The DPP OU Tournament II -- Round 1

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The DPP OU Tournament II

Art by ThatsMyLatios and Funkasaurus


With the recent release of Black 2 and White 2, let's take a step back to the metagame we left behind with the release of the new generation. Will the DPP OU veterans return to claim their title, or will we see a newcomer show they can hang with the more established players? Has the tier become frozen in time, or has it evolved into something new? Let's find out.

Tournament Rules

General Rules:
  • This is a single elimination tournament.

  • Battles are to be played in a best-of-three format; the first player to win two games advances to the next round.

  • The banlist will adhere to Smogon's current tiers and restrictions for 4th Generation OU.

  • Battles must be played on Shoddy Battle or Pokemon Online.

  • There will be a timeframe of week for each round of the tournament.

  • Save your logs in case of discrepencies.

Battle Rules:
  • Evasion Clause

  • Sleep Clause

  • OHKO Clause

  • Species Clause

  • Timed Battle


Prague Kick vs AkHolic
Tobes vs Blue Eon
Heist vs P E J E L A G A R T O
obina. vs Gabranth
Robo-Ky vs DestinyUnknown
llvallejoll vs KidChameleon
Novaray vs Fener
kael vs Marshall.Law
Bandicoot vs Pedrock
aim vs Danmire
Kelsey vs TPO3
Bad Ass vs bbtest
King vs Gouki
locopoke vs B-Lulz
Alakapimp vs nightcore
Cristal vs HylianPower
Tomahawk9 vs MadBull
Sir vs Rockhp31
Fabulous but lazy vs Seco453
ThePillsburyDoughBoy vs yee
ShootinStarmie vs kd24
Zephir vs Reiky
Jayde vs Kojes
apologies vs Groudon ex
bro fist vs Honor
undisputed vs A l e x a n d e r
Kazak vs ~GreenCore
TV-Rocka vs [K-12] The Madchine
DarkLoic vs mbh
NirvanaR vs Xx Coren37
Atoni vs davidness
MikeDecIsHere vs Jack Frost
SoulWind vs kokoloko
Own3d vs Rewer
The_Chaser vs Masterclass
Jirachi vs michael209
TheSweeper vs ThatsMyLatios
Kiry4n vs Leftiez
Finchinator vs Villari
Terraquaza vs BKC
Pkrs vs Bomber92
Jellicent vs Django
badabing vs MarceloDK
elDino vs MAlkaviano
Friar vs Ciele
M Dragon vs Ojama
dragonuser vs Pocket
Hantsuki vs Fakes
NightFox vs Decision Makers
Trollmonchan vs Meh
Kidbu vs Sayonara
Raichy vs Nefask
Golden Sun vs Blue_Blur
6A9 Ace Matador vs Anno nyme
ala vs LizardMan
Deluks917 vs Weegee the haxer
Edgehead vs Brammi
Alice vs george182
Pako vs Lavos Spawn
LuckOverSkill vs Kennen
Chase vs Demist
-Frexa- vs .Robert
panamaxis vs Myzozoa
Nelson-X vs HellPowna
Lohgock vs papai noel
Go10 vs Furai
CrashinBoomBang vs -Manu-
Cicada vs Living Things
McMeghan vs DracoMalfoy
Vinc2612 vs pokebasket
199 Lives vs Jets
Pr0man vs Vrille
D i a b l o vs ShinySparks
lily vs Z-rex
Funkasaurus vs tito
Conflict vs Princess Bri
Naru vs CloudBreaker
Maaf vs Dragonforce
lapras6666 vs Seafunks
PasY_G vs CyberOdin
Stone_Cold vs xtrashine
extremebeta vs Dr Ciel
Emix vs Eo Ut Mortus

Anyone wanting to sub, post. Anyone wanting to write up highlights is welcome to do so. If possible, please send me a pm with the logs of your matches so I can confirm that you did indeed play. Some of the better matches will be featured at the end of the tournament :)

Deadline is January 13th

Have fun ^_^

Warped Worlds

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Alice vs george182
The_Chaser vs Grind Pantera
Stone_Cold vs xtrashine
Funkasaurus vs tito
Golden Sun vs Blue_Blur
Badabing vs MarceloDK

are also looking like some pretty cool matchups imo
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