The DPP OU Tournament II -- Round 1

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Of the unfinished matches in the OP, these are the outcomes / decisions / coin-flips.


Heist vs P E J E L A G A R T O
Novaray vs Fener
Bandicoot vs Pedrock
aim vs Danmire
Kelsey vs TPO3
Bad Ass vs bbtest
locopoke vs symphonyx64
Alakapimp vs nightcore
Cristal vs HylianPower
vs yee
TV-Rocka vs [K-12] The Madchine
Pkrs vs Bomber92
NightFox vs Decision Makers
Deluks917 vs Weegee the haxer
Edgehead vs Brammi
Cicada vs Living Things
199 Lives vs Jets
Funkasaurus vs tito
lapras6666 vs Seafunks
PasY_G vs CyberOdin

Round 2 coming up!
Not open for further replies.