The DPP OU Tournament--FINALS [Won by panamaxis]

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The DPP OU Tournament

Art by ThatsMyLatios & Funkasaurus


With the recent release of Black 2 and White 2, let's take a step back to the metagame we left behind with the release of the new generation. Will the DPP OU veterans return to claim their title, or will we see a newcomer show they can hang with the more established players? Has the tier become frozen in time, or has it evolved into something new? Let's find out.

Tournament Rules

General Rules:
  • This is a single elimination tournament.

  • Battles are to be played in a best-of-three format; the first player to win two games advances to the next round.

  • The banlist will adhere to Smogon's current tiers and restrictions for 4th Generation OU.

  • Battles must be played on Shoddy Battle or Pokemon Online.

  • There will be a timeframe of week for each round of the tournament.

  • Save your logs in case of discrepencies.

Battle Rules:
  • Evasion Clause

  • Sleep Clause

  • OHKO Clause

  • Species Clause

  • Timed Battle


panamaxis vs. Conflict vs. CyberOdin

Let us know when you're going at it. Have fun :toast:
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