The Grilled Cheese Emporium!

Well... I had a try at the grumpig! It was kinda hard since bipedal obesemons don't have a lot of space to fit arms in, etc. Oh well, hopefully you like it! I made a spoink as well because it's awesome.

K, time to bump my thread with the shit I've been working on between my spriting. Here's 2 seperate "realistic" woobats. Ideally I was going to submit them both together but the flying one is frustratingly bad so IDGAF. Enjoy~

As for the requests, I'll see what I can do.
I'm not sure what I think of your cutesy stuff, but your MAC entries are so adorable and nicely-done (even your "frustratingly bad" one). The second one is just too cute for words oh goodness.

Keep on keeping on!
Yeah, my stuff is pretty hit and miss. I have a bad habit of making my "cute" stuff look unintentionally creepy. I still have lots to learn! Anyway, on that note, have fun with another cutesy picture!

Shit that still needs work: dynamic poses. I hope you weren't asking for an obese ampharos in particular blarajan! Guess it's been awhile anyway.

Time to double post my way to the top! This is an in-progress request from a friend that's meant to have metagross + a scizor on top of it... but I'm beginning to think that the metagross looks better as a stand alone piece, so here it is! Also, I realise how the arms attach to the body and the arms in general are pretty messed up, but I think that's a side effect of drawing such an annoying pokemon. Bloody metagross.

Feel free to comment guys, especially if it's crit! I don't bite and my thread feels lonely, /sob.
The realistic Woobat looks great, I would love to see more of that style (especially in realistic Pokémon)

I wonder if a fat-cute-ball style would work well for the Blissey family
Thanks for the comments guys! I've been meaning to do some more realistic pokemon, but like everything else I enjoy doing, there's never enough time. I do, however, have some stuff I worked on before I got horribly busy with work. I wanted to try out my hand at making pokemon sculptures, so I started with something I thought would be relatively easy... jigglypuff. Unfortunately I found out pretty quickly that trying to keep its body and eyes round was near impossible... so it looks a little (a lot) retarded. Still, I'm pretty happy with it considering it's my first try! Here it is:

Sorry about the shitty quality. Iphone cameras ftl. Also, I've got a couple of versions of that finished metagross + scizor pic! I'll probably end up redoing it since I got complaints about the scizor, but /shrug.

Think that's about it. Was debating putting up my wip MAC entry, but it's probably best I wait until it's closer to finished, haven't had any time to work on it lately. Enjoy!
I've found out that clay is fun but a giant pain in the arse to work with. Anyway, here's a couple more things, my MAC entry (already in the respective thread) and another entry for that favourite pokemon of each type meme. I got motivated to do some more of this shit after seeing Nasty's entries and shamelessly stealing her backgrounds.

Edit: And another:
Well, I'm back with more stuff, including a new sculpture! Again, it's pretty shit (I need to discover caffwin's secret to making sure the clay doesn't absorb every speck of dust and hair nearby), but who cares, it satisfies me. At least it did until it fell over in the oven and now can't stand up straight. Also a new entry in the favourite pokemon meme, kinda different in style from the others... with a certain addition. Just making it more accurate to its pokedex entries, k!

Jesus fuck this thread is old. BUMPING FOR JUSTICE!

Various shit that's technically been posted in other threads but not here:

And here's some actually new shit. Or more accurately, one picture! I should try for more realistic 'mons, it's interesting to say the least... even though I'm very sure I completely fucked up the musculature of this guy.

Thanks pluff! Unfortunately I am lacking more paintings atm (trying to paint this was horrible so I gave up), but here's another "realistic" pokemon. Not particularly happy with the finished product, so here's the sketch as well.

Double post to the top! I kinda doubt this idea is particularly original, but screw it. Been messing around with some new brushes, not quite sure how I feel about the one I used for this pic in particular.



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Haha nice one! c: (also I'm at a hospital right now). I feel like the middle coils are a bit off, particularly the left head's (though I see how it is a ridge). IMO it should disappear a bit sooner??? Idk I hope this makes enough sense lol