The Forgotten OU Tournament II - Round 3

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The Forgotten OU Tournament II - Round 3

H-C asked me to take over for this round because his Internet is down.
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How would the metagame be without top tiers? In this Tournament, the competitive battler's skill to respond to changes in the current metagame are tested. Test yourself among others in the brand new metagame that will be presented here!

So, what is this 'Forgotten OU'? It's pretty simple actually: The top 25 Pokemon in usage in OU will be banned among the already banished Ubers. This drastic change will form a completely different metagame that you are going to test! With the expulsion of the OU staples, the forgotten will make their comeback on the battling field, will it be the Underused of the Overused or the once-OU Underused , not forgetting the classic Rarely Used Pokemon that lost their usage. With the chaos inside this new tier, it will be up to the competitors to find the effective style of play, not to mention Pokemon, to be victorious!

And so, with the not-so-short introduction out of the way, let us begin with the tournament!

General Tournament Rules:

  • This is a Single Elimination tournament.
  • The top 25 Pokemon in usage from the March Statistics in BW OU are banned. They are not allowed under any circumstances.
  • If for some reason the OU usage list changes, the banned Pokemon list will remain the same until the next round. This holds true for any change that might happen.
  • Battle logs are not a must, but it is recommended that the winner will hold on to the log for proof of him winning if a situation appears.
Battle Rules:

  • Ubers and top 25 OU Pokemon are banned.
  • Evasion Clause
  • Sleep Clause
  • OHKO Clause
  • Self-KO Clause
  • Species Clause
  • Soul Dew Clause
  • Wi-Fi Battle Clause
Round 2 Extensions:

(DittoCrow vs Darkdigglet)
(Dk Law vs idiotfrommars)

You guys have until April 11th, to complete these games. If they aren't done by then, I'll have to either coinflip or activity the matches.

Round 3:

Rewer vs badabing
Hot N Cold vs Eo Ut Mortus
Cristal vs NatGeo
Vinc2612 vs Pedrock
Noodlez vs wilson46
Heist vs Krack (Coinflip)
Burning Man vs Iconic
Lamppost vs Agammemnon
Floppy vs blarajan
Zebraiken vs -Manu-
DittoCrow vs SethZiBritannia
DarkLoic vs ~GreenCore (Coinflip)
Novaray vs idiotfrommars (activity)
WhiteQueen vs complete legitimacy (Coinflip)
Malekith vs toshimelonhead
The Mexican vs pokemonrocks777 (Activity)

Round 3 Deadline:

The deadline is April 15th @ 11:59 PM, EST. That should be more than enough time considering we all have teams now, or at least I hope so!

My connection is back. Thanks a lot Bloo for taking the tournament.
I had a vry formidable battle with Vinc, and got luck in turn 93, making the battle not that awesome. D=

But still, vry nice battle. I won, GG man.


Save that talk for the ones who dunno no better
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Sorry for being unable to finish my match for Round 2, but I had to unistall Pokemon Online (and everything else for that matter) from my computer due to IRL stuff. I'm sorry, but I was unable to tell it to my opponent and / or the people hosting the tournament about that problem. I wish GL to everyone who's still in the tournament though!
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