGO>	Prompt: Close your eyes and think of...
    <LEGO>	[4] Fishin +3 a better submission than "pookar sucks" | Votes: billy|nothere, fm|, Fishy
    <wittybot>	I failed to make the chess team because...
    <wittybot>	[2][MEGATRON] they frowned on my dressing like a queen to be the most powerful : 1 votes by Fishin
    <wittybot>	Time flies when you're...
    <wittybot>	[6][Trinity] you are supermans pócket watch : 2 votes by lum345gh,Stoo
    <wittybot>	[7][Metric] cast both Float and Haste : 2 votes by Fishin,ratchet
    <wittybot>	I saw _____ with a sign saying: Will Work for food.
    <wittybot>	[3][ratchet] a caveman named will : 4 votes by cookie,Shiney,Stoo,Trinity
    <wittybot>	Bisexuality is good because...
    <wittybot>	[5][cookie] you're flexible in times of sex recession : 2 votes by Fishin,lum345gh
    <wittybot>	This time next year I'll be...
    <wittybot>	[2][Fishin] hosting my mafia game and giving gp the most useless role : 4 votes by ratchet,cookie,Trinity,lum345gh
    <wittybot>	If you don't have something bad to say...
    <wittybot>	[3][ratchet] you're probably a mute : 2 votes by Fishin,Trinity
    <wittybot>	[6][Stoo] you are not hazerider B) : 2 votes by Toothache,ratchet
    <wittybot>	My one regret in life is...
    <wittybot>	[5][Fishin] actually a whole shitload of regrets. To learn about them, check out the latest linkin park album : 2 votes by Stoo,lum345gh
    <wittybot>	The world is cool because...
    <wittybot>	[3][Fishin] Mr Cool got lynched : 3 votes by Stoo,Toothache,nautilus
    <wittybot>	[4][Stoo] 3 INCHES OF SNOW FUCKERS : 3 votes by ratchet,Fishin,porygon3
    <wittybot>	[5][ratchet] my twin died : 2 votes by lum345gh,Trinity
    <wittybot>	We secretly replaced the customers's regular coffee with _____. Let's see if he notices.
    <wittybot>	[5][Stoo] a rather.. irregular coffee : 2 votes by ratchet,Fishin
    <wittybot>	[6][Fishin] DBZ reruns : 3 votes by Toothache,porygon3,Stoo
    <wittybot>	If I had a third nipple...
    <wittybot>	[3][ratchet] love triangle ;} : 2 votes by Hipmonlee,Fishin
    <wittybot>	[5][Hipmonlee] my batsuit would look even weirder : 3 votes by porygon3,Stoo,ratchet
    <wittybot>	If mechanics put go-faster parts on their cars in their spare time, then...
    <wittybot>	[3][Stoo] all cars would be LIGHTNING fast : 2 votes by Fishin,porygon3
    <wittybot>	[4][Fishin] why don't they shout "GO GO GADGET FASTER" when doing it : 2 votes by ratchet,Stoo
    <wittybot>	... is the answer to all of life's problems.
    <wittybot>	[4][Stoo] wishing upon a staryu : 2 votes by porygon3,Fishin
    <wittybot>	Do not leave anything to chance, always...
    <wittybot>	[1][Toothache] land on community chest : 4 votes by lum345gh,Fishin,nautilus,Trinity
    <wittybot>	My favorite trick with the vacuum cleaner is...
    <wittybot>	[4][Toothache] to swap its item with my choice scarf : 1 votes by ratchet
    <wittybot>	[5][Shiney] making the dirt.... Disappear! : 2 votes by Fishin,Trinity
    <wittybot>	[6][Stoo] shove it up my ass and invert my penis : 1 votes by Metric
    <wittybot>	[7][ratchet] cleaning vacuums : 0 votes
    <wittybot>	[8][Trinity] put it in the fridge to confuse people : 1 votes by Stoo
    <wittybot>	[9][Fishin] marge simpson's finishing blow : 1 votes by Shiney
  23. matty

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    Mar 31, 2008
    Funny stuff though the IPL jokes are starting to get stale ;|
  24. PapaCAP


    Sep 26, 2008
    what the fuck is this?? Idont get it?? A game??
  25. EagleX


    Jan 6, 2007
    its a wittybot

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