The Easter Egg Tournament - Round 1

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Deadline is extended for three days to hopefully get more matches completed. I would just go to R2 and put extensions there, but I want to release egg statistics and they ony way that I can do that is if every match is completed/dealt with!
R1 has ended.

Activity Wins
.Robert vs Pkrs - posted on thread
Blue Eon vs Level 51 - easiest decision of the day, eon didn't even send his egg!
Ayepae vs Double01 - no response to ayepae's vm from double
davidness vs XxP0RP01S3M4ST3RxX - more activity in general, though the funny thing is that taking a look at davidness' wall I can assume that instead of sending the VM to his opponent he sent it to himself! Be more careful next time! :)
Jayde vs Weegee the haxer - simply because he tried harder to get a possible battle time.

mikel vs chieliee - equal activity, little effort to schedule appropriate time
Yosh SiliS vs Vinc2612 - equal activity, again pretty much one attempt to schedule a match.
Cicada vs Dexter Morgan - very weird case, Dexter claims that he contacted his opponent. If you did by pm, please send evidence. Then, i'll give you the activity win.
Malkaviano vs Brap - equal activity

Only extension
Unitas vs ~GreenCore - simply because they posted the time that they wanted to battle in the thread. Because of that, extension rewarded!

Unclear matchups
Nglittleguy vs Shining Latios - I mean, sending four activity posts on the thread and then seeing nothing on either of your walls! I had to ask for evidence.
BKC vs Boudouche - no activity
Houndoomsday vs frochtejohgurt - no activity
Pako vs Nightfox - no activity
Princess Bri vs Ashley11 - no activity

I will send all of these matchups a PM explaning the circumstance. They will need to reply it in a day.

Egg Data

Egg #1: You must only use blue and red-coloured Pokémon.
Egg #2: You must only use Pokemon from the regional Johto Pokedex, except Ubers, of course. - RUNNER UP #1
Egg #3: You must only use Pokemon that have a BST in the range of 530-500. - LEAST PICKED
Egg #4: You must only use Pokemon that are multiples of four in the 3 month OU usage statistics. This means that you must use Pokemon which have a position in usage according to the "rank" section of the table that represents a multiple of four. - MOST PICKED
Egg #5: You must use two RU and one UU Pokemon in your team. Other than that, you can use any other sort of pokemon except ubers on the last remaining slots. - RUNNER UP #2
Egg #6: You must only use Pokemon that have Special Attack as their highest stat.You can also use ONE pokemon with equal stats.

BTW, the standings are not completely accurate, I only based this on pure memory.

R2 coming very soon, good luck!


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Equal activity means : I still don't know when my opponent is available, and I still don't know if my schedules work for him, because his VMs were so helpful
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